Katy Perry Gets Naked For The 4th Of July

Katy Perry naked

Pop star Katy Perry appears to get naked to celebrate the 4th of July in the photo above.

On July 4th 1776 the great Satan America won its independence from the British when Benjamin Franklin agreed to suck off the King of England in exchange for him signing the “Declaration of Independence”.

Ever since that day the United States has been a scourge on the earth, and a land infested with homoqueers and whores like Katy Perry.

To celebrate the creation of this most degenerate of nations it is fitting that Katy Perry shows her naked body, while men light off phallic fireworks which symbolize the moment King George exploded in Benjamin Franklin’s mouth and the USA was born.

  • Team America

    O say can you see by the dawn’s early light,
    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
    O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
    Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
    O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave

    America! We the people

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      team homoqueer

      america has the gayest anthem. It is no wonder Great Britain told them to fuck off in 1776 and to stop being a colonial bum bitch.

      • Beastly man

        At least we have a anthem! The only anthem you fags have, is the name of your lover. Alan (cough, cough) I mean allahu in which you scream out at everything you do. Including, eating, fucking, and lets not forget when you go to shine your dildo collection!

        Is-lame is probably the most gayest place in the world. It’s the land of the gay and the land of the imprisoned. That’s why you fuckers hate american’s so much because you envy all of us, you want to be exactly like us and since you can’t you want to kill us all, take our country over and call yourself an “american”.

        Unfortunately for you fags that dream of yours is only going to get is-lame nuked and make your whole species go extinct!

        • Fuckterrorists

          Damn right dude

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            fucks american terrorists

            Ha…you mean, “damn right, you’re gay too.”

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          bunghole man

          stop trying to deep throat cocks and maybe you won’t cough so often.

          ALLAHU AKBAR Muthafucker

          • Beastly man

            Shut your cum trap you pansy ass mamma’s boy!

            Aren’t you suppose to be shinning a penis right now? You better stop procrastinating and get back to the glory hole where you belong. Them google cocks aren’t going to shine to themselves.

            Better hurry before reapee drinks all of your cum shots as well as his!

      • Ronnielong

        Fuck you America is the best and you can suck on a donky dick

        • Bill O’Reilly


    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Team Asshole,

      I’m particularly curious about this part “Get proof through the night that our fag was still there”. Who is this fag you are talking about?

      Anyway: the day we enforce the United Caliphates of Americastan, that homo song will be forbidden. The only tune you’ll hear will the Mullahs 4 times a day calling the believers for praying, turned to Mecca.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        * will be the Mullahs

        • moshe dayan

          No problem, must be hard to focus on the keyboard with a google cock pumping your ass.

          Eat shit and die mofo

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Loose Caboose,

            The lyrics of your own personal anthem are very simple. It only says:

            Au, Au, Ouch, Ouch, Give me more, my ass is on fire
            Au, Au, Ouch, Ouch.

            Get lost you filthy Jew.

          • moshe dayan



            Don’t try to seduce me with your gay muslim love paen, I am not one of your negro suitors. Jews ain’t gay and you aren’t getting Jew cock anytime soon, no matter how slutty you go about trying.

            You will have to settle for Fartzans shriveled instrument, that is if he is able to get it up without his goat present in the room.

            Eat shit and die fagboy

      • Team America

        Hashim the firsties

        Clearly the fag is you. Unfortunately you’re still here, at least until Seal Team Six gets around to disposing of you.

        America! We the people!

        • america!


          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Shut the fuck up homo. America is all fucked up. Do ya know why? In the first place because it’s full of dumb rednecks like yourself.

            Drop dead.

          • Bill O’Reilly

            FUCK hashim the destroyer of penis! MURICA!

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Team Shit,

          What the fuck is that Seal Team Six? Another bunch of American pussies? The same kind of people that we kicked out from Iraq and Afghanistan?

          I’ve enough of it, let me tell you this. When can you face us, Jihadists, with real men? Can you import some from another country maybe…

          • MofoMuhammad

            I recommend you shut your motherfucking mouth asshole! Why the fuck did you go on this site then? Why don’t you go fuck some young innocent kids?

          • America rules

            Fuck you! You just know that America is the best country ever and could press one button and bomb all you sand googles! So suck on that mother fucker.

          • asdf

            you didn’t kick us out if we really wanted to we could go in there kick your asses and paved over what ever filth hole your “people” (dim witted animals) lived in. The only reason we don’t do it is because some people living in your god forsaken country still might be good at heart. Even though the majority is not.

          • Team America

            Hashim the homo

            I’ll tell you who Seal Team Six are. They’re the guys that shot Osama Bin Laden in the head as he cowered behind a women, then pissed on his corpse and fed it to sharks. You might say that are my heroes

            America! We the people!

          • Atheist Canadian

            Im wit hashim. Amercia is corrupt and fat. Islam is a tyrannical religion. So move to Canada and convert to athesim and come enjoy some maple syrup and beer eh!

      • asdf

        Its called a flag dip-shit, and maybe you should try getting an education instead of jerking yourself off in front of your ancient computer all day. Oh wait you live in the middle east, no education or intelligence ever has come from islam, only destruction.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          I agree, you ameriqueers have a dipshit flag.

    • The West is the best

      Team Anus

      The only thing bursting is the nut moshe busted in your mouth. So STFU fag boy

    • Imam Abbas

      One of our Jihadi’s found this version. Given Team Skid-mark’s history of homo-queering, this seems more realistic.

      Oh say can you see – the faggots all on parade,
      What so proudly they wave, the rainbow flag high and proudly
      Whose broad stripes and loud colors, don’t go well with straight clothing
      O’er the trannys and fags, who argue over the clashes
      And the lesbo-dykes care, ’cause it clashed with their hair,
      Gave proof through the night, that the gays are all there;
      Oh say does that rainbow flag stand for all the faggots,
      O’er the land of the drag-queens, and the homos are all lame!

      America! The land o’ the faggots, homo-queers, lesbo-dykes, and trannys@!

  • Ramadan

    Fucking second

    • Grand Kleagle Otis

      Klanswoman Katy is one of the best recruiters for the KKK that we’ve ever had. She is also a regular performer on my giant Aryan meat pole.

      Only a Klansman’s massive cock is ample enough to play cottonmouth in the Mississippi Valley with her plentiful udders.


      • 131313

        fuck googles n sand googles brown up white too

  • The Only True Amarican

    America is and forever will be the best country on this great planet. In fact we are what makes this planet so great. The stupid Muslim bastards need to stop fucking little boys and killing each other, just fucking smoke a bowl and chill the fuck out!!!!

    • Farzan The Wise

      True Gay American,

      Your wrong you dumb sheep. After the filthy jew has turned your country into a multicultural waste land and America is left a third world nation you’ll change your tune.

      You idiots should have kicked them out when you had the chance during your civil war. Lincoln was a smart man telling them to fuck off when looking for a loan to finance the union. He instead created the greenback, sidestepping Jewish financial parasites. He also wanted to send all Negros back to Africa.

      Now you fool’s have bankrupted yourselves fighting wars in the middle east you will never win.

      The mighty Iran is waiting for your jew controlled army to come to arms, we take great pleasure killing infidel fags.

      ALLAHU AKBAR ! Death to israel !

      • asdf

        Really? Because the moment iran lays a finger on Israel the US will send several Nuclear Warheads straight into iran’s heart killing it, and letting waste away. And yes we may have bankrupted ourselves in the middle east, but not fighting wars but a humanitarian effort. To reach out and try and save you dirty scumbags. I want you to know that those American soldiers aren’t only dying for us in the States, but also for you to be able to live a free life. In fact if we didn’t intervene you would be under communist rule now. And or living under dictatorship. we wouldn’t even be arguing cause guess what. That computer your using right now to insult America, would not be with you if it wasn’t for America. Think about that the next time you joke assuming you are joking because if your not you got some issues to be taken care of.

        • Farzan The Wise


          Your a typical jew brainwashed moron.

          If you dumb American homos want to keep dying for Israel be my guest.

          Only a real idiot would think Israel’s lap dogs ( USA ) would nuke the mighty Iran. We are not Iraq, our army is one of the most powerful in the world. A ground invasion would be the biggest mistake America could ever make.

          Also proving your a major dipshit with a jew cock in your mouth is your comment about the US of A saving us from the communists. I’ll assume you were talking about Afghanistan you moron.

          ALLAHU AKBAR! Death to israel !

        • Arcachnar

          @Asdf Are you really that naive to think that Israel is going to do the sane thing for your country? Have they ever done something to help? Nothing. Nuke? That would be the most retarded solution off ALL time. Have you ever thought of the consequences? No. Of course not. Naivete at its finest. Communist rule? Which country? Afghanistan? It were the people who have beaten the Russians every time. Iraq? Do not make me laugh.

          Computer, thanks to America? Sorry, but it was not an American who has invented it.

          Dictatorship? What did happen when you removed Saddam? Now that a stable factor was gone, pure chaos and sectarian wars wreck(ed) the land. Do I have to remind you, that YOUR country helped him and took his side in the Iran – Iraq war?

          Perhaps it was humanitarian effort, however you just cannot force democracy upon others whose culture and traditions are quite different than the Western world. A bit case of naivete?

    • Max

      Americans …as arroguant as they have always been …. -_-
      -A half british half iranian man that has never believed in racism

  • Kratos

    i dunno why muslim hate american..
    and idont know who ever the admins of this jihad..
    they are publishing those pics and they will hate it..
    whats the point if you guys dont want to be a sinner please dont look on theses pics or you will be a sinner already…
    and please dont sell porn.. lol we are sinner.. lmao

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      do you know why you’re a fag?

      • Team America

        Abdullah the Butt-plug

        It’s because he allows you to fuck him in the ass. That means you’re a fag too.

        America! We the people!

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Team Shit,

          Don’t judge others through your own standards.
          Go piss your pals at the Firsties Club.

      • antiIslam

        Abdullah The dickhead
        Do you know why Muhammad was pedo?

    • Arcachnar

      The main reasons of the strong dislike against Americans by Muslims AND others are;

      1) The unbridled and misplaced arrogance that seems to cloud their better judgement. They need to learn piety and humility, before it will become their downfall.

      2) Their believe that you can force democracy by invading countries and leave it on chaos afterwards. I know that they meant well, but it is not just the right way to do this. It would have been better that they have known ALL the important traditions, religion, et al of the lands, before they invade it.

      3) Their constant spying on their own allies.

      • moshe dayan


        You forgot:

        4) American air force firebomb their gloryholes making it difficult to find cock.

        Eat shit and die mofo

        • The Reaper

          Moshe Gay Man

          If the USAF bombs glory holes they will have no place to go when there on a weekend pass and you will have to find a new place to suck dick.

    • Abdul the Iraqi Warmonger

      Oh say cant you see? My bomb goes kaboom in 3..
      shut up amerifags.

  • BoB the Builder

    Hi guys, I’ve been using this website for a while masterbaiting my butt of. I think you haters should appreciate these nice pictures and just quietly enjoy it. I myself try to do so. Americans don’t hate on Islamists just because of one groups actions. Islamists don’t hate on Americans you can sing you own songs to. Suck on it 5 th comment.

  • PornKing

    She’s not suppose to have bigger boobs ?

  • Tayla

    Who wants to date me I’m single

    • moshe dayan


      If you are a tranny, which I think you are, then count Barback Hashim in.

      Eat shit and die mofo

  • Rahul

    What Kind of motherfucking jackasses make such a website. Well no surprises MUSLIMS!!! The most pathetic race in the world. Actually since they have nothing to give to the world, they take out their desperation and frustration on the beautiful christian women. MUSLIM fucks know that they will never even get to be 5 feet near any such women even in thr dreams because of their minute dick size. I wish I knew the words to describe these MUSLIMS, Useless, Impotent, Pimps, and especially the Muslim women who are the biggest whores on earth, I know since I have fucked many of them, and they are pathetic in bed. No wonder Muslim men are so frustrated…

    • Farzan The Wise


      Jews are the lowest form of life on this planet, followed by googles.


      • Nobody

        Sorry Farzan you are wrong. Arabs first jews second and then googles. Have a nice day.

      • name (required)

        Tarzan why the fuck are you alive how can you b that racist you motherfucking cunt. You’re giving us a stereotype of you’re religion + nationality whether you wish to or not and then you wonder why others speak ill of Islam. You’re such a fucking imbecile.

        • Moshe Dayan

          You should come by my pawn shop. I’ll sell a used slightly warped guitar, a switchblade and some fake dog poop.

          Eat sit and die, goyim.

    • Team America


      Muslims aren’t a race, so your claim that they are “The most pathetic race in the world”, is illogical. Muslims are in fact, an evil cult of desert demon worshiping sub-human degenerates. The reason why they are so frustrated is because they are also homos that butt fuck each other but their tiny dicks can’t satisfy their loose assholes.

      America! We the people!

    • Max

      One day you will get killed horribly rahul i pity you..

  • Obama

    I would like to put my black firecracker into her little twat. Happy 4th of July!

  • Mater the Greater

    she let Russell Brand fuck her which makes her fair game for anyone. shit even team analboy and his circle-jerk gang would get a jump at it.

    I’d give it a miss though… you penis would likely get gangrene and need to be chopped off after a few minutes ball deep in that.

    • Team America

      Mater the Gimp

      Having your dick cut off wouldn’t make that much difference to you. You’d still be able to have your ass pumped by The Reaper, so really, not much would change.

      America! We the people!

      • Mater the Greater

        the reaper with his enormous penis and powerful thrusting is welcome in my back passage any time.

        mincey faggot yanks with short pencil thick dicks wouldn’t touch the sides. so with you i wouldn’t even go to the bother of grabbing my ankles.

      • The Reaper

        That should read America we the gay people

  • moshe dayan


    Now that the US Supreme Court has ruled that it is ok for gay muslims to marry, Anal Abdullah wishes to announce his upcoming marriage to Bareback Hashim. These two fags first met at the Tikrit gloryhole where AA “really liked” the way Bareback gave head. Since then these two lovebirds have completely explored every crack and crevice on each others transsexual body parts.

    Lets take a moment to wish these two off on their lifelong gloryhole adventure together.

    And after the ceremony, I will personally give these two a special present in a large box, held close to my chest with my arm seemingly stuck inside it, almost like its clutching a metal and plastic object inside pointed right at the chests of these two fags.

    Eat shit and die mofo

    • Team America


      That’s great news. I know how lonely Abdullah’s been since his last boyfriend, The Reaper died of aids so it’s good to hear he’s moving on with his life. I think Abdullah and Hashim will make a great couple. I’m positive those two homos are meant to be together.

      America! We the people!

      • moshe dayan

        Team A,

        I always thought the Reaper lives as their gay threesome butler, serving drinks and cleaning things up when they get “messy”. The AIDs cocktail he takes every day keeps his miserable AIDS infested carcass alive so he can continue to engage in unsafe gay anal sex.


        • The Reaper

          Moshe Gay Man

          You can’t think you have destroyed your brain cells smoking crack and have Mega Aids from taking to many filthy black cock up your ass.

  • Uncle Sam

    Fuck you all. Your pussy fag asses are the reasons why we are in the Middle Fucking East kicking your Muslim asses.

  • Mormon!

    you all are stupid muslims and mormans rule!

  • jason3214

    She’s a very sexy girl and I’m not Muslim

  • Sexy terrorist

    I would fuck her on every holiday on the American calendar

  • bob

    I just want to tell whoever made this description. these “homoqueers” have beat your country how many times?

    • Imam Khalid

      Beaten us? Hahaha! That’s why you tucked tail and ran from Iraq and Afghanistan? Yes, beaten us. You killed a couple of our leaders. That is no dishonor to us. We will keep fighting you until you are no more or one of us and the World Wide Caliphate has been established.

      There will be no more homoqueers and lesboqueers nor any glorholes and bathhouses you American fags. Get you sick homo garbage in now because we will destroy you all.

  • MofoMuhammad

    Shit eating pedophile bastards!

    Ah I forgot GOAT FUCKER

  • Riker

    I can not believe what I have read here. First, I am an American Christian. And second, I am pissed by how most of my fellow citizens are acting. Have you forgotten our most beloved values? In The Declaration of Independence, it promises freedom of religion. I do not know about our Islam/Muslim neighbors upholding the same values, but have you brother Americans really thrown away our most important of documents just to pick sides in a petty cultural fight? We are Americans, damn it, so get your heads off this one track mindset and try to act like Americans! Whether the deity is God or Allah, I don’t think either would like us blowing each others’ brains out just over a cultural and/or religious difference! We should be saving our resources to help research and medicinal advances. The only way to advance to higher levels is if we all put our differences behind us and work together. I have spoke my piece. Thank you.

    • Imam Khalid

      You stupid homoqueer. This is why we were able to kick you out of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is also why your country is falling due to Jew manipulation along with the rest of the Anglo world.

      • Riker

        First, Imam Khalid, we were not kicked out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Our military teams were led to follow our Declaration, not to wage full-out war with you. Second, America is a religious and cultural freedom upholding, citizen-controlled country. All citizens, not only Jews, are subject to the freedom to choose what their country does. Now, I am taking steps to remain civil and keep this “chat room” calm. I could be just as hostile as almost everybody else here, but I try to bring peace, not by force or war, but by cultural/religious tolerance and diplomacy. Can’t you try to make peace too? Or would you rather continue fighting a pointless and potentially fatal fight? Thank you.

        • TaylorThePhilosophist

          I agree with Riker, but to say it in terms where the less intelligent can understand….. CHILL THE FUCK OUT

          • Imam Khalid

            Hahaha! Keep telling yourselves that. Americans are nothing but degenerate homoqueer Jew puppets.

            Brother Barack Hussein Obama will help us establish the Caliphate soon. He will take away your guns and suspend your flawed constitution.

            We will destroy you and rule over you. Your women already hunger after our massive meat minarets because all American men are too busy sucking cock at the gloryhole.

            You will ocnvert or you will face the AK

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            taylor the fagologist

            You won’t be chillin in hell mofo.

          • Riker

            Thank you. I am amused by the irony.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      ass rimming riker

      Us Muslims beat the u.s.a. military so bad that the survivors called it quits and joined the gay boy scouts. Islam is taking over and “blow-hard” fags like you will be the first to eat the lead from the AK-47.

      • Riker

        Nice… addition onto my screen-name. Well, whatever gets you through the day. Also, before you get all pomped up on any minor victories, look up Hiroshima. That is what happens to areas that piss my country off too much. Finally, I think that you should get something more powerful and versatile than AK-47s before assaulting the U.S.A. That would make an M-1 Abrams operator fall over from laughter.

        • Imam Khalid

          Your nation will never use nukes on us because the Russians and Chinese are our allies. Now that we have shoved planes, IED’s and pressure cooker bombs up your sorry Yankee asses, get ready for the Iranian atom bomb, mofos.

          Better be sucking off all the googles you can while you can, homoqueer.

          • Riker

            I don’t think China is against its largest consumer. Without Americans buying large amounts of products, Chinese economy would collapse. Not to mention that Russia is still discombobulated from thier last war. Anyway, first, isn’t a pressure cooker bomb an Improvised Explosive Device? Kind of redundant. Also, if any bombs are launched they will be destroyed by missile systems. Same for the planes. either way, a bomb launch will result in excess radiation eventually cycling back to you. A form of natural revenge. So, please don’t injure yourself.

          • Grand Kleagle Otis

            Riker is another big time faggot but you’re any even bigger queer, Bukkake Khalid.

          • Arcachnar

            @Riker It is the way around. The US loaned money from China and are now in debt. That country is also one of the greatest economy of the world now. I do not think they need the US that badly.

            Missiles? The big problem is that they are not sure if it works, because if I remember it correctly there were some problems with it.

      • Riker

        That goes for you too, Imam.

  • billy brooks

    i sware if you bastards talk shit about my country you will DIE.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      blow job brooks

      your country sucks

  • billy brooks

    im14.yes your all probably thinking what the hell but i am a porn addict. im sorry dear lord.

  • the murican’

    EVERYONE CALM THE FUCK DOWN, Americans, leave them the shit alone, but no-one disrespects my great countrys anthem like this, stop. Or I will syop supporting islam/muslims

  • the murican’


  • ahmed




  • GreatBritain

    Wow, how far removed we have become from miss perry’s fun guns…

  • fan

    If shr would Ne my mom i would fuck her the some day


    I am not really sure what the point of any of this is? I mean honestly what the fuck does being Muslim have to do with being a terrorist? I have a few Muslim friends and they are just like anyone else.
    The same go’s for the other way I am a Christian and I know a lot of them as well so I am not really sure what religion has to do with any of this other than showing everyone how ignorant everyone is.

  • Tyler

    Whoever photoshoped this picture gave her two vaginas. Great work.

  • Aussie4life

    Sluts like Katy Perry are taking over American girls, even though all American girls are sluts anyway, sucking their fathers cock since they were 5. This is why I am glad I’m australian

  • Alan

    Okay photoshop. At least this one left some grass on the field.

  • Y’all Ni*gas THIRSTY

    Y’all niggas thirsty

  • A Jenya D Fan

    The body is a model named Jenya D who posts on MET Art. The face is Katy, but everything else–even the earrings!–is pure Jenya D!

  • bitch

    fake but i wanna lick that pussy

  • P:)ooxxxr Katy having to put up with men actually believing that a Goddess like her strips off for a website of this nature SHE IS NOTV A TAYLOR SWIFT TYPE Katy has managed to keep any nude photos out of the public domain apart from wardrobe malfunctions which is hardly posing for Playmate of the month she gets 72 likes out of 650,000 views on a raunchy video she put together herself so she has no idea of how to please a man or be erotic by trying but I for one knows she does not have to try and she is still the MTVHottest of all the POP Queens all she has to be is herself. And she is desired and worshipped by more people than the sslagss who show off here.