Kate Upton Nude Photo

Kate Upton nude

Swimsuit model Kate Upton poses nude in the photo above. What an “epic fail” (as the infidels say) by the photographer as he failed to capture even a glimpse of Kate Upton’s sex organs.

This photographer is probably some limp-dick Jew, who was too busy fantasizing about money to take a proper nude photo of Kate.

Rest assured if a Muslim man had been hired to take this picture he would have shoved the camera straight up Kate Upton’s snatch and got some quality shots.

  • Huge Cock Habib

    I would put the camera on the tip of my cock and stuff her so deep you could see her ovaries. It is because I have a penis larger than a camel unlike the infidel Americans and jews who have squirrel sized genitals.

    • Word of wisdom

      True : average muslim male can stuff his dick with a camera AND a cameraman complete with audio equipment.
      Haha, silly small-dicked americans.

      • Jack

        Makes sense how you guys know how big the average american dick is. Since you guys are apparently interracial gay fags.

        • Habib the assassin

          Jack off it is a well known fact that americans have small dicks that is why your women want big muslim dicks only problem is that muslin men don’t want to chance with your american whore women because of the Std’s they carry and the foul stench of there pussies and asses.That is why these american sluts go to the negro because groids don’t care about std’s they just want to stick there big dicks into white american whores and these same whores get no pleasure from the small dicks of white american.this is why white american men are homos

          • Jack

            Haha, sure, you come to america, and you will see all the lonely muslims. Well known by who? You? Yes, we already know you go searching for american dicks to shove up your ass. LOL you would be talking about STD’s especially since HIV and AIDS flurish in middle eastern and african nations.

          • homobib

            Hey Habib the ASSinASS
            Your mouth looks almost open wide enough to take an American cock. You look like you are advertising on a gay Muslimp web site. No wonder all your virgins are in heaven, no woman would touch you camel breathed goat fuckers.

          • Your mother

            Its funny how you complain about the smell of american pussy, meanwhile every muslim smells like dick dipped in shit. And compared to your muslim women our women are like godesses. Obviously you would come to america for the women because this post is about one, and to conclude, you like to take big dick up your ass and u have a small penis

          • Kill a camel fucker

            Sand googles are too dumb. Haha bitches we’re calling all the shots in your home town. the very place your filty scum sand google father and stinky cocksucker mother conceived your maggot ass. Make yourself a bomb and take it to your city hall (if you have one)

          • Kenneth

            One you dont see any of our wemon walking around with you all groping their asses. And two are’nt muslim dicks like irish dicks

          • Terrists

            Hey terrist i just bout one of ur women on ebay fucker

          • Jayden

            Ur fucking stupid dumb ass y’all have tiny dicks so u can shut ur fucking dick sucker aka ur mouth not mine

          • Jerker

            You must be a FAT Poofter, Mate…
            All u can concentrate on is guy’s DiX…

            Become a true man …
            And Let’s talk and root dose Chics!! ;)

          • Dildomat

            You are saying that western-world women have STDs? I would think not. Due to the increasingly great health care provided by western countries, STDs are slowly being wiped and and being countered, but in Afghanistan, Iraq (possibly), and all those other “istan”y, Arab countries, the STD number is rising faster than my eyebrows when looking at some comments… And if you are all good Muslims, why are you disrespecting women by viewing fake pictures (not this pic, by the way, but most of the others) and disrespecting their names when Islam clearly states something about respecting women…?

            I laugh,

        • Jack hausey

          Shut the fuck up Osama my dicks long enough to go in a bitchs ass and it con out her mouth

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            spreads lies

            your mother spreads the clapp

        • Harris

          i agree this guy is high and homosexual to the max but not all muslims are bad i mean wtf dont put religion in hot pics of kate upton

      • Jack

        Also if you guys are really eing such dip shits you would know religion has nothing to do with penis size. If you want to be legit in all of this, then your wrong. The average american penis is 6.5 inches long, the average middle eastern is 6.3 and way at the bottom are asians with 5.5

        • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

          You’ve been around! Must’ve seen loads of hard cocks to accumulate that data.

          My cock’s only four inches. But I think that’s wide enough.

          • Jack

            Nope, takes 1 internet search, but I’m sure you wouldn’t know that since you live in a 3rd world country where the camels are faster than the internet and you have an average of 2 computers a village. Hmmm 4 inches wide, does that make it a chode? Oh well, thanks for responding chodey.


            im 18 and my cocks 7 inches

        • Habib the assassin

          And then theres you with 3.0 inches

          • jack meoff

            you can put a camera on a camel’s dick–and see up a muslim’s ass

        • Fukyomomma

          Shut up u fukin sand nigge. Ya but that’s why bitches where u from gotta hide themselves in public cause they that fukin nasty. Lol. How many goats u fuk today sand slave?

        • The Jew

          Neither does it have anything to do with how obsessed with money a person is, thank you very much, just like not all Germans are anti-Semites, not all Muslims are terrorists, and not everyone is racist. I take great offense to what this asshole said about Jews and their money.

          • Kahlid

            No one gives a shit about your tender widdle feelings, land stealer.

            Go make some more blood matzo, you gross homo.

      • bigmig86

        the average muslim male also likes to fuck other males ass holes – trust me, I know because i went to Iraq you piece of shit. wipe your ass with tp and not your hand too because you smell like you have been eating your own dumbass

      • Bruce Arner

        If this guy hates americans so much, what is he doing in our country, come on cia, take this guy out. He is obviously a terrorist.


        at least we have souls and can live more then 50 years

        • Arcachnar

          Souls? What’s that suppose to mean? Everyone have souls. In some cultures they believe that animals and plants has that as well.

          More than 50 years? Well, it all depends on what for circumstances you live in. No doubt in the US or in other rich countries people die young as well. But only from diseases like cancer, drugs, alcohol, ill treated diabetes, etc. A sign of affluence. Bad neighborhoods can shorten live as well.

          In the Middle East or places elsewhere there are circumstances that people in Europe or in the US don’t know any more. Civil wars, famine, rivalry in different religious views, etc. Even though the economy and technology in the Middle East is just as good as in the US and Europe.

        • Osama bin-Sikhid

          And can’t spell. Dumb fuck learn some grammar.

        • Jake

          Well sir, you are incorrect on your statement about Americans not having souls, it’s the Red-Headed Irish, that have no souls, and I’d rather be an American than be a stupid low-life sand google

      • AMERICAN

        True: Here in America we do not call vaginas, dicks. As you are stating above it clearly proves to show muslim men have vaginas and muslim women have dicks. I do not know about muslims but here in America you can not stuff your dicks, although you can however stuff vaginas. With that being said since you muslims have what we call a vagina in the U.S.A then you must be very loose to be able to put a camera and a cameraman inside your vagina.

        • Fuck you jack


    • Tom

      Your arabic women are so ugly and hairy they have to hide under their burkas.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        tom turkey-shit

        shut up mofo.

        No Muslim woman would give a sissy-boy weakling like you the time of day….unless it was the time of your stoning.

        • The word of god

          Why is it all Muslims are calling themselves “the butcher” or other similar shit like that its obvious that they’re all still virgins and have probably never even spoken to a girl or anyone not from they’re gay sex sessions in mosque (gonna have too take back that virgin thing now) point is if you sit there and show off what a bunch of close minded dick sucking racist motherfuckers you are no one will ever take them seriously as anything but a security threat. And if American women are so nasty put away your tissues and lube and stop jerking off to them. Go suck a pigs dick and die and go too hell it’s where your headed anyway

          • JabbaHutt

            Why do they they call themselves butcher? Because butchers spend all day handling their meat.

        • InvenShun

          Muslim women are not attractive at all and more then half of Americans think Muslims are terrorists and carry stds. lol

        • muslim extremist Problem Solved

          Come over here and I will put a real gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. A different kind of stoning

        • Jake

          So she’d take time to get stoned with me, hmm, I just scored some of that Chronic Shit bitch

    • native

      Ya, Alrite buddy. Ur so fuking stupid, step outside u fuck an I’m sure an American will.blow ur pea sized,bearded face off, u dumb shit. I.wish al the SAND NIGERS would leave america. We don’t want u here

    • Habib hater7370

      Fuck you mother fuckin piece of shit muslim

      • nikki

        muslims are kutta

        • Osama bin-Sikhid

          What the fuck does that mean? My superior Muslim intellect cannot decipher you petty and shifty riddles. Speak in a language people know instead of your fake younger.

          • Osama bin-Sikhid

            Damn autocorrect. I meant tounge not younger.

          • The One Sensible Person

            For the record, twice as many people speak English than Arabic

            And your “superior Muslim intellect” won’t do you much good when you’re refusing to educate one of the greatest untapped reservoirs of intellect in your society-the female gender.

            I apologize if I confused your brain with big words like “reservoir.”

    • Meh

      oh fuck u moslem! American better than urs! N yea american more faithful n so jewish.. U r proud because ur BLACK HAIRY DICK?!?! HAHA HELL WITH YOU! u ugly asshole! And jewish is much better than you ugly idiot guy! ;P

    • Meh


    • John

      look you stupid bitch atleast americans dont go around fucking stinking and dont fucking shower you fucking pig!!!!

    • Crusher

      Funny how Muslim men are AFRAID to disagree with other muslims.
      Muslim#1 I’d push the camera up her twat
      Muslim#2 I’d push the camera farther up her twat
      Muslim#3 I’d stone the bitch
      Muslim#4 I’d stone the bitch harder !

      (wow, wouldn’t that be sexy… NOT)

      Now American Men
      American#1 I’d push the camera up her twat
      American#2 Whats wrong asshole , you like to beat women ?
      American#3 Do that and I’ll kick you ass.
      American#4 I’d take njcer pictures of that sexy women

      COWARDLY Muslims are afraid of what each other think.. !! Grow some BALLS !!

    • tyson

      Listen here Habib you arab fuck, you don’t even have a name that makes sense to normal humans. You are supposed to drive a cab or your wife can make my bed at a hotel i don’t care you are lucky to be in my country fuck you

      • Haha

        Normal name? Come on man, people in the Middle East, India, and many other Asian and African countries have different names like that. There’s more people in the world with the name “Habib”, instead of “Tyson”. Therefore Habib is more of the normal name. Not here for an argument, just stating the facts!

    • ???

      stfu asswipe

    • Fritzz

      Yes, when I was in middle east, i saw many muslim men fucking their goats on their balconies. Your women wanted a real man.

    • miouhgtf

      all u non American are terrorists

    • Richard

      Praise Allah!

    • Isaac

      Huge Boob Habib

      It is simply freakish that you don’t have anything inside of your dick and you put camera equipment inside of it. It is cool that your dick is as big as a camel except…how do you walk?

    • Big Ra

      I think if you have that large of a cock, you should shove it up ur asshole. You third world mutherfucker. Fuck you!!!

    • madone

      Looks like your mouth in big enough for a camel penis,and the camera.

    • Uncle Sam

      I guess you would know, tea baggin’ fag!

    • jones

      It seems to me that you guys love to brag about your dick sizes. We all know the kind of people who do that are the ones with tiny little peckers. And infidel americans and jews? How about dumb ass intolerant camel jokeys?

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    This is what happens when you send an infidel to do a Muslim man’s job….piss poor photos.

    After Islam takes over and kate receives her long over due stoning….I’ll make sure some quality pics document the event.

    • Otis

      This is what happens when you send an infidel to do a Muslim man’s job…. This is what happens when the shit hits the fan… You’re all gone!

    • Crusher

      Your AFRAID of Women !! HA,HA You would sooner stone them and go have sex in your tent with your male buddies !!
      When the West decides to put stop to the muslim religion forever, you will be able to come out of the closet and be the Gay Flamer you dream of being.

    • USMC_for_life

      No… When you send an “infidel” to do a Muslim’s job, no one gets blown to hell. The only way Islam would ever take over is if Christianity suddenly disappeared from the world. I don’t see that happening, so enjoy fantasizing and jerking your little penis off to the thought of stoning Kate Upton, one of the most beautiful women on the planet. And most of all, GOD BLESS AMERICA! HOOAH!

    • The One Sensible Person

      I seriously doubt Kate Upton would possibly allow a Muslim to photograph her when he’s too busy looking up her vagina.

    • jones

      We all know islam will never take over they are not smart enough.

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  • manojkumar

    iam manoj please remove kates nude photos,i love kate ,kate is my life ,my luck

  • nigger

    Stupid sand google. Dune coon Brown clown

  • American Pimpstick

    You faggots are definitely too interested in american cock. Probably mad cause AMERICAN “infidels” are fuckin the shit out of all your muslim women over here. Theres a reason they left your country, cause arabs smell like SHIT

  • Muslims can go to hell

    I would like to say I’m a 17 year lod American with a 7.5, you mulsims are dip shits, complaining about American woman?!??? Your women are covered in moles and can’t even show their hair. If you hate the American women then why are you looking at a nude post for an American model you crusty AF!

  • chris

    she is my dream woman i loved to be right beside her its my dream come true hopefully one day :)

    • Sombody Stop this KID

      You are a psycho…it will NEVER HAPPEN! So….. Kill yourself…… just do it……kill yourself…..really, this woman nor any other woman will ever want your ugly self or your pathetic excuse for a penis……. your only hope is to kill yourself and hope for reincarnation…even if you came back as a newt you would have a better chance than your ugly tiny pin prick has now…………If you haven’t done it yet…..hurry up and kill yourself…………………………kill yourself…………………………kill yourself……………………………..kill yourself…………………………….kill yourself …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….kill yourself…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..KILL YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!

      • jones

        I think you should just kill yourself.

  • hazerage

    actually i was just watching tv and they were saying muslims have the smallest national average cock size..

    • Meh


    • Ghost

      Maybe thats why they have to marry and fuck children because a real woman would never fuck a small dicked camel fucking sand eating retards.

  • Muslims are stupid

    Lol Muslims have penises so small that they suicide bomb because that’s the only way they will be able to fuck a vigin, because even a virgin would recognize how small and chode-like their penis would be.

  • fuck all muslims

    muslims cover up their women with those tent dresses…can you imagine the smell of those nasty hairy bitches…riding their camels all day then going into their mud house to cook stinky shit…..garlic breath, shit smelling asses with cunts that never get washed….and muslim men eat that pussy and lick that ass.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      fucks all wv pigs

      Stop drinking in the middle of the day…you’ve just described your mother.

      • I’m right

        Any body who believes in religion is a complete retard
        Obsessing over cocks like you guys do is fucking helarious, Your the Fags!
        Americans and Muslims are equal
        Both believe in a god that you can’t prove, might as well believe in Santa clause
        Nothing better than being a white male Canadian
        I would kill myself if I knew I was going to be born an American or a god damn camel jockey
        Religion ruins the world!!
        Many people who believe in a personal god are delusional
        Delusion than equals religion mothafucka’s
        Watch Jim Jeffries the comedian, he’s ausome lol

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          canuck cock sucker

          the only thing worse than a canadian is a google and you’re probably one of them mofos too.

          • The messenger

            No the only thing worse is a hateful and misguided person like you.

        • surrounded by dumbfucks

          @ im rite, you would really rather die then be an american. Well enjoy being a canadian as long as you can. I’m sure in the near future we’ll send half a dozen marines over there with plastic silverware and overtake ur country

        • Ghost

          THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY an intelligent person speaks.

        • Crusher

          Hey, In Canada, Quebec has laws against wearing a headscarf ! Quebec has more Balls than the USA !.
          We need more laws like that passed here. With all the muslims going crazy about that silly Video, It won’t be long before we ban any more BS from them !
          Freedom of Speech forever !! Time to re-write the Koran for the 21’s century, and take out all that barbaric sh$t.

        • Really?………….

          Hahahahahahahahah!!!! A fuckin canadian! usless fucking pussies, get an army of your own and quit riding on Americas shirt tails, you fucking Duddley Doright nobody!

      • MUslim Sh00ter

        abdullah, america is the shit, u cant say shit about us, got a problem with america wed gladly emd your life in 2 seconds, give it a try, we got people over there ready to blow your fucking head off….

        dont fuck with america you whores!

        you cant do shit to us except blow yourselfs up, you cant shoot a gun, your people are useless…

  • Gino

    ^ All the people who commented before me are not muslims. they are virgin rednecks sitting at home hatin.

  • Will

    Hey Habib. You know what you should do? Live up to your Muslim faith and strap yourself to a bomb and die in a fiery explosion. You uneducated piece of shit. If it wasn’t for AMERICA teaching your people to fight off the Russians and supplying you with weapons and money all of the middle east (excepting Israel) would be a waste land with only one substantial resource…oil. Which is now being replaced with solar, wind, and water energies. Furthermore, if it wasn’t for AMERICA, all of you muslim bastards would be rotting in caves still roaming the sands of Iraq and Iran like barbarian scavengers. You shouldn’t be disrespecting the country that gave you the opportunity to grow and enhance your life as a whole. But rather than using the education provided to you by OUR systems of ways and means, you spend your time on here criticizing the average american dick size…great use of time. So in conclusion, if you’re not going to use whatever braincells evolution has spared you with to formally thank and appreciate AMERICA, then I sentence you to complete the task that I antiquated at the start of my comment: GO LIVE UP TO YOUR MUSLIM FAITH AND STRAP YOURSELF TO A BOMB AND DIE IN A FIERY EXPLOSION!

    • Arcachnar

      Is not that why nobody likes the US in Europe, Middle East and further? Do you really think that it is all about you?

    • The ‘infidel’

      hey will, not to burst your bubble, but err, it was the british who trained the afgans in BOTH invasions, (1800’s) and the cold war era, sorry man, and how did a link get me from facebook to this piece of shit website?

  • Huge Ego Habib

    Jeez, how stupid is this guy? Why are you having a fucking conversation with yourself? We know it’s you, it’s the same damn picture with every comment!

  • john becker

    im am australian and tbh if i had to choose between a muslim chick and an american chick i would go the american any day muslim chick’s are fucked up living in the stone age’s hairy cunt’s with fucking beards. and as for you muslim bloke’s use are fucking the most sexest peice’s of shit on the planet no female would in any other country would fuck you apart from your own cause you will kill them if you don’t you fucked up cunt’s go drown yourselves

  • American

    Hey you dick ridding faggot, nobody likes you douchey ass muslim 42 year-old queer baits, so i suggest you close your dick sucking lips about how big your chode is. You have the security of a little boy who had just been fucked in the ass by some stupid fucking cunt like you. Nobody gives a fat fuck about stupid fucking Islam, it has nothing to do with this photo. If we are the stupid infidels how come you little clit muslims haven’t sucesfully taken over Israel or America? Its because the highest form of technology you assholes have are some guns and a couple of trucks that Russia and the U.S. gave you. WOW, that’s kind of awkward. Hahahaha, oh yeah, that’s right, the only reason why anybody even cares about the middle-east is because of your stupid fucking oil. There’s something else.

  • Joehadd

    Muslim chicks don’t have anything to worry about as far as rape goes….it’s the goats there that are scared.

  • boo

    american women don’t want muslim men cause they smell like shit and they cant get them away from their sheep!!!!

  • Hotel Receptionist

    Working in the hotel industry I can easily say that the majority of all “races” or cultures stink like ASS, In all fairness Most middle eastern people that travel to work near my hotel have religious restrictions or just cultural ones on deodorant, so yeah, they stink a lot, but so does everyone else if they haven’t bathed with soap or used deodorant for 24 hours.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      whore receptionist

      Shut up bitch. Us Muslims work up a sweat killing jews, googles and all manner of infidels.

      You smell like shit……so what’s your excuse.

      Ha…and loving the dirty sanchez is no excuse…mofo.

      • Arapaho Native

        Do you have to attack anybody who annoys you even a little bit. You have no right to call anybody a whore as she was just telling the truth, you filthy Muslim. So surprise me and say something intelligent.
        As the Arapaho people say “Eat Shit, Whiteman”

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          a-crappy-mofo native

          more like, eat the shit of white man.

          them infidels have kicked your ass more times than big fag pete has sucked a man-boner.

          • The messenger

            You need to stop with all this violent and sinful talk.

            Please, I just want to help all of you become better people.

      • native

        U dirty dirty piece of shit Muslims leave our country

        • Arapaho Native

          Abdickless The Tranny
          Fuck you, filthy impersonator. My patience has run out for you fake muslims. Stop obsessing over glory holes, anal sex, and most of all white celebrities. No true Muslim would say such obscene and vulgar things. Go back to hell, fuck face.
          As the Arapaho people say “Fuck Off, white man”

        • nikki

          you are right.why the are in india.

      • Dildomat

        The term “Google” refers to dark skinned people… Assuming you are an eastern muslim, you are pretty much saying that YOU ARE KILLING YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY? Damn.. :/

  • Talking to the blind

    WTF?! Your all obviously jerkin it ta miss Kate up there, and what’s up with the pissin contest? A dicks a dick who gives a shit how big your dick is or if your women smell?! Get your heads outta your asses and get over yourselfs lol and you can’t diss american women till you whipe the screen off. Now shutup and go clean up.

    • America!

      ^ I don’t know about you. But I like my woman smelling nice. Not making me throw up. But maybe u smell worse. Hahaha

  • Habib Smith

    I’m commenting too!!!!!

  • native

    Kill the sand googles. They all have bad genes

  • Habib hater7370

    If i knew who you were

  • Habib hater7370

    If i knew who you were Abdullah the butcher i would find you and kill your whole stupid mother fuxking suicide race and your cunt family!!! No wonder noones ever seen a muslim porn star you homos have no penises worth of fuck

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      homo masturbater7370

      shut up you shit stained fag.
      you may be a able to blow a mean cock at the glory hole but that does not well translate into fighting skill.

      Us Muslims hate fags and infidels and a rotten piece of cum soaked filth like you is on the AK-47 list of every man woman and child in Muslim Land. It is you, mofo, who will be exterminated.

      Also, if you want to know about Muslim cock, go and ask your mother. She has spent so much time “riding the Jihad-Pole” down at the Mosque…that we had to make her an official “Islam cock jockey and concubine.”

      eat shit and die rim jobbing mofo

      Alalalalalalalalalalaalllalaallalalalalall…..this is the sound your mother made when us Muslims did her “camel style.”


      • Dildomat


        Proof that your group of Muslims is fairly bad at being, well, Muslims! You shouldn’t have erected (sorry, had to use that word :p ) a pole for strippers IN your Mosque. You aren’t good at following the Qur’an (sorry about the spelling of it).

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          dildo fag

          Go suck a shit pole and then kill yourself.

          Also…us Muslims will soon be paying a visit to your family and when we get there the women had best be wearing a burka and yelling Allahu Akbar.

  • Bob

    y r all of you fighting in the comments when there is a picture of Kate Upton completely nude at the top of the page

  • Craker

    Too much hate is what is bringing the whole world down. God help you all you filthy pig fuckers.

  • Patriot

    You should be grateful for everything Uncle Sam has done for you, you camel jockey pieces off shit. You’re lucky we don’t wipe your shithole country off the map and do the world a favor.USMC

    • Arcachnar

      Done? You have brought Iraq into a c

      • Arcachnar

        Sorry, there went something wrong. What have THEY done then? The US army did not brought peace or ‘democracy’ to the Middle East, but a civil war in Iraq. You cannot barges into countries to bring ‘democracy’ with force.

        • Dildomat


          First of all, being a non- ‘merican, I can see that yes, Americans are not the greatest race… Klingons are x3

          No,w onto serious stuff: It was Islamic extremists who caused the civil wars because they posed as one side or the other, and blew up innocent civilians who were given no warning… This was not the Americans. Had the Islamists had given the United Nations time to build facilities, things could have been better.

          I laugh at your pittiness,

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      patriot fag

      the usmc stands for ” u. s. mofo cunts”

      • That One Guy

        No, it stands for “u suck my cock”

      • Spalco

        I want to what would happen if you grew some balls and got off the Internet to say that to actual marine. The entire US Marines have had better culture and historical battles than your entire fucking religion. Mohammed is a coward compared to Samuel Nicolaus.

  • john doe

    lol dumb ass muslim….. maybe if ur women had rights and werent stoned for showing there face u could jerk ur little dick to them instead of an american beauty. stupid sand googles…. is there a dumber religion then muslims…. muslim land?!?! is that where all ur virgins are lol some american made that up so u dumb muslims would kill urself’s to go there lol im suprised u sand googles even notice the us army invaded…. its never been peace full over there…. the best thing for this world is to just wipe the middle east off the map… there clearly advancing.

  • European

    Oh my god you americans really are dumb, the first message was just a joke, but you dumbasses are so insecure about your sexuality, especially your cock size. That you start wining about everything. I personally laughed at the first post, mainly because it’s so out of context, thank you all for making my day :D

  • Dan

    I don’t understand how this escalated so quickly. lol what are you even arguing about I think that these idiots are the minority of muslims who hate America because the ones I know love it because there not at risk of dying every second of the day due to the Middle East’s stone age technology… and towelheads have small dicks lololol

  • hoorah

    What i love doing is getting on youtube and watching a 2000 lb jdamn blow the top clean off of a mountian knowing about 50 of you bastards are in there hunkered down. Then you wake up in hell and realize the koran was translated wrong. Virgins? Ha i think the correct translation is grapes. Your gonna die to eat a few grapes..

  • Gudda

    Dumb ass sand googles, the Muslim race is called the Suicide race. Your canal fucking people will not last the men will kill the seLves and the we on will come to US to get fucked by us…. Your beliefs will be lost to your own stupid ass ways… Stupid fucker piece of shit by the way your country sucks it seriously smells like shit

    • anonymous

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    • anonymous

      thanks to you. You mr.overconfident dude you got a fight runing over a stupid fact that doesnt depend on being an arab or american and the then this debate never ended till this date all you got was people who dont know as much they think they know on us and our religion and as a result they r calling us the suicide people just because an afghanistani terrorist group made the 911 incident as for you americans who are abusing our religion i have one sentence to say your president is a good man who respects all religions but you people are what remains from him sorry to say that but you people are cursing our religion and culture while you are supposed to fight with few guys and mr allah sucks my dick guy who commented in one of the last comments i would say one thing bitch fuck off

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