Kate Upton’s Breasts Fully Visible In Wet T-Shirt

Kate Upton breasts

Scientists at Celeb Jihad Labs in Tehran were able to enhance this Kate Upton photo so that her buxom breasts are now fully visible through her wet t-shirt.

This triumphant achievement by Islam’s top scientific minds will open a new field in the prosecution of infidel sluts like Kate Upton. Now thanks to this tremendous breakthrough even when a woman covers her shameful sex organs she can still be punished to the fullest extent under Shariah law.

Allah willing, this wet boobie photo will make Kate Upton the first of many Western whores to face Islam’s most righteous wrath for brazen acts of involuntary sluttery.

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    • Grand Dragon Pete

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      • Allah’s servant

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    She is the most beautiful one ever. She is posing for me personally. I ‘m her private boyfriend and someone hacked it before it got to my website and exposed my girl. She didn’t intend for it to be public and she would not pose in front of kids like pop divas do that need Banned off Radio& Tv appearances. She does it for her lover only-she is catholic and very religious.

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  • Fiance

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    ITS REAL!! Because she sent it to me after someone hacked the first copy. Not for PUBLIC USE!

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      Kates Tampon

      Putting a blonde wig on a blow up love doll and calling it Kate ain’t the real thing the only thing the real kate would send to you is a restraning order.

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    Kate is hot! – @RateMyKnockers

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