Kardashian Sister Kendall Jenner Bikini Pics

Kendall Jenner bikini

Kendall Jenner is a reality TV star and the 15-year-old sister of porn star Kim Kardashian. She is also ripe for breeding as the pictures of Kendall in a bikini below clearly show.

Kendall’s moms Bruce and Kris Jenner would be wise to sell Kendall off now, while she still has her maidenhead and would fetch a decent price. Since Kendall Jenner has Kardashian blood in her it is simply a matter of time before the starting lineup for the Los Angeles Clippers gets to her, turning her taut teen body into a soggy flabby mess.

Let us hope that the Kardashian elders learned their lesson with Kim Kardashian, and find Kendall Jenner a proper Muslim suitor before it is too late. I myself have sent an offer of a bushel of figs and 3 goats of my choosing for the purchase Kendall. Extremely generous I must say, but I have yet to hear back.


Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I would not give more than 3 goats and one camel for this infidel.
    At 15 she is already past her prime reproductive age and within a few years she will be dragging around the infamous kardassian ass…which we all know is just too damn big (except to googles)

    • Zoey

      And are you kidding? she is not yet ready to be a mother, she is just 16, you sick bastard!

  • Prophet Mohammed

    At 15 yrs old this Kendall girl better hurry up and reproduce…and this will certainly happen with a virile musmlim mans. I suspect this needs to happen soon or she will be too old and washed up for reproduction purposes and nearly no good to a powerful sheik. If her moms would have auctioned her off when see was 11 or 12, the perfect ages for reproduction, then she would have surely fetched a higher price. That said, I’ll offer 3 goats, a small camel, and a bushel of poppy seeds for the google loving Kardashians to enjoy.


  • Jihad Shah

    I for one would demand that her lesbians parents pay ME for giving this pig the honor of bearing my child.

  • Westside willy

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

      backside willy

      You degenerate asshole. These are your own words, “I used to beat guys like you.”

      I always said you were a homoqueer; now I’ve got your confession.

      • Westside willy

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

          backside willy

          That homoqueer love talk of yours only works on your cell mate lovers. I know you and your asshole miss the big house but don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be back in jail before fall.

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          • Westside willy

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

            backside bandit

            You dumbass mofo.
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    • theheadchimp

      Backdoor willy
      The only thing you beat is your meat. And seeing as how you got a dick as big as your thumb it makes you cry….what a pussy.

    • jaime

      Some people have no sense of humor.

  • D. Frosted Weiner

    hotter than camel…i mean kim

  • Westside willy

    Most Arabs and Persians are caucasoids too dipshit.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      westside woman wannabe

      You are a dumbass mofo and incapable of comprehending above the pre-k level.

  • sammantha

    The Kardashian’s don’t want you 3 wives Durka. You already fucked the shit out of them over 10000000000 times.

  • Alex

    Thank you for shows me pictures that I do not have to feel guilty for debasing myself to. Praise Allah. She is old enough to join my harem.

  • Zoey

    SO FUNNY!!! i mean i know she is not stupid, she would never be with some idiot who thinks men are superior to woman, i mean that’s soo stupid and funny LOL

  • Anonymous

    dammm i’d like me a piece of that!