Katy Perry In A Bikini Flashes Her Bare Ass

Katy Perry butt flash

Pop star Katy Perry went to a children’s water park yesterday and flashed her dumpy milky white ass.

As you can see in the disgusting photos below, Katy Perry pretends not to notice that her bikini bottoms got pulled down while her flabby butt cheeks flap in the wind.

Katy Perry’s offensively unshapely ass reveals her moral character, as pious Allah fearing women have tight toned asses from years of plowing the fields, digging wells, and anal sex with giant Muslim manhoods.


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Katy Perry Katy Perry Katy Perry
Katy Perry Katy Perry Katy Perry

  • Habib the assassin

    It looks as is she is exiting the water well at least she washed that foul smelling thing first time her ass&pussy have seen water in weeks but in a day or two she will be back to her foul smelling self.

    • Bubba

      OMGawd…….. Dats da best ass I ever sawed.

      • Bubba

        What? Ya’ll don’t agree wit me?

        • Dika

          Now that is one nice piece a Ace.

  • Fuckher

    I want to put my 9 inch in her nice ass

    • McPharson

      9 inch?
      That’s pretty funny

  • Dick Hertz

    I have licked that ass before.

  • Einsam

    i hate when this happen but it not me so im loveing it

  • Ari

    If you look closely, you see her tits are hanging out of her bathing suit too.

  • Umar the Brown

    We disagree on this issue, my brother. May Allah bless you.

  • Husayin the Zuus

    Beware Zuus Is Here

  • Huge Cock Habib

    would tongue that sweet ass

  • Keenan

    There was major nipplage on there you dumb Arabs don’t know how to take a picture?!?

  • The Guy with the EyE

    How come it wasent her titters popin out sad face :(

    • Kahlid

      I just got word from Katey Perry via Celeb Jihad. She said if you stop sucking google cock at the gloryhole for one entire day, she’d show you her titties.


      We know that will never happen because you can only be away from your gloryhole long enough to post ridiculous bullshit on this holy Muslim website.

      Die from your HIV infection, mofo.

      • fuckmusslims

        And u can die from my 50 CAL u American Porn and Red Bull worshipper

  • Kahlid

    Katey Perry is one dumpy fish belly skinned whore.

    She’d better make a sex tape now before she gets worse looking.

    Her ‘music’ career is going to be short lived. No matter how faggoty & stupid Westerners seem, those fools will only listen to shit music for so long.

  • Fuckmuslims

    All you no good fucking Muslims can go fuck yourselfs. Just wait until we nuke all your fucking muslim asses. USA USA USA. Fuck Muslims

  • Fuckmuslims

    So glad we killed Osama. He was a piece of shit like the rest of you fucking towel heads

    • Arcachnar

      Stop trying to blame ALL the Muslims for the bloodsheds that have been done in Allah’s name. Nor do they follow or take Bin Laden as their leader. Only a small group who interpret the Qu’ran as the right to kill and maim non-believers. Just go and learn about the Islam and the Middle East.

      • fuckmusslims

        Dude I know that Islam means Peace but these bastards annoy me by saying Islam is taking over.

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    Ha! That ain’t kalnswoman KP….its no nuts Niko in a womans swim suit.

    Muslims make their “bitch boys” wear womens clothes to make them feel less queer.

    I can say with great confidence that anal Abdullah and homo Hashim are just out of view, watching niko swim in ass lube and prepping their mini meats for a short anal banging.

    Those three are some sick homos


    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Z Fag, you filthy worm:

      You know very well that we, Muslims, are straight men.

      Very soon your pals at the KKQueer Club will know that they are fucking with a perverted Jew.
      And believe me: there will be not only the points of your Tranny Card that you are going to loose…
      You’ll have to pay a price for your sinful lust.

    • Niko Bellic

      Grand Gaylord,

      Ugh, your persistence disgusts me. That, and whatever goes on in the KKGloryholes. You are one sick twisted fuck.

      I bet you think you’re so clever with these pitiful remarks that even that insolent monkey Dane Cook would find stupid. But it does not matter.

      Soon, your pathetic life will come to an end at the barrel of my Avtomat Kalashnikov – 47.

      KKK is gay

  • Dragonborn

    @fuckmuslims not all Muslims are bad some are but bot all bin laden was Muslim and evil but not all muslims are u dick head

  • Hakim the sheep herder

    Well, the no-talent whore’s career is fading fast, so she had to do something to get attention.