Justin Bieber Shows Her Breasts

Justin Bieber Topless

Pop diva Justin Bieber was photographed on a beach flaunting her developing teen breasts.

Not to pick on a underage girl like Justin Bieber, but she really should not be showing that flat bird chest of hers. Frankly, Justin Bieber’s chest makes her look like an underdeveloped teenage boy!

I know Justin has a lot of hormones coursing through her teenage veins right now, and running around in public with your titties out is considered “cool” by this generation. However, she should at least wait until she actually has something to show before frolicking around topless with that weird football shaped purse packed feminine hygiene products.

Justin Bieber should take my advice and keep those boobies hidden away for now. She does not want to face the embarrassment and stigma associated with being labeled by her classmates, President of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

  • Jimmy Jihad

    She reminds me of one of my wives.

  • jadee

    omg get a fkennn gripp you pathetic mong!
    how sad can you get, you will probably have man boobs thats why your takenn the
    piss out off him, sort ya life outt yeh ugly fuckenn ratsssssss!!!

    • riannee

      i agree with you there…hes a guy there not even boobs or flat chest bobbs….boys can have man boobs yu guys are idiots whoever has wrote this i agree with jadee on this one

  • Megan

    too far Justin Bieber isnt a girl get your facts right and i like those pics hes hott

    • Bobby

      It’s a freaking joke are u kidding me u retard.

    • Austin

      NO way this guy is a real dude hes either a fagot ass gayfer or a genetic failure of a “BOY” robot. Dont you guys agree?

      • theheadchimp

        I agree 100% this bitch has a mangina…

      • sierra


      • david

        i totally agree.!!!!!

  • will

    omg how fit can you get my boyfriend looks just like him

  • samantha

    u look amazin! love u always ur biggest fan ever samanthaxxxxxxxxx

    • Luvine15

      He has the body of a baby; ribs, stuck-out tummy. (Refering to his single Baby :P.) Yeah, he looks amazing with his buggy eyes and his muddy brown eyes, omg like yeah like omg like yeah so amazing. Lol, have fun fapping to his pic, I guess…

      • kerry

        justin beiber’s really a girlOMG!!!!!!!!!!

    • notabiberfan

      samantha shes a 12 year old girl who has no talent stfu

      • sierra

        ya i love HIM soooo muck but never got to see him yet im only 8 yrs old

  • ohlovato

    This site is so fake! They should be shut down. HELLLOO Justin Bieber is not a girl! And all of the articles about Demi, please, give me a break.

    • Tim

      its a flippin joke, calm down. if yall don’t like the jokes, then don’t go to the website! *gasp* what a concept!

      • Jayde

        Yeah why come to this website if u know u gonna get offended. What? It’s not as if you personally know him

        • lyndsey

          lol its so funny !!! i love how it says that he or she has a football shaped purse with feminine hygiene products !!! ima P im ma pants !!! :)P

    • kerry

      what im confused is justin a girl or not?!!!

      • makayla

        justin biber is not a girl he is a guy and u all n eed to accdept that

      • John

        Shut up bitches hes a girl and we all know it. When men hit puberty their voices get lower when justin hit puberty his voice did what. ya you know, it got higher. so get your head out of your asses

        • John

          i totally agree she a girl…….


    This kid is a sick twist. Once again Beiber is seen near the ocean, trolling for marine mammals to satisfy her fetishm. To top it off, she is trying to attract them by showing off her nipples. I can only assume that football is to entice unsuspecting dolphins into the shallow water to play “Flipper Games” as she calls them. Her disgusting habits are on display for young children to see and I will not be one to remain silent. However, you gotta give it up to Beiber to rockin her Crips colors on the beach. She seems to know where her loyalties lie.

  • kassher

    OMG, people, you must be kidding me. ALL POSTS ON THIS SITE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY. It’s just the way it is. You really do have the jelly instead of brain, y’all ?

  • hayley

    Are you like actual restarded ? You probs weigh like 50stone and have pure massive tits, so i think you should go and get a life now (:

    • Megan B.

      Um Hayley are you retarded cause u cant even spell retarded!!!!! And what the freak are u talking about saying “50stone” who says that?

      • Kelt

        Britons say ‘Stone’, so about 60 million people minimum. I’d guess Indians and Aussies do too, so add another 2 billion to that number.

  • Kyle Webs

    What the hell? Her name is “Justine,” not “Justin”

    • sarah

      your just jealous of him bcuz u can’t sing as good as him n he is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!! hoter than u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Luvine15

        “You’re just jealous of him because you can’t sing as good as him, and he is way hotter than you.” I think is what you meant o_o. But anyways.

        I don’t fucking understand “your” twisted generation. All you prick sluts care about is looks. Justine looks like a fucking little girl. He is NOTTTT hot, k? For one, he looks like a girl, he’s shorter than my 11-y/o sister, he has buggy eyes, and without his prick hair, he’d be NOTHING. You wanna see hot? Google ‘Jeydon Wale’, ‘NeverShoutNever’, ‘Taylor Lautner’. Bitchplease, he CAN’T sing. My grandmother could sing better than him (well, at least she’d sound manlier). If you’re gonna troll on sites like this about Justine Gayber, please learn how to fucking type decently (off topic, I know, but I just needed to point that out). Hun, please, no. ): I’m sorry to stress on this topic, but it’s been bugging me for a while about how you uneducated, ugly ass, orange-skinned, whorey, 80 lb, “OMG KE$HA” sluts go around trolling the fuck out of Myspace and Fb about this child in which you call… ‘Justin’? Please, get a life. I don’t care what you listen to, just keep it out of my fucking ears. kthx.

      • Deathena

        umm yeah i can sing better than her… i don’t get why you people call her gay.. god…im pretty sure she like’s guys.. oh well…and no she is shit ugly so get over her… god even if she is a he why are you into guys that look like girls? are you a lez( nothing wrong with being lez)? and im pretty sure she is not hotter than any one… i would rather date an old wrinkled guy than her. plus she voice gives me a headach so shut up an go away

      • stefani

        sarah, he has no talent and pretty sure you have no idea what any one looks like on here. and pretty sure looks do not matter and what were you doing typing something like justin bieber showing of her breasts if you love him so much?

      • matt

        um, bitch? yeah, sarah. i will never be jelous of that underdeveloped bastard. i am not with the ‘biebers a girl’ joke, but you cant say im jelous of him. wat is he? 16?17? at this age he shouldnt be singing like a 12 year old choir girl. im sorry but, (i aint gay, im just sayin) he really isnt all that good lookin. i bet his mother only sent him to sing so she couldnt see his ugly-ass face. bitch.

  • Darkwork7

    hahahaaaaaaa!! What a faggot….I dont understand why all these girls are all obsessed with this chick, Especially iff this chick doesn’t even have a decent pair of tits.

  • PiFF

    Looking at this picture makes me feel dirty..

  • kalynn brockman

    all u guys that are talkin about him need 2 be quite he is a wonderful person and need 2 stop talkin about him u wouldnt like it if he called all u guys name that are talkin about him i care about him and i dont care if u guys dont like him hes mine anyways so stop talkin about him or else this wont be so pretty.

    • Deathena

      WTF you tell us to stop insulting her but you keep calling her a guy! and i really don’t think he’s yours and saying that is just plain CREEPY! WE CAN SAY WHAT WE WANT SO GO BE GAY OVER HER SOME WERE ELES!! ok thanks :)

    • Paul

      You say you care about him? I highly doubt you even know him. He could be (probably is) a complete dick in real life. Some young teenager getting what ever he/she wants when ever he/she wants. And this won’t be pretty? What are you going to do about it reply back with an insulting comment, good joke.

    • bieber sucks ass

      This stopped being pretty as soon as you commented you pitiful creepy stalker.

  • mike

    I think he looks like Jim Carrey.

  • U fothermucker!!!!

    Perv and a dipthong wow ur on a role of bad names 2 day butt head ooo 3 haha

  • xjoebrosxbieberx

    unless i’m clearly mistaken Justin Bieber is not a girl!! This is just a crazy sick and twisted joke… well it aint funny especially to us Bieber fever fans!! so we owe it to Justin to stand up to these jealous haters!! cause a lot of Justin’s haters happen to be boys, so they just must be jealous of his talents cause he got twice the guts than those boys will eva have

    • Luvine15

      We are NOT jealous hun. At all. I’d rather be a fat polish prostitute than listen to his music… I am a girl, and I clearly despise him. Ok. Open your eyes, He’s NOT hot; admit it. I’ve seen better at my own school and on the net. I see by your nickname “joebroshitsomethingidontcare” that you must be… 12, 13 tops? I’ll let you slide, but I was about to lecture your ass up.

      Oh, and he’s a girl, sorry to disapoint you like that ;o You all had to know at one point in time.


        You don’t know?? It’s a pretty little lesbian….actually ANY girl liking this guy has lesbian tendencies. Just face it Bieber Fever Fans—-embrace your lesbianism.

        • me

          Please do not disgrace lesbians by grouping them with Justine Bieber.

    • Herp De Derp

      -facepalm-…Wait did you just say the boys are ONLY the Justin “BEAVER” haters? o_o’

      …Well shit, I must be the only girl standing with the boys! (~’_’)~

    • Deathena

      UMMM I HATE her and im a girl? so you girls need to get over her! she is a girl! and no bieber does not have twice the guts thouse boys will ever have.. has bieber joined the army? i know someone in the army who hates her cause her singing sucks and she looks like shit. and i sing better than she does so go masturbate to a pic of the girl up there or what ever you creeps do in your spare time cause you bieber fever people are creepy so go away and cry to your poster of him… go on…go

    • jbisaretard

      Justin Bieber is faggot with NO TALENT!!! All the haters arn’t jelous, cuz we dont want to sing like a faggot!! There is nothing to be jelous of at all!!! I bet in a fight Id win over that fag!! And im younger!! He’d back out once i raise my fists!!! Plus sooner or later (hopefully sooner) another band or person will rise up and he’ll be gone like dust in the wind!!!

  • Anna

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, and just like Kyle Webs said her name is “Justine” not “Justin”

  • Frodo T-Baggins

    Anyone ever see Sleepaway Camp?

    Yeah . . . exactly.

  • Annoumus

    isn’t this dude “really” a guy? If not then who cares, perfect dirt…

  • elizabeth

    Um First Justin is a Male so Get that straight whoever it was that wrote this article and he looks HOT !

    • Deathena

      your a tard… she is ugly and SHE IS A GIRL!!!

  • jb lover

    u ppl seriously need to get a lyf. Y u gna b hatin on Justin 4. i love u JB. he soo looks sexy in disz picca

    • Hitler

      I bet a black person wrote this

    • Deathena

      HEY HEY SHUT UP NO ONE LIKES YOU! we have lives it you bieber fever chicks who waste your time on her… she will never date you so get over your selfs!!!! and she looks like a 9 year old girl with no top on carrying a football… if you think thats hot you should be in jail.

    • Deathena

      HEY SHUT UP NO ONE LIKES YOU! we have lives it you bieber fever chicks who waste your time on her… she will never date you so get over your selfs!!!! and she looks like a 9 year old girl with no top on carrying a football… if you think thats hot you should be in jail.

    • jbisaretard

      you stupid whores… With your sticky caps and shorten words like lyf… You sound like undereducated idiots and listen to Dustin Jieber or what ever the hell his name is all day!!! And I have a life, you idiots don’t!!!!!! And what the hell is “disz picca”? And who or what is Justin 4?

  • your momma

    justine needs to get some implants omfg! for a minute i thought i was looking at an undeveloped dude

  • Biebershit

    come on.what has this kid got to make so many stupid girls go crazy for him? he’s not even good looking and all he does is having that girly voice of his and being all skinny like he didn’t ate for days..hilarious

  • ♥sarah♥

    OMB he is the hottest guy on earth and he is working out with taylor lautner tranier. well his tatto is a little weird but i still love him!!!!!

    • Luvine15

      OH MY FUCKING GOD. YOU ARE FUCKING BLIND. I. Am. Going. Crazy. You slut bitches need to fucking OPEN. YOUR EYESSSS. HE IS NOT FUCKING HOT OMFG NO HES A FUCKING UGLY ASS KIDDDDDDDD. WHAT THE FUCK. ARE YOU A SEXUAL PREDATOR FOR LIKING A 12-Y/O? LIKE SERIOUSLY, TAYLOR LAUTNER HAS A FUCKING 8PACK. I am furious, bitch. Taylor Lautner; NOBODY can compare to him. And what fucking tattoo? You can’t get a tat at 12-y/o. Dumb ass.

    • Jozayy


    • jbisaretard

      What the fuck does OMB mean?!?!?! He aint hot! Hes as ugly as a human female walrus!!! AND WHAT FUCKING TATTO!?!?!?!?! YOU STUPID BLIND WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheBestFan

    Вы чё, дебилы?Не хер делать?Ну тогда знайте, те, кто говорят, что Джастин Бибер девчонка,вы просто завидуете.Я же не виновата что вы все озабоченные.Я так понимаю, это ваши сексуальные фантазии.

  • TheBestFan


  • Фан жастина Бибера ё!

    пидары долбонутые !! роты позакрывали и слушаете ! Джастин самый прекрасный парень на Земле и если вы ещё раз скажете что он девочка то я обещаю вас так наебут что мало не покажеться !!

  • You are crap


    • Deathena

      your a fucking moron… i don’t hate jb because she sounds like a girl… im fine with a girl sounding like a girl… i hate her because she says she’s a guy… and no no your just a moron… we arnet crazy over the idea of her being a girl were crazy over the idea she might finally admit she’s a girl… we all know it exept you bieber fever people… OPEN YOUR EYES! oh and i am a girl

    • jbisaretard

      Nah, he’s just a stupid lesbian And you type like an uneducated retard. And there is absolutly NOTHING to be jelous of!!

    • bieber sucks ass

      Ummm yeah first off calm the hell down you damn crazy bitch second justin bieber is a queer faggot and third stop riding on his nonexistant dick you freak

    • bieber sucks ass

      Ummm yeah first off calm the hell down you damn crazy bitch second justin bieber is a queer faggot and third stop riding on his nonexistent dick you deranged freak

  • You are crap


  • Stop

    why don’t you guys get a life? annoying. he’s a boy. not a girl.

  • Stop

    why don’t you guys get a life? annoying. he’s a boy. not a girl. if you’re standing in his position, people talk about you guys like that, how do you feel? get a life people. i’m not his fan but i can’t stand on how people talk about him. even my classmates said that he’s a girl and i get annoyed but i did not talk about it.

  • Stop

    plus, i’m not trying to be rude or make people angry. sorry if i do.

  • ellie

    seriously u pplu should learn 2 take a joke me n ma bruther pissed ourselfs laffin coz we know it was a wind up dude serously!

  • liz

    get a freaking life! ya all jealous! those are NOT breasts! he is a boy you freking retards

  • Nera

    Well… I have come to the conclusion that J. Bieber is either a girl entering puberty or an old man… or both. Maybe it’s an alien? :O

  • JBfan

    WOW!!! She’s HOT!!

  • jb is a fuckin girl

    ok i am positive that shes a girl get that straight, and wat is wit that tatto? when he makes por* like all the other gay or old stars you’ll see.

  • doggy

    u suck he is a boy okay i dont know y yall are picking on him

  • Eboni

    WOW get a life! Everyone knows he’s a guy idiot He’s hot, your not, he’s famous, your snot, he has a million girlz chasing after him everywhere and all they do to you is put there hands to your face! LEAVE HIM ALONE!

  • Nice girl

    HOW DISTURBING IS SEEING THIS LITTLE GIRL,!!! OOPS!!! BOY… I mean girls who dig this girlboy have to defenetly be some bicurious ones! I mean this human is totally filled with girl hormones. He may have some male traits but he is still have a girl appearance and not the gay one…. the hermaphrodite one:S

  • gidz

    man usher better keep his bitch on lock down
    that is a damn disgrace


    Love how every girl can’t spell a single word properly.
    Half of these 12 year old underaged girls sticking up for him are probably also competiting with him for bra size.

  • Justin B Hater

    All these girls who are sticking up for him, OOPS , I meant her are probably taking medications that they should get off of. Why the Hell do all the girls in the world think he is “the hottest guy on Earth” and sexy? Justine Bieber is ugly and has the singing voice of an 10 year old ok, maybe 11. what about those eyebrows they look like damn caterpillars. JB Sucks and should retire from being a celebrity. Again why do u sick stupid girls out there think this girl passing herself off as a boy is Hot??? What the Hell is wrong with you?? PS Good comment HOLYCOW about the bra size.

  • dahiana

    HDP! cabrones dejar a justin empaz, si no teneis vida social no la pagueis con el CAPULLOS! hijo de la gran puta, como te pille te descuartizo, con justin bieber no se mete nadie!!tss THE BEST OF WORLD! alli esta muy guapo imbeciles!

    • THE POPE

      say what honky?

  • a tired person

    people, i’m not trying to piss people off or being rude or something… i’m not his fans. so don’t get offense I just want to said something. first of all, he’s a male. not a female. well, it’s really unfair to him if you keep on saying that he’s a girl. it’s really bad. i know that you guys will be angry after reading this but you’ll know how it feels if people treat you like that… =(

  • Jozayy

    All the girls sticking up for him are fucking 12. I hate Justin Bieber, and I am a girl. That’s probably something nobody’s ever heard before. ;]

    • Deathena

      hey me to… wanna be friends lol jk

  • Jozayy

    All the girls sticking up for him are fucking 12. I hate Justin Bieber, and I am a girl. That’s probably something nobody’s ever heard before… ;]

  • yezee

    hey! are you ok?

    justin bieber is a man, not is a girl!

  • JustineBieber

    Hi everyone I’d just like to say I am actually a girl and love to suck dick. Justin was just a spelling error on the record cover that’s all.
    Thanks for buying my records and making me rich, after all I’m just a pre-pubescent talentless pricktease like most of the girls that answered this post :-)

    Justine xxx

    • Deathena

      finally she admits it

    • koksnowflake

      c’mon people you couldn’t just believe it because someone just wrote justin bieber as his name “sigh” , only empty headed people are the ones who are going to believe that “dah”

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    It is shameful when prepubescent girls are allowed to flaunt their nakedness like a sick whore.
    Justin’s parents deserve to be stoned for the miserable way they have raised this half crazy girl.
    I would personally buy Justin a burka myself and take it to her if I knew her lame parents would support her conversion to Islam.
    Alas…I feel my efforts would be wasted and even the prospect of sending them to hell isn’t enough to motivate me into trying this plan.
    I suppose Justin will turn out a drunken prostitute…. just like the rest of American and Canadian women.
    Death To America