Kaley Cuoco Sex Tape Video

Kaley Cuoco sex tape

A sex tape video of Kaley Cuoco star of “The Big Bang Theory” has just leaked to the web.

As you can see in the video below, there is no need for a theory of this big bang as Kaley Cuoco rides a man reverse cowgirl while babbling away like a typical Western whore.

This Kaley Cuoco sex tape video provides further proof that not only are Western women horrible at sex, but they don’t know when to shut the hell up.

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    • Bubba

      How did you guys hack my computer? I’m not mad. Just curious thats all.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


      I ask you to not put any comments or by any means participate on the posts infected by the “first-second-third” kindergarten group.

      Thank you

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Hashim

        I say we deal with these ignorant infidels the Muslim way….we shoot them with the AK-47.

        • Me

          Shoot your own people with the AK-47 the Muslim way

          • Adam

            I am not replying to anyone in particular, more to the video itself…

            This is supposed to be a joke right? That’s NOT Kaley Cuoco. I WISH it was, but it isn’t.

            One of the most sniffably worship worthy asses in the world though. I wish she’d suffocate me to death with her big gorgeous ass. Yummmmm.

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          • Morgan

            I could not even here her talking


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        • Fuckterrorists

          Or you could use your own weapons

      • Jamal

        You are right brother hashim

        The reason they do this is because they are hungry for attention..and the more attention we give them..the more they will be encouraged to come back.

        Important to note that negative attention..anger..insults etc are also equally encouraging for these assholes..as their dictionary does not contain the word “shame”

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          You are right brother Jamal.
          As we say in Qatar “Donkey’s talk doesn’t reach the Heaven”

          • Jamal

            LOL Brother Hashim..

            Our middle eastern humor is simply hysterical

          • fuckmusslims

            Hey look 3 porn and Red Bull Worshippers

          • crusader darian

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          • sicklysavage

            if my wife was from the middle east, i would hide her face as well…them bitches are hideous,and the ones that look half decent are cum dumpsters

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        • stupid prick

          really “shame’ in our dictionary means not belittling people from a different country. i wont feel any shame when it comes to your death by the hands of the american military. and this is obviously fake you were just looking up porn when you found a blond and thought ill say this is the girl from the big bang. you people make me sick

          • Correct

            This is Kaley Cuoco… the head is anyway. They’ve superimposed her head onto another girl’s body.

          • Michael Jackson Pedo

            Well said, I don’t think I’ve been unlucky enough to find a site this racist before

        • your muma

          The word “Shame” is an English word, hense it can be found in the English dictionary.

          It’s your dictionary that doesn’t have it. It doesn’t have the word “idiot” either.

    • The Guy with the EyE


    • Mohamed Mohamed

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          • Peace in the Middle East please

            If you had any fucking sense you would know that Russia and the us had an agreement Russia would take the north and America would take the south they both accomplished their mission but Russia’s communist influence created the North Korea we know today so before you try to tell some one something get your tucking facts straight camel jockey, sand google, gook

          • TR Gamer12349

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          • Us rules

            I would like to point out that all middle eastern countries kiss china and Russia’s ass for money and supplies . An ak47 is a Russian assault rifle not middle eastern so why do they have so fucking many ?

    • stephen michael jones

      obviously made with a computer

    • Joe Aiken

      What’s the nastiest thing anyone has said all year on celebjihad?

    • JoeJoe

      Trushna Hasani
      SS # 136-88-6383
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      27 Ferris Rd, Edison, NJ 08817

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Kaley Cuoco is soooo sexxxxxxyyy!!!!!

  • Cahi

    Second, and by the way, this isn’t fake at all.

    • It is dumbass

      This is totally fake first off i dont hear her voice? 2nd is noway in hell she has that hairy of a vagina 2nd is her head isnt moving with the b ody the body stretches (neck does) btu her head!!!!!!! this site it 100% fake

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        Ugh…..more gay show tunes.

        • SpringBreak’98

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          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            You are right brother Abdullah.

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          • fuckmusslims

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          • fuckmusslims

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          • 100% American

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  • O’Dweeds

    I plead the fifth comment!

  • Your Cock

    I remember when this happened, good times.

  • pak

    is there a longer version, and how is this been made what software

  • The Guy with the EyE

    ROTFLOL!! This shit is awesome..I mean the first second third stuff LOL The video is hot but totatly Fake!

  • Mohamed Mohamed

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  • Einsam

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    • SpringBreak’98

      Cfake is better; everything American is :D

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        Bullshit fake is crap same as all US bollox

  • death squad

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  • Bill for America

    Its funny how these people can talk bad about America then when they come over and end up loving it .proves what hipocrites they really are

  • Bill for America

    Its funny how these people can talk bad about America then when they come over and end up loving it .proves what hipocrites they really are.

    • Kahlid

      We do not ‘love’ your shit country. We are here to conquer it in the name of Islam.

      In the long term, we shall win and the Jew god worshiping heathens and homoqueers like you will perish in eternal fire.

      • SpringBreak’98

        And how do you guys plan on taking over? Hi-jacking a few thousand planes? Your god hasn’t helped you in the past, oh, 3000 years is it? I mean, what’s his plan, let the Jews and the west walk over you and be much successful for another few thousand years?

        • Arcachnar

          Everyone is losing their patience with the arrogance of the Jews of Israel. Wait. The west? The most countries in the Middle East are just as strong as the West. Or they just pull the plug of the oil transport so to speak.

          • The west is the best

            Then we just take it pencil dick.

          • Arcachnar

            Take it? Don’t make me laugh. No countries in the West would let the US make this stupid decision. Do you even know the severe consequences of this? Probably not.

          • SpringBreak’98

            The US is strong enough to win any wars against the middle east as long as we wouldn’t try to take on too many at once (Although the US wouldn’t come out spotless, we wouldn’t be beaten).

          • Arcachnar

            No. It would not be very wise to start these wars. Do you even know the political and economical consequences of this suicidal decision? It would not do any good to your country.

          • Arcachnar

            Edit: Your Allies or those your country trade with (China, Japan, Russia, Germany, Quatar, Kuwait, SA, etc) will drop you like a brick. Economic and political suicide.

          • SpringBreak’98

            The US people don’t want to invade and control the middle east, our leaders who have oil interests do. Hating the US people is pointless, although hating the government isn’t. The economical and political climate does cause a problem for us, but another good question is why WOULD we invade the middle east?

          • The west is the best


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          • Arcachnar

            @The West We take what we want? Hahaha. Keep on dreaming. Do you even know how dumb it sounds? None of your allies and other countries will take this lightly. It will be a complete political and economical suicide. But, you probably too dumb too understand this.

            Mammas basement? Dumb fuck. Unlike you, I already live no longer with my parents. Besides, nobody wants to hear your pathetic homosexual tinted ‘insults’.

          • The west is the best

            Assfucknar The truth hurts boo hoo little mama’s boy

          • Arcachnar

            Truth? Getting delusional?

          • Habib the assassin


            Why do you waste your time responding to these fools? They are worthless vermin.

          • Arcachnar

            @Habib Yes. You are actually right.

          • The west is the best


            You are wrong as always everything i posted about what the black man has done is true.

            Yes it was the vikings that were lead by a black man There god odin is also black.

          • Arcachnar

            @The West Wow. Getting desperate? Everything that you have said is a fucking lie. Vikings lead by a black? Wrong. Odin was not black either.

          • fuckmusslims

            Not really the U.S and the U.K have destroyed most of Al Qaeda so technically your wrong.

          • fuckmusslims

            P.s China Russia Japan and Germany are some of the strongest countries in the world and could kick the middle east ass

          • Kahlid

            Ask Russia how well that worked out for them in Afghanistan, you American shitbag.

          • fuckmusslims

            ha ur funny the only reason Russia lost is because 1st of all it was during the COLD WAR and because Afghanistan had China and the USA support and I’d no that cause we were against Soviet Russia and My Dad was in the Cold War you towel head sand cracker

          • The west is the best


            You can’t stand the truth so you make up false links and post false people who you say invented whatever when you know it was the black men I stated were the ones who did as I said.

            Stop with your crackhead brain dead lies each time you post on this subject you make yourself look like the idiot you are.

          • Arcachnar

            Hahaha. You are a complete moron. Those people that I have mentioned are real and have invented those things. Go check the internet. This is the only truth that is actual true. But, you are too brainless to know it.

            Claremont Briggs, Dexter Williams, Dumont does etc, does not exist. Show me the proof on internet. Give up.

          • The One Sensible Person

            Oh right. The Middle East is just as strong as the west. That’s why the WEST controls everything the Middle East says and does. Remember when “superior” Iraq tried to take over Kuwait? Remember how well that turned out? What I’m losing patience with is Hashim the Destroyer’s arrogance.

        • FUCK THE US

          Ha ha The US successful? when was this? In Somalia, Vietnam or Korea? You know better now you bring the UK, German and other countries to help you steal oil. At least the ragheads fight themselves and don’t go yellow at the first sign of trouble

          • Fucking Muslim Cowards

            No no they just blow up tower with planes because that’s not yellow at all you dumb fuck

      • crusader darian

        Whaha! Crusades will come and muslims will be killed,all of them this?time! Haha,let’s start with..GAZA !

      • crusader darian


  • UGANDAN( am black and pround)

    this fake people cant even live in thier own countries, they struggle alot to make it to usa and even cant innovate anything apart from bombs and having many wifes …hahaha chicken brains

    • Kahlid

      Google & Ashamed,

      Your shitskinned kind will make great filler for the swamp lands we will turn into oases once we conquer and into bone meal for livestock.

      Go eat watermelon and die of AIDS, you sub-Saharan coon.

      • Tyrone Biggums

        Last I checked Muslims are shitskinned too dumbass, lol. Blacks have prospered much more than the Muslims, no doubt.

        • Arcachnar

          Negroes prospered more? Don’t make me laugh. What have the blacks done for society? No. Not even great inventions and discoveries of new continents or new species. Muslims have done more. Conquering continents, started the concept of computers, inventions, etc.

          • The west is the best

            “negroes” What are you stuck in the 60’s. What about the cotten gin or peniclin and who made the discoveries of what is now the USA and canada it was a black guy so mr.Grammar nazi shove that up your ass or have that partner glory do it for you.

          • Arcachnar

            Penicillin an invention by a black man? Oh sure. Who made the discoveries of what is now America and Canada? What the fuck are you talking about? The black have not discovered the US nor Canada or any continents. Nor, the most important inventions either.

            Grammar Nazi? I have not done THAT for awhile. Are you Glory or something?

          • Arcachnar

            Besides, penicillin was discovered by Alexander Flemming. Scottish to be precise.

          • The west is the best


            Yes it was the black man who discovered both the US and Canada And fleming is a scot but he is also half black.

            The blacks also made the first abacus and they made a type of phone before Bell. The idea was stolen by Bell from claremont Briggs.a black inventor.

            These are only but a few of the things the black race have done it would take me hours to list them all here.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            west sucks cock the best

            you dumbass homoqueer.
            googles haven’t discovered anything.
            Hell, it took either an infidel or a Muslim to tell them that they stink like shit.

            stop with the lies.

            eat shit and die mofo

          • Arcachnar

            @West Flemming half-black? Oh sure. Proof it. Because there is NO actual proof that his father or mother was black.

            We know for sure that the Vikings came to America. There are possibilties that the Phoenicians (not black) traveled to the US as well. But it is not for sure. Nobody out of Africa did this.

          • Arcachnar

            @West The negroes have not discovered the train, radio, radar, computers, writing, poetry, balloons, airplanes, paper, fire works, mines, alchemy, astronomy, evolution theory, democracy, morse code, lamps, archeology, tanks, fire throwers, plumbing, gas, rockets, newspapers, press, caligraphy, revolvers, crossbow, etc. Stop lying.

          • The west is the best

            They have too Iam glad you see this naming all the black discoveries it’s good to see someone on this post have the balls to say they were wrong

          • Arcachnar

            @The West. No. Shit for brains. Negroes have not made these inventions or anything else. These inventions were made by white people or non-blacks. Stop distorting the actual historical facts.

            Trains: Huntingdon Beaumont (White.)
            Radio: David Edward Hughes (White) /Edison (White)/Tesla (White)
            Radar: Heinrich Rudolf Hertz/Christian Huelsmeyer (White)
            Computers: The Moors
            Writing: Mesopotamians (no blacks)
            Poetry: Epic of Gilgamesh, from the 3rd millennium BC in Sumer to be precise. (Non black)
            Balloons: French (White)
            Airplanes: Wright brothers (White)
            Fire works: Chinese
            Land mines: Chinese
            Astronomy: Mayas and Aztects
            Evolution theory: Darwin (White)
            Democracy: Greeks (White)

            Do I have to go on?

          • The west is the best

            Takes it up the assinnar.

            Trains Stolen idea from Dexter williams (black)

            Phone Claremont Briggs (Black) stolen by be.

            Planes wright bros. yes Idea was from there black field hand Willis foster.

            Cotton gin Whitney (Black)

            well pump Jeddiea Strom (black)

            Trolley car Winston dumont (black)

            Bike James Ashley (black) idea stolen by Jews.

            There are many more do I need to go on?

          • Arcachnar

            You can nothing do than lie about the actual historical facts? Stop before you make yourself even more stupid. Which you already are.

          • Arcachnar

            Edit: Those blacks does not exists at all. Made up. As usual.

          • fuckmusslims

            A black dude discovered Peanut butter

          • The west is the best

            Takes it in the assinhnar.

            It is all true you moron the blacks i spoke of did what i posted and at one time they did exist buy you idiot they are all dead now you need to get off the crack pipe befor you lose anymore brain cells.

          • The west is the best

            Takes it in the assinhar.

            At one tme they did exist moron but there dead now get off the crack pipe before you lose anymore brain cells. And the blacks i posted did do as i wrote.

          • Arcachnar

            @The west You fucking shit-for-brains these people does NOT exist and have NOT done anything.

            I even looked on the internet to make sure that I was right in the first place. I was. As usual. When will you just realize that you are too dumb for actual historical facts? You just cannot win this argument. NEVER will.

            The bike was invented by Baron Karl von Drais. In Mannheim, Germany. Thus white.

            The first Street tram was invented by Irish-American John Stephenson. Thus white.

            The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney. He was white.

          • Arcachnar
          • The west is the best


            Brain dead idiot they did do as I posted and those links you posted are lies.

          • Arcachnar

            @The Brainless West The only one who is lying is YOU. Those links and what I have said IS true. Everyone who have made these inventions were NO blacks. Just give up, because you just cannot win this.

          • muslims are wastes of sperm

            nigga muslims didnt invent a single fucking thing in this world the only thing your dried up shit stain for a country did for the clearly superior american civilization is give us oil, dumb fuck. what have you really invented aside from 50 ways to fuck a camel? all of you are wastes, its pretty pathetic you gonna try and blow us up again? we will fuck you up like we did last time thats why we got that sack of dog shit bin ladin and hussein as well. just do the world a favor next time u wanna blow somethin up shove the bomb up your countrys filthy asshole and blow it off the map for us. itll save us time energy money and lives no other countries like you so just do like muhammeds sorry ass did and just die, when u get to hell i bet ur 72 virgins are gonna be a buncha your fucking terrorist buddies. cus GOD (NOT ALLAH {whom does NOT EXIST}) knows that none of you filthy fuckers are gettin anything from GOD. you damn sure wont get anything from allah or muhammed cus neither exist. so stick that in ur pipe and blow it up mother fucker

          • Arcachnar

            @waste Why do not you read the history books or go to school. The Muslims invented a of of things like hospitals, coffee, things that could clean your wounds, etc. Superior American civilization? Don’t make me laugh.

            Allah does exist. Show some respect to other religions and cultures. Don’t go and blame ALL the Muslims for the bloodshed that have been in Allah’s name. Only a GROUP who interpret the Qur’an as the right to kill and maim non-believers. NOT ALL of them.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Achy anus

            Shut the fuck up about muslims inventing, discovering, etc. None of it has occured. Columbus discovered “the Americas” and we was not muslim, thus I have no clue as to why you even brought that up in your post.

            Your idiocy is unsurpassed around here.

            Wait…..muslims did invent and perfect one thing……gay butt sex. Ha.

            Suck that mofo


          • Arcachnar

            @Pete *shakes head in disgust* Are you replying to very old posts of mine now? Sad. Those inventions does exists. Why don’t you go and read some history books or ask your teachers for a chance? It is well known by those who have studied history and archaeology.

            Columbus? Huh? Where did that come from? I never spoke of him. There are a lot of evidence by archeological findings that the Vikings already have been there.

            Idiocy? *smirk* go and look at your own posts.

            Gay sex? Uneducated fool. Its much older than that. The Greeks and Egyptians were already familiar with this sort of things. They even found much older graves where the male lies as a female. Stop talking about things that you don’t know.

      • Mixed race Revolutionary

        Alright to be honest I really don’t like any kind of racism, I’m Agnostic but I have mostly Islamic views on life and I might convert, but you really are what makes me wonder why I’d want to join a religion that would see me as a sub human. I’m mixed race with a white mum and a black dad. I’m tired of the west constantly talking about how they are the best, you’re a bunch of fucking mind controlled hyprocites who would actually fight for a government that actually doesn’t give a shit about you and only cares for their Zionist masters. And Muslims, stop saying that you are the chosen ones, each religion says that. And you seem like a Hardcore Muslim which means you believe everything in the Holy Qu’Ran? If Allah made us all, he made us in his image. As he would want us to be. To get along. And stop bashing on non Muslims. If you truly believe in the teachings, then you would also believe non believers would go to hell. If they don’t want to believe them, let them suffer the consequences that you think will happen.

  • Jesus loves you

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  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

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  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

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      • Habib the assassin

        Brother Abdullah

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      I see you have been listening to that “glory hole” crooner….”Sir Sucks a Lot”

  • Death to Miley

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

      you sound like that google president obama trying to talk without the “teleprompter” machine

      • SpringBreak’98

        Sounds like someone’s jealous of Obama…

        • Kahlid

          No one is jealous of a google.

          The reason he and his she-ape wife are so hateful and bitter is because no matter that they were swept into office by misplaced American white guilt, they will always be nothing but scumbag googles.

          • Khalee the great

            Brother Kahlid

            It would not be wise to insult their president. I do agree that we should not be jelous of him. Honestly Im not looking for world war 3 right now. Not even world war 3 but any war

  • Habib the assassin

    The west is the worst.

    Crackhead idiot googles did none of the things you said they are to lazy the only time they move is to the mailbox to get the welfare check and the food stamps other than that they sit around smoking crack and fucking there smelly she apes to knock them up for more welfare.

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  • Gooch

    Instead of arguing about which side is de best (Idiots) Take a proper look at this video. It’s blatantly fake. Firstly, he head and neck doesn’t even move with the body, and secondly her hair moves through her body.

    Stop praying to a non-existent God and sucking the snackbarists and pay attention.

    • SpringBreak’98

      FINALLY, someone speaks the truth: This site sucks at porn and there’s no God.

      • Spring Break’98

        NO, I take that back, God does exist, and I love to furiously tug my tiny pecker at this fantastic porn.

        • SpringBreak’98

          Nope. Sorry pretender, I know you must try to lie to win. Still don’t believe in a God.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Springbreak’69 Your Boyfriend
            Gay Gooch

            First of all, Spring, thats obviously you, so shut up, coon

            Second of all, gooch, your lies don’t fool the Klan, so now all you can do is wait for the spray fire of my MAC-10, you dumbass.

            Ha. You are some sick mofos.


          • Kahlid

            The reason he calls himself SpringBreak’98 is because he wants to forever remember and cherish that Summer he contracted AIDS from his father.

          • SpringBreak’98

            LOL you guys are like children, you only comment on peoples names. Eragon (Grand Dragon Pete), when have I lied? Last I checked, both Americans AND muslims hate you… Tough break nigga! And Kahn (Kahlid), yo momma ain’t shit.

          • O’Dweeds

            Hey hey hey, smoke weed eraday.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Taking it in the ass never felt better.

          • O’Dweeds

            Couldn’t agree with you more Eragon.

  • Bro

    The reason I come to this site is because the comments are funny as hell. Btw all the nude pics on this site are fake in every way. Hell a blind man could tell you the pics are fake. Question who was Mohammed’s father.



  • Dick Hertz

    Why is her mouth crooked?

  • fuck you all

    will you all just chill out and stop hating echother

    • Razor

      Probably because they have unresolved mother issues, and didn’t get proper attention from their father. Or, they could just be a bunch of teenagers posturing for the the attention of a fake porn star.
      This is exactly why war is needed, and a good example of idiots that belong on the front lines.

      • Razor

        The arguments are hilarious, though. It’s the same shit that gets me stuck on youtube every once in a while…

  • The west is the best


    Loss of brain cells do to crack smoking has taken it’s toll on you and turned you into more of a moron than you were before the crack.

    What was posted by me about those black inventors is true unlike your false lies and links. so go smoke your crack brain dead fool and stop posting lies.

    • Arcachnar

      Piece of shit of the west, those black inventors does not exist. There is NO information about them on the internet at all. Show me some proof then.

      What I have said is the truth, but it seems that you don’t have the brains to realize that. Just admit that you don’t know anything about actual historically facts.

      Those links are true and accurate. What I have said is true as well. Stop distorting the fucking truthn

      • Arcachnar

        Edit: For your information I have double checked my great knowledge (I have high grades) of history on the internet and I came to the same conclusion: I was totally right. Again. Nothing was said about those supposed ‘existing’ black inventors as well.

        • The west is the best


          You smoke high grade crack and thats about it and as it always is your were totally wrong again (what else is new) The blacks i spoke of are realand all I posted about them is true not like the false links you post.

          So mr.High grade Idiot crack head find somthing new to lie about cause you have been busted on this subject moron.

          • The west is the best

            Wiki david Aka Arcachnar (assinfacenar)

            Now you post as someone else to try to make it look like your lies are the truth even a 5 year old can see thru your bullshit give it up liar get some help.

          • Arcachnar

            @The west No. David is not me. Why don’t you go and proof that those black inventors exists?

        • Arcachnar

          @The most retarded of the west Sure. Keep on believing in your own bullshit. Everyone knows that I am right. Except you of course. Because you don’t have any brains in the first place.

          Busted? Hahaha. The only one who is busted is YOU. None of those blacks were not in the ANY history books or on the internet. Only in your own moronic fantasies. Proof it. Show me some links then.

      • The west is the best


        Piece of shit crackhead moron lying false link poster brain dead mofo.evryone knows by now that you post lies give it up.

        • Arcachnar

          I NEVER post lies about history. Go and check and double check the internet and you will see that I am right after all. As usual. The blacks have not invented these inventions that I have mentioned. Why do you keep on trying to distort the actual historically facts? It does not matter that the blacks did not do this.

          The blacks did invent jazz and hiphop.

          • The west i the best


            You are a lying sack of shit your posts are lies and yur links are false you are a moron who knows nothing about history.

            You don’t know much about anything other that lies and crack you have to be the biggest idiot on this site.

          • The west i the best


            You know nothing about history and you are wrong again moron you don’t know much about anything other than posting lies and false links this is what happens when you abuse drugs brainless twit.

          • Wikipedia Editor David

            the west is the best
            Sorry, but you are completely incorrect, it appears you’ve been making information up. The discovery of penicillin is attributed to Scottish scientist and Nobel laureate Alexander Fleming in 1928. He was not half black, but Scottish. Arcachnar, you are completely correct, please teach this child some basic history.

          • Arcachnar

            @The west/Glory/Tyron See, you still have not come with some evidence or accurate links that supports the actual facts that these supposed black inventors actually existed. When will you finally understand that they just do NOT exist at all? Probably never, because you are too brainless to come to this conclusion.

            I know a lot of history and have high grades in it (I have my grades in History and Biology and specialized in History and biology of Europe and the Middle East). You on the other hand have not got any clue about history at all. Distorting the truth and showing each time that you are the biggest moron of the century is your only expertise.

          • Arcachnar

            @Wikipedia editor Thank you for helping me. We both know the actual truth about the historical facts.

          • Historymajorg7

            Wait you checked Wikipedia? No wonder you couldn’t find anything about them that site can get changed by people who don’t know about the topic

      • Historymajorg7

        Actually Eli Whitney took the cotton gin from his slave and took the credit for creating from a neutral point of view

  • Bringer Of Humiliation

    Okay the results are in
    The most liked people on this site are:
    Arcachnar with 7 LIKES and 3 DISLIKES
    Arapaho Native with 6 likes and no DISLIKES
    The most unliked peoples are:

    Abdullah The Butcher with 6 DISLIKES and 2 DISLIKES
    Grand Dragon Pete with 6 DISLIKE and 2 LIKES
    Tyrone shoelaces with 6 DISLIKES and no LIKES
    Hashim the destroyer of evil with 5 DISLIKES and 2 LIKES

    • The west i the best

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    • Bringer Of Truth

      Wait there just a second.

      Those votes were rigged, here are the true results;

      Arcachnar with 8 like and 1 dislike
      Hashim the destroyer of evil with 6 likes and no dislikes
      Adullah with 5 likes and no dislikes
      Arapaho Native with 0 likes and 6 dislikes
      Tyrone shoelaces with 0 likes and 8 dislikes
      Grand Dragon Pete with 0 likes and 144 dislikes

      • Bringer Of Humiliation

        You idiot, my results were true, you ass kisser!

  • Chemie Chemson

    Allah doesn’t exist…and he’s a cunt! Fuck Islam!

    • Arcachnar

      Wow. Way to be respectful to another religion. IF you don’t believe in Allah, fine, but show some respect to those who does. Besides, not everyone here speaks Arabic.

      • Chemie Chemson

        Don’t get me wrong, I hate all religion. I especially hate Islam though. I can’t believe it exists in this day and age. And no, I don’t believe in Allah…because he ain’t real!

        • Arcachnar

          Why the hate for the Islam? It is actual a peaceful and respectful religion. Only a real small misguided group interpret the Qu’ran as a right to kill and maim non-believers. Don’t blame the religion itself or ALL the Muslims. Yes. It still exist and have just as much right to exist as the other religions.

          • what the fuck

            Thank you!! No one should be discriminatory towards a religon when less than 1% is causing a problem

      • The west is the best


        Wow way to lie again.

        • Arcachnar

          Okay. Show me the evidence or links that those black inventors exists. Proof it.

          • The west is the best


            Did you mean prove it if so there is a thing called the internet all you have to do is look these thinds up and you will see the truth and then you can stop posting your lies.

          • Arcachnar

            *sigh* Have not you listen to me? I don’t lie and I have looked everywhere on the internet about your so-called black inventors, but there really were nothing about them. They just do not exist at all. History books does not lie either. Just stop distorting the actual historically facts.

            Does it really matters that the black did not invent these things? Come on.

          • The west is the best

            You have to be a retard it’s there get someone who knows how to use the internet to show you how to look up these things

          • Arcachnar

            @The West/Glory/etc. I know perfectly well how to use the internet. Those are NOT there. I really have search the internet for those names you gave me, but nothing came up. Show me the links then.

          • Arcachnar

            Edit: Seriously, I have looked and double checked every where on the internet, but nothing came up about those names you gave me. Really. Why don’t you just give up?

          • Arcachnar

            Here are the true facts and with reliable sources to back it up:

            Motor cycle: German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach (White)


            Bike (bicycle): German Baron Karl von Drais (White)


            Trains: Huntingdon Beaumont (White)



            Cotton gin: Eli Whitney



            Trolley car: Irish-American John Stephenson



        • The west is the best


          I must say you put a lot of time and effort into your lies on that last post but when all is said and done they are still lies and false links.

          • Arcachnar

            False links? No fucking chance. Go and look on Wikipedia.

          • Arcachnar

            Give me some accurate links on Wikipedia then. But you probably try to evade the question again. This only will prove that I am right.

        • The west is the best


          John Stephenson had nothing to do with the Trolley car and he is a Aussie who is now the owneer and CEO of the fosters beer co. which was founded by his grandfather Foster Stephenson Thats where the brand fosters larger was named by his grandfather FOSTER.

          • Arcachnar

            Dumb ass. There is a John Stephenson who invented the trolley car as well. Go and look to the name by yourself.

          • muslims are wastes of sperm

            arcocknar, once again uve made urself look extremely stupid, just like that mongrel of a camel fucker muhammed, nothing on the internet can be trusted, i could make a website right now talkin about how one man invented everything buried his plans all over the world before he died and as time progressed people began discovering these plans and building them. and the sad part is if i put it on wikipedia your stupid ass would believe it so shut the fuck up you stupid muslim fuck, go blow yourself up along with your filthy whore husbands

          • Arcachnar

            @waste You are blundering. There are a lot of other sources than the internet that could back up the same information about these people. History books, documentaries et al. This was only to show the west some insight. Do you even know history?

            Besides, The west already admitted that he was fooling around.

          • Arcachnar

            Edit: I have degrees in biology and HISTORY (specialized in history of Europe and the Middle East), so I know what I am talking about

  • Chemie Chemson

    ALSO….the video is fake as fuck. If you don’t realise that then you are a moron.

  • Chemie Chemson

    LASTLY…if you hate the western world do much…why are you speaking English? Yeah :/

  • Alex


  • fuck you

    lol you idiots allah doesn’t exist dumbasses

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      • American Citizen

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  • True Love

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  • Anonymous

    This is clearly a fake video, watch her neck as her body goes upwards, you can tell because her head stays in the same exact place the whole time. Nice try, but fail.