Kaley Cuoco Nude Photo

Kaley Cuoco nude

Star of CBS’s “Big Bang Theory” Kaley Cuoco appears to spread her legs in the nude photo above.

Clearly Kaley Cuoco is another lost infidel soul, but she shows promise with her excellent birthing stance in this nude pic. If Kaley were to renounce her feeble Jew god Jesus and accept Allah as her lord and master a forgiving Muslim man would probably welcome her into his harem.

Kaley Cuoco should carefully consider what she is going to do with her life. She can either continue her meaningless existence providing her Zionist lords with nudity, or she can choose the righteous path of Islam, and receive the divine pleasure of serving at the heel of a virile Muslim man.

  • Zohair- The Good one

    After years of research and hard work…I and some scientists have finally figured out the reason why the world hates muslims. The results are astonishingly simple!

    So here it is…brace yourselves…

    It is the 90% muslims who are extremists that give the rest 10 % a bad name!!

    I hope after knowing this…the world would be more appreciative of us highly peaceful muslim people.

    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa


      ….what about the camel semen smell…..did that factor into the ratings…?

      • Zohair- The Good one

        Our emphasis was on goat milk

        • Little Billy

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          • amy

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          • God’s Buddy

            All religion, at it’s base, is pretty close to insanity…. Believing some magical sky-guy will allow you to reside in paradise forever for fighting against “the infidels” is just as nutty as believing some magical sky-guy will allow you to reside in paradise forever for following along with instructions found in books written by men inspired by “divine wisdom” or some other magical hoo-ha

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        • Asari Justicar

          Do you like living a life full of hate and conflict?

          • Emma

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    • Habibi

      I know why muslims are so violent. The arab language, wether lebanese or egyptian or whatever don’t have the word “love” or any form of it in their language. Its just how it is man. I hope people will understand this and leave muslims alone

      • i luv muslims

        actually in arabic there is 13 stages for love. So shut up and burn in hell

      • Whitney Borstein

        One day, someone will find you. And then they will kill you. You are everything that is wrong with this world. If I ever see you, I’ll kill you myself!

        • james

          for someone who preaches none violents you sure seem hostle. im not muslem or christian but im a good person. religion is just a way for people to get in each others faces and think they are right about everything. so shut up because no one even the muslems want to hear anything you have to say

        • ajwad’s mom

          fuck your mom, stupid she-male!

      • c

        thats no excuse, i’ve no problems whatsoever with islam. but these murdering, dilluded, religious maniacs will rot in hell. they carry on like something from the middle ages. the world will be far richer when they are defeated once and for all.

    • Fuck You


      • Asari Justicar

        Who fucking cares

    • Logan

      Haha i hate most fucking muslims!!! It is mostly because i think you are all terroists, but i do have some muslum friends that are good people.

    • Antony

      It took you years of research to find this exact percentage? 10% and 90%

      It took me 1 Google search for an image:
      Look for, and look at Iraq in the 1960s and 70s… the women are wearing British pop-culture shit. Go-Go boots and thigh-high skirts. Look at them today… they’re in veil; because they are forced to by society’s bubble of surrealism, self-righteousness, and what’s right and what’s wrong laws drawn out of a hat with some politician’s morning boner.

      And then it took..
      two trips to Turkey.

      First, when I was 7 1997 or ’98 don’t want to math it out.(I couldn’t swim… my grand-father taught me how to swim there. I learned how to swim in the Black Sea, swam half-way to a Greek island, parents were thrilled but really scared… came back to the United States swimming like a boss btw.)

      Second, at 23 in June 2011 when I buried my mother in the land that she was born in, next to my grand-father who was accidentally run over by dump-truck. Good times, life is great.

      Anyway, Turkey and the Middle East, Israel, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, that’s Middle East…
      (I just taught at least 1 brain-washed hater of Muslims, something they didn’t know)
      Everyone loves American and British fads, unless they’re running with a switch in hand into a American-Eagle, Hollister, or a Pac-Sun in which case that would mean lamp-shade dresses is the new black dick and 42 Virgins… I’d rather have 40 whores and 2 virgins… sorry guys… dreams are for the body when it’s in R.E.M. not when you flat-line.

      You all bring anthropomorphism, attributing human characteristics to non-human contexts…
      Africa has rocks that talk to men without taking any psychedelics… Zeus runs around Obi-Waning men, and taking virgins and fucking them on top of a mountain, that’s a rapist-magician with a really good flourish.

      Americanized God… Catholic and Christian… kids imagine him as a guy with a white-beard and long white hair… confusing him with the Saint of Children St. Nikolaus… except the difference is this guy made Santa and is Aladdin’s djiin all in one, and the man self-replicated out of complete nothingness… and if he came from something… where’d that something come from troll?

      Roman Catholic God… man-kind have fucking blown away their minds with comic-books before they were even out…Pope is his fucking vessel and so far they’re cool enough for people to carry-him where-ever he wants… probably because he’s got Pope World Tour 2013 and usually too old get up a 5 degree slope…

      Muslim Allah God… same as all the other gods so far… God… except man-kind have produced Muhammed to be his prophet through really fucking weird occurances like burning bush on all fours… no I am kidding… stfu if I can’t talk with Muhammed and God and be cool with them, then I’d rather go hang out with Lucifer…

      Lucifer… a man-thought… every story needs a protagonist… and a slightly weaker antagonist… so the hero (God) can defeat the evil mutated abomination… umm… didn’t God create him… I thought God’s creations were all perfect… Lucifer is a fucking character is a story and what’s funny is that people worship him… lol… you’re an outcast that most people would make an outcast for a good reason, considering your ultimate goal is to go Mel Gibson Apocalypto on every one trying to summon him or yield good crops because of a sudden drought the Aztecs had…

      Actually, the genocides did help yield good crops and did eventually end the drought… do you know why the drought happened… because they made waste-land to a lush tropical forested area… they fucking made the area life-less by killing all of it… what the fuck did they expect? If you kill life… you kill it… that corpse was someone… that tree was alive, it moved to music and sounds and could feel… it’s dead… not coming back… they’re not waiting for you in heaven… not in hell… there’s no purgatory…

      Too many tales… too many questions… the only thing religion is good at is keeping EXTREMIST ANYTHING the fuck away from me… because I’ve listened to their bible thumping, every word of every religion, even stared at a Taoist speaking Thai.. his body gestures preached me “balance” which is fucking awesome.

      Hatred to Muslims today is, because of society’s want to blame a specific group/race/event to get attention away from their own skeletons hidden in their closet…
      It was natural for us 100 years ago to try to mate with girls that were 11 to 18 years old… some over-bearing and jealous fathers didn’t want anyone else touching their women at home and/or over-bearing house-wives were jealous of their daughters being in shape being in their PRIME stages for BIRTHING… guess what…CHILDREN.

      Intelligent(rare), Wisdom(extremely rare),Adaptive(passive trait), Perception(average), Imaginative(High %)
      Brave(uncommon), Skiddish(common), Sexual(EXTREMELY… THANK GOD SOMETHING ROLLED HIGH.)
      These were determined by our DNA… our most recent ancestry aren’t the shiniest of safety-helmets considering there were two similarly mutated nomadic tribes that mingled with each other peacefully…
      One “positive” DNA mutation in their own genetic pool:
      Two DNA mutations that DO NOT conflict with their own genetic pool during same time, setting, star-chart, on a planet that is habitable
      Planet: Earth
      Age: 342 galactic cycle
      Star (if any): Sol
      Age 965 galactic cycle
      Galaxy: Milky Way
      Type: Spiral
      Galactic Cycles: Unknown (Decipher by calculating: Planet age… to sun age…in your star-chart calculator, ask software politely if he could come up with a 70% accuracy sacrificing our 30% for already known data and applying the difference… 30% to make it hastefully.

      Gravity… it’s the daddy of all half-life determination (age denominator) to the universe.
      Gravity… is time.

      Lesson over…

      123″432″1112 10:32m Pathos 1/28/7/53/132985 Atum 5th Grade presentation
      You’re lucky if you got to read this transmission in your present day. Just kidding, I’ve just been coming up with solutions to all science this past year… everything is being proven behind me, just no one ever notices.

      God is real. God is the atom… and everything smaller and larger from that neutron inhibitor (Higg’s Boson) which no one can physically grasp without being vanquished and becoming anti-gravity briefly.

      • Asari Justicar

        You sound schizophrenic. Go outside and experience something.

        • Lynne

          Your views are screwed up. who are you to be so close minded and judgmental? if anything your the crazy one..like who really thinks like this? crazy people. just saying. seriously YOU are the one who should open your eyes. I’m just expressing my opinion. you can respond but i wont cause you already know what i think about anything you say or your silly close minded followers.

          • Dylan

            I want to kill all the muslims.

        • your mum

          you sand nigga cunts have nothing almost all of the shit you have are our fucking hand me downs from something like 60 years ago so stop thinking your better than us we should nuke you but what is the point we could kick your sand castles you call a home down anyway you sand niggas have made no real useful contribution to the world and society today all you do is start wars because we respect our women and they have rights not to mention your tiny sandy eastern cocks so go fuck allah

      • Timshady

        Did anyone actually read all that?

      • bob

        this is too damn long

    • Justanopinion

      I agree, I know muslims and there nice as people, as a people i like them, i hate the extremists how ever they wreck it for the whole race, i feel sorry for the ones who cop racist remarks and crap because of extremists… Having said that theres also bad in every race, it does seem to stand out alot more with muslims but in every race there is people in it who put a bad name on there own kind.. Im aussie but have a few nationalitys in me and with everyone of my nationalitys i know ppl with the same who are dick heads and put a bad name out..

      • your mum

        people are racist to them and fight back (using words) because of my stated reasons

    • fuckoff

      don’t even….
      let’s show the world our “PEACEFUL” ways, by force!!!!
      accept our peaceful ways or die…or force others to convert and still die…
      sounds like a terrific way to convert people to muslim, or islam…BASICALLY SAME THING.

      • ProbrablyHuman

        I would rather die a slow and painful death than follow you into your so called religious faith!

        • Allah


    • PimpyMcShane

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    • James

      I don’t hate all Muslims man, I don’t like terrorists.

    • alycm

      but how are we supposed to know who is the 10% and who is the 90%

    • True


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    • Whatever

      Dumbed shit ever. maybe u mean 10% give bad names to 90%, if you know nothing about it then shut the hell up and mind your own shit.

    • Mikey

      yeah because 10% are the “true” muslims, you’re a fucking dumb ass

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    I would like to give Kaley Cuoco a number of “Big Bangs” and then she could put her birthing hips to proper use…..

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  • Smarterthanyou2

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    • The Guy With the EyE

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      • The Reaper

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        • Asari Justicar

          Oh come the fuck on this entire website is delirium.. Let’s be realistic.

        • Whiteguy

          seriously…where in the bible does it say this? It is people like you that keep racism alive. What is wrong with living your life and being happy and treating others the way you want to be treated? In every religion you have a group of extremists that take it too far and create a bad wrap for the other people that are good on a day to day basis and mind their own business. I am not a religious person whatsoever, but religion interests me and I have studied it for many years. Every religion teaches us very similar ways to live our lives. Mostly, don’t kill, be nice, be generous, give respect and you will receive respect. People like this fucking idiot deserved to be tied up and shot so we can cleanse this Earth of ignorant fucking people that think their shit don’t stink. I bet this guy is a huge fucking pussy that doesn’t leave his home unless he has his fellow KKK members at his back because he is too afraid to be a man. Go find a high building and jump off the roof you fucking loser

        • blacks rule

          lISTEN CRACKER!!

          (John 13:34-35) “Love one another as I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.

          James 2:8-9) “If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, Love your neighbor as yourself, you are doing right. But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakers”

          (Acts 10:34) “Then Peter began to speak: I know you realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation who fear him and do what is right”

          (Deuteronomy 10:17) “For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome who shows no partiality and accepts no bribes”


          your black friend tom

        • bob

          God said that he made us in His image in that includes black people so I think we also have a big one

    • The Reaper

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          • peace maker

            please just stop saying bad words about allah.. and he is real. who do you think made all these things.and even if you don’t believe(which i am sure you won’t ) just stop saying
            bad things about allah … we love him … what if someone says a bad word about si=omeone you love,your mother ,your father etc .. how would you feel.

        • Asari Justicar

          Allah loves this website I bet hes browsing it right now

          • tom winston

            allah is not real.
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            all you have to do is accept Jesus as lord and savior.
            because when he comes and takes my home[ heavan] yuo’ll wish you have.
            God bless you and God bless The world.

          • peace maker

            don,t say anything about allah please..
            we are not making fun of your religion or your god so just please stop

  • Debunked

    This one is pretty simple if you implement common sense and deductive logic. Obviously the photo was taken almost directly infront of the model, maybe a tad to the left (her right). Hense the shadow of the model’s left breast onto her left arm. But the shadow of her chin is angled slightly to our left (her right) indicating the photo was taken slightly on the model’s left side. You can also remove any possibility that the chin shadow is from extra lighting or a second photographer. If there was a second photographer they would have had to take the picture EXACTLY when the photographer from the front, slightly to our left did causing the dual shadow angle, and you would see an indication of a flash on her flesh, similar to on her chest from the photographer in front/to our left, on her left side (I.E. her left leg). Also, eliminating the extra lighting, there is no distinct shadow on her right side indicating otherwise. Notice behind her left arm is an obvious shadow of her left arm, but no distinct shadow of her right arm. Also, there would most definately be a shadow of her right leg on the frame behind her. Nada. Nicely done though! Great for the imagination!

    • Zohair- The Good one

      After reading your post this came to mind-

      Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe!-Albert Einstein

      • Debunked

        As true as that quote is, you just included yourslef considering that quote by Albert Einstein is questioned to actually be from Einstein.

    • Moshe Dayan


      Of course if it was a cock between those legs you’d be raving about the authenticity of the photo…and how you can hook up with the model for some anal pumping. Yet another gloryhole working fag making out like he’s Oliver Stone analyzing the Kennedy tape. Fuck you and go suck Anal-ubis’ puny muslim cock.

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      • Debunked

        Very intellectual rebuttal. Must have taken a long time for you to come up with. How did that window taste in the process?

        • Anubis

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          • Debunked

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    • Tim

      Brilliant work. I totally thought this was real.

      • Durka

        It is real you DipShit.

        • Debunked

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          • Durka

            Ok Dip Shit. Are you happy now Dip Shit?

    • MelisA

      Can’t we all just get along? Guess Not- Too much of your energy used for hating people that you cannot change…Does it matter who’s “right”? Live & Let Live-

      • localcowboy

        you CAN change em. make em stop breathing… semper fi!

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      • Zeppelin

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  • Nick

    I can guarantee whomever runs this site is a twisted Christian holy roller out to give Muslims an even worse name and perception in America then they already have. What a shame!

    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

      Give Muslims a “worse” name…..now THAT is a Herculean task…..!

      • Zeppelin


    • Asari Justicar

      I believe 9/11 was an inside job performed by our own government. Considering that fact. .. its not so hard to believe that this website is fake.

  • Dirty3s

    Judging by the stupidity of you people (your stories and thinking this is a genuine picture) the Mayans could have just been right. C’mon you dumb fucks, we all came to see some fuckin titties, and titties should unite us all. I mean, muslim, christian, jew, white, black, we all came for the tits.

    Enjoy tits, people, leaves less time for stupid ignorant bigot comments.

    Dirty Dutchboy at your service, bitch.

    • Outside Observer

      I couldnt agree more with your comments Dirty – titties should be a uniting factor for all people of all races, religions, and nationalities. I find most of the comments made on this site are just plain sad. It’s difficult to imagine that all these other people have so little human decency that they need to attack each other on a porn site…
      I myself dont hate muslims, christians, jews, women, or gays but after reading through every comment made on this photo I can’t help but feeling a high level of disgust for most everyone that has posted due to their lack of humanity and respect for others and their beliefs whatever they may be. You should all be ashamed of yourselves but I’m pretty certain that won’t ever happen because anyone who is this radical and extreme in their opinions is probably suffering from some sort of mental illness. The vast majority of the human population is not interested in killing others just because they believe in a different God or have different sexual preferences or are of a different race, it is only the minute population of you mentally disturbed, radical individuals that propagate the wars, hate crimes and terrorist acts that the rest of the world must suffer through. Sadly most of the world leaders fall into that category of disturbed individuals so unfortunately it seems we are going to be trapped in this cycle of violence and hatred for the forseeable future.
      I’m sure my comments will attract some sort of attack from the people who have posted here since words of peace and logic are always feared by those who preach murder, war, hatred, and intolerance for any beliefs but their own. So have at it, i’m interested to see what kind of delusional comments will be directed at me. In the meantime i’m going to go reflect on the disappointing remarks made on this site by such fanatical individuals with sadness and a heavy heart.
      In closing, I find it remarkable that anyone would want to put themselves in a class with Adolf Hilter and Iosif Vissarionovich (Joeseph) Stalin. Yet all of you that seek a New World Order composed of only a TINY portion of the population that your stunted, radical minds see as the only people that don’t need to be slaughtered are no different than than two of the most murderous dictators of the last century. I saw many posts throwing around the word infidel so i’m gonna join in. The only infidels in this world are you people that are filled with zeal, hate, and intolerance for anyone who is not exactly like you. All i feel is pity for all of you. I’m no saint but at least i’m not a hateful racist, murder advocating, religious bigot.

  • Draaloff

    If you want somewhere to settle this arguement, I have a place. Look for Draaloff’s Empire and make a topic in Madness. Sign up there if you want an avatar and things, or just post as a guest. Have a fun war everyone.

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  • that one guy

    you are dumber than a box of rocks. Jews dont believe jesus is god. they only accept him as a prophet. do research you ignorant fool. end of discussion. p.s- any man would welcome that with open arms and no pants. lol

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    Why must some people always bring religion in to things. Religion should be a part of ones life and not ones entire life. Produces blinkered thinking and do not force it on to others, I wish to run my own life.

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    • Asari Justicar

      Hey man I know your words are coming from a good place and I appreciate your obligation to protect your home. But truly, the richest few white men dictating the u.s. are the evil ones. America may have its own revolution one day.

      • tom winston

        we already have. 1800’s civil war.
        i am black slavery is gone

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    • Asari Justicar

      Don’t believe this website. The comments are as fake as the photos.

  • paul

    technically muslims are the infidel

  • Christian

    That shit is photo shopped for one thing and as for another whoever the stupid Muslim who is talking that stuff about Jesus needs to go back to hell where he came from!!

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      Umm…maybe you shouldn’t go here then. You also bothered to give your email and name and perhaps IP address to what are commonly thought of as “terrorists”…just to say that you want to have nothing to do with this site. Anyways, it is called PORN.

      • Asari Justicar

        Hahaha on this site, sex and hatred are combined… to me, sex is the opposite of hatred, but i am a female so Im sure you all will disagree :)

  • Anony.God-son.mous

    God/Allah hates you all. To bad you can just accept people for what they choose to be. Maybe you’ll enjoy hell more than you expect cause none of these attitudes will be tolerated in Heaven/Jannah.

    Or maybe we’re all just broken bio-engineered robots. inn which case the aliens left because of you fuck-tards.

    This is only important if you’re not to stupid to understand the concepts given.

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    • Asari Justicar

      Billy I think this website is fake. I think this website exists to perpetuate baseless hate. Please, consider.

    • tom winston

      I am chisrtian and if you belive in Jesus christ you wouldnt say that.

  • The Truth

    Accually, Islam means submission. The jihad is not even a pillar of the five pillars, all of the extremists have perverted the religion. It is actually originally a very peaceful religion. They do not hate Jews/cristians either because they ate people of the book, so they are supposed to tolerate them. They are supposed to give up 2% of their TOTAL income in life, and do many other kind things. Jihad is, or was, not a big part of the religion. It originally meant to be for a holy war DEFENDING their country, etc. not attacking.

    • Asari Justicar

      The truth will set us free

  • Jonah Lang

    Islam is a circle of international terrorism with many cells.

    • Soto

      Trushni Hasan
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      27 Ferris Rd, Edison, NJ 08817

  • Isaac