Justin Bieber Wearing Panties Pic Leaked

Justin Bieber panties

We have just received the above pic of Justin Bieber in a tight cut off belly shirt and panties. Could this signal that Justin is ready to ditch her “good girl” image and take on a sexier more grownup persona?

Everyone knows that Justin has a considerably large fan base of horned up preteen and teen lesbian girls who think Justin is the greatest thing since the end of a hairbrush. However, it will be interesting to see how they react to this new sexy Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber in panties just goes to show you that you can only sell sex to children for so long before you have to reinvent yourself and push societal limits. Hormonal teens are one of the most lucrative markets in all of the heathen West, and if you want to keep raking in their money you are going to have to come up with new ways to titillate them, morality and their parents be damned.

  • ehg

    love this site

    • Veronica

      Lolly scrive:Qst non ti tmteepro di dirlo.Sono una fan di justin e lo apprezzo ma dire che qualcuno e8 invidioso perche8 non sare0 mai migliore di lui e8 una cosa schifosa.Ci sono milioni di persone migliori cento volte in pif9 di lui.Basta alzare gli occhi dal computer e osservare gli operai che si spaccano la schiena per racimolare il minimo e arrivare a fine mese.Ci sono madri che hanno 4 lavori perche8 i soldi non bastano e la famiglia e8 grande.c8 di loro che bisogna essere invidiosi,della loro forza,del loro coraggio.Bisogna essere invidiosi delle persone che veramente cambiano il mondo: Steve Jobs,Bill Gates,Einstein,Fermi,Freud,Beatles,Luther King,Kafka,Gandhi,Mandela,Garibaldi,Socrate,Platone,ecc Queste sono le persone di cui si dovrebbe avere invidia.Geni che hanno cambiato il mondo lentamente e che verranno ricordati per sempre .Cosa che a Justin Bieber,sinceramente non accadre0.Quindi no non sono gelosa di lui,non ho una vita adagiata,ma cavolo non la cambierei per nulla al mondo!!Queste


        Do you speak it

  • theheadchimp

    This picture is from the new Tampon marketing campaign. Justine is going to show other girls how to use them for the first time.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I hope this doesn’t lead to teen lesboqueer riots.

  • bieber suks

    hahahaha! gr8 work my dearest muslim bros.Way to go,way to GO! .I am starting to love this site.Keep it up guys.


  • TowelHead

    whooaaa that’s weird

    Allah akbar

    • MIMI123

      i hav 2 say that justin is a GAY BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nagano

    This is clearly a fake pic and not even a good fake. Folks are so easily fooled.

    • Joe Jonas’s Girl

      This picture isn’t fake.

      • T

        It is fake. I’ve seen the origonal

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    I love this picture of Justin Beaver. I think he’s a girl.

    • joe jonas is a girl

      shutup ho

      • Garmaan

        esto es pa selena ersepo que no te deje ir y que teaga super feliz omo te lo mereses si te ase sufrir apenas un poquitoaunque estemo lejos boy y la mato jejeselena no ballas a ser tan boba de dejar pasar a una ermosura asitan lindo como justin que es un bonbonyo la tendria que odiar a selena por estar con justin pero no esasi poque es lo que justin elijio para su vida selena no me agas sufrir a mi bonbonsito de dulse de lechey vos justin no pierdas este amor que tenes con selen asi porque asiun besote mi amor te amooooo.nombre- cinthya pamelaapellido- rodriguez gadeafecha de naciniento- 1999edad- 11 af1ossigno- taurobesos besos bay bay

  • Justins mom

    Please leave my little boy alone, he wets his bed every night cause he is so nervous about what all the other boys think. Strange thing is is he doesn’t care what the girls think?

    • theheadchimp

      You are a strong case for abortion…

    • Joe Jonas’s Girl

      We won’t leave your little boy alone. And I won’t leave your little boy alone.


      I swear there is a drug you can give kids that kills em in there sleep nd it is untracable. Give the silly twat some of that . Just put him out of his misery please. Oh nd if you dont like bieber please state on a reply with “I HATE THE BIEBER” …

      • I like your style, and you seem completely mentally stable.

  • Gaf


  • SeanNoWay

    I would tap that ass so fast!!!

  • xiomara

    wow he looks sexy no matter what he weres

  • Asha

    AND YOU ARE THE ONES CALLING MICHAEL JACKSON A PEDOPHILE?!!!!!!!! I’M SORRY but have you looked at what you just posted? A prepubescent boy’s head stuck on the body of a person in their underwear. Disgusting. You people are sick, hypocrites. Get some help seriously.

    • nonyabuisness

      yes you are right selfless pigs they are

  • nonyabuisness

    you guys are very very sick and need some help this is not justin beiber yah its his head on a girls body i mean really one person with some really god photo shopping skills did this its not that hard. NOW GROW THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nathan

      Suck My Dick


    i wanna molest him/her

  • theheadchimp

    To the nonbelibers
    This is what justine really looks like with her clothes off. Get used to it, in another 10 years she will look like Joan Rivers.

  • LaBrace

    bieba is gay,,,,latest news edition

  • Chyllmatic

    Ridiculous. Grow up guys. Seriously. I don’t like JB too but come on.

    • theheadchimp

      Breaking news
      Justine is dating Selena Gomez only so he can get free lawn care.

  • Krystal

    Justin Bieber is Really Gay!!!

  • The crunchies

    The kids got a kick out of this I told them it was photo shop and they should not believe everything they hear and in case what they see.