Kate Bosworth Topless Beach Pics

Kate Bosworth topless

Kate Bosworth is an American actress and model who you probably do not recognize from “Superman Returns” because that movie was awful and nobody watched it.

When Kate Bosworth isn’t acting poorly in sub-par movie remakes she is walking around the beach in Mexico topless, with her shameful titties flapping in the wind for all to see. Doesn’t Mexico have enough problems right now with the out of control drug war, without Kate Bosworth throwing gasoline on the flames by showing her heathen gringo tits?

Looking at these Kate Bosworth topless pics one can only imagine how many Mexicans died fighting each other to be the first to mount this filthy American whore. It is sad that Kate could be so insensitive by so blatantly instigating violence.


Kate Bosworth Kate Bosworth Kate Bosworth
Kate Bosworth Kate Bosworth Kate Bosworth

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