Justin Bieber Wardrobe Malfunction

Justin Bieber fly down

Teen slut Justin Bieber gave his fans a thrill by performing on stage with his fly down.

Justin Bieber had just completed one his extended “mentoring” session with Usher, when we took the stage with his pants still unzipped.

What a thrill this must of been for Justin Bieber’s fan base which consists almost entirely of pedophiles and sexually confused preteen girls. The thought of Justin Bieber’s deformed ambiguous genitals nearly being exposed will surely warm the hearts and loins of these sick degenerate Justin Bieber fans.

  • theheadchimp

    If you look really really close you can see the label for kotex pantiliners.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      haha…you are correct.

  • Muhammad

    I would savor having my devine anus filled with Justin’s young strong man cock. Yes and then I shall wipe the mess with a square of two-ply which will then become the latest verse of the Holy Quran.

    Allahu Ackbar It’s a trap

  • Muhammad

    Justin and I do have one thing in common:


    Allahu Ackbar It’s a trap

  • dickspitz

    Selena Gomez gets off watching me buttfuck her girlie boy Justin while frigging her filthy Mexican whore hole. The bitch loves to witness an asshole getting sodomized, whether it’s Demi, Miley,Justin, or other friends, any shithole will do.