Kaley Cuoco Flashes Her Breasts

Kaley Cuoco breasts

Star of “The Big Bang Theory” Kaley Cuoco flashes her bare breasts in the photo above.

Not only is Kaley Cuoco involved in a TV show that calls into question the divine creation of the universe, but now she is further mocking Allah with this brazen display of her sinful mammaries.

Kaley Cuoco’s crimes against Islam will not go unpunished. As we speak a fatwa is being prepared in which Kaley’s breasts, and the notion that the universe could arise from a condensed state through a violent explosion will be condemned as blasphemy.

  • FuckMuhammed

    i would fuck her all day long

    • BeefCornHash

      No you wouldnt

      • Mohammad


        This is a satirical soft porn site….and not some US Secret Service website damn it!

        Stop censoring and moderation…..or you’ll lose commenters.(Including me, of course)

        Allahu akbar!

        • Rafiq Mohammad

          All googles are criminals.

          I am in the Internet Cafe and standing behind me is the biggest fucking google I’ve ever seen reading every word I ty

          • The Big Nigger behind Rafiq, the white guy wearing a towl.

            That’s as far as he got before I picked him up and flung him through the cafe window. Also, at this very minute, he is crying like a bitch. I think he might have some glass in his ass. I better call the ambulance.

          • Zain

            Suffice to say brother Rafiq will never be posting again

            He was a great man. A martyr (PBUH)

            You fucking googles! ARGHHH

          • Daniel

            Zain, I cannot believe how stupid you are. What has “Rafiq” done for you so that you have to kiss his ass? Google? A word men use for metaphorical power, not actual power, and you’re just the same. I hope he posts again, I like a good argument and I won’t be saying “allahu akbar!” and making an asshole of myself.

          • Arapaho Native

            I agree with Daniel, this isn’t a actual muslim and he’s no more then an idiot. Zain, stop being a follower and stop making a moron of yourself.

            “PBUH”? That Arabic phrase is supposed to be used after saying or hearing the name of a prophet, but then again, what would an ignorant american(Rafiq) know about this?

            “Great man”, oh god, this couldn’t be stupider .

          • j

            shut the fuck up you cunt

          • Zain

            Daniel the troll

            Defending googles this way makes me wonder that you might be a google yourself. But I refute it since your english seems to be just fine and also devoid of slang.

            Unlike homosexual americans…us muslims do not “kiss other asses” but simply acknowledge the greatness of our brothren..and that is just what I did.

            Thanks to the fuking Google who was standing behind him (Not the fake one above) brother Rafiq would not be able to post anymore…but our prayers will always be with him.

            Also the word “Google” is NOT used for any kind of power rather only used to put things in the right perspective.

            Try arguing with a Google instead of me….and you will understand what I mean.

          • Daniel

            Zain, you dumbass, I am African american and I am the fake one above, obviously. He’s not you’re brethren, you imbecile, but more fake Muslims like you. You’ve been exposed more times then once. Everything I said is correct and so is Arapho’s. You’re one ignorant moron, but I’m guessing you’re just a kid, no real adult is this immature. Get a life kid and stop following this gang of fakers, because that’s just pathetic.

          • Zain

            Arapaho Native

            PBUH is Peace be upon him….and wishing peace for someone beloved is not against the norm

            And yes here was a “Great man” alright. He was an avid Jihadist who was loved and respected by all…one of the most handsome Jihadists might I add.

            He was especially loved by the muslim women…in an entirely different manner…but that is another story.

          • Zain

            Well I’ll be damned!!

            You are a Google????

            You have to excuse me for asking since I was thrown off by disbelief since you ONLY spelled 5-6 words incorrectly.

            You should be proud, google.

            So now…..bring it on, motherfucker….no more politeness for you…you are a google!!

          • Zain

            Arapaho Native

            At this point I would like to ask you one question…whose side are you on?

            The google’s??

            I have no qualms about you so it behooves me to ask beforehand

          • Arapaho Native

            Well, the actual definition of PBUH is “Peace be upon him is a phrase that practising Muslims often say after saying (or hearing) the name of one of the Prophets of Islam”, Rafiq is not one of them. But you’re right, this isn’t my argument and I have no fights with you.

          • Daniel

            Zain, you’re still wrong, and you misspelled more times then me, but that’s pointless. I don’t think I need to say anything more then I already did. That you’re a sad, racist loser that has no life and the only reason you follow them is because you’re following the crowd. You probably heard this before, and I don’t think repeating this is gonna help, but grow up, you sad loser.

          • Zain

            Daniel the typical no logic google…

            Give me an example of a word that I misspelled.

            You bloody assholes will argue shamlessly even when the facts are before you!!

            Go ahead..give me an example…I am waiting motherfucker..

          • Daniel

            Stupid moron, look up^, you said “fuking” when you meant “fucking”. There is your example, you fucking moron. You just get stupider and stupider.

          • Zain

            Asshole….I SAID THAT PURPOSELY!!

            Bloody google…”Fucking” seems uncouth so I was trying to be polite!! I thought I was talking to a human being. It was BEFORE you told me you were a google…

            Don’t try to understand it boy…google IQ cannot comprehend it

          • Zain

            I am still waiting for you to justify your statement

            “you’re still wrong, and you misspelled more times then me”

            Bring it on Google….I’m waiting…justify this statement…

          • Daniel

            You’re still pathetic and stupid, since you just contradicted your own argument, since you would have to justify your 5-6 misspell argument. Did you fall on your head today? Don’t worry, it’s okay, you need a brain for a serious injury.

          • Arcachnar

            @Daniel if you want to call out on someone’s spelling, you’ll need to get it right first. That’s because “stupider and stupider” does not exist.

          • Daniel

            Arachnar, “stupider and stupider” does not exist, but it’s not a misspell, it’s a misuse of syntax. And are you really defending a complete racist that has no respect for a entire race? I could have swore you were different.
            Zain, you’re full of s***(that’s being decent), since you definitely misspelled and yohand no problem saying “fuck” before and even now. This is just an excuse of yours. And you were talking about me, since I was the “Google”.

          • Zain

            Daniel the google…

            1- He’s not you’re brethren- Your

            2- need to say anything more then I already did- Than

            3- more times then me- Than

            4- get stupider and stupider – Wrong on so many levels

            5- He’s not you’re brethren- Brethren is plural

            Now……as googles say in Googleese – BURN! Smoked your ass Nigga!! Whatchu gonna doo huh?

          • Zain

            Nigga…you done gone crazy yo…you be trippin..you was a nigga and you is a nigga…don’t be dissin brutha Arcachanar..he be from da hood.

            In English—Get lost, Google!

          • Arcachnar

            @Daniel Don’t worry. I’m not taking his side. Only wanted to point out the error. Nothing more. Nothing less. If it came of as an attack or something, sorry.

            @Zain Punctuation?

          • Ali Abu Musaffa


            Will you two homosexuals take your lovers spat some where else this holly muslim site is not a place for this Queer nonsense just go to whatever glory hole you two meet at and have it out there.

          • Zain


            What Punctuation?

          • Zain

            Ali Abu Musaffa

            Nobody was talking about dicks………..until you came…and the first thing that you type is about homosexuality (SMH)

            Wake up…..You are the real faggot dude…you give straight muslims a bad name…may allah have mercy on you.

          • Daniel

            Uh huh, haha, well, I guess that makes you superior(sarcasm). Did it occur to you that most of these are not misspells, only one? You moron.
            1. I did not say “than”
            2. Stupider and stupider is not a misspell, it’s a error in syntax.
            3. I said “he’s” as in “he is”, you idiot.
            4. Your entire argument is over misspelling, pathetic.

            For someone who says he’s incredibly literate, you sure don’t know shit. As in the stereotypes you continue to spew, yo’ don’ know sheet, yo’.

          • Arcachnar

            @Zain Nevermind. It is not THAT bad. Sometimes you forget to use punctuation at the end of a sentence.

          • Arcachnar

            I could call out on BOTH of you on spelling, grammar and syntax, but there are more important things than this.

          • Zain

            I swear to Allah…its like reasoning with a chimpanzee!! LOL

            When I wrote “Than” I pointed out that it is spelled “Than” and not “Then”

            And Google…I don’t need to argue with you on spellings….I know it already….it is you who brought it up not me.

            Arcachanar…seriously dude? A full stop is what you point out? Come on man..seriously..sometimes it is better to keep mum than say something.

          • Arcachnar

            Did I say that it was that forgetting to punctuate is bad? No. Nevermind. There are important things than this.

          • Zain

            And “get stupider and stupider ” is not an error in syntax but is an example of asinine inarticulateness.

            Or as you say in googleese……You is a dam fool nigga!!

          • Arcachnar

            That was toward Daniel, right?

          • Daniel

            It’s like arguing with a dog. At least chimp is a greater ape, much more greater then you. I never said “than”, you imbecile and you’re still completely wrong, which I have just proven^. I never brought it up, you idiot, it was you when you said “5-6 misspells..”, and even that is incorrect. Right now you’re just blowing smoke out of your a**. It really is true, primitive minds really do panic when pushed.

          • Zain

            You stupid pathetic idiot!! Read the post again retard!


            You said “Then”….which is wrong….you should have said “Than”

            Nigga please…I have better things to do than to teach a google with an IQ of 65. If you don’t get it then leave it !

            Go rob a department store or punch a lady from behind or something.

          • Zain


            Yes it was

          • Daniel

            Incompetent moron, look up. You clearly say “When I wrote “Than” I pointed out that it is spelled “Than” and not “Then”. Stop contradicting yourself and stop making an joke out of yourself by continuesly clinging to this misspell argument. An IQ of 65? This shows your ignorance and stupidity, if I had an IQ of 65, then I wouldn’t even be able to spell, you idiot. This is clearly panicking and it’s probably not gonna get better.

            *Sigh* These idiots sure are beligerate.

          • jew boy

            check your wallet

          • Blacky Chan

            This website in itself is raceist. So quit the fighting grow a pair, shake hands and become friends.

        • Zain

          It is “belligerent” not “beligerate”

          And I give up……there is no arguing with a google / ape

          • Daniel

            Zain, you pathetic loser. I see you still continue to cling on your misspelling argument. Go ahead and leave, you’ve already proven your ignorance and stupidity. I can argue all night. Only a real loser would call a human being an google/ape.

          • Dudereno

            Ugh, finally! the battle between these drama kings(queens?) is over and man can rest. daniel you had made ur race proud. zaine, you should kill your mom for naming you that. peace out

          • Zain

            What do you know…..another google gentlemen!

            Its like a bloody google pandemic!

            This one says…
            “daniel you had made ur race proud” “peace out”

            (Facepalm) (SMH)

            Why god……just why…..(speechless)

          • Dudereno

            why ar u asking god?! i thought u wer a muslim. u must be one of them fake ones araho talked about. also im not black I’m white. grow a pair dude.

          • Dudereno

            also dude i said he made em proud cause he wiped the floor with u. since all u did was rant bout the same thing.

          • Daniel

            Zaine, I thought you had better things to do, you stupid liar. But I knew that was bullsh*t in the first place, I mean, since when did some racist losers have better things to do but makes jokes out of themselves. *Scoffs* Fucking loser.

          • Zain is a faggoty Australian

            Zain is suck a faggot he’s a gay Australia he like it in his ass damn he’s such a faggot.

          • Zain

            All 3 of you above…

            Are the same google

            Dudereno…your mother wipes my ass with her tongue after I take a shit…and picks out cotton from my cotton fields during the day.

            That is how she buys your christmas present…you should thank me, google.

          • Daniel

            Zain, fuck off and get a life. Only a loser would say disgusting things like that.

          • Grand Kleagle Otis

            No one wants to see you homos have a lovers spat.

            Prepare for the noose, you butt plunging sickos.


      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


        Let the talking for grown ups, OK?

        And don’t you dare to forget the aim of this holy site: enforce Islam – and sexual straight practices – in Infidel’s countries.

        Allahu Akbar!

        • Zohair- The Good one

          Brother Hashim, Asalamuailaykum

          One question, Are you a Shite or a Sunni Muslim?

          I ask only because it is determinative for our future relations.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Brother Zohair,

            Please be concerned with your relations with the Zionist enemy, kaffirs in general and homos, and forget about the small differences among brothers.

            Any way, I am Sunni, because I live in Qatar and that’s the tradition here.

          • Zohair- The Good one


            That is music to my ears! I am Sunni as well!

            Now with that sorted out..we can progress smoothly henceforth

            Allahu Akbar

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Homo Hashim

          Why don’t you enforce heterosexuality in muslim countries rather than enforce a strict number of two visits to the gloryhole daily?

          Ha. That was a joke.

          Muslim queers go to the gloryhole and never leave.


          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Miss Piggy,

            I’ll enforce the dildo you have hidden under your ridiculous hat up your ass instead.

    • Mohumad in da cupboard

      No no no, I would FUCK you up all day long if i ever met you. Honestly da man big MO dont take kindly to being raped now repent your name.

      • bigdicknigger

        Dear Fudge Packer

        I bet you would love to fuck Zain’s ass.

        • Zain

          He only fucks women. Ask your mother how did she get the 10 dollars last night.

          Go ahead ask her..

          • Zain

            i iz srry u nigar…i rly ar a gay mofo whu laiks to go to teh gay bar nd but rap teh waiter.

  • TBEAR182

    Put a bag over her face and we can go to pound town. (heterosexual version)

    • USA Rules

      The bag is so she doesn’t have to look at you?
      Sorry just had to,I think she is cute.

      • TBEAR182

        That is not my actual picture just like your profile picture isn’t you, someone that works for this site thought it would be funny to post that because I complained about imposters posing as other people.
        To be honest I am getting sick of looking at the ugly fucker..

        • Grand Dragon Pete


          The USA ruled before we gave rights to googles, women, and homopervs like you. Now you gash can serve openly in the military and us straight men are forced to sleep on our back and wear a mouth cover so you gays don’t try to stick your cock in us, especially us powerful aryans.

          Let me tell you this: you are one ugly homo.


          • TBEAR182

            Coward who hides behind a sheet,
            Their is nothing powerful about you at all, you talk about “gash” or whatever ha ha. I have served my country during the first gulf war did you? I fucking highly doubt it and if your talking about sleeping on your back it’s because your probably some fucking bottom submissive. So keep on talking about the same old shit that you always do but the fact remains that you are a fucking disgrace to the White Race. You want to be racist White Power and all of that shit, fine just have the guts not to hide behind a sheet. As this will be the last time I respond to you let me just end this by saying go fuck yourself and that I don’t think you are actually in the Klan either, you are just some pathetic wannabe. So take your noose and do the world a favor and hang yourself.

          • TBEAR182

            Should be “There” instead of “Their” at the beginning of my last posting.

        • Grand Dragon Pete


          You must have been one of the POWs who got butt raped by multiple Iraqis…….and you’ve been a flaming queer ever since.

          I serve my country everyday by killing negros, wetbacks, muslims, and all homos……and I’m putting a list of ugly people together as we speak.

          You’ll no doubt be first on that one.

          Suck cock homo


          • Andromeda Bloodmoon Goldberg

            Please, let’s work together. The field of eugenics is one of the key ways we will transcend this Earthly Plane and Evolve into Bodies of Pure Light Energy…… And lovemaking (especially with young boys) is a great way to generate magickal energy to be used towards that end as well. Not to mention that anal sex with young boys is the key to immortality, godhood, kundalini awakening, and teleportation through spacetime! Woops! I’ve said too much already. ;–)

            Love, Light, and Life,
            -Andy Gold

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    I thought “Big Bang Theory” was a show about what the four guys though Kaley’s ass was doing across from them in her apartment…?

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    Congratulations brother Durka Durka. Very well said.

    Your comment is righteous and your condemnation of the Big Bang theory unquestionable.

    Besides, those who dare to declare that the world took more than 6 days to be created by Allah all mighty, must be the object of a special fatwa, and condamned to pass a full week with the ghost of Andy Warhol before being stoned to dead.

    • NUKE the middle east


      Oh, you believe in the big bang theory all right. Especially when Abdullah dresses in drag.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Nuked brain,

        You are a perverted, because for you everything is about ass banging. I guess your anus is wider than the Big Canyon…

        • NUKE the middle east

          Here’s a joke;

          Muslims are garbage eating worthless pieces of shit who suck on fat shitty african turds.

          Ha. Best joke ever!

  • Akinfenwa The Tank

    Wait. Who is she?

  • Brother Durka

    I wouldn’t fuck her if I was drunk!

    Brothers, do not be tempted, the Zionist country known as America is trying to brainwash into thinking that are more than just average witted goats!

    Fortunately for me, and my brothers on this fantastic site of putting women in there place, we know that the real reason women are here are for cooking and pleasing us.

    • Brother Durka

      Changed my mind, I have fucked some strange things when drunk and this thing wouldn’t be the strangest, fucked my mom one time, actually I do that a lot

      • Brother Durka

        Fucked a goat too. Its actually part of Islam to fuck goats.

        • Buddhist

          But not part of Islam to drink alcohol. Why were you drinking?

  • American

    Fuck you Americans are th superior race you fucking terrorist

    • Aki Abu Musaffa

      American ass rimmer

      The only thing superior about americans is the large number of homosexuals (which you are one) and glory holes in your country.

      This is why American women look to us well hung muslim men to please them because the american male is to busy sucking cock and butt fucking eachother.

      • Imam Khalid

        And getting fatter and fatter.

        • Imam Khalid

          Not just Americans in general but this cunt, too. Look at her from when she started this blasphemous show and now. She must have packed on 20-25lbs.

          Fucking disgusting pig woman.

          She’s only 25 years old and is already drowning her body in fat.

          America is such a weak and decadent country.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Cock muncher Kocklid

            Kaley is a fine young woman and a muslim man would be lucky to have her.

            But you won’t.

            The only place muslim men “get lucky” is at the gloryholes.

            Suck that mofo


          • Intellectual

            Tell me, Pete. How does it feel to run the biggest most vulgar scam of a site?

            You, posting with these personas, faking it all. How does it feel?

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Lack of intellect

            It feels like your mothers pussy……good until the next morning when I wake up and my massive man meat is on fire because she gave me the clap.


          • Intellectual

            Pete the Fool,

            I hate to break it to you (actually I don’t), but you have no life. Don’t agree with me?

            Well then let’s start from the top.

            1.) You will spend most of your pathetic life sitting in front of that computer

            you’re using, and will be confined into a never ending cycle of negativity for the

            rest of your life.

            2.) You will fail to convince people of your lie.

            3.) You must be a sad individual with a mental disability, because your mind does is

            not capable of doing anything outside of trash talking everyone you disagree with,

            praising the white race or thinking about cock.

            Still not convinced? You don’t have to be. You will destroy yourself, for this site will

            be the death of you. Either that or the 6 foot dildo you like shoving up your ass. LOL

            okay, I just had to do that, but seriously. When the final test comes for humanity, you

            shall not pass.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    The Muslim ” Big Bang Theory” is about to be introduced to the dumbass americans.

    It goes like this. When us Muslims shoot an infidel with the AK-47 or the RPG…there is a “Big Bang” and then the infidel is dead.

    Now that’s what I call empirical evidence!


    • Mohumad in da cupboard

      Yes Brudda Abdul your theories almost right but you left out one major ingredient, we make the bastards drink petrol first that way we get a much bigger bang, well thats the theory anyway, the late great Saddam invented it, ALLAH REST HIS SOUL .

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Ball licker Butcher

      The “Big Bang” happens everytime I take your bitch of a mother to pound town. Then she finishes with the “Big BJ” and ends up with jizz all over her face.

      She’s quite a whore.


  • wtf

    Wtf how can you think that saddam is great he help kill show many american. but if that is you religion thats fine but killing is still wrong. the only people who should be killed are the taliban. and to everyone who thinks killing is right, go fuck your self.

    • Imam Khalid

      No one asked you. This site is not for you or other homoqueers like you. It is a holy site for Muslims only and you are not wanted, kuffar.

      Run your mouth again and I’ll stab you through the eyes with my Damascus steel saif, mofo.

      Think how sad you will be. No longer will your porcine eyes be able to gaze upon the tranny porn you Americunts love so dearly.

      • wtf

        Good luck you piece of shit. And i guess i was wrong in thinking you guys were alright once people got to know you but i guess i was wrong you lowlife cock sucking piece of shit.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          wtf (weird tranny-fag)

          You ain’t worth the time it takes to cut your throat but us Muslims will make the sacrifice and “cut one for Usama” and send you to hell.

          I don’t know if there is a glory hole in hell but I’d bet 100 camels you’ll try and open one. Hopefully, Satan will just shove a burning tree stump up your ass and then throw you into the lake of fire.

          eat shit and die mofo

          • Moshe Dayan

            Gay Abdullah,

            I bet your dancing boy is giving you head while you type, I noticed the extra line you tossed in when he slipped and bit. You are one sick fag who needs to be cured with a red hot poker up your ass and a .50 cal round in your head.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            mofo Gayan

            You’d lose that bet you fart sniffing dumbass but I guarantee that at this moment, you’ve got a load of jizz and several dead gerbils up your stinky ass.

            eat shit and die mofo

            Death To Israel


    I’d like to fuck Aisha!!

  • american1


    Fuck-yo-allah-yeah-you dickhead
    allaaaah-yeah-you-are bitch.


    • Ghost of Rodney The King

      Lets me give ya a beats fo dat rap a1

      boo pa boo pa boo pa boo pa chi
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      word bro!

      • Satyrical Guy

        The Ghost of Some Google
        Shut the fuck up, you sound like you had to much of that Google powder(crack cocaine). Shit, I think It sounds more like the sound you make when you’re taking it from behind in county jail. Go back to Niger, land of the animal, Google.

      • Ali Abu Musaffa

        Goast of Rodney the rimme.

        Filthy Google what is that you have written is it a Ubangie homosexual chant before sucking dick?

      • Zamil the Extreme

        Kill yourself.

  • SandNiggersSuck

    Listen up sand googles, you’re all a joke. Your lives? Jokes. I didn’t support the US going into the middle east, but now I’m glad we went in and raped your muslim civilians. You fight like pussies, you’re all ugly as hell and dirty as fuck. You have small penises and are pretty fucking stupid.. hence why you are from a third world country. Say what you want, but everyone knows that the U.S. (and white people) are superior to all. You muslim fucks are below everyone on the totem pole, nobody respects or fears you.. stop acting tough, black people would absolutely rape your families (and I hope they do)

    Have a nice day, go suicide bomb yourselves sand googles!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      sucks googles

      The last report our agents had on you stated you frequent an Indian glory hole weekly and get the Redman’s “totem pole” stuck up your ass while you yell…..”Geranimo”

      • Abdullah’s Buttbuddy

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

          butt pounder

          That post was meant for your daddy or as your mother calls him “her pimp.”

    • Ali Abu Musaffa

      sucks dick

      You are Brain dead from smoking to much crack And anyone who speaks of another mans dick is a fag.

    • Her Surprise


      That sounds off. Your mother and sister told me that Muslims were above all others and that you have the tiniest penis while I was having a threesome with them last night. I also I stuck my totem pole up your moms ass.


    he you are all mother fuckers you are trying to infamous Islam and Muslims

  • hitler

    heil hitler…fuck wenden die Google Araber einen Juden seine Deutschland sich an die Welt zu regieren

    • Moshe Dayan


      Fick dich ins Knie, du Arschloch!

      Eat shit and die homo

      • Blacky Chan

        und* that is and.

    • Nazi

      Wir müssen die Juden ausrotten, können Wir bis ihre alle Verstorbenen nicht ruhen.

      • Moshe Dayan

        Nasty – Asshole

        Das Problem mit Nazis sind, dass sie aggressive fags, die Saugen Hahn und nehmen es in den Arsch ohne Gleitmittel zu zeigen, wie hart sie lieben. Hitler liebte großen schwarzen Schwänzen und hielt einen Harem von Schwarzen.

        Eat shit and die mofo

        • Nazi

          Ficken Sie, jüdischer Abschaumssack. Alle Judens verdient Tod und Sie sind oben auf sind schmutziger Jude Liste.

          • Moshe Dayan

            Kommen Sie nach Israel motherfucker, geben wir Ihnen ein faires Verfahren.

            Eat shit and die mofo

  • Nazi


  • Jesus Christ

    I find this really easy to mastubate to

    • jęвυ§ çhгı§τ

      Ję§υ§ ï§ ƒαкε!


    I find it easy to masturbate to as well. I like to use my middle and forefinger and I usually insert a toy in my ass. I like beads.

    • Ali Abu Musaffa

      Allies Dicreep

      Filthy Pig American whore know one wants to hear how you play with your smelly pussy or what you stick up your stinking hairy ass.

  • Clueless

    I just love to read the comments…….

  • Her Surprise

    Hmm let me think. For my birthday I want my virgins. For eid I will take the extemination of all jews and the downfall of hollywood.

  • Zamil the Extreme

    Southern USA bitch is obviously attempting to make people with mental disabilities seem smarter.
    And at this rate she could make my camel that was kicked in the head by a mule seem like albert einstein and steven hawkings combined.

    Kill it with fire. For Allah!

    • Her Surprise

      I suppoer your decision brother Zamil. And we can fuel the fire to kill ‘it’ with gasoline.

      • Her Surprise

        My apologies for the spelling mistake. I meant to say that I support your decision brother Zamil and that we can use gasoline to fuel the fire that we will use to burn ‘it’.

  • Intellectual’s Message to all People on CelebJihad

    Facts about Celebjihad;

    It is run by KKK

    Abdullah the butcher is NOT real

    Neither is Hashim

    Both of them are KKK puppets

    Notice there is no KKK bashing… in anything on Celebjihad?

    I can tell a few people who are real;


    Alissa DiCarlo (strangely)

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      intellectual cock massager

      You are a lying asshole.
      This site is 100% Muslim controlled and a filthy inbred cock-smoker like you needs to watch your comments or one night you’ll wake up to a sariff.

      Also..I and Hashim have battled every type of infidel that has showed up on this Holy Site.
      In fact, I coined the term “TrannyKlan” to denote my contempt for the fags who dress up like women and pump ass (which probably includes you) in the middle of the alabama woods.

      And know this…the next shitty post you make will get an IED sent to your glory hole and the last cock you blow…will be the last thing you do before going to hell.

      eat shit and die mofo

      • Intellectual

        Abdullah the Butcher,

        From what I’m reading, it is the same style as GDP’s writing, with only a few minor


        Also, what’s up with the threats you can’t back up? It’s pathetic. I’ve seen the past articles for

        this website, and they were hilarious. And the editor ‘Durka’ was certainly not what he is

        today. Any REAL Muslim (not Abdullah or Hashim) who believes this site is a real, this is a

        SATIRE website.

        • Ali Abu Musaffa

          Fools Intel.

          When did you find that out it’s in the disclaimer you moron And the only thing you can back up is your ass at the glory hole.

    • Zain

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    • Grand Dragon Pete

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      Its true……Anal Abdullah and Homo Hashim are puppets of The Klan.

      They do just as we ask……in return for google cock up the ass everyday.


    • Ali Abu Musaffa

      Fools Intel.

      Moron If you look back on some of the older comment there is plenty of KKK bashing Your facts are untrue you have no idea who is real or not you are a brain dead crackhead with no life.

      Brothers Abdullah/Hashim are real and have been on this site from the start You seem to like the to speak about the KKK why don’t you join them all you need to do is go to the local meeting house(glory Hole) tell them your a homo suck a few of theleaders dicks pass a back ground check (that is when the grand drag Queen checks out your ass if it’s tight enough for his little dick your a new member of the KKKUEERs.

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  • Intellectual’s Message to all People on CelebJihad

    Dear People,

    I am currently about to release an anti-Celebjihad campaign. I have spent months preparing for

    this, and If all goes well, the program should be up in about two months. It will expose the fraud of

    Celebjihad, and all of the impersonators and imposters that accompany the lie, and hopefully we

    can force the site to shut down. Obviously this will be hard, but with your help we can take this site

    down. No, I’m not asking for any donations, but for the contribution of the people to aid in the

    downfall of this evil website. I can’t reveal much, but I am going to the mainstream media to

    address this situation (Hopefully ABC will accept my interview request). Maybe I can tie in the

    revolution in the middle east with this site. But for now, justice is patient.

    Best Regards,

    Oliver R. Russell, Experienced Journalist.

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Intellect of an idiot

      They only thing you’re preparing for is tomorrows trip to the gloryhole……where filthy googles will pound your ass and fill your throat with black jizz.

      No person with a strong intellect would come to this site and run his mouth to a klansman…..let alone the Grand Dragon of the great state of Alabama.

      Do some real work for your community and release an anti-google, anti-muslim, anti-wetback, and anti-big time homo website.

      Also…..suck cock mofo


      • That guy who gives you creepy looks from across the bar

        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Andromeda Bloodmoon Goldberg

      Sorry, Intellectual, but our Family’s Energy is flowing through all of the major news and other media corporations, and Our Energy is that of a High Frequency Light Vibration.

      You see, if the Inner Eye of the average “Joe Profane” is opened to the possibility of someone misrepresenting mozlems for the purpose of trolling/satire, it might lead some of them to question these mozlem stereotypes in general. It might even lead them to consider the possibility that SERIOUS mozlem websites and organizations could also be fake, but for the purpose of actually fooling people.

      This would CLOSE their minds to the Reality We are Creating for them, for their own good and for the good of the world. We must work towards opening the Mind’s Eyes of the profane to the special visualization of reality which we have prepared for them, so that they will accept the New Coming World of Peace and Light, unified under One New Order. And believe it or not, some profane folk giving this site a passing glance even take it seriously.

      I still encourage you to try, though. Who knows, maybe The Family will find a way to spin your story for the greater good! Never give up, friend… You have the power of a god if only you would just admit it and bend over. ;–)

      Love, Light, and Life,
      -Andy Gold

    • Andromeda Bloodmoon Goldberg

      I’m so glad I decided to Co-Produce Big Bang Theory. We really need to show people that autism is not a disease…it’s the next stage of evolution for mankind. Autistic children should be nurtured, understood, gently brainwashed, and molested with the greatest precision…. This is our future we’re talking about here. It’s as simple as that ladies and gentlemen. And now with the younger generations realizing how cool being a nerd is, we can guide them with even more “propel-ganda” tailored to that demographic. ;–) Being a producer sure is sweeter than a birthday unleavened flatcake — made according to Crowley’s recipe if you catch my drift! I do it for the kids — that is, when I’m not just plain DOING the kids! Haha. Laughter yoga!

      Love, Light, and Life,
      -Andy Gold

    • Ali Abu Musaffa

      Fools Intel.

      You must have no life.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      un-intellectual cock hound

      More like, Oliver R. Russell, Experienced homo

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