Katy Perry Finally Goes Completely Topless

Katy Perry topless

It has been a long time coming, but it appears as if Katy Perry has finally gone completely topless exposing her phenomenal boobs.

Katy Perry has toyed with showing her tits for years, coming closer and closer to full exposure in recent times, so it should come as no surprise that she has finally decided to unleash her titties on a grateful world.

Though she is a vile Western whore, we can still hold out hope that Katy Perry will one day see the light and convert to Islam. Her breasts would be put to good use nursing future jihadists in the fight against the Western Zionist crusaders.

  • ajax1

    fake but horny!

  • Extreme Infidel

    2 thumbs down on this post, cmon guys you can do better than that. weak ass muslims.

  • notyalc

    Yes I’m sure she’ll one day consider giving up the life of riches her and her husband share in order to come be a slave to a desert dwelling remnant of the past that should have stayed in the past.

    • Alex

      Are you talking about Palm Springs or Las Vegas?

  • theheadchimp

    This fake titted bitch would make one of the happy cows from California sad…………..

    • Um

      They’re not fake, and she’s amazing

  • Extreme Infidel

    Hey i got an idea, get some random celeb and photoshop her head on a naked body, BRILLIANT!!!!! Cmon running out of material or what?

  • jakesteel

    its not a fake http://errorlevelanalysis.com/permalink/d7ed8e9/ Look around the neck and upper body area. Its not lit up purple like here obvious Photoshopped legs


      so what you mean is
      the chair and door are fake just like the legs?
      i bet you never used photoshop
      this pic is fake m8 ;)

  • sammantha

    Hey you stupid sand googles maybe you should check your shit before you post it because thats a nice fake you posted

  • balucarnaza

    thats sophie howards body…

    • Infidel

      Here’s somebody who knows his stuff.

      That being said, I think Katy would be pretty close.

  • not face
  • yo



    omg she had her left breast molds removed and also the one on her right upper arm!!!

  • Sam

    Its Sophie howard’s body, who is fucking hotter then katy perry and has no problem showing her perfect titty fucking boobs

  • rhys

    ive seen this fake on loads of sites but its still awesome

  • Brian Virus

    But U Can Imagine Its Katy. *Evil Pedo Smile*

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      brian the AIDS virus

      You must be legally insane if you think this slut is attractive.

      • Westside willy

        No I just think you are gay!

        • theheadchimp

          Backdoor willy
          You are the fucking homo and you calling someone else gay? What the fuck is that?

          • Westside willy

            I know you are but what am I ! THe Chump loves Abby the foolah spread the word.

          • theheadchimp

            Backdoor willy
            The word is you are fucking nitwit. As far as spreading I am quite sure you do that at the local rest stop.

  • Nut

    they seem to be staring right at me.

  • Deco Gomez

    Dude , I think is fake , is a montage, its not a real kate

  • Nate

    Obviously fake. I mean Katy’s boobs are real and all, but photoshopped pic. I’ve fucking seen that face before too. And Abdullah? Go die, Willy’s right, because you’re gay.

  • Busted

    This is fake those Tits belomg to a Page 3 girl called Sophie from the UK. I have seen the full set.

  • Obama

    Some of these pics could maybe pass as legit, but this…is anyone even trying anymore? Like really?