Justin Bieber’s Real Father Speaks

Justin Bieber father

Justin Bieber, the name strikes fear in the hearts of men, but was he always the monster despised the world over that he is today?

We ran into the man pictured above leaving a methadone clinic in Santa Clara, and we were immediately struck by his shocking resemblance to Justin Bieber. We abducted him and questioned him for hours. It wasn’t until we performed some light torture on him that he finally admitted the awful truth. He is Justin Bieber’s real father.

There have been many rumors surrounding the whereabouts of Justin Bieber’s dad. Some claim that he took his own life when he heard his only son wanted to become a singer. One of the more ridiculous rumors has Justin Bieber’s father being divorced from his mother, and living in some mythical place known as “Winnipeg”.

However, now we had uncovered the truth. Justin Bieber’s father was in our possession. As we waited for him to regain consciousness (from the light torture) we prepared ourselves to interview the man who spawned the tormentor of our world, Justin Bieber.

When Justin Bieber’s father awoke we immediately pressed him for comment on his famous son. Like a sage he began spouting fatherly wisdom to his long lost son, gems like “Boys should play baseball” and “Heroin is a hell of a drug”.

We decided not to print some of the more personal father son messages (like what to do with a dead hooker’s body) as we will be sending the full transcript to Justin Bieber. We can only hope that hearing from his real dad will make Justin Bieber rethink the destructive life choices he has made, and finally get his act together.

Allahu Akbar!

  • anthony irving

    omg thats his fater…i bet he’z shocked

  • jasmine

    wow u look juss like him…………..

  • Amy

    that is not his father

  • Skylar

    Celeb Jihad is retarted they make up fake stories for a job

    • Wtf?

      Well, it is a satire site, so… yeah. I think it’s probably more of a hobby than a job, though.

  • Hater’x

    Gosh Stupidasses./’

  • fuck shit

    fucking dumb ass cunts FUCK YOU BITCHES I WILL MURDER YOU

  • Hannah

    Is that really his dad? (:

  • Ashleey

    That is not his father. His father is married to another lady and they have a kids of there own. Justin bieber even plays with his half brother & half sister. wow guys. if your going to print something atleast make sure that it is the truth.

  • Olivia

    That is not his dad so fake and stupid

  • Jackie

    that’s not his dad. his Dad doesn’t live with him, but he still visit’s him. if you wanna see him then look for him on twitter @lordbieber and get a life.

    • Josiah


  • Anonime

    he is horrible and he is not justin’s father !! obviously!

  • biebette

    Whoever wrote this is a liar. Justin Bieber’s father is not above. His father is better looking than that man and wouldn’t talk like that. People need to mature up.

  • lalalal

    LOL this website is a joke.


    HAHAHAAHAH LOL made me pee nice one

  • Madison

    Gosh you bieber fans are so friggin stupid; you can’t even tell that this is clearly meant as a JOKE. Pure and simple. Do you not have any sense of humor? Everything about this article spells out the fact that it is a joke – where did you go wrong when you read it?

    • bopdadoopdeep

      not all bieber fans are stupid. *most* of us are laughing along with you =) the article’s pretty damn hilarious. i feel bad for those of you without senses of humor. i understand why, with the constant hate, some bieber fans might feel the need to always be on the defensive, but you guys need to take a couple breathers!

    • Margaret Bieber


  • Unknown

    Winnipeg is not mythical its a city in Canada

  • ammobaby21

    that cant be his dad it doesent even look like him 0 what so ever

  • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

    We should bomb Winnepeg for lying to us about holding his father hostage!

  • J.B. fan

    wooww!!! this whole site is dumb… everything= FAKE!!! god people need to get lives! that is not his dad… his dad is Jermy (or how ever you spell it) Bieber! GET UR FACTS RIGHT AND GET A LIFE!!!

  • Mayara

    This’s ridiculous !

  • rachell

    HAHA this site is a joke people it’s entertainment, not the truth. if you don’t like it then get off. and i agree 100 billion percent with lalalal

  • soemone

    omg thts his dad hes UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can he be related to him omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joey

    i wish this site and every working for it would drop dead

  • Alexandra

    thats not his father. “winnipeg is not a mythical place, i live there, and justin biebers real did DOES live in WInnipeg, GET UR FACTS STRAIGHT

  • Only1 4Him

    the only reason he said something like that is to gain popularity and fame so dont go around assuming everything you hear from anybody is always true like i could walk down the street and mistake me for someone famous’ sibling and if they would believe me i could say yes and start a huge thing gaining money from press conferences so dont believe this dumb crap

  • Sam

    its obvious that most of you cant read…no its not his father…right in the story it says that his real father lives in Winnipeg….god damn ya’ll stupid

  • Softballa60

    This is crazy!!! I love justin!! Before I read this I thought he was coming into the picture because his son was famous but now there s more now and that isn’t my thought anymore.
    Peace love and Justin bieber

  • Missyb4554

    Not funny. Not at all. I’m never coming back to this site again.

  • Alex

    Goodness me, you really do need to get a life. Everyone knows who his real father is and so your time was wasted. I dont know if you were attempting to be funny, or going for the ‘shock’ value merely to get your site views ( by the poor adverts presented on here its clear you need some more hits, how unfortunate for you) frankly, either way you failed. The only shoking thing here is that you come across as obsessed with a 16 year old boy, posing as peoples fathers and underage drug abuse. You may be joking but what you say is actually libellous – good luck with that….

    you are going to need it.

  • JB

    YALL R STUPID!!!! Tht is NOT Justins dad!!! and really??! You abducted him?!! EVEN IF YOU DID ABDUT THIS GUY (WHICH IS PROBABLY FAKE) ITS NOT JUSTINS DAD!!!!

  • you=moron

    I’m just going to thumb down all idiots who don’t understand this website

  • Sarahhhhh

    LOL hilarious =) but wtf why does it say Allah hu Akbar at the bottom……

  • huhuh

    I feel sorry for him!!!!!! I wish they meet again

  • m

    that is not justins dad ive seen a picture of justins dad and that is not him and he dosent have any resemblance to justin though justin and his REAL dad do look alike in real life but this is not his dad but i have to admit this article made me lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!its so funny but wrong at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Margaret Bieber

    he really looks like justin look his got the same hair but thats it :( his not a nice looken guy justins real dad would b HOT like justin!!


    I dont make judgements on people I dont even know, like some of you assholes. He looks like Justin and certainly has his hair. Hoping the Best for the Bieber family.

  • destany

    this is not his real dad ok i love you justin bieber you are hot and he is not your dad i love you!!!!!!!;

  • RS

    If you took any part of this article seriously, or felt the need to point out this isn’t Justin Beaver’s “real dad” then please do the rest of teh gene pool a favor and kill yourself before you gumps can reproduce.