• a whitey


  • yada

    That was a classic! Hilarious! =D

  • seadog

    yo…kanye..im really happy for you .and im gonna let you finish…..but….what a a..hole.taylor should have knocked his punk ass out..better than that come to my house kanye and i will be happy to show you how we handle rude a..holes like you !!!! get you some…..paul lee potts…a.k.a seadog….joe boys rule!!!!!!!!

  • Anon

    Good job stealing from /b/ faggot

  • Neville

    this is an epic page . keep the bad ass attitude CJ

  • meow

    lmaoooo epic page!

  • Ioan

    Yo Barack! I’m really happy for you on the healthcare reform and I’mma let you finish but Cuba has one of the best healtcare systems of all time!! All time!!

    Barack: Jackass!!

  • Lyn


  • Dead Ed


    I like the:

    Congressman Joe Wilson: YOU LIE!