Kate Beckinsale Naked Picture

Kate Beckinsale naked

Uptight Brit Kate Beckinsale shows off her stuffy naked body in the photo above. Kate Beckinsale releasing a nude picture is not at all surprising considering she is currently promoting not 1 but 2 films right now.

The Zionists who control Hollywood require that all actresses get publicity for their films at any cost. Usually this involves making the rounds on the interview circuit while pretending to date a homosexual actor (preferably Jake Gyllenhaal), but since Kate has both “Contraband” and “Underworld: Awakening” in theaters more extreme marketing techniques were required.

This Kate Beckinsale naked pic will certainly drive the obese infidels masses to the movies, as they are easily stimulated. However, us Muslims will almost certainly stay strong and wait to pirate Kate’s films when they are released on DVD.

  • Westernised

    So, you Muslims dislike the idea of the west and their cultures, they way their women act?
    Yet you continue to post pictures and gifs and videos of women?
    Says something about your intelligence doesn’t it… If you continue dreaming that Islam will rule, do so by all means, but that will never happen.
    Well. Has your country EVER been as powerful as the west? No. Has your country every dominated the planet like we have in Britain? No.
    Do you expect a few nukes and improvised explosives to stop the west? No. You hit us with one, we hit you with 10. Simple math,

    Your religion is so old and barbaric it is beyond belief, you stone women and children for stepping out of line. You kill innocent people in the name of some god. Allah.
    And Allah doesn’t even exist! I mean, which cunt says in a holy book “Kill some child or woman and get 72 horny virgins in heaven” which, we all know through religion, is where GOOD people go. So you will get the bastards from hell.
    Someone show me ONE piece of evidence that Allah exists, and I will shut up. I will even convert to Islam.
    The holy Muslim book does not count. It was written by some crackhead years ago.

    • DArkness BURN ALL towel wearing terrorist

      Agreed then again these terrorist dont have anything better to do look at their condition and where they live and their culture what can you expect, they live for making bombs and blowing themselves up.

      • Westernised

        I know! It’s crazy the amount of money they have wasted on bombs, terrorists etc. useless. What have they accomplished? Nothing.
        We and America pulled out, simply because of economical issues. You know. Lack of money. Something we need to build our economy and live in HOUSES not huts built from goat shit, but buildings made from bricks and glass. Something that ensures we always have the latest technology. Technology that could pie anyone out in an instant.

        Maybe if they focused less on war, more on economy, they could outdo many major countries in terms or living standards!

        • John

          built from goat shit, hahaha.

      • james

        mate you are an idiot!

        • ron

          really the man is loud ,he is somewhat out of control but one thing for sure is ….he is just right on that subject ,stop the war and all the shit that goes with it we are not living in the 1940s ,its a new era ,they should take a look on how small the planet is with all the technology we have ,religion had its time in the highlight but now its only for scared people people who wont take charge ofn their life if god ever existed well he just forgot about earth ,wouldnt you seiing what shits going on here ,war, famine ,child slavery ,so like he says before was the time to ride horses now we can drive cars

    • srsly….

      morons don’t know this is a satirical website yet…..

      PROTIP: see the little ‘disclaimer’ link at the bottom of the page? Click on it…..

      • DArkness BURN ALL towel wearing terrorist

        shitley stay being jealous of our freedom :) back to making bomb before akbar catch u using a western invention the computer and internet

        • srsly….

          jesus fucking christ….do i have to spell it out for these people?!!!

          I’M NOT MUSLIM!!!


          • Westernised

            We know. But some people on here take it too seriously.
            British humour is based off sarcasm and irony. It takes a bit of wit to understand.

            Obviously some people still don’t….

            Anyway. It ISN’T a jokes website. It’s a public opinion website. And until that silly abdullah cunt is gone, this site will remain a shitty place for Muslims to express their opinions until their leaders find them using a British invention.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            sucks it

            You had best forget about spelling and convert to Islam.
            Or take an ass kicking from us Muslims!

          • srsly….

            shut up abduallah.

            If I wanted a lecture on Islam from a white guy sitting behind a computer I’d go to a liberal democrat forum.

          • DArkness BURN ALL towel wearing terrorist

            shitley is just another towel wearing terrorist brother of abdulllalahahaa who is rejecting islam because he out of the middle east

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            shitty srsly

            and if I wanted the clap I’d visit your mother

          • T. Square

            Exactly..! Bin-Ladin got dat bullet in his head, while smokin Hindu Cush, watching America porn, on what..? Dat’s Riiiight., THE INTERNET… C’mon, people… Uhhhh, Muslims… What kind of God (Allah) rewards torture, killin innocents, human bombs, and all other Terroristic activities… I’m jus sayin… GOD is…

          • allofyouracistsareidiots

            Bravo westernised for reaching a new low level of IQ, to think all Muslims kill a child or woman or anyone for that matter to get 72 virgins is like to think every Christian priest rapes little boys, which I personally think isn’t true but arrogant shithead racists like you make us Muslims, not extremist terrorist, which there is a difference you should know about, it makes us all think 99% of the westernized population are idiots and closed minded bigots, talk all the shit and spread all of your fallacies if you must just remember that there is a bigger asshole out there, even more than you, and if your asking us to prove Allah is real, why don’t you prove your god is real.

    • aghmed

      Foolish American infidel, look at your failing economy and loss of civil liberties. You sound too stupid to have a job that requires air travel, but those that do enjoy daily gropings by retarded pavement apes who can not tell the differences between a holy Muslim warrior like me, and a 75 year old grandmother.

      It is you who has spent a trillion dollars and numerous dead soldiers to come to my country and get blown up by IED’s and RPG’s. We killed your so called elite special forces warriors by shooting down their helicopter. I hope you send more of them to die in our country.

      I have numerous wives and concubines, I can make hundreds of offspring to fight against the west.

      • Westernised

        You make hundreds of offspring to crush us?

        More like they ditch you for Britain to claim off benefits.
        Don’t worry. That will all be sorted soon. KKK/EDL or otherwise.

        And, you think our special forces are over there?
        The SAS and delta force are not there.
        Why would we bother? Our ordinary army and the American army is doing just fine! Just because you shoot down a helicopter doesn’t mean you win the fight!

        You really need to rethink your life.
        Where is it going? When will you finally get recognised formdoingmsomething beneficial for the planet like the British and American army do EVERYDAY.

        • Armed

          U little kunt its becoz of u america

      • Froukje

        On the chess tables: an imarotpnt finding. Maybe we need to order a few bigger movable tables then perhaps with funds raised by the Chess Centurions, or by working with them in some other way. Stencil em, PLEASE LET CHESS PLAYERS USE THIS TABLE . Maybe a related-but-different color as well yellow ocher or something to signal their specialness. Chess tables need to be bigger but only have 2 chairs (kibbitzers expect to stand).A good question about the location of the tables. We should try this experiment ourselves sometime, Brian. One imarotpnt part of this plaza’s concept is to demonstrate movability & flexibility. Somebody may have to put the ball into play, so to speak, and that somebody, logically, is us.Everybody I’ve talked with at the FoCP table at the Farmers’ Mkt about this movability/user-designed configuration concept of the Plaza, gets it. Deeply. Everyone thinks it’s a brilliant way of planning-without-planning of letting users shape the plaza’s future development. It really strikes a gong and wins wide respect.

      • allah is a shitpacker

        Gu Muslims are a disgrace u say they west is the enemy but yet u wipe your ass with your bare hand I’m not sure ifb its cause u can’t afford paper or if you don’t have food and eating shit since that’s all that comes out of you and allahs mouth is the best thing for you . Your fanatical ideas are pathetic you think you can get virgins buy blowing someone up the virgins would commit suicide before being subjected to sleeping with shit eating smelling and wearing pieces of horse shit so go get on your hands and knees and beg allah get maybe get you laid one day while somegoat is pissing on your mothers grave somewhere

    • Anonymous

      In all honesty America is the terrorist. Every single religion in the world says you commit suicide you go to HELL, even in Islam the book says that. The people who blow themselves up are extremists. If you look at the definition of terrorist you will see that it existed in the white man first. When it comes to racist people you are too ignorant to understand anything. The WHITE MAN came from Europe, he sailed to Africa and enslaved millions of black people (Terroristic Activity), long before that the WHITE MAN killed 95% of Native American’s, and all the Native American’s did was feed the white man and say welcome to our land. After killing all the Natives, the WHITE MAN was not satisfied, so he went and killed all the blacks, then after the blacks were free the WHITE MAN went on to kill all the Jews (Hitler, again Terrorist) After that, the WHITE MAN bombed Japan, then distributed AIDS all over Africa, then bombed the MIddle East. Timothy McVeigh was a Christian and bombed 2 buildings in Oklahoma, did anyone say anything about Christianity….of course not. As I recall the WHITE MAN and Priest rape little children every year, THE WHITE MAN shot Abe Lincoln for freeing black people (Terrorist) then the WHITE MAN shoots up several schools every year (Columbine, Terrorist). Kidnapping children and raping them, WHITE MAN again. That is the problem with America we do so much dirt that we try to make everyone look bad to cover it up ourselves. I am American, I am half Native American, should I go kill all White People to revenge my Natives because the WHITE MAN killed our entire race? No, it is called ignorant people, you cannot take 1 person and say the entire race or religion is bad. If that is the case we are all bad, because like I explained before every race has their Terrorists.

      • TGK57

        please……..Do not blame the actions of one on the lives of many……thank you :D

      • anonymous

        lol you r retarded, if we ahd killed your entire race you wouldnt be here would u, an we didnt go to war with all the indians, the first settlers were totally cool with the peacful tribes. check your own history dumbass, alot of the indian tribes were bloodthirsty warmongers that fought eachother constantly long befor we ever got here. we never killed all the black people either dumbshit, they stayed slaves for hundreds of years, why would they kill off their own free labor force. ya some racist douchebags didnt want it to end, but it did. Japan got the bomb dropped on them as payback for attacking us first, we werent even in the war at all until that happened, but you wouldnt know that because you obviously have never picked up a history book. Ya Timothy Mcvay was a terrorist, they acknowledged taht immediatly, but you’re stupid to have watched the news to pick up on that i guess too. The columbine incident was a bunch of angry pissed off confused teenagers, they didnt really have any politcal or religous motivation, so cant call them terrorists, but i guess you dont know what a dictionary is, so just go on thinking that anybody who kills anybody is a terrorist. And finally, hitler actually wasnt a terrorist he was war criminal, an he paid for his crimes with death. If you hate america so much (which i dont know why since if your indian it is your homeland) then why dont you get the fuck out, an take your ass to some other shitty dirtbag crusty ass country, oh wait you enjoy all the good things that you get to do here, such run your dumbass mouth about shit that you obviously have no idea about on the internet.

      • Fat Alex

        Another uneducated mouth-breather, folks. A) if the Indians were sooooo peaceful and caring of others, why didn’t they organize and create their own nation? Because they themselves were terrorists. They were a warring people that fought, raped and pillaged to al tribes, B) Timothy McVeigh was not a Christian and never claimed to be. He considered himself agnostic. Nice try, douchebag, C) Lincoln was no abolitionist and the Civil War was not fought over slavery. He wanted to move all the blacks to a colony in South America. He brought up the slavery issue in 1863 to get funding from Europe for the war he started, D) what do you think happened? The almighty whitey just misuse on into a continent and started putting people on slave ships? No. They traded iron for people that were already enslaved by other black men. So who is worse? The white buyer, or the black seller? And who the fuck cares? That was hundreds of years ago. Stop dwelling on it. And black people, you too stop dwelling on it and using it as an excuse, and finally E) if you really think the white man invented AIDS and spread it through Africa, than you are truly a dimwitted asshat that can’t even comprehend this response, which makes me feel bad for wasting my time responding to you.
        Now, lets talk about the peaceful Muslim religion. Without being an idiot and bringing up something like the Crusades (which Muslims were really the guilty ones that started that in 700 AD), or other things in the distant past, what other religion is out there that very purposefully does not get along with any other religion and commits violent acts against them all? In this day and age, dipshit. Name one. And why is Christianity crucified for being so intolerant when tolerance is at the core of Christ’s teaching, yet Muslims get a free pass, when intolerance was at the core of the delusional prophet Mohammed’s teachings?
        That’s what you call getting served.

      • bloodwolf

        U know ur right in tht in my opinion people should not even waste eachothers time by running their mouths about religions and races without one taking a look at ones own race religion and the history of both and then thouroughly studying the religion and culture brought into question ignorance is the cause of most war and strife. People must first reflect in on themselves before they judge others. And as far as terrorists go kiling is part of history and a part of life since the human species has overcome nature in practically every way we have become over populated and now disease famine and war are what keep our numbers from growing any faster than they already do. So yes violence can be an answer to problems but tht doesn’t make it right nor does it sanction these evils down through history to today’s time and I think a big reason America keeps poking their nose into things is not to cover up their rotten past but to maybe redeem itsself a little. Still not saying they are right. But I do agree w u cousin maybe one-day the world will also see and nolonger be blinded by ignorance

    • Javail

      By all means, I understand that this religion is fucking insane. However show me proof that any religion exists. If you are a religious person which i got the impression you were christian or catholic. Prove to me that and form of religion exists.

      • Fat Alex

        Prove to me that protons, electrons, and nuetrons exist. Or atoms for that matter. Religion is not about proof. Its about faith. You know, how these advocates for global warming believe in something that has been discreditted over and over again? Their religion is Global Warming and their prophet is Al Gore. They need no proof. They just believe.

    • cancerfairy

      fucking muslim cunts go bomb some other countries you dirty little ragheads

    • cleo

      thats a stupid statement, allah doesnt even exist? who are you to say that? “show me that allah exists” your dumb as shit, show me any proof that any religion exists! show me proof god exists, the holy bible doesnt count either! it was written by misguided men many years ago and you sir are a fool, hit us with one and we will hit you with ten? and you say that the muslums are barbaric, did you even read your dumbass comment? lol

    • noone in particular

      ok buddy if alah is imagined i believe our western god is as well. i mean the bible bein put together by the roman senate, a man with a good idea being deified because we as a superstitous breed need a god to explain the one thing we have no explanation for… the afterlife.

      • noone in particular

        oh yeah, one more thing i feel it neccisary to point out, writers/ authors are notorious for their need to have their works remembered. why do i point this out, because the facts of any religion/ government are always written by those in power. writing is also useless if noone is interested so writers will always take “certain liberties” whether the writings are fact or fiction. you always have to keep the public interested.

    • LaLaLaBOOM!!

      In all fairness, Islam was *once* one of the most powerful empires in the world. Saladin was able to convert Pagans and Animists to Islam and then create an incredibly strong empire that encompassed Egypt, Syria, Mesopotamia, Hejaz, Yemen, and parts of North Africa. They were the pinnacle of knowledge, they dominated the sciences, astronomy and math (there is a reason that we use Arabic Numerals and not Roman Numerals… it was mighty hard to do higher mathematical computations: multiplying VII by XCL by MCL and dividing XIX by VII) but… they never progressed beyond that point. In fact they’ve reverted (due in part to the meddling of Western nations in that region, especially once oil was discovered) to an era where nomadic sheep-herder would be a step forward. Theirs is a maladaptive culture where women are treated as chattel, as mere possessions of their husbands and fathers, where the education of women and girls is looked upon as sinful and wrong, where the high-watermark of their culture has been eroded by a rising tide of willful ignorance and wanton violence. For the Arab nations to progress to anywhere near where the Western nation are, they must abandon religion entirely and become more secular, as much of Europe has (I’m an American and I view this rising tide of Fundamentalist Christianity as a harbinger of dark times, just look at what religion has done to my country: it requires the teaching of abstinence only sexual education which is resulting in higher teen pregnancy rates, it requires the teaching of moronic “Creationism” alongside the actually scientifically measurable and empirical Theory of Evolution in the classrooms, we lost a decade of possible scientific advancements of Stem Cell Research because… hell, I was never able to figure out why the hell the Xstians were against that….). The only way that societies may truly advance is to abandon the foolish and barbaric superstitions of religion….

  • DArkness BURN ALL towel wearing terrorist

    More muslims terrorist propaganda for akbar, kassim, abdulalalalalah the pig butcher to jack off too sorry you yall cant get a white woman

    • aghmed

      I have had numerous white women, whereas you could not even get a black woman if you paid her. You are a pathetic chronic masturbator and Allah will punish you for eternity for your sinfulness, as if this life of sexual solitude was not already enough punishment.

    • Hashim The Destroyer of Evil

      Darkened brian, you lobotomized Infidel:

      You are too nervous. I’m going to invite you to pass some weeks in my holliday tent in Qatar’s desert. You’ are going to relax taking care of my goats, doing something useful for the first time in your life.

      You’ll forget computer keyboards for a while and learn a little about Quran, teached by one of my servants.

      I don’t say you’ll return more clever (what is impossible) but at least less obnoxious.

      • Hashim The Destroyer of Evil

        Darkened brain, you lobotomized Infidel:

        PS – I forget to mention that you behave I’ll let you wash my Lamborghini LP 550.

    • Gupta

      Who wants an overweight white american women who smells like bacon grease and cheeto dust?

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    When us Muslims install Sharia Law in the shitty country of “Not-So-Great Britain” kate will answer for this blatant insult to Islam.

    • DArkness BURN ALL towel wearing terrorist

      Abdullalalalalalalh The pig Butcherthe muslims outside the shit hole middle east dont want that terrorist law guess they getting civilized unlike you and the rest of the shit heads

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        dark asshole

        The only pig I ever butchered was your mother.

        • DArkness BURN ALL towel wearing terrorist

          Abdullalalalalalalh The pig Butcher you better not let akbar see you eating pork he might call on you earlier to strap a bomb to your balls

    • Westernised

      Not so great Britain?
      Not so great. A small island that conquered quarter of the planet, dominated everything that inhaled air at the time and had more power than anyone else, ever? A hyper nation? The ONLY hyper nation?

      You think a couple of towel wearing, Allah preaching foreign cunts are going to destroy us? Very uneducated. Maybe they should put money towards your education and less towards your explosive clothing.

      I bet you live in fucking Britain anyway. Sponging off benefits like any other Muslim cunt would.
      Come over here, sponge off benefits, spit at our culture.
      Oh, I fucking hope BNP win the next election. Or perhaps of Cameron scrapped benefits. The you’d leave, wouldn’t you? Because that would mean you would have to start working and earn money and pay taxes, gosh. It’s a hard fucking life, isn’t it?

      • DArkness BURN ALL towel wearing terrorist

        I bet all the middle east would love to go there, these who write here are the sour ones who will stay wearing towels around their heads and keep making bombs

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        western asshole

        You “has-been mofos” make us Muslims laugh.

        The only thing left of your empire is a shitty island, populated by buck-tooohed douchebags and horse-faced women. If it wasn’t for the degenerate u.s. of a. you mofos would have been exterminated decades ago.

        • DArkness BURN ALL towel wearing terrorist

          Thats why all of you would love to come to a first world country to smell the sweet air of freedom rather than camel shit stay being jealous Abdullalalalalalalh The pig Butcher you cant do better keep praying it dont rain dont want your sand hut caving in!

          • flex

            Abdullah The Butcher has a point here and I have allways wonder myself what is wrong with the people in Britan? Why are they so ugly? Why do you have ugly green / yellow teeth and you all have a odd looking not healty faces. Your girls are the most ugly you can find on the planet and dispite this you are telling us that Britan is the greates in the world? I don`t hope that your genes would take over the world, apperently they are not in good shape and it is a crime to tha human rase to let it be spread outside your Greate Britain. I`m not a muslim and I`m from Norway and we are superior to your nation in all possible ways, even we are just 5 million people, you are out numberd, and we could by your ass with a mouse click. You are poor, I make more money in a month that you do in a year, hehe. Ugly, smelly, mongo like people.

        • Westernised

          You think the USA helped us?
          When they left us hanging for FOUR years in WW2?
          When they charged us BILLIONS of dollars for arms in the wars?
          When we were already destroying Germany alongside Russia before they popped into crush Japan?

          Your so uneducated, it is actually fucking embarrassing. You don’t know anything about other cultures.
          Britain has and always will be, the strongest.
          I don’t ANY other nation can say they HAVE NOT been invaded and conquered in over one thousand years.
          We can.
          No other nation can claim owning the entire planet and redefinding the term “world superpower” into hyperpower. Meaning that NOTHING can defy us.
          The only reason. Britain lost everything is due to America not helping fast enough in the war and Germany destroying Europe. It costs money.
          Something you don’t have, clearly.
          In order to pay off debts, we gave India, china, several small islands, australlia, Jamaica etc their freedom.
          And since America is now home to new technological marvels, we have become sloppy. But we are still strong enough to destroy a few rag heads like you.

          Also, feel I should tell you.
          It’s the other way around. WE’VE been helping America. They go alone into Vietnam, they lose.
          They go with us into Korea, we win.
          They go with us into afghanistan, we win.
          Notice a pattern here?
          It’s called NATO. An alliance of the most powerful nations, wonder why yours isn’t in it?

          • Westernised

            And also, need I mention. After splitting up our colonies, unlike other nations, due to our massive power, we kept some and the rest are under the British Commonwealth.
            The commonwealth is British. But they changed it to just commonwealth to help the upset people… Politically correct. Because we’re like that. Not barbaric bastards like Muslims…

            So yeah. Major countries are still under the British Crown and, until they fight their way out, they will continue to stay there.

            Anyway, you think the middle east is far better than Britain? Challenge accepted.
            Come at me, bro.

          • Westernised

            Heh. Clearly won this battle.
            As always ;) I am British, of course. Winning wars must be in my blood!

            I claim this victory as a joint effort between USA and UK.
            The most powerful alliance the planet has ever seen. With almost good intention.
            Britain has a good intention. America wants oil.
            Either way. It shows our dominance, so…

          • Word of wisdom

            Soon to be islamized british :

            You claim britains wins wars is as ridiculous as you wining an argument against a true muslim such as myself. You can wank dreaming on fantasies about nato and wars from the past, and cum-swap with your fellow “darkroom material” here (who’s idiocy and ignorance perfectly match america’s), but it won’t change anything at the fact your ridiculous country dies from the inside, because the only real war are demographics.

            Did you fail to notice the amount of our brothers in your microscopic islands ? Minarets are being built all over britain, pakistani brothers are the majority in many towns and outnumbers the natives in so many places, where we forbid music, alcohol, non veiled women ? We chase you from your own land, we replace you, outnumber you in your very own living room, we drive you into extinction or conversion, and you think you’re wining wars ?

            Let’s laugh some more. Now, your puny little kingdom started to recognize the validity of shariah courts in some judicial cases, which of course will be extended, while your politician, noting we are the power of tomorrow, just do everything we want to muslimize every aspect of britain, erasing every christian reference everywhere. Your beloved BBC is now refusing to use Anno Domini / Before Christ time beacons, for a more “inclusive” “CE”.
            I give you one decade, and the muslim datation system : after/before Hegira will become the new british norm ; you are even preparing to have a muslim king, as last year was removed the rule that dictated the crown could only go to an anglican. Be ready to live in the united caliphate of britain : you will fall even before belgium, holland or france !

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            western weirdo

            Ha…you buck-toothed mofos really make us Muslims laugh.

            You call sitting around in 1941 and watching the German’s bomb your shitty cities fighting back?

            Ha….if not for the “war crazy” americans….you british assholes would be eating the nazi dong on a daily basis.
            I hate the u.s.of a. but those blood thirsty infidels fought and beat the germans for your stupid asses.

            To say otherwise makes you look like a big dumbass (which you are)

          • Big Pete

            I hate to give credit to a stinkin muslim, but Anal raper Abdullah is right. You pussy ass british homos fight like ladyboys.

          • Westernised

            It’s called tactics.
            They weren’t bombing our cities to start. They were trying to destroy our industrial output. But one of their pilots stupidly decided to bomb London.
            This angered our army.
            Remember the Dresdon Bombing?
            When we dropped a few advanced bombs on the German city of Dresdon and killed everyone, levelled the city and did more damage in one night than they did in there entire bombing raid?

            And, since we are stil here, thriving, doing FAR better than you, I’d say getting bombed is nothing to us.
            We lasted 72 consecutive days of bombing. We didn’t retaliate after a few days, simply because this is what hitler wanted. Hitler tried EVERYTHING to make us fall. He tried gaining air superiority, he failed miserably. He tried bombing us into oblivion, he failed. He tried taking naval superiority, he failed. In the end he gave up and hit Russia. Very VERY stupid…

            I wouldn’t be sucking on nazi dong. Because the nazis were already falling back by the time America had joined in the game. That was mostly due to us, Russia and the French revolution army. America had its own part. Supplying money and ammo worldwide, even to the enemies. Which was a major mistake.

            Big Pete.

            You call us shitty fighters?
            Yet we have been here for over 1000 years without being invaded, ONCE.
            We’ve conquered the planet. We have had more power than ANYONE on the planet.
            We were the leaders of many great wars. Not to mention the victors.
            when someone wants help, they come to us and america. And if that is not true, why does Pakistan want our help with the Taliban issue over there?

            You’re living in the future, yes, I’ll admit, our army is getting saved by america and vice versa. Vietnam? Korea? We weren’t in the latter and see what happened.
            It’s an alliance. Two of the most powerful nations combined. Nothing can crush it.

            No offence to Americans on this site, as we have a special relationship, they didn’t do much until halfway through the war. Sure, they saved us. Economically. We saved them as well.
            If hitler got a foothold on Britain, the rest of the world would be fucked harder than your goat when you’re feeling horny. Industrial areas, secluded islands, guerilla warfare from the hills. Everything. And also, those “war crazy” americans you speak of wouldn’t have joined in had Japan not attacked them.

            And in fact, we used America. We KNEW of the attack plan for pearl harbour. We didn’t say anything because they’d stop it and not retaliate. We needed their help. Just like they needed ours.

            Just because your country doesn’t have an alliance with any other countries like we do.

            You are living in denial. A secluded hermit that has no idea whatsoever on history.

            Your point was, we got bombed. Yeah. We got bombed more than any other country on the planet. And what? We’re still here are we not? We remained powerful, did we not?
            We all defeated Germany and the axis, did we not? A few days of bombing raids isn’t much when they target the wrong places.

            Hitler didn’t WANT to attack us. He liked us. The only reason he attacked us is because we attacked him for invading Poland. A country of which we had recently tied a deal to protect in case of war. That was his biggest mistake ever.

            I mean, you even fail to show evidence of us failing during world war 2, from what I recall Europe was destroyed and conquered pretty quickly and the only nations left were the superpowers. The UK, Russia, China and America. And obviously, Germany.

            You thin, we struggled. Well, yeah, we would. We were in Africa, Italy, china, Germany and France trying to claim Europe back and put the axis down. Saying that your country can do this is a lie… You’d be crushed in an instance. As was proved in the war..

            End of.
            NATO rules.
            Britain (and its commonwealth) and America. The strongest force known.

            Your failure to take note of even the slightest piece of knowledge in the west is quite something, isn’t it?

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            western crackhead

            Your long, dull and misinformed monograph tells us Muslims one thing: you are a dumbass m ofo.

            Face the facts asshole. The american infidel 10,0000 plane air force, 1000 ship navy and 10,000,000 blood thirsty vandals won the war. You teabagging tea drinkers just sat back and watched….just like you did in the Iraq war.

            And if you call taking a beating, tactics…it’s no wonder you lost your empire.

          • Word of wisdom

            Future Westernmuslim,

            I am still awaiting you “strategic comments” on the demographic war we muslim are winning (with a “no contest” result) in your shitty little country ?
            How come we stomp on your face, shit on your flag, trash your laws in your own living room and, yet, you remain silent ?
            Maybe you are training on your future role : silent wife of your future muslim owner ?

          • Westernised

            Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?!
            10,000,000 men sent into battle saving our sorry arses?
            We had more men than them dedicated to saving Britain.
            We were the only force left standing for almost four years against Russia, Japan, Germany and Africa! Germany wouldn’t have attacked us otherwise!

            If it wasn’t for the effort we put into the war, your goat would be German!

            And like fuck did we do nothing,

            Listen. I know this site is satirical, and you’re an American living in his mums basement tossing off to the American media, but wherever you get your information from, stop asking them for it.

            You’ll find, we and Russia were already defeating nazi Germany by the time they joined in. Otherwise we would have been beaten in the battle of Britain or during the blitz or in the trenches. But we weren’t.

            After the German air force lost, giving Britain both air and sea dominance, they gave up and hit Russia,

            The only reason we didn’t respond to the blitz, which we could have because the enigma machine was cracked, was because the German forces would realise we cracked their machine and make a new code. TACTICS, learn it. Churchill made London lose a few thousand lives through the blitz, but he ended up saving 6 billion others.

            And words of shite.

            The only reason your over here, squandering off benefits and spitting at our culture is because we have a fucking cunt in charge. But that’s all changing soon, best start getting a job, because immigration is going to be sorted soon. Not soon enough if you ask me though.

            In the end, you are both seemingly pro-American that think Hollywood is real life.
            You must think it was one American pilot that saved the British.
            No. That’s Hollywood. Real life? America targeted Japan. Revenge. Pure and simple. Yeah, they helped us. But we did more than them and Russia did more than all of us combined.
            If we didn’t hold of Germany, they would have claimed the world. Even America. Could you imagine America going against Germany, Russia and Italy? Even we couldn’t do that!
            He would have left Britain, he saw us as allies. He liked us!
            The only reason he attacked us is because we were the only attacking nation left. And we refused his offer to join him.

            Also. When you claim how America helped or how many men etc they used, please source it. Otherwise your arguments are irrelevant.
            Wikipedia does NOT count. Historical fact websites are liable. Not user edited sites.

            Looking forward to your one sided, false comebacks.
            I’ll be waiting…

          • Word of wisdom

            As I suspected, westernretard, you can’t see the evidence. I we trash your shitty little kingdom from the inside, it’s not because you have “bad leaders”, it’s because you vote them.
            You vote them because you are a dead country who don’t even have the guts to vote for its survival ; you don’t want to live as english anymore, you’re just tired and await to be replaced by more virile and energic civilization. You don’t even try to breed.
            You’re rotting on your feet, and I laugh when you promise “changes” : we harvest you, and when we’re fed up with you, we’ll erase “britishness” from the history of britain.

            You’re a pathetic looser full of dellusional visions, totally clueless in terms of history, strategy. I guess you’re one of those wankers who gets his history lessons playing fps videogames.

          • Westernised

            Fps video games?
            Call of duty?
            American biased games? Nah. I read books. In case you don’t know, a book is an invention that contains writing. Either fiction or factual. I read factual.

            And, the only reason we don’t vote for people like the BNP, is because we would instantly be branded as racist by the rest of the world.
            I for one, admit to voting for them. I don’t agree with everything they want, but most of it is good.

          • Word of wisdom

            Hahaha dickhead, “ohhh nooo we don’t vote bnp because we would be labelled racists”… hahahahaha oh wow…
            This is why my pakistani brothers don’t fear anything from call of duty playing wimps like you, who “put a cunt in charge” just by fear of being “labelled”. Playstation warriors who threaten us that “soon, things will change”, but then crawl back under the carpet just in time for the voting day because the missus is angry at the risk of being “labelled”.
            You’re a nation of neutered dwarves who drinks themselves into oblivion each friday night and then walk in fear back home because we own your streets and your future. Anyway, your suffering won’t last long. Just wait a few more years till we definitely outnumber you, and everything will be allright. You’ll be relieved of the unbearable burden of perpetuating a civilization. It will be our task. No more fear, no more tears : with your new place in our islamic future as a servient dhimmi, you won’t have anything to care anymore, and your faillure as a spineless worm will be soon forgotten.

          • Westernised

            Words of shite.
            You’re still not understanding this are you?
            Remember the Romans battle?
            10,000 Romans against over 100,000 enemies?
            10 enemies per roman, they still won. Outnumbered ten to one, but still crushed with minor losses.

            We haven’t been enslaved, conquered or invaded for over 1000 years. People have tried, and failed. Miserably. For example. Napoleon., invaded Britain but got crushed by our army and the Prussians.
            So, what makes you think you will be successful this time? It’s just a matter of deporting or releasing the KKK.
            Anyway. You invade, America kills. You hit one, get hit harder by the other…

          • USA

            You are a fucking idiot!
            Where did you learn history?

          • Soldier

            Really Korea was won? Try again FUCKTARD!! It’s a seize fire. As for Britian not being invaded for a 1000 yrs. You have just about every European country occuping that island. Hell even King James the first was Scottish. And we joined in to help during WWII right off the bat. Oh but I guess you guys don’t learn about our pilots fighting in your Royal Air Force. Or how bout my Unit getting tasked to babysit a certain figure head of yours in Iraq. Superpower you are not. Hyperpower definitly not.

        • Big Pete

          Ape shit

          I think you’ve taken one too many camel cocks to the head. Ugh…what a sick mofo you are.

          If the US military doesn’t take care of your ass The Brotherhood will. We don’t just kill…we torture. We’ll drag your stinkin ass behind one of our old pickups til you have flesh falling off the bone. Then hang you over the swamp and let them gators finish your ass as you piss and shit yourself as only a coward would.

          You muslims are some big pussies…which must be why you like cock so much.

          Eat shit mofo

      • aghmed

        I shall rejoice when you are stoned to death once we take over the West and install Sharia law.

        • Westernised

          Wow. Honestly.
          You know NOTHING about British past, do you?
          The last time we were invaded, was the Normans.
          The last time we lost a war, American Revolution. But that is because we were fighting France at the same time.
          Other than that, we’ve only lost about 2 battles (BATTLES. NOT WARS. THAT’S DIFFERENT) in Iraq, that’s why we have America watching our back and vice Vera.
          You’re just jealous of the power Britain has. You always will be. Britain is a major part of NATO and always will bel

          End of. Bye.

          • Westernised

            And yes, pakis and muslim terroristss Like HAVE overrun us, but that is what the BNP is for. And judging by the way nobody likes any other party now, especiallymafter cameron and clegg turned into spineless, lying cunts.
            You should prepare for the fucking storm that’s coming.

          • Westernised

            Anyway. I know you cunts are busy with sharia over here. Nothing a bit of EDL, and KKK can’t handle though.

            Go back to fucking your goat that you call a wife. Just remember, part of the part of the west use to rule you until another part put them down. Remember that…

          • aghmed

            Lobotomized, you make me laugh with your propagandized version of history. If it were not for American tanks, American ships, American guns, American planes and American soldier Monty would have had absolutely no resources to withstand a German assault nonetheless fight a war.

            Throughout the Islamic lands the infidel General Patton and General Rommel garner more respect than your wispy effeminate General Montgomery.

          • Westernised

            Aghmed, if were not for their delay in entering the wars, your goats would still belong to us.
            What they did back then was stupid. If they joined in sooner, they could have helped destroy Hitler faster, bond with us faster,save millions of lives and let the Russians have their way with you. Which would have happened, as Russians had no interest in them at the time, only the east. Best hide them goats, because history’s coming. And it ain’t slowing down for anyone.
            And actually.
            Tanks, not American.
            Guns, not American.
            Planes, not American. Ever heard of the battle of Britain? You know? When our RAF was outnumbered four to one, yet we still crushed the German forces. With ease actually.
            Also, radar. British. Something that allied forces took for granted.
            Colossus, British machine, made by polish and British. Helped turn the tides massively on Hitler.

            You’ll find most of the damage done was by Russia and Britain and the French revolution army.
            Russia made blood.
            America made supplies.
            Britain brought everything else.
            Whilst Russia was against us, America was sitting on the side lines, Britain boldly charged into battle. Not for fame or fortune, but for the goodwill of other nations. You could easily say it was Britain that turned the war around. I even recall Hitler being too afraid to attack us for fear of the hyperpower annihilating him. Which happened anyway, but still. He saw us as an ally after he heard of a battle plan from America on British colonies, like Canada.

            You’re ignorance towards western and even eastern history is impressive!
            Almost like a goat teaches you and your children how to talk, live, read and write!
            Oh wait…

            Anyway, here’s a lovely joke for all the terrorists to enjoy ;)

            A Muslim walks into a bar.
            Nobody survives the explosion.

            And another:

            Muslims are really good at magic! Why just today, I was walking down the high street when I saw a Muslim run into a crowd of people yelling “Allahu Akbar!” then he disappeared in a puff of smoke, taking the crowd with him.

          • Big Pete

            British homo

            You are a fucking idiot.

            Your facts are very much incorrect. I don’t know what the fuck they’re teaching you about WWII over there, but its batshit asinine whatever it is.

            Do you really believe all the shit you just said?

            What fucking planet are you on, jackass?

          • DesignationJaz

            im an aussie man i read alot on history espessially WWII and you were not fighting japan like you said they had nothing to do with europe they were fighting australia and your leader winsten churchhill wanted our soldiers to stay in europe to help you but we left and we had still some soldiers helping you. Read it up australia was also the reason of the huge alliance with america when john curtin called roosevelt for help they accepted and noticed the time you were struggling and about to lose was when you had no help unlike britian when australia fought japan we were by ourselves on the ground with the help of some fuzzy angels and vietnamese which if you read into it was part of the vietnam war with them helping us usa said to give them independance from the french which didnt happen then ho chi minh declared war. But as i was saying australia fought the japs on the ground by themselves america only offered air support and we pushed them almost all the way back but america wanted to end the war even quicker so they dropped a nuke but this was a tactic to scare them not to fight again and by the way we fight the same wars you do and then some becuase as you can see in the history of war you always think of ureself first and use others as a pawn in your game like in gallopili and winging in WWII for us to fight your battle first you need to read more and im guessing you feel angered but i hate it when ppl get facts wrong and all through the war on the ground and air with russia france australia and america all helping you australia does it with help and admits it but we dont use as much help as you do and your not powerful anymore your economy is crap so many people jobless and homeless and you call us criminals when your country has constant riots all the time now. At least in australia we are in the top 5 for strongest economies and we have the best healthcare in the world and we have the one of the best educational systems and some of the best special forces which the aussies and brits train together. Also for the last time get your facts straight you have never one a war. Dont say britian found australia the french did thought it was to hot and couldnt grow anything and left you may have colonised us but we are own people with one of the best multi cultural society now a days you cant even see the brits influence but we are on of your followers but we now make our own decisions on what battles to fight and how ever since WWII so the brits aint that great a colony of theres that they thought sucked is now more powerful and its own nation so overall britians not that great you really need to respect those who help you becuase you guys are more sissy then the french

  • Joe

    LOL! This is either a sarcasm site or the blog owner is too stupid to know that is a fake pic. Nah, nobody could be that stupid.

  • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

    wisdom for terrorism its been hundred of years and you middle east shit heads cant even take of your own land how exactly are you going take over any other country? you cant even make a proper bomb without it failing

    • aghmed

      darkness blow job king: you are a failure at life and will never amount to anything. Allah is laughing at you.

      • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

        No akmad he’s laughing at for being a dumb pig eating fail at bomb making terrorist thats why you are suffering in life change your ways akbar maybe you will get the 72 after all

        • aghmed

          Are you still here failure? It is a waste to drop a stone on your head. It is better to let you suffocate on your uncle’s penis as it is your custom in your home of Western Kentucky.

          • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

            “Probably spent too much time tending to your goats to ensure the produce enough shit to build your houses and feed your children” Boom akmad Funniest thing I ever read. Good one Westernised

      • Westernised

        How can a figment of your imagination laugh at someone?
        You sure we are the crazy ones?

        Show me one piece of evidence that the little voice telling your kind to blow themselves up in the name of himself exists, and I will buy a goat and convert to Islam.
        Sightings, signs, connections. Anything.

        • aghmed

          Lobotomized, you fail at history just as you fail at life. You slander our beloved holy website because you are bitter about never having a girlfriend.

          • Westernised

            I fail at life?
            A man, happily married to ONE woman. A Lady of whom is free to do as she wishes, without fear of being stoned.

            Look outside your window at the city.
            Oh wait.
            There is no city in the tiny sand/goat shit village you built.

            When you compare Muslim society to western society, a society once ruled by British and a society using a variation of British politics, you’ll notice a drastic difference. We’re better off.

            You bunch of Neanderthals decided not to use British politics. Along with Africa. Look what that has made you. Poor, uneducated, Self-centred cunts that cannot comprehend anything that isn’t about death or violence!

            You believe in a fucking killer, claiming that he is “Earths saviour”
            Well, a saviour wouldn’t order you to kill someone in order to receive 72 virgins, would it?
            And anyway. You replied without giving me evidence of this Allah character.
            Provide evidence of his existence please.

            And also, which part of history do I fail to understand?
            The part about Britain and America being the dominant powers?
            The part about Britain and its rise to becoming the most advanced society, the most powerful country, with the ability to stop you from going to your local well 5 miles away, just because they want a laugh?
            A hyper nation? The ONLY hyper nation? never seen your country become a hyper nation. Or even a lone superpower, like modern America!
            When this happens, you may respond. Until then, fuck off and spend money on your economy and children instead of guns and ammo.

            Denying my knowledge of history, must mean you’re jealous. Well, who wouldn’t be jealous of a hyper nation like Britain or a lone superpower like America. I learn my history not from what my dumbasfuck fathers told me in some scribbled goat language, but what everyone knows and has acknowledged, in the most advanced English Language. You know, that language you’re using right now? You hate English? Then why speak English. Fucking queer.

            You Muslims cannot comprehend the fact that you are washed up. Useless.
            Bloody hell, the only reason America is fighting you is because of your oil reserves! Why else would we bother? Because you’re a threat? FUCK NO! More like throwing stones at a brick wall. Us being the wall, you being the stone throwers. Quite fitting, don’t you think?

            So, rant over. Hopefully you have acknowledged that you are of less use to us than a solar powered torch at night.
            (In case you don’t know, a torch is a modern day invention, invented in the west that emits light. Magical isn’t it?)

            Anyway. Please provide evidence of this Allah.
            Also, please explain yourself. What do I not know about history?
            What language are you meant to speak in? Why are you using English, not your own language?
            Oh. You probably don’t have one. Probably spent too much time tending to your goats to ensure the produce enough shit to build your houses and feed your children.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Westrrn asshole

            you really know how to lie you perverted drunk but us Mislims know how to fight and kill.

            Islam is taking over and soon America will be a Muslim nation.

            also you’ll know the pain of Islamic violence when Us Muslims hand you your gizzard
            and sink our sariffs into your eyeballs.

            eat shit and die mofo

        • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

          YES akmad I’m not leaving I enjoy talking down to scum muslims like you adbaullalalalah the pig butcher and hassam the terrorist its sad to know that you ppl are suffering tho and still backwards putting a towel that you shower with (if you do take showers) I know you fuckers over here smell really bad – around your head and dumb enough to actually blow yourself up

  • AmaZedAtheStupidity

    Wow! Just Wow! Hope all these coments are satiric in nature also.Because if not? People are too stupid to keep going on and I fear for the future of humanity. Maybe we NEED to nuke the world and let some other lifeforms have a chance lol!

  • Kahlid

    I shall tame this Limey harlot and blast her vampyric anus!

    • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

      this aint your mother kallad who wouldnt even look at a piece of shit like you

      • robert

        I think that Muslims ought to tell the truth an admit u Jack off to these pictures too an stop the holier than thou attitude an get off ur fucking high horse an admit ur no better than the rest of us u like pictures of naked women just as much as the rest of us


    you people have gone entirely personal and nuts im from USA this site used to be fun, what happened now its all weird what about lightheartedness and understanding? ok so some follow jesus, others allah others buddha there a thousand paths leading to same destination, get a grip! embrace difference get real!!! or like someone said us humans should step aside and give another species a chance! were the only ones to fuck everything up!!! go with the flow . u know we all started in africa then migrated to middle east then alll over were 1 human tribe !! peace!

    • SARAH B

      On a more serious note, does anyone think that Kate Beckinsale would drink my menstrual blood? Can vampires really get nourishment from my disgusting, sinful flow?

      It would ease the pain if being a lonely spinster if I knew that Kate was gobbling my eggs instead of them just going into the a heavy flow tampon.

      Kate, if you’re reading this: I LOVE U!

      • darknessFreedom Makes the terrorist jealous

        akmad u a female now? you just gave kallad and abdaulalalaha a hard on they like the smell of men asses tho

      • Muhammed The Masturbator

        Ha ha. Sexy. I almost came. Then a little blood came out. I think I’ve torn my foreskin.

  • Who gives a shit??

    … Can’t we all just enjoy a little porn? Seriously. You “infidels” are fucking stupid. If you really think this site was made to show how “Allah” will punish these celebrities for showing their tits and vagina, you’re wrong. It was actually made, you guessed it, to watch porn. Now, men, back to bashing the bishop.

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    I lik the brits there completely rite exept that the united states crushed yall towel head fucks not the brits an we are the most dominate force around we fucked you towel head fucks over in every war thats been fought in yals shity sandboxs that yall call a country


    westernized ur a dumb fuck if u think thsts how it was in WWIIif we wpuldnt of stepef in all of europe would be germany dumb ass yall was getn bit fucked till we cam in an in veitnam yall got fucked too

  • Usa

    lol usa is number one for military. Try and argue that. That’s right you can’t

  • Time2Rethink

    Ok – If you all want to argue about things thats fine. Every Culture has its delinquents, every religion its extremists. ‘WHITE’ people rape, kill, etc – yes, but really? All of us? Doubt it. Other cultures do the same. Legal age in UK for consentual sex is 16 – in other countries lower some higher. Why is everyone fighting over this – you want to kill each other please do, but just shut up! Or are your ‘Mouths’ just moving like a fish’s and spouting shit because your 7.
    Think on this. One day something will happen and Humanity will be united. And it wont be war with another culture.

  • brandon anniss

    dam i wanna fuck her so hard.

  • bob25

    All u people stuip bitching fucks keep complaining about pointless shit yes i agree governments are fucked up but u cant look at past the past is the past future is now we all bleed red When were hurting we cry we are all the Same we all have to deal with pain

  • Everyone shut the fuck up! I

    Why the fuck are you all arguing?! You all are grown men bitching about how you’re better than everyone else on this site that you originally came on to to masturbate to. Oh and I’m American and Ihate to piss off some of the Americans on here but speak like the educated folks you are. “Y’all” is not a word. We have an advanced education system in place for a reason. “Not the m

  • Everyone shut the fuck up! I

    Most advanced education system, I get that, but a good one all the same.) Oh and by the way we Americans are not your stereotypical Southern couch potatoes that play video games all day. I am more active than most people,(please do not go on a tangent saying why you’re more active) I swim 2-6 miles five days a week and I am in the top 50 of a class of 1,152 in one of my state’s most prestigous schools. Please don’t give me shit for explaining my accomplishments, just trying to point out that Americans are pretty decent people. That’s all. Live and let live.

  • rhsmith

    I once had a friend who was raised as a Mormon .. He was a nice guy and lived a clean life.. He was killed in Iraq last year fighting to protect people who did not even want him there.. My point is this, when someone is raised inside a religion , they do not have a choice but to live by it’s standards and worship it’s God.. But when we all become adults we have no excuse and should no better.. I am a Christian and Jesus is the only way for me! I’m not mad at u Muslims or any other reason this is just what I believe personally .. Never fails I go looking for a nude celeb and it’s turns into a religious argument… No matter whAt religion u all are u can’t argue with a body like thT…

    • Mohammed

      Why isn’t every one like you ,people have to know that we are all humans iam a muslim and I respect every religion and culturs

  • yonigr mooslms

    Duno bout GB but here in US the dumb ass googles like to walk around in muslim gear as if there intimidating someone. (NOT) Their just makin themselves look even dumber.Thank God the govmnt made it so they have to have I.D. to vote. U shud see em all crying bout it. Its a fkng joke. Anyway the dumb ass googles one day u will see them outside wearing tiny lil booty shorts half there ass hangin out (disgustin) a week later youll see the same girl totally covered with that stupid scarf over iver their head. Google muslums are so fckng fake. US googles are the fckng worst , right aftr the 911 incident on US suddenly u see them dressing in that crap. I wish and prey their is another civil war

    • Dharma Midget

      Pussy bitch.

  • [email protected]

    you sick fucks should all be shot. the west is what makes the world. your little dirty desert countries would be nothing with out us. whats your largest export? oil. and who is the main buyers? western countries. you useless pieces of rag head shit. you should be burnt on CROSSES. although i dont believe in that nonsense im sure you would love it. you cant even protect your own people. you have to rely on the west and her allies to protect your sorry asses.

    i am sorry if i offended anyone who does not share the same views as these pathetic scum. i do not mean offence to all just the sick fucks who created and post insulting bull shit about the west on here.

    Canada Represent

  • I am proud to be russian


  • Rob M

    LMAO! Their religion does say that they get 72 virgins, but they didn’t say that they would be WOMEN.

  • andy mohammed alibaba

    allah akbar, allah akbar..allah is great.

  • I am Proud to be Russian


    • tyger8

      your all a bunch of racist hate mongers which is no different than those ISLAMIC terrorist who were paid, equiped,and trained by U.S. agencies so if you pay taxes then your 1.018 as responsible for 911 next yall will be crying about russia or england or some other race or culture like brainless moron tend to do

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  • Reuben

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  • The Knights Templar

    Ya know I’m sick of these Arab extremists on this website……hey my western brothers wanna fuck up some Abdullah the 50 yalear old virgin???????????? And youuuuu Abdullah the gayest guy I realize ur gettin owned lol I wonder you speak of taking over the west and Islam spreading???? Well let me tell you IN YOUR DREAMS.WHY? Cause that will never happen besides the hellhole middle east had been nothing but a wasteland for little bittches like Abdullah or towel headed,ak loving sheep herders ok. So don’t even say the middle east will beat the rest of the world cuz that ain’t happening.I mean what middle eastern country has ever had any territories(Africa,north America,east Asia,Africa) see exactly the middle east has been at war since the beginning with others and themselves for thousands of years.Its the devils lapdog like Abdullah to talk about jihad and strappig bombs to yourselfs to do a work nobody else would do. Seriously do muslims even go to school let alone access to the internet I thought you sand googles were WAYY to poor for any of this lol just remmember Abdullah and your little jihadst friends you attack us with whatever you have just remmember you won’t live to lose your virginty…fuck sharia law!!!!!!!

  • The Knights Templar

    And seriously everbody get the fuck along this website isn’t for religon or war it’s for 59 year old Muslim virgins lol lol lol

  • guillaume le conquerant

    how about the fact that britain was conquered so successfully and completely that whatever british culture existed in 1066 has been utterly buried? your entire society is a subsidiary of french culture, established by the bastard son of a duke. your royal insignia is IN FRENCH. you can thank your briefly held colonies for whatever ‘hyper’ bullshit power you thought you had, and we americans can thank you for not being able to put down an extremely disorganized yet far more courageous and witty american militia. my point being: continue to talk about the past as though it has any bearing on your current status as a world power. the US is pleased to see you in such a dimunitive state, and we will continue to use you to bridge the gap between communist pussy europe and our land of the free. think for a moment. the us controls almost 30 percent of the world’s gdp next to UK’s 4%. you tried to tax our tea and we took away your empire. who are the real cunts? those who brag hyper power when little conflict was met, you pussies went guns vs. no guns against the third world. too bad americans figured out how medieval your army was and stood up for what was right. now we have all the fucking chips and you can continue to blab about the good old days when you were hypercunts instead of the dry humor loving, bad teeth having, still tea drinking, american movie watching and uglier-than-us cunts you are today.

    • guillaume le conquerant


  • jake

    ooo guillaume le conquerant you are a sexy beast i like big muslim boys ! if you used all that anger and passion on my arse hole i would be a very happy man ! i get stiff just thinking about it mmm;) you can bomb my arse anytime :)
    lots of love jake
    from a country were we live our relaxed beside the beach and not a worry in the world :)
    good luck with religion mate …….
    only for the weak or small brained . get a real passion you only live once !no matter what yout daddy told you and by the sounds of it ….your wasting it on being angry that you were not brought up in a western country boo hoo have a cry
    big hugs from heaven hope you will make it here some day ,i truly do

  • Stan Lee

    British power world power exerted by Brits on other Brits in British pubs and on British forums.

  • fuck all muslims

    All Muslims are worthless pieces of shit. Fuck you all and shall you and your whore mothers rot in the most horrible hell anyone can imagine for all of eternity.

  • avalin

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  • Jay.

    I don’t give a shit what anyone’s religion is, just keep it to yourself and stop buggin the rest of us. God doesnt exist so stop trying to tell us what he/she thinks. You havent got a clue what you fake god is asking us. WE DONT WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK YOU TWATS. God x

  • The creator

    She is not real.i had seen her legs before…

  • robby

    watta idiot

  • robby

    watta idiot