Kaley Cuoco Naked On All Fours

Kaley Cuoco nude

Kaley Cuoco from “The Big Bang Theory” poses naked on all fours in the photo above.

Being on all fours naked is the most natural and halal position for a woman, as it shows humility and allows deep penetrating access to their sin hole.

Of course a degenerate Westerner like Kaley Cuoco can not even get on all fours correctly, as her eyes should be downcast and she should be either scrubbing the floors or making a sandwich while patiently waiting for her backdoor banging. However, at least Kaley is on the right track and her errors are nothing a few swift kicks to the ribs can not easily correct.

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    On all fours… The favorite position of Jizz Junkie (stage name for the gloryhole shows: Seal Team Six).

    • MAYHEM


    • Seal Team Six

      Homo Hashim,

      What, no mention of a man’s balls this time? Ah, I see, you want me on all fours so you can be teabagged by the huge man seed bags of a SEAL operative. Well, your depraved gay fantasy is NOT going to happen, however you will get teabagged with a set of truck nutz attached to my 01 dodge dually as I slam it into reverse and teabag your bobbing head off your pencil neck.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Jizz Junkie the Super Fagg,

        The only opperation you’re expert on, is sucking cocks. You know that, I know that, every google in Detroit knows that.

      • Supreme Cleric Farzan Of Iran

        Anal Team Six,

        That gay dually will never be a match for the mighty Toyota pick up.

        And stop trying to pretend you dont drive a Mazda Miata you flaming homoqueer.

        • Seal Team Six

          Supreme Cum Fart,

          Its good to hear from you again, I was getting worried that after you and Hizballs Jizzman did something “stupid” with the hallway fire extinguisher in your apartment that the rectum transplant went south. I hope you got the “XXXL” sized version to minimize time to the next retread.

      • Imam Abbas

        The mind boggles at the depth of douche-bagginess that accompanies the emasculated POS that would drive something like this.
        Anyone who drives around in a vehicle with fake balls is not only advertising he’s lacking the tiniest iota of class, but is also openly going to a lot of effort to make up for the schlong he hasn’t got by driving a truck that screams “I’m a fucking moron!”.
        Smart people don’t advertise having shit-for-brains.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Brother Abbas,

          Above the balls on his truck was a sign saying: “I need some of this”. The mofo removed it with the well known devilish tool called Photoshop.

          • Imam Abbas

            Brother Hashim

            Ah – that “jew-tool” photoshop is exactly the kind of thing a Sodomite would use.

            As we know with the Seal Team Jizz Junkie, if the shoe (and dildo) fits, he’ll wear it!

        • Seal Team Six

          Imam UpTheAss

          Virile men who fuck women a lot do assboy, that’s who.

          An 01 Dodge Dually is a vehicle made for an American man. In fact its a reflection of the US itself. It’s big and will crush an import easily if it wants to. Women who ride in it have to change their panties because they get so soaked from the hormones it gives off.

          Conversely, a gay muz like you is frightened by the scary rumbling of the 4 inch stainless exhaust and 33 inch tires (and the confederate flag and rifle rack loaded with ARs) as it appears behind you and your skinny femme boyfriend in your faggoty Volksagen Jetta. And admit it, you want to lay under that hitch, lick and motorboat those huge truck balls like theres no tomorrow. I bet you wish it had a dick to go with those balls so it could take you to that destination you love so much, pump town.

          • Imam Abbas

            Seal Team Sodom

            I knew speaking the truth would bring you up from the bottom of that cesspool you live in.

            You need not explain your limp-wristed posture, caved in/prolapsed/over-reamed rectum, or waste your time composing lame-assed and unoriginal diatribes.

            You’ve been exposed as just another emasculated, limp-wristed poof who’s trying to disguise an existence based on faggotry behind a fucking pickup truck. Yet another unoriginal attempt to hide what we all know you are.

            This is why we Muslims despise unmanly slime-wad-eating faggots like you. We Muslims know who we are, don’t try to hide our manliness, our piousness, and stand tall because we are proud of who we are.

            Allahu Alkbar!

          • Hezbollah Hitman

            Seal Team Jizz

            You florescent skinned gorilla everybody knows Dodges are for homoquerers. You use it to dodge the tuna.

            Beaners and googles use the Chevy for drive by’s and I must admit that of all the cars in the Great Satan that is the least sissified.

            A Chevy Impala seats six which is three more than we need to take out one more of your faggy Embassies.

      • Farooq Muhammad

        Seal Team Piss

        You have proven once again that Euro trash kuffars in the Great Satan of Americanstan like you have tiny balls. In Muslim countries big things come in small packages but over there small things come in small packages.

        I should really reward you for proving my point. I will do so with an AK-47 to the head instead of disemboweling you with my scimitar like I planned.

        Thank you! Come again!

  • The Guy with The EyE

    first firsties!!!!!

  • Patricia337

    Q – Has anybody purposely put themselves in a position where rape could occur?

    Poster 1 – Yes I do this!

    Poster 2 – Only with people I actually WANT to be in that situation with. I definitely tease and provoke and then refuse just to get things headed down that path, but only when I am ready and willing to follow through.

    Poster 3 – Have jumped alone into cars with strange men when thumbing a lift, turned up at drunken parties in a mini skirt with no other girls there, deliberately teased two stalkers Ive had, and teasing one unstable guy I know currently. (that pisses my man off though so Ive had to stop but it so tempting)

    Poster 4 – As a young naive young teen couple we unwittingly placed ourselves in a situation that resulted in a rape…

    Months later and not so naive all our atempts to recreate or experience a similar event failed.

    Aint life a bitch sometimes

    POSTER 5 – I have always hung out with nothing but guys. I used to go to alot of house parties. There would be maybe one or two other girls. One night I was the only girl left. I downed some pills infront of the guys (I knew them all well, went to school with them) and drank tons of vodka.

    The thing is the pill were not anything that would hurt me. But I let them think that they were. And I can drink anyone under a table. However I told them I did not feel well and I was going to go lay down. I went to the back bedroom hiked my skirt to where you could see what i was working with and pretended to be passed out.

    Many of my friends opened the door and looked in. only a few took what I was giving.

    And many, many, many more posts like these by women. Go figure..

    rapeboard. com/showthread.php?t=26954

    • Seal Team Six

      Homo Hashim raped Imam UpTheAss while HisBalls Jizzman gave him a solid rimming, though is it rape if they all solidly enjoyed it?

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    When katy can put shoes on a camel, dig a well, and make a roast goat sandwich…then us Muslims will consider adding her to our Harems as a concubine. But until then, she has as much a chance as Allah saving a jew from the deadly lead of an AK-47.