Katy Perry Full Breast Nip Slip

Katy Perry nip slip

Pop star Katy Perry exposes her full breast and nipple in the disturbing photo above.

Normally to feign modesty celebrity infidel whores like Katy Perry are taped and glued into these slut suits to keep their titties from popping out.

One can not help but suspect that this Katy Perry nip slip was not an accident, as her career is in a steady decline, and this is just the type of publicity stunt heathen harlots like to use to get back in the limelight.

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    • Zohair- The good one

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      These motherfucking googles….so help me Allah if I ever…………

      • Ariq Hassan

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        • Black Knight

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          • Smarterthanyou2

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          • Zohair- The good one

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          • Imam Khalid

            Abids are not human – that is the point. They are a lower, near-human primate species that is only good for rape, robbery and leeching.

            All they are capable of is being trained – with harsh correction – how to take a large cloth bag, fill it with cotton in the field, bring the bag back when full and trade it for a new, empty cloth bag.

            Asking or believing that coons are capable of anything more than that — without them chimping out and destroying lives & communities as a result — is as foolhardy as thinking a lion won’t kill you simply because you go to mosque on Friday.

      • Black man

        Ahstafruallah you guys or not Ahki people are a disgrace to Islam and all it preaches you lot need to get on your deen every colour is equal in Islam.
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    • Makar

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  • Smarter thanyou

    I’ve seen this pic before but weird cause she was covered and the strap never came off. Does allah require you to lie constantly?

    • Zohair- The good one

      You are clearly smarter than none. Especially us muslims.

      I swear by the Prophet’s beard (PBUH) that her strap did fall off. The only reason you did not see it because the jew cameramen deleted the pictures taken later.

      This photo was taken exactly 2.54668 seconds after the pic you saw. A lot can happen in 2.54668 seconds you know.

      Allah be praised

      • Smarter thanyou

        Wow I hope your a future suicide bomber the world would be a lot better without someone as stupid as you. You swear to the prophets beard then swear on the life of Allah it is real we’re you there to watch it happen? How do you know it was a Jew? Be careful what you say like all you muslims always say Allah is watching

        • Grand Dragon Pete

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          Allah only watches the boys bathrooms and gloryholes.


          • Smarter thanyou

            I’m Smarter than you, you don’t even realize what I’m getting I was calling them out saying he was a liar I wanted to see if he’d continue to lie after making sure he thinks his so called Allah is watching him.

            But it is true Allah and every other muslim do love looking at naked guys otherwise they wouldnt chastise a provocatively dressed woman

          • Zohair- The good one

            Dumber than everyone

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            My allah!! No muslim can even dream of such a cruel…henious act!!

            Trust me I know..because I am a muslim and we are highly peaceful and tolerant religion.

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        • KoldShadow

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          • Smarter thanyou

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        • brooketylercom

          Is it just me or does his moronic grammar annoy everyone else? Maybe it’s just me. I’m funny like that. Anyway..I’d motorboat that. Just saying

          • roxas the great

            oh my god y do you have a naked girl as your main photo if its you i would like to see you

    • Imam Khalid

      None of the photos on this site are fake!

      They are all certified as 100% authentic by Imam Faisal Saleem who is an expert in celebrity photo analysis.

      Anyone who dares question their validity will are butt pumping homoqueers who shall face death by the Holy Ak-47 of Basra!

      • Smarter thanyou

        Just another stupid person they are clearly fake and just cause I know what’s real and what isn’t and don’t agree with a dumbass like you that person is gay, sounds like somebody has a lot of gay thoughts in their head = intomen Khalid

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  • I Like Falafel

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  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

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    Shes only got half a boob

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  • Akinfenwa The Tank

    A welcome addition to my Fatwa once she converts to the one true religion.

    • Tom Cruise

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  • Bashiri al-Saud

    Slut lip-syncer like katy have short shelf lives. She obviously took the advice of her jewish PR firm. Sorry hoe your time is almost up!

    • Imam Khalid

      I will bid 50 dinars and a barrel of crude for this chunky wench.

      Perry can be one of my many wives and since she has massive milk wagons, I’ll relegate her to wet nurse activities.

      Katy is far too old and haggard to replace my first-wife. The heathen life in the Jew run entertainment industry bleeds the life out of these foolish whores at an astounding rate. Just look at pics of her 5 years ago and pics now. Hideous changes!

      Converting to Islam and breastfeeding my infant sons is her only salvation and the only path that will giver her empty life filled with drugs and whoring any meaning & fulfillment.

      Please pass this offer along to her eldest male relative who has property rights over her.

      Allahu Akbar!

      • KoldShadow

        Real talk, even though Katy is still hot (and there’s plenty of pics of her without makeup to corroborate what I’m sayin’) compared to when she first came on to the music scene . . . btw, are you the Ayatollah?

  • Moshe Dayan

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  • cyborg

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    who so ever has uploaded this is a asshole

    • Imam Khalid

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  • storm trooper

    Unfortunately we here in the free world do not let our religion rule us
    And we treat our woman as equals. We stepped out of the dark ages long ago

  • janet

    So you’re an SS officer who treats women as equals?

  • Jasper

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  • Lund Ka Pakora

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  • Eardog

    I’m not sure what this website is about but supposedly a celebporn website. If the people who post these articles on this website really dislike the artistes for posing in nude, and respect Islam, they should censor the pics whatsoever, now apparently not. Plus, if u people hate celeb becoming porno, shut the hell up and live in your own butthole cos nobody requires you to post insulting comments or ‘prosecute’ these celebs morally. It’s non of your retarded business. Call me a dickhead, but your logic defies the law of the universe. Mind you I am Muslim and can be offended by nudepics, but this website is too ironic.

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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    • Jose J

      I think it’s time you move out of your grandma’s basement boy.

    • Jose J

      I think it’s time you move out of your grandma’s basement boy.

  • Alquabarmohammedmaoudramadam….NO!

    Wake up u thick cunts, there’s no such thing as a true religion, or a peaceful 1 for that matter. Theyr all lies used as a tool to consolidate power and make ppl fear a big bad boogie man in the sky so that they won’t go killin n stealing n shit, sorta backfired with Muslims as ur “god” apparently liked Dickinson little boys, rapin women n marrying 8 year olds. And that’s the person you hold so highly in all the history of mankind, a little bitch who in this day an age would’ve been beat down n stabbed in no time at all

  • Aussie

    I always new Muslims were the most racist, but reading these posts made me realize they’re also limp dick faggots too, I have a lot of mates that are black and everyone of them is a better human being than anyone on this abomination ( not bomb a nation u terrorist fucks ) of a website, peace out fucktards!!!

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  • WTF

    How do you get from nipslips to talkin shit about race ,religon,and sexualitys

  • Qur’an reader

    its good to see that stupid cunt feeble minded degenerate muzzies are still stuck in the stone ages with thinking like this. probably why every muslim nation is a fucking shit hole, and the people live like animals.

    • Mikhail Bogdanovic

      You must be Serbian lol

  • Qur’an reader

    its good to see that stupid cunt feeble minded degenerate muzzies are still stuck in the stone ages with thinking like this. probably why every muslim nation is a fucking shit hole, and the people live like animals.

    • Mikhail Bogdanovic

      You must be Serbian lol

  • Leonardo Romero

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  • Guest

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.