JWoww Infested by Bed Bugs

Producers of “Jersey Shore” confirmed today that cast member Jenni “JWoww” Farley has been infested with bed bugs. Parts of reality star, including her head and inner thighs, have been found to be harboring the parasites, prompting a quarantine from the rest of the cast.

JWoww is the latest victim of an epidemic that has been rampaging through the world of reality television over the summer. The bugs wreaked havoc in the Kardashian household when they were found to be nesting behind Bruce Jenner’s tightly-wound skin. The pests also caused a stir on the set of “Kendra,” when it was discovered that her eight-month-old child had been completely hollowed out by the creatures, leaving only a mummified outer shell of calcified skin.

“I can’t stand these bloodsuckers,” said a reality television producer who wished to remain anonymous. “And now that they have bed bugs, it’s even worse.”

  • Moumar Qaddafi

    They are brown ticks. Most likely. Troublesome little buggers. Found plentiful bounty on my camels.

  • dollface

    um wtf is this real?yea get ur facts straight retard seiously this idiot that writes these articles is either retarded or just doesnt know wat to write about
    jwow is awsome i <3 watching jersey shore and the new season is gunna be amazingg(:

  • BillyBobBoDean

    Um dollface, it’s dumb asses like you that make people write stories like these. Jersey Shore is the most staged, ridiculous show I’ve ever seen in my life. I’d rather watch a documentary on the production of cheese.

    Thank You Come Again,