Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Video

Karissa Shannon Sex Tape

We have just received exclusive video of the Karissa Shannon sex tape.

What a surprise another day and another infidel whore trying to strike it rich by having sex with a black guy on camera. This time the infidel whore is Karissa Shannon who was a Playboy model and briefly pretended to date Hugh Hefner for the show “The Girls Next Door”.

When did the rumor start that black guys ejaculate fame and money? Stupid Western sluts like Karissa Shannon seem to think that by getting their well used holes stretched on a sex tape by a black they will suddenly become America’s sweetheart. In my village the only women that sleep with blacks are the fat ones, and they certainly aren’t proud of it and would never record it.

Here is the video from Karissa Shannon’s sex tape aptly titled “Karissa Shannon Superstar” because I’m sure you degenerate kuffar Westerners will worship Karissa for the sick sexual perversions she performs on this tape.

See the Full Tape Here

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    • Irony

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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