Katy Perry Gets Naked For Big Oil Companies

Katy Perry naked oil

It appears as though pop star Katy Perry is now prostituting her nude body for the big oil companies.

As you can see in the photo above, Katy Perry is naked in what looks like a campaign to promote more oil drilling, despite the fact that drilling for more oil is pointless because Allah has blessed only fertile Muslim lands with the best of the sweet black gold.

The West should just accept that they must pay what us virile Muslims tell them to for their oil, and give up their blasphemous attempts at using naked sluts like Katy Perry to find alternative fuel sources.

  • The Guy with the EyE

    FIRSTIES!!! THE TITTIES ARE TO SMALL. at least make her infidel figure correct.

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      • Mikee Horta

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        • The Guy with the EyE

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  • Muslimhater

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  • Make more of Selena Gomez or Ariana Grande Thats why Gizzz Happeds Please more more Of them

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      • fares

        when god punishes us for all our sins i will be very happy to see you getting fried in hell for saying fuck Muslims

        • Arcachnar

          @fares He only meant those who are allied with Bin Laden. Just read his posts.

          • fuckmusslims

            your right Aracachnar. I know my name on this fake porn site site may offend you but its not directed at Islamic people because there teachings are peaceful and Dont want to hurt anyone and Al Qaeda. offends Allah.

      • Arent u a dumbass

        So, you saying your in the military, looking at this website? I think your no older then 12. Your grammar shows it kiddo.

        • fuckmusslims

          I’m 34 and I do not have a labtop the only way I can do stuff on this site is by phone and its autocorrection and when I’m pissed I could care less about grammar

      • jew boy

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      • antheist bastard

        one day, the muslims will lob a couple of atom bombs on the U.S. mainland and the rest of thw world will either celebrate, welcome muslims, or not give a shit about the U.S.

        • you suck.

          since when did you move up from walmart firecrackers to supercomplicated atom bombs? cunt.

          • Arcachnar

            Have not you followed the news for years? A couple of countries have them already for a long time.

  • Phlem

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  • english

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  • Lady Licker

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  • Bob

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  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Was there any discussion about the fact that the tits in the picture look too small to be Katy Perry’s….??

  • nigger

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    13th, ive seen katie Perry on tv and those tits r way to small

  • sympatico

    Hey, that’s not Taylor Swift…. and her breasts are not “their usual self”, e.g. deliciously large.

    • Arcachnar

      Huh? What? Taylor Swift? That’s Katy Perry. You really need some glasses.

  • hamish

    That’s not a goat!….it’s a sheep!

  • christianity is the best

    i dont know why anyone would want to be muslim they are at war for thousands of years every time they tries to spread their religion they did it in force and failed and also in the Quran their god is not forgiving. with jesus in the bibel he is very forgiving every time we tried to spread christianity in peace it worked and we are barely at war unless we get attacked and then we repel you muslims

    • Arcachnar

      You are actually wrong. Christianity have blood on its hands. You should have known that millions of non-catholics were killed, tortured, maimed in the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, Witch hunts, et al.

      Not only they have slaughtered the Cathars, but they even burned people on the stake for other ideas of religions, science and such. Yes. Everyone were threaten to become Christian or else….death!

  • Allah

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  • Ppoop

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  • christianity is the best

    Arcachnar you faggot muslim yuo are actually wrong because we christians were only doing that because you others were attacking us and like i said the first time and i quote “we are barely at war unless we get attacked and then we repel you muslims”

    • Arcachnar

      Excuse? None of the millions of innocent people who were murdered, maimed, tortured by the Spanish Inquisition, witch hunts, stake burning, et al attacked you. Your religion is not peacefully and you know it. Conquering other lands to bring Christianity at spear point is not right either.

      Or do you just mean the Crusades? At one time Jersulam and surrounding areas were in Muslim hands (in 614 and Jersulam in 638 AD). You should know that there were a great tolerance towards other religions than the Islam. Life was actually good.

      Alas, all this changed when the Pope at the time, suddenly wanted it to be Christian and set up armies to capture those lands through violence. Thus invading. WE defended and re-captured it again.

      • Suppressed Rationality

        Jerusalem? Shouldn’t you be referring to it as Al Quds? And yes you are partially correct, the holy city was reasonably tolerant (after it was taken back by Saladin), it was only the rest of the holy land that was against Judaism and Christianity (of any sort including the Byzantines) especially the followers of the Quran, the Bedouins.

  • christianity is the best

    then why does christianity have 600 million more people that believe then muslim

  • id fuks selena and im only 14

    hot as hell

    • Chuck

      Imlive in and hate the USA it sucks and is filled with corrupt politicians also religion is a choice in most places in places that don’t have the choice I’d take their place, also Katy perry is gorgouse !

  • Random guy

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  • Kahlid

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  • fuck that

    Being Muslim is wrong….but being Christian is down right stupid Christianity is reasonable for the dark ages…which they killed anyone that didn’t conform…burned and destroyed all of or history they could get their hands on…that’s some 2000 years of ignorance. Idiot

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    • Kahlid


    • Michigan dude

      For one thats zoey denschel or however the fuck u say it 2 this isnt real ive seen the actual comercial 2 thats alaskin oil if anything the usa doesnt buy from u guys no more sorry dude

  • Rasta

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