Kate Beckinsale Shows Hot Ass In Tights

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is an English actress who’s mediocre career is on its last painful legs. So in a desperate attempt to keep herself relevant Kate Beckinsale put on black tights and no panties then showed her ass to the paparazzi.

Before all you Western women AKA whores, start defending Kate Beckinsale please note that there is absolutely no reason why she had to stick her butt up in the air like this.

Here is an etiquette lesson for Kate Beckinsale. When you are putting out a cigarette or crack pipe or whatever you are smoking, you do not need to stick your ass up to reach the ground. You see those bumps in the middle of your legs that are probably chaffed and bruised from the floor of a Men’s room, those are called “knees”. Knees act like hinges and allow you to reach things on the ground without the need to stick your probably well used behind up in the air for the world to see.

Kate Beckinsale is a shameful strumpet who lacks the basic skills to function in a civilized society like Kuwait or Syria, luckily for her she lives in the Babylonian West and can get away with showing her butt like this. So enjoy these pictures of Kate Beckinsale literally making an ass out of herself.


Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale

  • theheadchimp

    This stupid self indulgent bitch leaves her poor dog in the car for hours with the windows rolled up. Then she takes her dog for a walk with the dogs feet 36 inches above the ground. PETA needs to hit this whore in the mouth with a rolled up newspaper.

    • FuckPETA

      You need to worry about your own fucking life you worthless pile of whale shit. Your wife is a whore. Your mother is a whore. I’d stomp you and your precious little dog into mulch if I ever had the chance. You’re just mad you’re a fat, waste of the human form.

      Have a shitty day.

    • tim

      fuck you ass hole PETA needs to be obliterated from this earth and every one in the organization does as well. They do more harm to animals then this pretty lady and if you dont know what you are talking about just dont say any thing at all fuck nut

  • theheadchimp

    I forgot to mention the rumor that this skank is dating Michael VIck. Two dog lovers…how cute.

  • joe

    “Kate Beckinsale is an English actress who’s mediocre career is on its last painful legs. So in a desperate attempt to keep herself relevant Kate Beckinsale put on black tights and no panties then showed her ass to the paparazzi.”

    LOL! It that why she has three films coming up you stupid cock lick? This woman could buy you and your entire terrorist family. For your info dumbass, she’s bending over to put out a cigarette. Who told the paps to stick a camera up her ass.

    “Kate Beckinsale is a shameful strumpet who lacks the basic skills to function in a civilized society like Kuwait or Syria”

    Who the fuck would want to function in the cesspool that is the Middle East? The world would be a better place if the Middle East was nuked.

    “that there is absolutely no reason why she had to stick her butt up in the air like this.”

    LOL! If you are so concerned, why did you post the pics? Because you are deluded pervert who desperately needs attention. So shut the fuck up and go blow up a bus full of innocent people.

    • Ali bin-Fuqrab

      I stopped reading after “cock lick”. Us Muslims do NOT want to read about your alternative homoqueer lifestyle infidel!

      • Leon Conlon

        you dumb fucking muslims are gonna get a nuke shoved up your asses

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Joe blow

      So…you think your smart ass comments are witty?

      Listen degenerate swine….nothing you say is witty. You are nothing more than a loud mouthed fat ass whose filthy mind has conjured up obscenities in an attempt to bad mouth the finest people on the planet….us Muslims.

      I doubt you would be making any of your shitty comments if you were in my village in Iraq.
      I will say this…..if ever you show up in Iraq and we meet…..you will not last long enough to eat a booger.

      Suck on that vile homoqueer!


      • Aussie

        if u muslims & ur religion r so good, Why then are ur homelands derilict places filled with violence,oppression & males who think they are king dicks??? I must tell u- you especially are a fine example of the limited intelligence of “The Muslim People”. I now understand why ur women wear those black sheets…Its so they dont have to look at or touch the ugly disgusting men of your clan. I too would cover my head in shame if I were a muslim women. And before u start ur hate & abuse…I dont give a damn what u or any other muslim thinks. Ur reasoning & beliefs do not make sense & u r not a man my friend because a real man does not lie on the ground with the vermin, he walks above them. U have a real nice life letting ur fanatical beliefs eat u away…or maybe when one of ur cousins blow himself up u might get caught in the blow out LOL

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Aussie…..da pussy

          You are one disturbed and brainless asshole.
          Everything you said is a lie…..and for your information our homeland’s are Gardens of Eden compared to your run down and filthy western cities.

          I will also tell you this…anyone who exhibits an intellect as limited as yours cannot profit from my superior advice….so it is a waste of time to point out just how vile and degenerate years of drug and alcohol abuse has left you.

          So I will be short and leave you with this one thing for you to keep in mind.

          When the Islamic Revolution begins…all you corrupt kuffars will be axed…..along with your families and your pets…..all must go!

          Dwell on that mofo!

          Death To Infidels

  • joe

    “I forgot to mention the rumor that this skank is dating Michael VIck. Two dog lovers…how cute.”

    You’re probably the asswipe who wrote this idiotic article, for no other reason that to get traffic to this lame blog. No she’s never even met Michael Vick. She’s married to film director Len Wiseman.

    “This stupid self indulgent bitch leaves her poor dog in the car for hours with the windows rolled up.”

    No she didn’t. Please, don’t refer me to a bunch celebrity blogs who sensationalize everything.

    “Then she takes her dog for a walk with the dogs feet 36 inches above the ground.”

    LOL! Another pathetic lie. She was putting the dog on the ground. The dog also had a body harness you idiot. She wasn’t hurting the dog one bit.

    • Ali bin-Fuqrab

      You kuffar are insatiable in your worship of brainless, sin-filled celebrities! The only one worth worshiping is Allah and none other.

      I refer you to http://www.islamicbulletin.com/intro.htm Read over it and get on the path of the righteous light of Allah.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I wish this slutty English whore was wearing a burka.

    When I see her bending over…all I want to do is whack her over the head with a crowbar and ravish her juicy “fishy ” parts.

    Allah help me control my lust for this kuffar!

  • theheadchimp

    Joe are you a fucking nitwit or just an asshole with shit for brains? Do a search and look at the pix of this bitch holding that poor little puppy by neck off the ground. You need to get some of the same, Abdullah has got just the cure for people like you. Stone his ass.

  • Brian W

    i dont care what anyone says. kate beckinsale is still smokin hot pardon me i have a boner after lookin at her amazing butt

  • Shigeru


    Being a connoisseur of fish, I will be happy to inspect her fishy parts for you. You savages aren’t half bad, with the exception of having no hygiene, intelligence, education, contributions to society, work ethic, have a fucked up view of everything, live by 5th century law and custom, and oh yeah, you like to fuck little boys. You always skirt that little issue.

    But alas, after I received your goodwill gift (my toothbrush and toothpaste), I’ve decided to grant you mercy when you come to Japan. I will swiftly dispatch you to the afterlife with my perfectly engineered katana. The steel storm awaits barbarian!

    Long live the Emperor! Expel the Barbarians!

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      The only thing your are a common-sewer of are cock and balls.

      If you want to obtain the mercy of Allah…you must first stop all your lies. Second, you must renounce your WW2 Emperor..a degenerate homoqueer. You must also go and moon everyone who is in the current Royal family.

      This will go a long way in pleasing Allah.

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  • Jesus Christ

    Gorgeous woman and excellent actress. As for the dumb, ill informed prick who wrote this I think his uncircumcised, fish smelly cock, was in his daddies mouth too much. Go get some therapy and stop fantasizing about your daddies hairy nut sack.

  • johnnyboy

    what is the problem with you muslim people???… she is a GORGEOUS woman and should act as she pleases!…
    you people should crawl back into your muslim shithole and leave everyone alone.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      johnnyboy aka homoqueer

      You are the one with the problem…which is called Jihad.
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      • Abdual Rahim

        I am a Muslim and I shower once a week so please do not say we have no hygiene. I do not fuck little boys for sure! That is blasphemous! I have made love to a man on more than one occasion yes, but it was a cleansing ritual for me as my wife had died some time ago. Abdullah, could you please put some pictures of Brad Pitt on here. I would like to make some comments about that dirty western ass of his. He could use a real tongue lashing that dirty boy.


        “Your western women are noting but whores….which means all you western males are bastards…it would take a million years to do enough dna testing to figure out who belongs to whom in your filthy culture.”


      • DevilDog760

        Filthy muslim pigs. Im proud of the fact that I’ve killed your people.

        Sincerely, a US Marine

  • Mo Hamlet

    You crazy funny Muslim fellows! Best thing since Chemical Ali G!

    How about showing us hot celeb women from your own modernity-challenged culture?

    Oh, I guess that would be a problem.

    BECAUSE THERE AREN’T ANY!!! (At least until after you pull the grenade pin!)

    No wonder you’re obsessed with dumpster diving through the tawdry annals of western pop culture!

    Happy jihad…

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Muslim women are hot…in their burkas.
      You are a dumbass kuffar…wannabee comic…in other words…a target of Jihad.
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      And for your information…all western women are VD ridden whores!

  • R . Petruccelli

    abdullah…you poor ignorant excuse for a human being…so sad.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      Your formative years must have been filled with alcohol and physical abuse….because you definitely are not a positive person.

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      • DevilDog760

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

          dog shit 760

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    • Sajid

      LOL!!!! she is!!! fuck high school ucismal!!! kids these days have no idea of what REAL talent is!! that’s why you have other stupid shows like American Idol where the kids get on there and when the judges criticize them, they cry like fucking babies!!

  • R . Petruccelli

    Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriot……ism by the majority of Australians. ‘…

    ‘This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom’

    ‘We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society . Learn the language!’

    ‘Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.’

    ‘We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.’

    ‘This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, ‘THE RIGHT TO LEAVE’.’

    ‘If you aren’t happy here then LEAVE. We didn’t force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted.’


  • R . Petruccelli


    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You westerners are really a demented lot. You cannot accept the fact that 1.Muslims are Allaha’s chosen people; 2. everyone not a Muslim is a degenerate animal and 3. we Muslim’s hate all that is not Muslim because you represent corruption and evil.

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      Muslim”s hate you westerners especially because you and your proxy state Israel are evil personified; the rest of the world amounts to ignorant heathens…and we hate them because they are demon possessed heretics.

      So you see R…etarded. keep telling yourself stupid lies…..and we Muslim’s will keep planning and implementing the means of your destruction.

      I look forward to meeting you when the flag of Islam is raised over your pathetic kuffar nation.




    • Abdullah The Butcher

      happy clappy

      You know I win all arguments…so your pussified “back out” only makes me laugh.
      Go and have your dinner…and by dinner…..I know you mean alcohol and drugs…..and get yourself as high as possible.
      With luck you will kill your degenerate self.


      Now go and drink yourself into oblivion!

      • Blumpkin

        lol do you ever experience anything for yourselves or are you so gullible you actually believe your muslim leaders are any different than ours? once people taste power, they can never give it up. you are fighting their wars while they sit comfortably in their palaces and laugh about how they’ve got you roped.

        if your leaders actually believed in the crap they’re feeding you, they would be on the front lines dying for their cause, no excuses. the ultimate honour for a muslim is to die fighting and killing infidels right? oh but they’re just such wonderfully nice people that they’ve decided to suffer through a long life filled with pleasure, just to pass on the knowledge to the next generation. wow. real tribute to islam they are…. willing to give up death so they can rule over you. don’t you see how little sense that makes?

        I don’t hate you, I don’t want you to die. I would hope for the same thing in return. I understand that there are problems with the way we live, but the same problems happen in your countries. If they didn’t, you would have no need for your stoning laws inside your own country.

        the difference between our systems is not that we commit crime and you do not. the difference is that we provide people with a chance to change. and a lot of them do (whether you believe me or not).

        shouldn’t allah (if he is the one who made us) want us to realize the mistakes we make, so we can change and serve him better?

        like I said before, I don’t hate you guys. I disagree with you, but I think we can both agree that life would be a lot more pleasant if we were all on the same page, so I’m asking you to forget about killing and hating us for one second (you can go right back to it after if you want) and just think about what I’m saying to you.

        why do we have to die? if allah’s laws are higher than ours, wouldn’t you want to teach people why, so they could share a peaceful eternity WITH you? not kill them and end their chance of seeing what you say is the truth?


    You really need to get some help….


    We dont give a shit what you and your people do in your life ( unless you are murdering one of us again),
    So why do you always want to know what we are doing ?? JEALOUS OF OUR BEAUTY ? OUR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER ? OUR WAY OF LIFE ? OUR GOD ?

    I THINK ITS ALL OF THE ABOVE …..hahahahahaha

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      As it now stands, America is a country of fat whores, homoqueers, googles, Mexicans, drug addicts, and immoral narcissistic celebrities who are ignorant as fuck but make millions because dumbass kuffars like yourself think they’re great.

      As for all this love you speak of….camel shit! You kuffars only love sin!

      As for your god…in that department you are in really bad shape. Your God is a heretical knockoff of the heretical Zionist God….which is a perversion of the true God Allah.

      You filthy westerners only go for your pussified religion because you’ve turned God into a lazy hippy…just so you can be an immoral bunch of animals. But I have news for you….all you infidels will burn in hell!

      So…the next time you have some smart ass comments to make…kill yourself instead!

  • theheadchimp

    Christian????? You are a fucking nitwit. “our love for each other” Please America is the most violent country on the face of the earth.
    South America
    etc. ect. These are all places where America has brought death and destruction. Fuck you and your love for each other.

  • GagaAguilera

    Kate is hot and needs an anal exam from my cock!



    • Abdullah The Butcher

      If we ever meet….you will require an undertaker. I also doubt you will be making glib remarks at that time; it is more likely that you will shit your pants in fear.

      Think about that infidel

      • required

        Wow, talk about obviously oblivious and unreasonable. If these close minded statements are an example of Muslim thinking, then they are doomed to disappear. Your retorts all seems to consist of threats to kill, and insults normally like homoqueer… Which isn’t a word… Problem is, you are just sitting at the keys all day crying… Well this married man spends his days working out and training, waiting for somefool like you who thinks that anger makes you stronger… And besides all that you don’t have enough people to suicide bomb everyone who isn’t Muslim. So if we are infidels… We are still gonna win… What kind of god would lead you down this path of certain doom, over time you will all only be remembered in history as the foolish people who forced the world to kill them… And this tracuer is waiting for you to mess with him or his family, step to me and we will see who is weak. Strength comes from training, discipline, patients, and willingness to learn from others more experienced then yourself, not from blind rage.

  • jake

    i think shes a good looking women not a skank

  • David

    Why cant you ppl find something else to do. Celebrities are ppl too. They make mistakes, stop treating them like they cant. And there is no rule on how to put out a freaking cigarette so hop off.

  • death to islam

    cant fucken wait until the entire middle east is a smoldering pile of rubble …all of u mfers gotta go … fuck even israel might just whoop ur asses in the end …death to islam!!!!!!…i pray to the real and only god that i can take a trip over there to ur shithole disgusting piece of shit u call home and watch u fuckers burn along with your retarded beliefs hey look on the bright side at least your crappy beards can cover up your venereal diseases from blowing your terrorist fag buddies…….homoqueers homoqueers !!

  • OnlyLifeIsBeautiful

    Why can’t the world just get along? I am a Christian and I love everyone and I don’t judge or hate because that is only God’s (Allah’s) business in the end. I was born in the Middle East and was raised there until I moved. Back in the Middle East, it was unbearable how it wasn’t the non-Muslim but in actuality the Muslim men who degraded the women as if they were second-class. But, that doesn’t mean they are the only ones who degrade women, in America everywhere you look, you begin to realize that the world is becoming more sexualized. Is this what the world has come to…people killing in the name of religion and others fighting to ban religion? Love one another as I(Jesus Christ) have loved, Love your enemies and treat others the way you want to be treated. I live to spread love as it is eternal peace.

  • He Who IS

    these probably don’t get you going, should probably take out your sexual energy on a 9 year old like your sweet prophet did, and continue killing in the name of the god of camel people. the reason your women wear burkas is because you can’t control yourselves around pussy. same reason you aren’t allowed to drink over there, because you’re all immature faggots about it.

  • Patriot

    Lol. This has made me laugh, I love how sure of himself this guy seems. It is like he hasn’t even taken a
    real look at the world. The west gets the blame for all your problems but the reason we have invaded your territories is because we are defending your non extremist population. The fact is you Muslims are trying to wake a force which once it notices what you are doing isn’t going to stop, we are going to come down hard on your terror and have 0% tolerance on you…even the Muslims moving to England are beginning to do themselves no favours…like the Muslim rapist gangs…and they raped young girls and boy…so now who is the ‘homoqueer’…you are a pathetic hate filled religious cult which needs to be crushed

  • fuck you

    Most ppl actually bend over this way when picking up shit. Guys and girls alike, although some girls are conscious not to stick their asses in the air if other guys are around, unless they’re sluts. First off, kate beckinsale really doesn’t present a “slutty” image. Sluts are trash. She actually doesn’t workout in public for this reason. Kate is well dressed, not remotely slutty. Dumb article. She has great movies though, and that islamist adbulah should shut the fuck up! cus women in the middle east dress in bed sheets, for fuck’s sake

  • daBest

    This is the best commentary I’ve ever read.

    What’s funny, is that most of the people commenting or offended on this blog are complete and utter morons. Satire and subtlety don’t seem a strong point with dumb fuck aussies.

  • rupert gearheart


  • USAops

    Whoever wrote this garbage must be one jealous SOB. I’d say the author of this story need some serious help.