Kate Upton Slutty Booty Dance Vid

Model Kate Upton performs a slutty booty dance known as the “cat daddy” in the revolting video above.

A female dancing is disturbing enough, but when one is nearly naked and suggestively moving her sex organs (like Kate Upton does in this video) that really crosses the line and a strongly worded fatwa must be issued in response.

If Kate Upton cares about her well-being when Islam takes over the West she will leave the sexy dancing to the beautiful smooth Muslim dancing boys, and focus her attention on womanly tasks like birthing children and digging wells.

  • Jesus

    The love of Jesus makes Kate jiggle her fun parts for all to see.

    by the way Im Jesus.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Yeah right…

      Aren’t you feeling the holy ghost coming from behind?


    where the fuck is the booty dance?

  • aal

    This soon to be “concubine” is dancing for me! I shall claim her for my harem! She shall dance for me along with other tasks to please me, her soon to be master!

  • Tyrone shoelaces

    All ass licker.

    You ain’t foolin anyone by sayin dat you want Kate it’s well known dat like the rest of da muslims here you a fag and yous harem is yous flock of goats and da camels dat yous fuck and yous suck da dicks of the other muslim homos on dis queer site.

  • Kahlid

    I sat through every disgusting frame of this video.


    She is definitely a filthy harlot.

    A typical western whore or TWW as we say in the blessed Middle East.