Kaley Cuoco See Through Nips

Kaley Cuoco see through

In the photo above, Kaley Cuoco the star of the blasphemous infidel TV show “The Big Bang Theory” shows her sinful nipples in a see through top.

Kaley is going to be in for a rude awakening when Islam finishes conquering the West. Not only does she promote the absurd idea that the universe was created by some sort of enormous explosion instead of by Allah swinging his saif (like it states in the holy Qur’an), but now she is exposing her shameful lady parts.

Yes the day of reckoning for Kaley Cuoco, the witchcraft of science, and the heathen West is coming. Let us see how hard Kaley’s nipples are when she is defending her views on creation while standing trail in Sharia court. Allahu Akbar!

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    • Big Ali

      Allahu Fuckbar!

  • Mufti David

    That ain’t a top, its great artwork on this concubine’s body by her great muslim master using a bullwhip. Now the damn bitch is showing-off to the infidel public.

  • Big white dick

    Damn she’s hot I’d so fuck her

  • Osama Bin Bad Ass Motherfucker

    Big Bang? Pah! What next, she’ll tell us the world is round? Humans evolved from apes? Woman have rights? Silly infidels.

  • Anubis

    The filthy cunt wearing that shamesless see through clothing is totally offensive to us highly moral and civilized Muslims. If a devout Muslim were there nearby, he should go up to the sleazy harlot and rip that decadent see through garment right off her sinful body.

    And why is the whore have a room deodorizer hanging off of her? I assume that her lady parts haven’t been douched lately, and she is using it to help mask the raunchy stench.

  • O

    To all celebjihad guys…(espescially anubis and abdullah)

    Please try to stress upon.. emphasize..specifically..the fact that the root cause of all sexual frustration..sexual deprivation..around the entire world is “ISLAM”..please..

    I won’t get into any details but I am sincerely..all kidding aside..asking you to really give this a thought…in all seriousness ok?

    This reason can be used as one of the biggest motivations to guide these dumb muslim assholes into light…think about it..

    • Big Pete


      There is no sexual deprivation in muslim countries. Those big homos, such as Asslicker Abdullah, Anal Anubis, Dicksucker David, Cock lover Cockmed, Homo Hashim, and Cocksucker Khalid take turns taking each other to pound town, in both the brown eye and mouth.

      Rather than take their weak cock filled asses to the front line to be killed by the USA, they take turns dildoing their asses and running trains on one another.

      If you ever see a muslim a muslim you let The Brotherhood know. We kill them sum bitches for fun.


      • O

        Lol..well said pete..
        But to be honest..I would like to share that I am not a big believer in KKK..and the reason is this..
        Your morals..your motivations..your cause..is allright..yes..
        Your method of achieving the same is “shady”
        Tell me how can I kill someone only to later quote that I killed for peace??
        Doesn’t that seem contradictory?
        What I feel is that by segregating and isolating yourselves from ALL other races..and going against ALL of them at the same time..you only do as much as demean yourself and unite the others..
        Instead..what would actually work is..go against them one at a time..get all americans together..unite..and go against the biggest problem first..i.e muslims..once this is done..you can think about the others as well..

        • Big Pete

          Opens mouth and sucks cock

          Yes, muslim queers are the largest problem, but googles, homos, wetbacks, and jews are in a tie at a close second. I didn’t know you were a google and cock lover

          The Klan is the most powerful and intelligent organization in the world and we are conquering countries on every corner of the globe.

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          • O

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            At least this way you will have some money where your mouth is..
            And also..I hate googles even more than muslims..muslims at least kill for a reason..god damn googles kill without any reason whatsoever as well..but just that muslims have the oil money which gives them the power to buy weapons which is why they are a bigger problem..googles are more like parasites..insects..which god be willing can be wiped out of this planet in a single swoop.

            And yes..before I forget..do you guys do toilets as well? If so please let me know cause mine needs a lot of cleaning…and you and your boyfriends can help a lot..

      • Queer Pete’s Boyfriend

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    • Anubis

      to the big Oral Orifice –

      This is a most holy Islamic site for Jihadists to poke satirical fun at celebrity whores and other filthy degenerate infidels such as yourself. We Muslims don’t give a rat’s ass what you dirty Kuffars think. Our biggest motivation is to make fun of western skanks and the rest of you depraved non Muslim heathens. Of course homoqueer fecal matter like Little Pecker Pete, crap filled Toilet John and some other infidel turds are obsessed to coming on our Muslim site to rant their lewd comments against us, but we merely laugh at their perverted silliness, for we know that someday they will all be stoned, and that great Allah will smite them to hell. So continue following the path of Satan, while we righteous Muslims are blessed by Allah.
      So it is written, so it shall be done!

      • holy

        Blessed by “Allah” that’s your own superstitious,humans were evolved not created by GOD like magic. Believes like muslims will go to heaven and non muslims will go to hell is the worst superstitious. Just look at majority muslim countries….why do you think is full of sands and dry,with high rate of poverty?And why is majority of non muslim countries is colder and higher living standard? It’s simple muslims or Islam is CONDEMNED by GOD,that is the real fact!!!!!!!!!Even with so much of promotion and regulations Islam will not become the NO1,and will be wipeout of this world in couple of thousands of years…..this is what will happen,no matter how many holly wars cannot stop from this to happen……..!!!!!!!!!!

    • TW

      Reverse reverse troll?

  • Kahlid

    I shall tame this sinful harlot with my massive Islamic pants cobra and I shall blast her sinful anus!


  • James

    You dare call yourself a muslim Durka? How dare you distribute celeb-porn in the name of islam!! Nudity of any kind is clearly forbidden in sharia! You’ll pay for this inshallah! May Allah’s curse be upon your evil soul! May you die a death of a goat!! This site will soon end and muslims will celebrate, inshallah!!!!

  • Yushi Samagura

    Yushi call bullshit. Nipple not dark but not believe nipple actually see through.

    • arn

      dumbass everyone in the world doesnot have black nipple. learn about pigmentation.

      • Mamdouh

        Copiado? Vc te1 louco? Fui da uma olhada nesse deadtraainsbo.com e os posts se3o completamente diferentes, e ainda mais, eu postei uns 5 meses antes dele, seria eu agora O Astro? que previ o futuro. KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKP.S: Da uma olhada na data das postagens, antes de vim aqui falar merda. :D

  • Anon

    Old pic is old

  • Larry

    When islam takes over the west? Wow someone at celeb jerkoff is thinking big. Problem is you muslim cowards cant stand up to the American military. Hell even the boy scouts and girl scouts are tougher then the muslim world. As for Kaley, this pic proves she is proud of her of her body and happy to be an American.

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      • John

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  • The Guy with the EyE

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    Muslim is the best relegen in the world and im very proud of
    But some of don’t get it
    Peaple like alqaida and what so ever they call themselves
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    Muslims should respect others who they are
    Muslims who are in western should respect the rules and the ways
    If all that dificult to a muslim person
    Should leave wertern country and go back his lovely country
    That is nothing wrong
    Sorry for my english is not that good but just understand what i mean

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  • John

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  • brian achey

    These Islamic assholes don’t know how to ease up… LEAVE HER ALONE!!!! Maybe they should also switch to a religion that DOESN’T punish people for having fun, like mine, PRAISE MOTHER GAIA!