Katy Perry In A Thong

Katy Perry thong

Pop star Katy Perry flaunts her shameful thong in the photo above.

Why infidel women like Katy Perry enjoy walking around with cloth stuck up their butt in these so called “thongs” boggles the mind. One can not help but assume it is to tantalize the degenerate infidel male.

However, as a Muslim man I do not see the appeal. The only things stuck up Katy Perry’s ass that would turn me on are an IED and my cock. Allahu Akbar!

  • horus


    • Ramses VII

      Foolish infidel, everything spawned west of the Mediterranean is fake! Just like you american’s false feeling of freedom. Yes, you are all free, to make your sickening pornography and CGI effects aside, terrible films. Freedom is the breeding ground for Shaitan!
      This is why we cover our women with burqa, the woman is the seed of all evil!

      • Big Pete

        Rams dildo in ass

        After all of the goat and camel fucking you do you still need to shove a dildo up your ass? You are one sick muslim mofo. No doubt you’re the local bitch boy that all the men come to see.

        Don’t fuck with American pornography, cum guzzler. Us civilized white people (the only civilized peope are white) don’t make any pig fucking films so nothing here in the states would interest you.

        You belong with the spics, nigs, and jews in the bottom of a deep pond.

        Suck on that homo


        • aghmed

          Big Peter licker: I have seen you and your Appalachian hillbilly cousins on the repulsive show my Redneck Wedding. I am sure you are proud of your so called “civilization” and it’s proclivity to inbreed and keep it all in the family. Your mother/aunt and your father/uncle must be very proud that they raised a self hating dick licking ladyboy of a daughter in you.

          • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

            he may marry his cousin but at lease they dont fuck barn animals like you muslim terrorist especially pigs is that why you shit towel heads dont eat them?

          • Big Pete

            Aghmed asshole

            I’m from Alabama, boy, and don’t you let that dumb half google brain forget it.

            My mother, father, aunt, and uncle are all very proud of me for leading the local chapter against nigs, spics, jews, and muslims. There is quite a shrine on the wall at my ma and pa’s house. We made some of the nigs and spics build it before we killed them. What a great day that was.

            That inbred shit is for you muslim homos, not to mention the sick ass pedophilia. The only time we beat women is if they’re caught with a google, spic, or muslim….or if they give a bad blowjob. Round here we treat women with respect.

            You mofos are in for one rude awakening when The Brotherhood comes calling.


        • Magnumz144

          You are a cunt and a fucking racist and that is why nobody likes you and your “KKK” posse .

          BTW White people are not as civilized as you say because you hillbilly’s do nothing except drink fucking moonshine and shoot random shit as always and that is why you racist white people will never amount to anything

          • Big Pete


            I’m the president of the Southeast corner of Alabama Brotherhood. We are six members strong and growing at a very rapid rate.

            If that’s not “amounting to something,” I don’t know what is.

            Suck on that you google mofo

          • your mom

            *cough* cough* faggot

      • horus

        that’s why i fucked your fatass mother

  • sympatico

    Nice pic. But with a burqa it would be perfect!

  • Big Pete

    Ugh. Why are you sick muslim mofos always talking about cock and man ass? I’ll tell you why: they’re two things muslim men love. Dork Dork and Ass Asassin Abdullah no doubt spend much time at the man brothel plowing one anothers “mine” field while staring at pictures of Rocky Balboa and that fuck face jew Seth Green.

    The Brotherhood hopes that you live long enough for us real men to get our hard shells fired at you….from our rifles.


    • Abdullah The Butcher

      big puke pete

      Us Muslim’s ain’t the ones wearing tranny suites (kkk outfits)which you homoqueers wear for homo-sex.

      You limp-wristed turd tossers can only give each other a “hard shell” up the ass. Us Muslims will gut you like a fish and piss on your innerds.

      • Westernised

        Nope, that would be the women wearing tranny suits.
        Or “Burqa” as you tend to call them.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          western asshole

          Your protest is stupid. Only Muslimas wear the burka.

          You kkk homoqueers wear the tranny suit so you can find each other for ass-sex in the moon light.

          You also use the hoods to wipe off your “dirty sanchez” when finished homoqueering each other.

          • Westernised

            You don’t fear the KKK?
            You would change your mind pretty quickly when you meet them in the middle of the night. Alone.

            That’s when shit goes down…

            And, at least according to you, they apparently go off on each others cocks?
            At least they do human to human.
            Unlike you and your gang,

            Human to goat to human…

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            western faggot

            the kkk does it “man to man” all right….and that’s why us Muslims both laugh at and detest them.

            the kkk is an organization of tranny loving homoqueers and when the shit goes down….it’s down their backsides…and it goes down (or drips) when one faggot decides to leave the hershey highway, so the other faggot can take his ride.

            the kkk….ha…what a bunch of homotrash!

          • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

            Fear the KKK? You’re the scared little ones afraid that a google might fuck your fat assed bitch wives. So scared you brainwash your children/ siblings 9 months after you fuck your own mothers into believing your faked bible-bashing bullshit and then dress up like twats and circle jerk in the forest together. Really scary.

            When Islam takes over we’ll have the googles tar and feather you ignorant rednecked cock suckers and string you from trees before they see justice themselves. If not I’m sure you will just die of from genetic abnormalities from heavy inbreeding very soon.

      • Big Pete

        Auschwitz Abdullah

        Your hankering for butt sex sickens me. You’ll be able to have all of it you want when the USA, with help from The Brotherhood, throws you in to Gauschwitz, which will combine my two favorite places, Guantanamo Bay and Auschwitz. It will be the perfect amount of torture and shitty living conditions that you muslim homos will no doubt make even more filthy with your constant anal abuse. Disease will no doubt claim many lives. The ones who don’t die will be waterboarded and beaten within inches of your lives.

        Ha. Who am I kidding. You won’t be beaten to within inches of your life. You’ll be beaten to death so badly that your filthy offspring will die as well.

        Such on that mofo

        • Hashim The Destroyer of Evil

          Small Pete,

          You should not insult Islam. You are very naive if you count with your club of cowards dressed with a sheet to fight the followers of the Prophet.

          We have kicked the ass of Marines and Blackwater dummies out of Iraq, so there will be no chance for a bunch of fags that don’t have the courage to show their faces as real men do.

          • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

            yea after they shot your women and children in the head :)

  • Popanator

    One time I was at work at McDonalds and I split my pants. My Mom brought me new pants.

    • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

      good for you bro does your mother jack you off as well?

      • Quief

        Your Mom blows him

  • Bonnie and miley are stupid ugly whores

    i love katy

  • smartone

    Fucking dumshits again that’s not her.

  • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

    YET MORE evil muslim terrorist propaganda for akbar, kassim, abdulalalalalah the pig butcher & wisdumb to jack off too

  • wtf

    seriously there aren’t any real muslims on this site, real muslims don’t kill innocent people, there might only be 0.1% of the population that does, there just islamaphobic trolls just spreading hate, do you seriously think a terrorist would be on the internet 24/7 commenting on a picture of katy perry in a thong and the only comebacks they have is ‘you’re homo’? seriously grow up and stop wasting your time

  • suburbia white man

    Don’t let the southern boys intimidate you Muslims. The kkk is just one of Americas problems like Al-Qaeda, or any other uneducated, disgruntled group. I’m an american, I love big tits and beer but that does not make me a redneck

    • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

      Al-Qaeda Vs KKK. This is why this site is great!

  • abbdulfuck

    abdullah is gay

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  • AProudHuman

    Hey now y’all, why so fightt? I’m American but I don’t put down on others. I dont see why we hace to fight so much over some things like this? Seriously, im putting down of Islams of Americans but im just saying it isnt worth it in my opinion to fight over who is the better country. Just saying, not hating.

    • AProudHuman

      Not putting down on Islams or Americans

  • Quief

    Fake she always has Marie Osmound’s head sticking out of her ass so this can’t be her

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