Kate Upton Nude Photo From Behind

Kate Upton nude

Swimsuit model Kate Upton is photographed in the nude from behind in the shameful picture above.

Kate Upton must think she looks good naked from behind, but as a pious Muslim man I can assure her that would only be an attractive angle if she was laying face down in the mud after a righteous stoning.

Though Kate Upton has the udders of a Holstein cow, her milk is almost certainly spoiled. So unless Kate Upton shows up at a US checkpoint with an IED pressed between her massive titties, she has no way of redeeming herself for this brazen act of nude sluttery.

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    • Bitch tits

      By the way: is there any google out there?
      I want to strech my ass hole a bit more. Please…

      • Uncle Ruckus

        I m reaching out to the great Grand dragon pete

        I hope you still remember me, I’m the darkie with revitiligo (its the opposite of hat micheal jakson had) who wanted to serve as part of the klan. my robe size is round about size 16, i try to keep myself nice and thin like the good caucasian man should, as it seems all the fatasses i see are all dirty darkies, you never see a good white man rididng around on mobility scooter in these here great united states.

        I would have no reason to suspect you would care to lynch me almighty grand dragon as i see we are going to work together as I’d be glad to serve as the darkie ambassador to the klan, I’d feel completlty safe in your presence. I shall tell you about where they’re unholy jiggaboo congregations, where they talk about praising jesus when he doesn’t want no praise from a darkies, and i damn well know that, and thats why i give myself 30 lashes everyday to feel what he went through. I shall carry on doing my best to lose weight, so if the day comes where i get the honor of bein strung up the klansmen tree to purify my darkie soul, i’ll be ready, but i jsut can’t resist this calling within my blood telling me to eat chicken and goddamn watermelon. also i’ll have my butthole lubed up with KY when i get there, so if you want to sodomise me as i hear you so frequently do to each other at these here meetings it would be my honor.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Does your mom know that you are not doing your homeworks son?
          Besides you shoudn’t sniff paint.

        • Imam Khalid

          TL;DR google.

  • Imam Abbas

    If her milk isn’t soured (which warrants further investigation), my harem has an opening for a nurse maid.

    If she converts to Islam, we can forgo the stoning as I feel pity for the children that require said nurse-maid. If she is good and serves her master well, perhaps she can learn the joys of what it means to be plugged by a pious muslim mans passion pole!

    And if she fails to do either, she shall be penetrated by the barbed tool of the mighty Shaytan who will then fill her full of his molten seed and roast her from within!

    Allahu Akbar!

  • I’m a Nigger

    DAMM THATS ONE BIG TITTIED WHITE BITCH! I bet shes Love a creamfilled Chocolate dick for EASTER!!!!

  • Not Gay

    I had a dream that Alyssa Di Carlo had a penis and was making me suck it.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    LOL!!! I just read the last comment. Too funny. Sometimes I definitely strap one on lol. The problem with this composite of Kate is that the head shot was much closer to the camera than the body shot, so it looks like Kate has a gigantic head. I consider this job a fail after the excellent work that Durka’s team did on Victoria Justice yesterday.

    • Hey

      Do you suffer from a strong aversion to the ‘Reply’ button woman?

    • Not Gay

      Don’t fool yourself, I didn’t like it or want it.

      • YC

        Of course Not Gay, You are here, but you aren’t queer. That’s the point !

      • Word of wisdom

        We all know it : even during your sleep, the spirit of science and the crave for knowledge won’t let your rest. They delight you instead with the most bizarre and ecstatic visions.

        It is probably a gift from the most high, a gift you should not let to waste in your lazy kuffarhood. Please, I urge you to convert to islam, so you can enjoy years of intellectual stimulation with tons of other NOT GAY (straight) males just like you, with a burning passion for experimental science in our hot (because it’s usually near the equator) madrassahs.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    :-( maybe …srrrrryy

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Here I replied to myself lol

  • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

    The sexual flaunting of this harlot Kate is nothing to laugh at Ms. DiCarlo. Kate will face the most dire consequences for her actions after the 27th. The Jihad approaches.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Is it just me, or do you all notice that the feminists seemed to have moved on? For a week or two we were plagued by feminists on here. It was awful.

    • Imam Abbas

      The Sharia Council had taken notice of the evil feminist trollops, and issued the required fatwa as their owners had failed to teach them how to behave in civilized society.

      Our fine jihadi warriors may very well have already tracked them down and delivered a full clip of AK-47 Islamic whoop-ass on those broom-riding strumpets! And if they did, they will be able to claim a passel o’ virgins when they go to meet the Prophet (PBUH).

      Allahu Akbar!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    The only use us Muslims have for this old bitch is to shove some C-4 up her ass and make a walking IED out of her.

  • Abdul Rasul

    Oink oink this little American piggy is very fat and most likely has diabetes. Muslims don’t get diabetes because the only thing that is fat on a Muslim is our cocks.

    Praise Allah!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Brother Abdul

      If this fat infidel kate converted to Islam, she’d have to wear a tent for a Burka.

      Ha..she’s so big that no matter where you throw a stone…it will hit her.

      • Umar the Brown

        That is true, my brother, but she is still no where near Mudsharkardashian size.

      • Jihad Jack

        I’d like to throw a couple if stones at her, repeatedly. She is obviously a typical western whore who needs to be punished and I would be honoured to give her a pounding until she screams.

      • Grand Dragon Pete


        Wrong again mofo.

        That tent you speak of would be for me and my massive dong…..it would be used as a condom.

        Kate is one hot piece of ass and them big utters of hers are perfect for sliding my giant bean stalk inbetween.

        Fuck anus mofo


        • Abdullah The Butcher

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    • Farzan The Wise

      Brother Abdul Rasul

      Your words are wise.

      Us Muslims have the largest cocks on record. So large the Pringles can is said to have been made in honor our huge manhood.


    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Rectum Rasul

      “Oink-oink” is the sound I heard coming from your harem while I was doing recon work at your shitty cave. The other thing I heard was:

      “Fuck my ass, Abdullah…..give me all three inches.”

      That is some sick shit


      • Abdullah The Butcher

        gay fag pete

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        I can just imagine you now, running to mangina moshe and asking him to ram a baseball bat up your ass while yelling..ALLAHU AKBAR.

        I hope you die from AIDS you sick pervert.

        • Grand Dragon Pete


          Did Homo Hashim tell you about your 3 inch pee hole while he was jacking you off and giving you a rim job?

          Ha. Of course he did.

          He’s a bigger liar than I thought. What he meant to say is that your “penis is 3 inches.”

          Now that would be a true statement.


  • Beastly man

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    • The Reaper

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  • Farzan The Wise

    With her fat mammari glands she could be useful in my harem tent to feed my young, and clean the camel dung from my sandels..

  • Sally

    What does it mean to say that someone is acting niggardly?

    • me

      Reluctant in spending money

    • ,

      don’t you hate it when spell check replaces the word “google” with “niggardly?

      • Sally

        Yes, its very annoying. My spellcheck doesn’t want me to use the word google at all, even though it’s a very important vocabulary word.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I use the word google every day, throughout the day in fact. I don’t even really use nigga. I mainly use the far more politically incorrect ‘google’.

  • Beastly man

    I use the word google all the time when a google is behind me sticking his dick up my ass I always say hit it harder google so there ain’t nothing wrong with using the word google for things like that.

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      I essentially agree with Beastly for once.

  • truthgrenade

    allah is weak, I will destroy him and all of the muslims swiftly and effectively.

  • Datruth

    This is 100% photoshopped, look closely at her face no sunkiss that and every single photo is fake on this sight. Google will show you the path sadly these our not real.

  • Muslims are shitheads

    SOOO FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • loveandpeace1

    There’s nothing wrong with a woman’s nudity and there’s nothing defiling about a woman enjoying sex. I’m sure your mother’s enjoy sex. Does that make them sluts? What is wrong in the world, is people killing people in the name of silly religions. If God wants someone dead, he doesn’t need anyone’s help. He gave us life and he can take it away. REMEMBER, a woman’s nudity is a natural thing, not a sinful thing. We were all born naked. Does that mean we committed our first sin as soon as we are born?