Katie Holmes Gives Daughter Suri Her First Penis

Katie Holmes Suri penis

As you can see in the picture above actress Katie Holmes is chocking back tears of pride after she gave her daughter Suri some penis gummy candies.

The first time a daughter takes a penis into her mouth is a big deal in the heathen Western culture, so it is understandable that Katie is so overcome by emotion at Suri reaching the milestone at such a young age.

Looking at this pic you can almost hear Suri thinking while looking at the candy penises she is about to devour that, “I’m going to be just like daddy!” Truly a touching scene and one which provides fascinating insight into the sick culture of the immoral kuffars. Allahu Akbar!

  • theheadchimp

    What a fucking retard this poor child has for a mother. The poor child can’t read yet and obviously neither can the stupid bitch who is supposed to protect her. Look at pix #2 and you can see she is struggling with trying to read…pe pe pe penis! This dumb bitch has my vote for “worst mother of the year”. Poor kid is embarrassed by her mother and shes not even 16 yet.

  • zillaman

    at least she has a mother. do you know who your mother is? poor head giving chimp. don’t cry little fag just kill your self…