Katie Holmes Poses For A Naked Pic

Katie Holmes naked

Divorcee Katie Holmes appears to be reveling in her independence as she poses naked in the photo above.

This naked Katie Holmes picture is the perfect illustration of the danger in allowing women to divorce, for a woman without a man to guide and correct her behavior will always succumb to wanton debauchery.

Thankfully us Muslims are much more progressive and sensible than those in the West, as we brutally disfigure our women with battery acid before permitting them to leave their husbands. Thus assuring that the type of immoral behavior Katie Holmes exhibits in this naked pic will never be an option.

  • jerry

    It seems as though the head was super-glued to the body.

    May fall off any moment

    • Riddle Cracker

      I don’t know when but I have the slight impression that I have already seen this body with 12 different heads.

      • Charles.U.Farley

        How dare you speak of my Girlfriend. You daft Sonofabitch!

        • Billy Noteeth

          man i would like work my gums on her snatch.

  • looks true

    looks like it doesnt it like a super glued head?

    • Riddle Cracker

      Not glue. It’s Photoshop you idiot.

  • Mamhoud al omar bin Hasan

    What a disgusting display of blasphemy! It would be fitting to remove her infidel clitoris with a knife and feed it to the wild googles! Allahu ackbar!

    • Mohammad jalal

      WTF dude

      Have some boundaries damn it

    • Tired of Ignorance

      For a people that talk of persecution, its blasphemous to use words like “wild googles” (and i only quote that for content). The only reason people misunderstand your religion’s dedication to God is because you behave in a Godless manner. I don’t believe in God but i respect whatever people believe, it is their right

      • Jon Smith

        Relax, Mahmoud al omar bin Hasan isn’t a real Muslim at all, He’s some white guy posing as a believer to stir up controversy. Islam doesn’t preach any of that genital mutilation of the clitoris at all. Instead they teach that it should be well covered and only seen by her husband and not society at large. Muslims still believe that humans are more than mere animals driven by their sexual appetites and they conduct themselves and their societies as such. Christianity by comparison teaches that it doesn’t matter and that anything goes, which is why there are some extreme genre’s of sexual discretion on the internet.

  • Mohumad in da cupboard

    You see thats that bloody Scientology religion, bloody shit it is, How many Muslim women do you see divorcing their husbands and than whipping off their burkha for the cameras.
    ANSWER: NONE thats bloody how much. Us muslim studs know how to treat a real women, with brute force thats how.

  • Imam Khalid

    She has held up well under the Scientology starvation diet, also called the Lisa McPherson Program.

  • cowbulls

    I wonder how tight the past few years have made her due to lack of sexual activity. I volunter to take one for the group and explore those holes and report back.

    • Moshe Dayan

      Actually I wonder how tight her sphincter is. After being married to Tom Cruise, I would suspect you could easily slide a couple 1.5L pop bottles in that sucker. She needs to go on the Jewish ass toning program. She would start out getting assfucked by the average big Jewish cock and gradually work her way down the line of signifigance until she is doing muslims with their very puny pieces of inbred meat. Of course this assumes that she can find a muslim to fuck her since they only fuck hairy man-holes or faggoty dancing boys.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Moshe Dayan

        I wish I could get it in the ass from Cruise.

        As a Jew, my anus is well broken starting from birth when the mohel slides his reptillian finger into my backdoor and he sucks my tiny dongel (which is still the same size 40 years later) to ‘stop it from bleeding’ *wink*.

        At any rate, I am sure i could accommodate Cruise’s hefty man kishka!

        Eat shit and die mofo

        • Moshe Dayan


          I recognize this imposter as none other than Umar The Brownholer. Hashim the Homo has mentioned many times his use of the word “dongel” at the glory hole when he has finished a cock and wants another.

          Umar, the IDF with our Merkava IIs are on their way into Gaza as we speak to drag your rat haired ass out of your destroyed rubble house. We will slide your ass onto our ribbed Merkava guns, which won’t be a problem for your overused asshole. When we are finished the only thing left will be the remnants of your asshole left stuck on our cannon. You’re done boy!

          Eat shit and die mofo

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


            As a typical Jew you lie too easily. I don’t use the word “dongel” (sic) and I never entered in that sinful place called “glory hole”.

            But gladly I will shove a RPG up your ass to terminate your despicable existence.


    fuck all you stupid dirka pussies why don’t you go back to blowing yourself up instead of criticizing females because if you assholes really didn’t like to see this then then your assholes wouldn’t be looking it the first place keep your stupid ass comments to yourself or just don’t look it up you stupid cunts oh and by the way fuck your stupid ass god allah or whatever

  • TBEAR182

    Katie Holmes has to still be a virgin after being married to Tom Cruise.

    • Mohumad in da cupboard

      goog point she could still be wife material yet.

    • David Miscavige

      You’ve all fucked up, now.

      Expect to be Fair Gamed, you Thetan choked mofos.


      David Miscavige
      Leader – Church of Scientology

  • Umar the Brown

    No dongafel! Just as I suspected! Now we know why the small and angry irishman was unsatisfied with her/him.

  • Elona

    They always come up with these nasty bodies on celebjihad.

    • Imam Khalid

      They simply use your fugly body because it was the cheapest, lesboqueer.

  • Sulieman Naimbui

    I am Algerian Muslim. I do not understand this programs here.

  • reptillian creature

    Spammers and robots need to stay off the site.

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    I, too, would take one for the team…..my team of goats, that is…….and delve into this spiritually lost female ………..

  • Nazi

    Brothers, my Nazi brothers and I just got off are plane and have landed in the United States. I am in New York City and Is their anyone from NYC on this site that the brothers want taken care of.

    • Jew

      I live in harlem. come here

      fuck you

      • Imam Khalid

        No one wants to live in Harlem. Not even googles.

        It’s a ghetto created by Jews to contain googles and greasers for their sacrifices in their heathen temples.

        Jews are prisoners by their own doing. The irony is delightful!!

        Just as they will be when the Mahdi returns and Allah sends you all to Hell.

        • Jew

          Fuck you too fake muslim

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            stupid jew

            watch your filthy mouth or I’ll stick an IED up your ass and pour gasoline down your throat.

            And then I’ll enjoy watching the fireworks.

            eat shit and die mofo

          • Jew

            Fuck you too pretend muslim with a dick on his forehead.

            Did I offend your fake muslim boyfriend? :)

          • John Grande

            Juden! I will find you, and take out to the forest and blow you’re Jewish brains out.

          • Nazi

            What the fuck, You must be my impostor when I find you Grande im going to destroy you.

    • Moshe Dayan


      That’s great dude, if you head into the Village you’ll find all the gay bars that you are looking for. I’m sure homosexuals will have no problems finding bareback partners in the Village eager to send you boys to pump town.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Arapaho Native

        Oh god, what’s with all the frequently used perverted insults? Pump town? Dongel?(not a word). The immaturity and the realization that everyone here isn’t an adult has never been higher.

        • Imam Khalid

          Arapahomo, I’m shocked you sobered up enough to stumble over to your reservation’s only computer (moose powered by the moose struggling while paint huffing injuns repeatedly rape it) and logged on to the Web – and noticed that.

          • Arapaho Native

            I’m sorry, did I insult you lately? No, I didn’t, you fucking moron. You should stay out of other peoples business and stop making a joke out of yourself. “Imam Kahlid”, ha, please, it’s obvious you’re some racist American loser, and I got about fifty bits of evidence to support this. “moose struggling…” thats as far as I’m gonna write, since it’s so disgusting and stupid. I mean, you’re the one writing it, you sick idiot. Listen, don’t even bother arguing with me. If this is all you’re gonna continue to say, then it’s not much more other then more immature, disgusting bullshit thats not even worth replying to. Grow up, moron.

          • TBEAR182

            Arapaho Native,
            You had me until you said another racist American loser, dont lump us all into the same category……asshole.

          • Arapaho Native

            “Another racist loser”, tell me, did I mention your name? Did I say your name and call you a racist loser? Or are you “another racist loser”? If I was lumping you all together, then I’d be picking you out by name, you fucking moron. What you said made no logical sense and neither is your cause for insulting me, since I never insulted you in the first place, idiot. It’s same fucking problem I was just saying, stay out of my business. And also, I never said “another racist loser”, I said “you’re some racist American loser”, so I never even created this imaginary category. Sorry, but you’re the asshole here.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            You are in a piss poor mood today you stupid asshole. No doubt your ass-herpes is acting up and the last gay you sucked at the glory hole jizzed on your new dress.

            Also, the next time you disrespect a powerful Muslim like Brother Khalid, you’ll find your tiny nuts under the hoof of a camel and the flash suppressor of an an AK-47 next to your tonsils.

            eat shit and die mofo

          • Arapaho Native

            Holy shit, I don’t think I even need to insult you, you just did it for me, because now you’ve made yourself look like the biggest, immature loser on this site. Actually, you’re wrong, you just made my day, you fucking shit-for-brains moron.

            If anyone is gay, it must be you, there must be some reason you can’t keep you tongue out of your “brothers” ass. Also, I was referring to the way you follow and agree with your fake muslims, just in case you’re not smart enough to see that, which would not be surprising.

            I advise you to keep you disgusting mouth closed, unless you want more laughter, aiming at you, dumb ass.

          • Dudereno

            oh shit Im not touching this argumemt wit a 10 foot pole, arapho is just to smart. dis juss takes all da fun outta it

          • TBEAR182

            Some or another who cares? Why do you have to assume that he is American? You did the same thing by assuming that Rafiq was American on the Kaley Cuoco page,all I am saying is that there are racist people from every country out there not just America so maybe you shouldn’t jump the gun and assume that they are Americans, maybe these guys are but how can you be certain?

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            That must have been your favorite dress that got “jizz stained”

            Also, you’ve broken the stereotype of the “happy homoqueer”

            I will also tell you this, the only reason you talk like a bitch on the rag is because you are safe in your little gay bar or glory hole. Otherwise, it would be hard for you to say anything with a mouth-full of Muslim fist.

            The day will arrive when you will have to account for your lack of judgement.

            suck on that mofo

          • Arapaho Native

            Abdullah The Imbecile
            Cmon, that’s getting a little old, but I wouldn’t expect a loser with a useless brain to have much creativity. You’re words sound like a toddler having a fit and they do not insult me, because it’s so stupid and ignorant that you don’t even deserve my reply, but fortunately, you’re just to annoying to ignore. I think I’ve said this way to many times and I’m guessing you haven’t even attempted it, but I’ll try anyway. Get your ignorant head outta your ass and get a fucking life, you fucking loser.

          • Arapaho Native

            I am definitely certain, I’ll tell you why. But why did you say “some it another who cares”? I care because it makes all the difference. I assume he’s American and all the other fake Muslims because for about 15 different reasons. I tell you the most important ones. For one, all of the IP addresses contain the digits of a US address, and from the use of Americanized slang and homoerotic insults, then yes, they’re American. 

            Not enough? Okay, what about the ISP of this site, which is 100% American and don’t forget that this sites language is completely English. Also, one other thing, have anyone else noticed that when everyone posts, even the founder, the time and date is in the Pacific Time Zone, America. I think I have enough proof. But it’s true, there may be some American Muslims in this site, but these immature ones are not, since they know nearly nothing of the Quran. 

          • Arcachnar

            The above-mentioned reasons exclude me. I am not an American or live in any English spoken countries. Never used American slang or pathetically homosexual insults. I know a lot of the Qur’an and the Bible.

          • Arapaho Native

            Like I said, there are a few real Muslims and I wouldn’t challenge a friend.

          • Dudereno

            i think it’s pretty obviouse, don fuck wit arapho, cause hes to smart an that juss takes all da fun outta it. peace out mofos

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Arap-homo calls himself an injun because he has turned an old abandoned Tee-Pee into a glory hole. He says the initials TP stands for turd packer…which was his nickname in high school.

            His life’s dream is to suck off a buffalo while getting ass fucked by a general custer impersonator. I hope he films it because after he is dead…I will send the film to “america’s gayest homo videos” and perhaps win the big money prize…….and buy more AK-47s to shoot his wretched family with.

            That is…before they all die from ass AIDS.

          • Arapaho Native

            Is this the best you got? This is fucking pathetic. Your obsession with “gloryholes” and “america’s gayest homo videos” is sickening. “…buy more AK-47s”, you have AK-47s?That’s fucking ridiculous, since you’re 100% american. I mean, what would a muslim in Tikrit be doing posting at 5:20 AM, Pacific Time Zone, America? Fuck off, get a life and stop talking about AIDS, it’s sounds like you might have it, since you can’t shut up about it. Fucking moron.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Ara Poo,

            Your mental framework of a decadent Injun doesn’t let you understand that a righteous Muslim is the most of the time awake, ready to fight for his cause, at any time and at any place.

            That includes the anihilation of idiots like you, as well as all those that follow sinful sexual practices (like fagness) or worship other Gods than Allah…

            If you don’t understand this the good way – what is most likely, due to your lilliputian IQ – , you must suffer the consequences, and learn it the “bad way”. That’s when the AK 47 enters into action. Do you understand now?

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Arapa-faggy homo

            You are a real retard. I have insulted you plenty and all my insults are the truth.
            Don’t blame me because you are guilt ridden over being a cock sucking fag and you want to suffer.

            Unless you want to come to Tikrit so I can kill you with the AK-47, you will have to be content with being called a shit faced homoqueer asshole who eats jizz and sticks gatorade bottles up your ass.

            And the injun thing…that makes you look about as stupid as any insult that can be hurled by us Muslims. You have flagellated yourself with this arapa-crap bull shit and have earned the “faggiest” avatar of 2012

            eat shit and die you dumbass


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Brother Hashim

            The arapa-homo injun has smoked one too many cocks at the glory hole and now is psychotic.

            I think it is hilarious.

          • Imam Khalid

            Arapa-pedo has opened one too many casinos and sucked heap big many cocks.

            Now, go check your badger traps to see if you have any new furry friends to rape, you red skinned google.

          • Arapaho Native

            I think you’ve proven your point…the three of you are the biggest morons to ever post on this site. Hashim, none of that makes any logical sense, so I’m guessing you’re too stupid to understand what I said, but that’s not surprising considering that your avatar is now considered one of the stupidest presidents to serve two terms.

            Abdullah, you have never insulted me. Who would be insulted by a moronic imposter? You just toss around homophobic insults that make you look like a perverted homosexual.

            Kahlid, you’re the one talking about “furry friends to rape”, you disgusting moron. I advise you to stop watching porn containing furry animals, you sicko.

            Lilliputian IQ? Of you three morons think you’re gonna shoot me with an AK-47, then it’s your IQ that’s small. Also, stop pretending your Muslims, anyone with half a brain knows all three of you are just ass kissing Americans with nothing better to do.

        • Imam Khalid

          Arapa-buffalo-humper, I watched much American TV reruns on videotape as a kid in Iraq. Decent shows like Donna Reed, My Favorite Martian, The Honeymooners and the like.

          Shows from a time when the USA wasn’t a fully immoral cesspool of homosexuality and other deviant behaviors. Back on track, I know much of your now backwards culture from TV, news services and celebrities as well as your slang.

          What is more, what your sorry pepperoni ass knows of Islam and the Noble Qur’an could barely fill a thimble. You know nothing more than what your leftist media spins and trickles down to you and what conforms to your prejudices.

          You are a low, primitive aboriginal piece of shit who deserves nothing more than the insults and scorn thrown at you – intelligent discourse and debate would be wasted on a pea brained savage like you. You are as low as the blacks and wetbacks that overrun your country.

          Unfortunately, the whites didn’t finish exterminating you tree humping squaw rapers and it is a problem which we shall rectify once Islam rules your nation, you burnt red coon.

          • Arapaho Native

            Uh huh, you finished with your rant yet? I stopped reading about halfway since it’s so boring and it’s nothing you haven’t said already. I think it’s time to find some new material, something that’s not meaningless, since I gave conclusive proof that all three of you idiots are American.

            Only an idiot would deny actual proof, and you only have your word, and I have more. And this excuse you have as to why your so Americanized, please, a real, actual Muslim in Iraq would not adopt the American way instead of the Muslim way they were raised, you shit-for-brains. 

            And this pathetic rant is panicking, obviously. Tell me, do you watch reruns of “furry friends” porn in Iraq? Because there is no explanation to where you would get that disgusting American idea, you dumb moron. Drop the jihad act, you fucking loser, because anyone with any brains knows all of you dumb asses are American. 

          • Robert


            Not only is he American….but a Right wing Neo nazi skinhead type of a scum American

            He is too dumb to understan that if it was for the right wing government not only would this website cease to exist but he wouldn’t even have the liberty of free speech to rant on the internet

            Don’t waste you time on this skinhead…that would be my best suggestion

          • Arapaho Native

            Robert, I would be more then happy to take your suggestion. But it is true, this site might not of been here if Romney was elected, since he stands strongly against web sites containing pornography. These “jihadists” are indeed too stupid to see that.

          • Robert

            Yes exactly,

            There morons are enjoyin the freedom that the ‘liberals’ bestowed upon them and then they go ahead and ridicule and insult them profusely.

            If the Far right had their way..they would completely eradicate pornography and make killing seem like a part time hobby.

            This Khalid in particular, is the most extreme one. He is notoriously harsh.

            Extremism of any kind is unacceptable… Whether it be Islamic or the Far Right Remember a man called Hitler?

            The irony is..this Khalid is an extremist in both fake muslim life and real life as well :)
            (Both assholes in their own right )

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Ara Poo,

            One thing I have for sure: you are the dumbest thing around here. Even my camel Khalil has an IQ higher than yours.

            Everybody knows that I’m not American and that I want to enforce the Islamic law on this decadent country full of fags, jews and googles.

            Injuns like you have only two purposes in life: get drunk and lick squaws cunts while googles fuck them.

          • Arapaho Native

            Hmm, I believe you already said that, you blithering idiot. You really have no creativity or significant intelligence, do you? Wow, you really are stupid. Do you really think that “jihadists” kill “fags, Jews, and ni**ers” all day in Iraq? God, your stupidity and ignorance is fascinating. What’s funny is the “injun” is much smarter them you. *Scoffs* Moron. 

            Robert, that’s also right, but these idiots on this site on to ignorant to see it. They probably don’t even vote. They don’t realize how close they came to being dominated by the right wing conservatives. Although, it would take time to do this, the right wing idiots would have to pass a law and change certain policies, but it was still close, since Romney was close in the polls. It’s good to finally see some significant brains

          • Robert

            Mighy fine perception there mate. We were actually very close to to becoming a conservative authority…and they might have succeded as well if Romney would not have been so naive.

            You know…I have been here all along….I have been a “Muslim”…Jew….Christian…pretty much every kind :)

            I mostly post satirically..as such to reveal the Islamic malice productively.

            But with discussions such as these especially when you are posting…it is imperative to be serious…trifling though as it may be.

            And for that matter…I am not a liberal myself. Too much liberty is harmful as well.(Incessant feminism…misandry etc)

            Too much liberty creates manginas…which is counterproductive too. What I believe in is balance…just the right amount of liberty…mixed together with strict discipline and morals.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            You call us “fake Muslims” while pretending to be a filthy redskin?

            You have the alcoholic dementia part down and the stupidity but you are about as much an indian as Oblumbo is a swede.

            And for your information, I am a real Muslim and so are my brothers Khalid and Hashim.

            So shut the fuck up and go back to queeresville you sucker of the man-salami.

          • Arapaho Native

            Is this the best you got? Really? This is shit. This is barely worth replying too. Haha, why would I pretend to be a Native American, you imbecile? Didn’t I just show proof? While you only have your word(unrealiable), I actually have proof, you fucking loser. Now fuck off, the adults are talking.

            Richard, thank you, and you’re also right. It seems there are few people with actual intelligence.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            No mofo. I gave the best I had to your mother and while she enjoyed the Tikriti man-snake…all I got in return was a case of the clap and a bill from the VD clinic for the clap shot.

            You are one dumb homosexual and instead of begging us Muslims to insult you constantly, just go down to the nearest Mosque and a Muslim will cut your throat for free.

          • Arapaho Native

            Cowardly Imposter
            This is fucking pathetic. You wait for 3 days and then you post, that’s just cowardly. Luckily, I reread my post. If you’re a ”mofo killing jihad” like you say, then you would have no problem killing me, right? Wrong, I’m stillI alive and you’ve been saying this immature bulllshit for months, yet I’m still breathing, so I guess you’re full of shit, you fucking loser. And stop talking about ”Clap” and ”VD”, just because you’re infested withn venereal diseases doesn’t mean you have to talk about it all the time, you immature moron. *Scoffs*

  • celebrityfeet4.us

    Besides it being obvious, one shot of her feet and I would be able to tell in an instant whether this was Katie Holmes or not!

  • The US Army

    I find it hilarious how Muslims think they will take over the US when they can’t even defend their home country!

  • s.ahmed

    this cant be a muslims site or even muslims comments……….u dont know nothing about islam and ofcourse u arent muslims,…………….i know how a real muslim should be

  • Winston

    Islam is a filthy gutter religion.

  • ProudToBeWhite

    OMFG – After reading through some of the posts here it is VERRRRRRY obvious that the main focus is Dick + Assholes + GAY GAY GAY. You all have some SERIOUSLY OPPRESSED HOMOSEXUAL DESIRES. It could not be MORE obvious in your writing. The above evidence speaks loud and clear (Or should I say Gay and Proud?). Holy Shit man… It is SHOCKING to see that the world is so gay! Oh well… More women for the Str8t guys!
    It is also VERY OBVIOUS that all those filthy inferior sand-googles are as gay as they come. Look how they treat women…(COVER THEM UP – TREAT THEM LIKE SHIT ETC…MAME AND DISFIGURE if they try to leave them etc etc) ALL CLEAR EVIDENCE. GAY GAY GAY.
    P.S. GAY = MENTALLY HANDICAPPED = RETARDED ETC. (Want proof? Look how you can spot a gay from a mile away? You can see the genetic defects from a distance!!!) LMFAO…
    Oh well – Keep spreading AIDS (AGAIN – LMFAO!!!)
    I am going to go and take a mean shit inside of the 1st Qur’an that I can find!!! Wipe my shit stained ass with that useless book and there you will have the photo of any and all sand nigs!

    See ya!

  • Robert

    I see some nice titties!!!

  • angry american

    I don’t like sand googles very much.

  • Jason

    i think she’s a hard working strong spirited women who has the guts 2 do a photo like this if you’ve got it show it good on u Katie Holmes or should i say tiger what a great body u have never be ashamed of what or who u are

  • uhjywo

    OMFG u r sooo HOTT!!!!