Kate Beckinsale Topless Video

Kate Beckinsale topless

Kate Beckinsale is the star of the “Underworld” series including the new movie “Underworld: Awakening”. In the films Kate plays a slutty vampire that goes around killing and f*cking pretty much everything she can get her hands on.

Of course now that Kate Beckinsale is a big star she refuses to be naked in any of the Underworld films, as if that makes her less of a whore and the films less blasphemous against Islam. That is why it is important to remind ourselves that Kate Beckinsale is a slut, and has already exposed her shameful lady tits in the topless video below.

However, be warned the sight of Kate Beckinsale flaunting her bare breasts is quite disturbing, especially since she also appears to be getting off on wearing her grandmother’s underwear.

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  • AlloxEffosse

    This is certainly something I must find more information about, many thanks for the blog post.

  • Daniel

    Dude whoever the fuck u are who made this website u don’t even know what ur talking about man as if Kate Beckinsale is a slag she’s far from it ya dick the only reason u think shes a slag is because she wouldnt come near u even if it was to stab you thats why u think she’s a slag cause ur a dumb fucking prick man and u obvisiously haven’t seen the underworld films either u dumb fuck she as sex in the films once u fucking homo so I think u should rethink what u say about people who have done nothing wrong u prick!!!!!!!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • muslimsareretarded

    Lol if you muslims think this is ugly and you think fucking ugly ass sand googles wearing masks are “hot” you should go to the doctor.. you probably dont believe those work though

    • The reaper

      only a straight man would find this attractive I think its an abomination to the human race