Katy Perry Caught With Her Pants Down

Katy Perry pants down

Pop star Katy Perry was caught with her pants down in the revolting photo above.

Clearly Katy Perry is showing off her filthy sinful lady hole because her “daddy” missed some stupid recital when she was a child, and now she is in constant need of attention to make up for it.

Thank Allah Muslim women do not have psychological issues like Katy Perry, because they have the wisdom of Islam to teach them that their wants and needs are completely inconsequential, and if they ever forget this important lesson we have the rod and stone to remind them of it.

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    • Joanie

      I think I can see a penis.

  • The West Is The Best

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  • The Guy With the Eye

    barak hussein obama is really Uziel pretending to be me because he likes calling FIRSTIES!!!!!

    Also, Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya and got into the school as a foreign exchange student. That’s why he is hiding his birth certificate and college transcripts.

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    • The west is the Best

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  • The Real Prophet

    Fourcies dam im never going to get firsties i need a faster Camel.

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    Katy is lustfully looking at a klansman and signaling that she is ready for big white man meat to penetrate all of her holes.

    It has been well documented that KP is a powerful klanswoman, dating only the best looking, most muscular, most intelligent, and richest klansman.

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  • yup

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  • Pat Magumbay

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  • Moishe Goldberg

    I hear Katy Perry is an adherent of Kabbalah. She must be really smart to adopt superior Jewish traditions.

  • Umar the Brown

    This whore makes me sick. She has an expression on her face that reminds me of how my camel looked after I caught Grand Fagon Pete sucking its balls.

    Fame may have brought you fortune now, harlot, but it also brought you to the attention of we Jihadiis. You will soon be treated to a new spa treatment: hot rocks thrown at your chalky white body by the righteous Sons of Allah!

    ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lesbianism is Normal


  • ChickenLover2013

    There’s a nude chick posing on this picture and you guys are talking about Obama and bin laden, that’s pretty gay..

  • Tim

    What a weird game and thats my mommy favorite singer, what is that black hole on her legs.

  • Bashiri al-Saud

    These western bitches need to get the blade of the Jihadist sword! I would never let my daughter listen to this crusading lip syncer. We need more role models like muslim convert Miley. praise Allah

    • Kahlid

      May it please Allah (SWT) and I know it would!

      • Umar the Brown

        I have typed the same thing many times, brother! Sometimes after reading the Holy Koran and the Hadiths for hours and hours it is almost like I know what our mighty God is thinking!

        Usually, that he hates filthy whores and dirty kufahrs.

        • Kahlid

          That he does, my Brother in Islam.

          That he does!

          ALLAHU AKBAR!

  • Seth America

    To whatever the fuck “Allah” is and all its followers in the muslim belief, do you honestly fucking believe that we as america would just let that go by? I was offended when a girl in my physics class was talking during the moment of silence, for all the men and women who died because of yalls stupidity. I swear, i will kill every terrorist i met and show them, not to fuck with us.

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