Kate Middleton Nude Photo Leaked

Kate Middleton nude

A nude photo of Princess Kate Middleton appears to have been leaked to the Web.

This nude picture of Kate Middleton is the epitome of decadence as she sitting on a lavish gold sheet while golden beads drape down by her immodestly large labia.

Thank Allah that due to the United Kingdom’s lax immigration policy and poor birth rate, it will soon become a Muslim state. Then Kate Middleton and the rest of the “royal family” will be royally screwed, as Shariah law is instituted and the stones begin flying at the crowns on their inbred heads.

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        • The West is the Best

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  • All American Male

    I had to do it cause it pisses you fag muslims off

    • Zohair – The Good One

      Of course you had to do it, didn’t you.

      You sir, suffer from what our Muslims Scientists refer to as ‘ Histrionic personality disorder ‘

      It is a sub category of Antisocial Personality Disorders that are fairly prevalent in the Western Society

      You and your kind, the ‘Firstie’ Assholes all suffer from the same. There is only one known cure to date : Muslim AK-47 (Imported from Russia)

      • America!!!

        In Russia, they make Muslim versions of the AK 47. HAHAHA!!!
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        You Muslims attack our country and have no respect for anyone, including yourself!
        Try to put an American down AFTER you stop being suicidal.

        • Zohair – The Good One

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          That even out Guns practice Islam, signifies the extent of relgious affinity and devotion our country has towards Islam

          Islam really knows best…..Allah taught it so.

          Allahu Akbar!

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        • Farzan The Wise

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I know it’s not Kate Middleton because she never allows tan lines to form on her breasts. he always swims topless.

    • The West is the Best

      Allsmelly DiCunto

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  • Farzan The Wise

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    • Word of wisdom

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          • Farzan The Wise

            Gay Jew

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            Your abuse of holohoax lies will not get any sympathy from us Muslims as it has the west. We know what snakes you all are and will treat you accordingly when the mighty Iran drops the Atomic Camel on Tel Aviv. Your time is running out jew.

            Allahu Akbar !

            Death To Isreal !

          • moshe dayan


            We Jews have heard this trash before from the lips of your degenerate homo leader Ahmajinedad. The “shock value” is zero.

            Once the IDF has crushed Iran, we will institute Holocaust reeducation classes. Every Iranian will joyfully take part as they “learn” the error of their ways.

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          • Farzan The Wise

            Gay jew Mo-She

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          • Henchman

            You keep talking ’bout this “atomic camel”, it’s starting to sound like a secret sex code for gay anal camel style for you Muslims, probably for inside the Muslim gloryhole.

            This is enough evidence for me to put the axe in your melon head.

  • America!!!

    You Muslims sicken me. Putting pornography onto this site to criticize America. All this is going to do is get a whole lot of sperm everywhere. Peace out. Muslim scum.

    • AbuHamzasDirtyHook(NotHookNoseJew)

      You American pig dog infidels sicken us.

      You sit there all day, strumming your grubby Western phallus’ to disgusting, base pictures of these, dirty, un-burkha’d whores of Babylon and you have the temerity, nay, the audacity, to criticise the freedom from repression that our Muslim brotherhood brings.

      May the scrotal flakes of Allah descend from his heavenly ball bag and land upon your cornflakes like a scabby cock itching frosting.

      May the itchy tagnuts flicked from the biffin bridge of the great prophet Mohammed land in a bag upon your table, leading to you confusing the nutty nuggets of balled bum detritus as a tasty offering of Mohammed Malteasers.

      May the AIDS infected jism of a thousand gay negroid monkey fuckers fill your favourite toothpaste tube.

      Fuck you, America, fuck you very much.


      • moshe dayan

        Anal Arab,

        When you insult America, you insult all Jews because we control America. Better be careful boy otherwise the IDF will roll over your shit stained mud hut and machine gun your fat Arab ass.

        We’ll see how tough you talk when one of our mean-ass Sephardim soldiers has his galil levelled at your head.

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        • Abu Hamzas Dirty Hook (Not Hook Nose Jew)

          When I insult both American and the Jews, I hope they are both offended.

          The very fact the Jews have only returned to their stolen land because of the pig-dog infidels in the West speaks volumes.

          You can make all the threats you want, at least Muslims don’t have to check for ventilation every time we take a shower and at least our gold teeth are still in our head, not stashed away in some Swiss bank vault.

          And if I did eat cum, I would indeed die, as I would be so ashamed that not only had I contracted the Jew AIDs from your befouled semen, but I would also expect to be stoned to death by my brethren for being such a disgusting pervert.

  • Reza the Persian Prince

    Even British royalty is trash.

  • muslims are retards

    this site is bullshit kill all muslims tramps

    • AbuHamzasDirtyHook(NotHookNoseJew)

      Why just tramps? Do they distract you from your job as the worlds worst and cheapest prostitute by asking for the price of a cup of tea all the time.

      This site is not bullshit, it opens the eyes of the decadent west to the tyranny and wickedness of their dirty slut whores.

      And exposes people out like you to be utter smeghead cunts.

      ALLAHU AKBAR, dipshit.

  • osama

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  • Einsam

    looks like a dog was chewing on the pussy WTF

  • puppy wuv


    that is nasty!

    William has ”done it” with her w/ that vajj

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    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Then he’d want her more asswipe. Men like sexual women. Only you don’t. You bang small dogs.

  • Jeff

    her ass is hairy! BLEUGH!!!

  • Alan

    Great tits, Your Majesty.

    May it please Her Highness to encourage natural growth in the Southern Colonies. A luxurious yet well-maintained nest of finery would suit The Princess most appropriately.

  • jr

    whats up with all the KKK people

    • Farzan The Wise

      The KKQueer come here to troll for gay sex.

  • The West is the Best

    I’ve decided to come out and admit publicly that I’m gay. I felt this was the right time and forum. When Anderson Cooper came out and admitted he was gay I knew I was strong emough and could admit what I am. I’ve never been with a man, only farm animals. I’m too shy to have sex with humans.

  • Jane

    Just as I thought. Well, many of us are gay. Its no excuse to be an asshole.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I once let a Great Dane fuck me while I was house sitting for a friend. I wasn’t intending for it to happen. I came out of the shower, and I went into the bedroom. I was about to put a pair of thong panties on when the dog mounted me from behind. At first I was kindof scared but I just went with it and I was glad that I did. His penis seemed to swell and expand while it was inside of me, and he started cumming like crazy. It felt so incredibly good. Best sexual experience of my life.

    • The West is the Best

      Allsmelly DiassCrack

      Your one sick bitch get help Oh and your coming out post it’s been done before think of another one if you can you filthy stinking $5 back alley crach whore.

  • Jane

    Hey! You never told me about this! Wtf!!!

  • desiree

    you guys are just plan dumb, its not real. and seriously you guys are children for arguing over petty shit.

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    This KKK site is having an inordinant influx of child homos in recent days.

    I’m afraid The Klan is running low on good, quality hanging rope and we’ll have to use our Bushmasters and Brownings to get rid of some of these weak minded homopervs.

    First on the list are these Homo Henchman characters. One cannot falsely claim to be Klan and live to see the sunrise the following day……or suck another cock at the gloryhole.


    • Henchman

      First of all, I ain’t a homo, and I have no relations with these dumb motherfuckin’ imposters, they’re just idiot homos that have stolen my name.

      Also I don’t know whether you’re a klansman or not, I don’t give a shit, I claim to be a klansman just as you. And whether these homo imposters are the klan, we both know the answer to that.

      • Grand Dragon Pete


        I was not referring to you but rather these imposters who clearly enjoy sucking the meat stick.

        I’m a bit concerned that you would question the validity of myself being a member of The Klan. I shall overlook this once, but won’t do so again.

        It is you who these mofos are impersonating, so as Grand Dragon of the great state of Alabama, I leave it to you to kick the asses of these homopervs so that they do not return to our KKK site.


        • Farzan The Wise

          Up The Pooper Pete

          You two queers should just get married. You will make a nice couple, Humpsmen loves it up the ass and you have the best cock sucking skills in Alabama.

          • Henchman

            Fag Azz
            Speak when spoken too, you dumb homo. It seems you always find a reason to bring your homo sick thoughts into the conversation. It’s probably because you’re one gay homo. Expect the bayonet.

            Grand Dragon Pete, killing these homos will be no problem. Finding these homos is harder, since it’s difficult to find people when they don’t have a life, but it will be done.

          • Farzan The Wise


            Your dreaming again. No one on this holy Muslim site is scared of you. Now roll back over and let Pete fuck your ass again. Make sure you suck him off real good afterwards.

          • Henchman

            You dumb queen, this is a kkk site. Unfortunately it’s hard to keep the homos out, so the Klan does it traditionally, by shooting them queers. Now run along camel fucker, you couldn’t kill a bum, much less a packing klansman.

          • Farzan The Wise


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          • Henchman

            Looks like the cock went into your mouth before you could say anyone more. Well don’t bother me with your homo-ness, you’ll get a bullet like any other queer.

  • Pastry Man

    Who wants to have sex?

    • Farzan The Wise

      Pasty Fag

      Gay Pete, Humpsmen, Moshe, or any non Muslim are always up for some backdoor action.

    • The West is the Best


      Try fartzan the wussy or any one of the homo muslims who posyt here

      • Farzan The Wise

        West Is Gay

        I saw your earlier post where you came out with your homosexuality. Good for you, I’m sure your parents are happy that their son gets pumped in the ass and sucks cock. Us Muslims are happy for you too, knowing that your a fag will make shooting you with the AK-47 that much more enjoyable.

        Eat shit queer

        Allahu Akbar !

        • The West is the Best

          Fartzan the skid mark

          Did your mama drop you on your head many times as a child cause you are one stupid mofo.

      • The West is The Best At Sucking Cock

        You lie. You smoke bell all the time, sausage jockey.

        • The West is the Best

          What ever you say alissa the dumb cunt

  • Allah sucks hairy cunts

    Not ONE post about Katie’s righteous ta-ta’s? Guess you all ARE show tune loving, fudge packing, rump rangers. Good luck with that. My hot sexy wife sucks me anytime I want AND let’s me fuck other chicks. Pussy rules, gay ass drools.

  • Nickolas cage

    She reminds me of me

  • Idiot Muslims

    Why are Muslims looking at porn in the first place

    • Abu Hamzas Dirty Hook (Not Hook Nose Jew)

      Oh you foolish infidel.

      We are not voyeurs.

      We are exposing the wicked and decadent ways of the Western world by publishing the personal pictures of and subsequently mocking and deriding the celebrities your kith and kin hold in such high regard.

      By undermining the very fabric of your existence, we can infiltrate your heathen world and implement our convoluted plan of jihad upon you all.

      Like your blind singer/song-writer Steven Wonder masturbating, you will never see it coming.

      ALLAHU AKBAR, filthy pig-dog.

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    I have changed my name, as I would like to admit that all this rope I have been going on about has been rope used during my auto-erotic asphyxiation exercises, that me and Henchman have been doing whilst partaking in our sticky gay love in.

    We got together off this site, which has proved not only cheaper than subscribing to Match.com, but also allowed us to indulge and express our fantasies, as we both found that our ultimate arousal can be found from thinking about blacks, or Muslims, or Jews.

    Either way, we’ve both decided to come out of the closet and I know that means you probably want to jihad us more than you did before, but I hope soon we can go to the UK and get married once it becomes legal.

    Anything either of us types after this posting is immediately rendered null and void by the declaration of love that I, big grand dragon Pete have just made for the tender ring piece of my darling Henchmen.

    Thank you Muslims for allowing us to be who we are.

    Lots of Love, Pete and Henchman.

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Sounds like something I saw on the twitter page of a jihadist.


    • Henchman

      Fag Imposter
      Even a retard would know that you’re just one lying google. Only homos are imposters.

    • Grandma Henchman

      Which Henchman are you talking about? #1, 2, 4 or 6?

  • myself

    I just have one question. Like seriously, are these people actually Muslim or is it just a joke? And, please respond seriously. I am curious.

    • The West is the Best

      Well I for one am a Queer. I will suck your penis if you want?

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    They are actually Muslim, and it is a joke. Both are true. And West is indeed a queer and I’m a lesboqueer. Although I am a nice person and he is a vile animal.

    • The West is the Best

      Allsmelly Dicunto who is also the west imposter.

      You can’t be that stupid to keep posting using my screen name when it comes back to your IP address but then again you fuck dogs per one of your sick posts and dogs eat shit.Nuf said

      • Alissa C DiCarlo

        I didn’t say that I fuck dogs. I said that I did fuck a dog one time in my entire time. Well actually the dog fucked me, while I was bending over a bed, after I got out the shower. I was 16 and it just felt good.

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