Kate Beckinsale Nude Pic For The Olympics

Kate Beckinsale nude

Saucy British harlot Kate Beckinsale shows off her uptight vagina in the nude photo above.

This nude Kate Beckinsale picture is obviously a devious scheme by the British government to promote the blasphemous Olympic games.

The Olympics is biased against Muslims as events like swimming, gymnastics, and track are designed for homoqueers. Us Muslim men are vastly superior athletes, but we only compete in manly pursuits like camel wrestling, IED planting, and opium harvesting.

Yes the Olympics is yet another Zionist plot to discredit the great Muslim people, and no matter how many pictures Kate Beckinsale takes, we will never forget that.

  • brother iqbalkis

    when will the shameful devil worshipping west realise their heathen ways and self destruct themselves out of shame of their whorish practices. The olympics is staged in an attempt for the lesser races to try and earn a grain of pride when compared to us muslims. You can see them listening to zionistic commands in headphones before they stage their embarrassing homosexual act

    • josh

      if your so amazing at everything howcome ur not competing and plenty of muslims do compete so can you all stop saying that it is above your religion every religion around the world has someone competing

    • mow

      muslim, good at anything?


      making bombs!!

      hopefully to misread the instructions and destroy the whole race of u dirty bastards

  • The Guy with the EyE


    • Abdullah The Butcher

      broown-eye guy

      Allah has cursed america with an infestation of homoqueers, googles and wetbacks.

      You have nothing to be proud of in your foul country.

      • American101

        fuck you america rocks your country has to many rules go team usa you have a stupid country and your racists

        • arab defender

          america is not cursed but they do too much stuff wrong as they want but allah may punish them or aalla will help them to be better but you cant judge on anyone you are not allah

      • OhMyAllah

        you’re all rather stupid. honestly. what makes you think “Allah” would do something like that? probably the same ignorance that makes you think there is an “Allah” to begin with, instead of coming on here and being incredibly racist, how about you go back to wasting your time praying every hour on the hour? ok? sound like a good idea? I thought so.

      • mow

        well abdullah the the shit stabber!!!

        allah has done fuck all,apart from put silly little things in ur silly little minds! like ur small dicks, small minds, stupid ugly women (hat you so cleverly hide, so well done for that, god bless the burkha), and the simple and easy fact that you smelly muslims are pointless on this earth, what good do you actually do apart from ur lovely extremest brothers ripping other countries apart?

        fuck you all

        and ur virgins up “there” area all gonna give you the wonderful AIDS

        bless you you pointless bitches of humanity

        x x x

      • british man

        rather live in america or britton instead of them shit and piss infested shanty towns. your a racist git aren,t ya, and what else has allah made you good at? thats it I.E.D,s

      • Donna

        We have plenty to be proud of . Honest people making a living , proud of their country … Free to worship our God as we wish !! Can you say the same thing ? There are lots of beautiful people in the US ! Beauty is not just skin deep … You are so ignorant

      • a mean god

        So what your saying is that unless people look like you—-kill them. What a great religion. That will make a nice peaceful planet. Kill everyone who doesn’t look like yourself. Allah is great, kill everyone that is different. Does the word paranoid enter your very small mind?

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    Klanswoman Kate (London chapter) is one fine piece of ass and pussy. Beautiful tits, well groomed front hole, and a back pussy that smells of roses.

    She’s what us klansman call a “prime cut” of meat. Her two young klansman and klanswoman already hate people of color and have probably already beaten the hell out of a muslim.

    Yes, life in The Brotherhood is good.


    • Grand Cocksucker Pete
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      • Grand Dragon Pete

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        • Niko Bellic


          It seems as if this mold never stops growing, even though everytime we try to cleanse it with the most powerful chemicals on earth. Action must be taken immediately to halt these continuous trespasses against mankind. For I fear that he who brings filth shall taint the minds of millions, consuming all into a shallow pit of gay.

          It seems as though your (homosexual) obsessions with myself still prevail even though my absence was lengthy. It seems as if your hatred for me has done quite a number on your psyche, as obvious due to your blind rage of insults to some poor soul who was in fact NOT me. So another score for me, for you had wasted another large chunk of your life while I was on vacation.

          Whoever’s opinion is the opposite of your own, you do not hesitate to give a pitiful excuse for an attempt to assault the mentality of your foe. Why can you not accept that you a fat slimy oaf who uses his only privilege to search obscene acts of sexuality consisting purely of the male genitalia. But why am I explaining this as you are incredibly predictable and people of the lowest mental capabilities can and will see this.

          Also, the one who posted above has a great level of sensibility to him. He is not me, but at least he can also respect the fact that you are a miserable creature who’s existence is less than meager. Your low level of intelligence deems you incompetent of understanding the common principal of identity, so I will give you the slightest bit of privilege and shall explain it for you – my signature ‘KKK is gay’ is not present in the post, yet you mistook it for your superior yours truly, and… well, insulted yourself.

          Again I shall accomplish another act of defamation against you if you reply to this post with your foolish nonsensical gibberish of homosexuality and whatnot, and you will be the one doing the work, lah.

          KKK is gay

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Dumb queer Niko

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          • Niko Bellic


            Very well. If you choose to be foolish, I shall not stop you. In fact, I encourage it, in hopes that one day you will wonder into a minefield with a sign in the middle of it that says ‘free gay porn’ or whatever you loonies indulge in nowadays.

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            The one known as Big Pete, a true scourge of humanity, does not deserve to be called a dragon. I fact, he/she is the farthest thing from being similar to one.

            I make my point.

            KKK is gay

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            shit-licker pete

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    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Delusional rat (aka Z Fag),

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      • Hashim
        Big Butt Pete is obsessed with such things and cannot stop sniffing the dirty thong of his own shame.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Nobody was watching the shitty olympics to begin with and this obscene pic of “old maid kate” should sicken the corrupt infidel athletes and force them to go home.

    And as they leave on planes…the underwear bombs will be there with them and it will make Allah happy to see the infidels go “boom”!

  • sand monkey hunter

    Fuck sand googles

    • John

      Such as yourself

  • Larry

    Another fake pic posted here by cowardly muslims. They are still trying to convince the free world that they like women instead of livestock. Sorry followers of that goat fucker, Allah. Not believing it.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Larry, the Infidel:

      Just kneel and kiss my ass.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Hashim

        Did you notice how rude this asshole larry is?

        It is a shame us Muslims have to put up with this bullshit on a Jihad site.
        However, the day will come when the streets of the u.s. of a. run red with infidel blood and us Muslims are looting their condos and raiding their ice boxes….and raping their women.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Brother Abdullah,

          You are right my friend, Those Kaffirs can not keep a polite conversation like we do.

          And yes, you are right again: soon America streets will look like they have been poured with ketchup , but with a better smell: the smell of the total Infidel annihilation.

          Unfortunately I am not so optimistic about their ice boxes: most of their content must be thrown to the trash.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      lard-ass larry

      you wish your mother looked as good as a goat.

      • Larry

        Abdullah the Butcher (of goat anus). At least I know my mother, and the hospital I was born at. You are still trying to find the whorehouse you were born in to connect with your mom.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          loose-ass larry

          You only know your mother because she kept you around so she could collect welfare….and to make a few dollars by selling your “brown-eye” to the local fags.

  • josh

    its not biased to muslims at all saudi and palestine both have medal chances its only biased to the people who run porno sites

  • Avery

    She really is gorgeous!!! Her jugs and pussy are perfect!!!

    • Shlomo Porklover


  • habib pudding

    How did the klan get such a bad name? And who let pete join? Theres always someone to fuck up my L.A.R.P

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Eats brown-eye pudding

      What’s it like being a big time homo?

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  • AchmedAhman560


  • Proper Muslim

    I know this picture is a fake but still hot





  • bob

    Fuck u u scum! Your Muslim nation is to be about love and understanding yet u breed hate and extremism! Go die alone with your fake fascist brothers bitches!

  • Lol wtf

    I love how non Arab people make a site & say ridiculous sh!t on is just to provoke stupid responses. But what I love even more is how many ppl actually fall for it. Honestly, porn is pretty much the least racist thing out there. Especially fake porn. Hot pic btw, but the comments are more fun.

  • Bryan Stevens

    Jesus Loves You All Very Much! :)

  • [email protected]

    je lui boufferais bien sa jolie chatte avant d’y enfoncer ma grosse queue et de jouir dur ses jolis petits seins !!!…