Justin Bieber Torments 3 Year Old Girl

Justin Bieber 3 year old

Wow this is a new low for he/she pop singer Justin Bieber. In the video below a poor 3 year old girl is so tormented by the fact that the media has brainwashed her into loving Justin Bieber that she can not stop crying.

I feel for the kid. Imagine having your innocence stolen from you as you are forced to feel affection for some impish songstress with questionable vocal abilities. I know I would be hysterical as well.

Justin Bieber must be stopped. She is tormenting and traumatizing our nation’s youth with her prepubescent R&B ballads. Here is the video proof of what a scourge Justin Bieber is. A 3 year old in tears because she loves Justin Bieber. How sad is that. Click the image below to watch.

  • WTF?

    Aside from this being the cutest thing in the world, whoever posted this referring to it as “torment” is a complete jealous, idiot. I’m not even sure whether I should laugh or frown upon this post. Justin Bieber has NOT tormented and/or traumatized anyone as far as I’m concerned. What a 3 year old absorbs can easily be affected by the parent and influences around the child. So, therefor if it’s that big of a deal, the parent would and should’ve stopped it. But she obviously is making a mockery or joke of this and failed to do so. Please, for your own good, get a life!

  • karla

    whoever wrote this im going to tell YOU ONE TIME GO FUCK YOURSELF

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Bite your tongue drunken saloon whore….your excessive and unnecessary profanity insults the ears of Allah.

  • Trey

    Stupid site needs to be sued for defamatory content.


    • Abdullah The Butcher

      You need to be stoned for being a kuffar!

  • sheridan.

    WTF? whoever wrote this, get a life & stop hating on people who have done absolutely NOTHING to deserve it. we don’t want to put up with your lies & shit. so you have a problem with justin bieber, do you? well, GO SOLVE YOUR SHIT! we don’t want to hear about it.

  • Dumb people unite

    The site is being flooded with ignorant “fanbois”.Gahh I hate that word. Anyways… I’m leaving…


    Are You Serious!!! Clearly the girl loves the boy!! How Could You Not Hes Amazing,,,And Cute!! Whoever Did This Is Mean And Rude…If That Three Year Old Cody Saw This She Would Probably Cry Some More.. Cause You Guys Are Mean )…:

    • Bob

      Yes, how could everyone not love a prepubescent teenager that they’ve never met. I mean, he’s totally cute.

      • nikita

        obviously he is soooooo cute he is a fitty.

    • Cheyenne

      Cody has her parents to take care of her.

      Plus there are no such thing as the internet police, silly fangirl.

      Stop taking internet articles about girlyboy tween idols so seriously

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      You are a crazy prostitute. Justin is most clearly a girl!

  • Cheyenne

    the rabid fangirlboys commenting below are just as immature as this article.

    On one hand, this article uses some very harsh language,

    YET on the other hand, who are you guys to say that this article is free or NOT free to be critical over OUR SOCIETY’s new infux of YOUNGER AND YOUNGER children having emotional episodes over tween idols.

    Seriously the girl (even if her feelings are sincere, and she seems pretty smart for her age) is like THREE.

    Doesn’t that bother any of you?

    Doesn’t it bother any of you that you guys are getting emotionally riled up over celebrity faces, and violently reacting over what some person says about their singing or face or how they’re marketed?

    Doesn’t it bother any of you that there are seven year old girls mobbing Robert Pattinson asking him to BITE THEM?

    Kids don’t need to have a barage of mature teenage drama when they’re this young.

    Or at least I think so.

  • Chelsea

    I’m sorry Justin Bieber is just thaaaaat good. Really, I mean this little girl did it to herself.

  • virginia

    omg have you no shame chelsea thats a three yr old girl your being mean about.justin bieber sucks so get over it.

  • Vanessa / Bieber

    WOW!! That girl, Cody was a small n cute lil baby.. How sweet that Justin Bieber flew to her hse n meet her in real.. I wish I was there. Justin Bieber just hug her n talks to her with a sweet voice. But, a young girl cry 4 Justin Bieber?? That was unbelievable. Haha!! Anyway, Justin!! I love u!!! :)))

  • ashley

    A 3 year old litte girl shoud,int be crying over a boy lick that

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      If you are going to comment…at least do it sober….drunken infidel!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    This time Justin has went too far……even for an infidel.

    I thought things were pretty bad when she had sex with a female manatee. But from the evidence presented in the above video I see that Justin has hit a new low in deviant behavior.
    First, she seduced a girl of 3 years……then promised her a homoqueerlesbian wedding in decadent California….and then backed out of the deal. This left the confused prepubescent homoqueer girl a blathering mess of broken heart and tears.

    This behavior cuts across all known limits of decency and I for one am calling for Justin to behave like an adult woman….instead of a fickle teen prostitute….and make good on her initial agreement to marry the 3 year old girl.

    I know homoqueerlesbian weddings are despised by Allah but since both will later be stoned when the caliphate is instituted…..all will balance out in the end.

    Justin….stop being a selfish slut and do the right thing for once in your rotten life.

    Allahu Akbar



    HOLY CRAP SOME PEOPLE HAVE TOO MUCH TImE ON THIER HANDS! youre gay. that little girl cryed becasue she loves justin bieber then jimmy kimmel set her up to meet him (:

    watch this video and stop making up crap.


    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      Do not try and twist the facts with your youtube homoqueervision video.
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  • Get a life

    Imma tell you one time…GET A LIFE.

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  • Criket

    Crazy about Justin BIEBER?
    He’s GAY! Come on get over it! That why girl disgust him…