Justin Bieber Naked Pictures Leaked

Justin Bieber naked

Justin Bieber just had the above and below naked pictures leaked to the web, and as you can see they are legit as the tattoos and sunken bird chest match up perfectly.

Justin Bieber naked

These pics were most likely taken from Justin Bieber’s camera and laptop, which Justin claims were stolen yesterday in the tweets below, while also admitting he had “personal footage” stored on them.

Justin Bieber tweets

Well it turns out that personal footage was probably the pics above of Justin Bieber showing off his hairless effeminate body, and what looks like either a sad little penis or an oversized clit.

  • Jamal

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    • Rasool

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      • American Citizen

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        • The Real Prophet

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          • TheMuslimAssasinator

            Very well put. I agree completely.

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          • Miley C

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        • cardarius

          That’s justin bieber forreal

      • Xupah

        This is not Justin. Compare the anatomy (look their navel)

        • the real selena gomez

          it is him trust me i was there

          • stephanie

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      • Lizzie

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        • Valerie

          Stop talking about fuckin jews and stuff that’s not what these pics r about. This seems very serious to Justin and he even admitted there was personal footage and pictures that were obviously never meant to be seen by other people except him and he is obviously very upset

      • Belle Bieber

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      • Somebody

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    • Mr. Nutts house of Jihad

      Jamal! You made Mr. Nutt laugh until I cried! Come by the store tomorrow and pick out whatever you want!

      • Jamal

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          • the real selena gomez

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      • Cracker White

        Well, he’s not Jewish, we can tell that much…

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says

      Yes, you are right brother Jamal.

      For the very first time I must disagree from brother Durka Durka.
      Posting this kind of pictures will transformer definitly this holy site in a dumpster of fags.

      But with Small Wom Pete, Fucked by Muslims, The Real Manure and the The Guy with One Neuron, among others, we already have enough of this garbage.

      These pictures don’t help the cause of Islam.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says

        * transform

      • Jamal

        Brother Hashim..you just took words out of my ‘keyboard’!

        I wanted to say the exact same thing..

        A post encouraging faggotry is the last thing us muslims need..we have enough retards as it is.

        Not to mention..the fags are immune to homosexual insults!

    • A-Homo

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      • Jamal

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    • eddie

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    • kufar

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      It seems Brother Jamal’s prediction was correct.

      • Jamal

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          • Rasool

            Black Knight

            You need to understand one thing before discussing anything related to muslims

            ARABS and MUSLIMS…DO NOT mean the same thing!

            All arabs might be muslims…but all muslims are never arabs.

            Having said that…let’s come to the point of origin.

            Islam was conceived by Prophet muhammed…who was born in Mecca..which is in Saudi arabia..

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          • Black Knight

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          • Black Knight

            Some Africans are mixed with Arab but most Arabs are mixed with blacks.

            The original Arabs came from the Arabian Peninsula. Before they left to spread Islam they were fucking blacks from East Africa. Black East Africans like Egyptians, Nubians, and Kushites,ruled over much of the Arabian Peninsula during ancient times. So these Arabs who spread Islam were part black. Their ancestors mixed with their black rulers not too long ago.

            Then when Arabs went into North Africa to spread Islam they mixed with blacks again and got even more black blood. The Arabs who settled in the Middle East took millions of black slaves and mixed with them. So those regions got even more black blood too.

            Most so called Arabs from North Africa and Middle East have black blood. This is a fact. Why do you deny it?

          • The Real Prophet

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          • Arcachnar

            @Black knight are you distorting the actual truth about the historically facts again? Get a clue. Most Arabs are mixed with blacks? No. Do I really have to explain it again to you? It has been MANY years ago that they have left the Arabian peninsula to settle in the Middle East. No black blood. Muhammad (who was born in Mecca) spread the Islam in 7th century. They were already in the Middle East for a really long time there.

            Slavery was legalized by Muhammad in the same time. Therefore, it is impossible that they settled AND took black slaves with them.

            Muhammad and Saladin have NEVER been black.

          • Arcachnar

            Edit: the Nubians and the Kushites came from the southern part of Egypt and Sudan. Not ruling the whole region of the Arabian Peninsula.

          • Rasool

            The Real Pro-shit

            1) Take your pills..you need them

            2) Before posting..translate your text into english with ‘Retard translator’ ( Available at Mr. Nutts house of jihad)

            3) How was the masturbation? Was justin enough or do you need usher’s penis as well?

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          • Right Said Fred

            Read the koran. Muhahaha was a white dude. Look that shit up no joke. And the muslims started the slave trade long before whites were involved

    • Cracker White

      And if there’s one thing you know, it’s two year-old dick, isn’t it?

  • American Citizen

    Alright, you dumb fucking Americans. Both left-wings and right-wings. The right-wings tend to view all muslims as terrorists. While the left-wings blindly replies with “not all terrorists are muslim”. Now, you dumb fucks want to know how to spot a fucking terrorist out of the billion fucking muslims? Simple as fuck. Islam have several GROUPS of believers. Those groups believe different parts of the Qu’ran. Ill just mention the two biggest groups nao, who make up about 75% of muslim groups.

    Now, the Sunni muslims… Those guys are way moar peaceful than any christian fucking group you’ll ever find. They believe in love and all that bullshit. And their countries aren’t complete fucking chaotic. Saudi-Arabia, The United Arab Emirates.. All ruled by Sunnis.

    And, the Shia muslims… The Shias believe in holy war. Jihad. It does NOT fucking matter if the Shia muslim is a 12 year old girl or a 60 year old man. They believe the same parts of the Qu’ran. They believe every non-muslim deserves death. The Shias also run countries such as Iran and Libya. Taliban is also a Shia-based islamic group.

    Alright. The Shia muslims and the Sunnis are mortal fucking enemies. And by that, I don’t mean like the fucking conservatives and liberals. I mean, they’ll fucking kill eachother.

    So, Amerifags.. About 30% of muslims believe that you should die. The remaining 70% are just like you and me.

    Now discuss, you dumbfucks.

    • ObserversDickisaFatwa

      Kill the all……Let Jesus sort them out…..

      • American Citizen

        i ain’t a christian islamic or anythin i am straight up athiest i don’t believen an religion i wouldn’t believe god or anyone so fuck ya’ll hu say shit bout me n fake bein me u can just suck ur own dicks

        • Somebody

          WHOOO ATHEISM IS THE BEST!!! MotherFUCK all you religious bastards out there.

    • Moishe Goldberg

      No Muslims are peaceful. Sunni and Shia both riot and kill over shit like cartoons and amateur films. Most international terrorists have come from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan… both Sunni countries. And you consider these nations peaceful? Go do some research on them please. Cure your ignorance.

      Libya is not Shia it is also Sunni, as is Somalia and Sudan… real peaceful nations they are… lmfao

      Learn how to spell “more” dumbass.

      Stop trying to think you know what the fuck you’re talking about. You just embarrassed yourself with that glaringly inaccurate comment.

      • Saif

        Moishe Dumbass

        There are a LOT of peaceful muslim countries..

        For example………ummm…….ummm…….ahhh……wait……no…..ummmm

        I need to go….bye

        • justrandom

          yeah i cant choose any muslims theyre so bad and cruel no matter what they say stereotyping is always what we believe i hate muslims i swear wy concert to being a catholic right?

      • American Citizen

        And you need to stop being a fucking Jew. It’s because of you greedy hook nosed bastards that the world may be on the brink of WWIII.

        • Moishe Goldberg

          Aww… I noticed you didn’t refute anything I said because everything I said was factual.

          Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and a bunch of other violent, terrorist producing Muslim shitholes are Sunni. So your little attempt to be knowledgeable about the alleged differences of Islamic people came back to bite you in the ass. How does it feel being embarrassed by a smarter Jew who can run circles around you with his dizzying intellect? I find it funny to put pompous pseudo-intelelctual assholes like you in their place. Next time you try to be clever try doing a little more research. Maybe go take a Contemporary Islam course 101 and brush up on your ignorance.

          • fuckmusslims

            If anything Iran will get nuked by Israel which won’t do much of anything but lead to a war against the two maybe a few country’s with it my biggest fear for the U.S is basically not WW3 but possibly another Cold War, North Korea will be the main target, There Allies would be China, Cuba, Vietnam, possibly Russia, and any other Communist Country’s that’s what I think will happened.

          • Moshe Dayan

            Moshie Bro,

            You are totally correct. Sunnis are currently dressing up as government forces and massacring civilians so they can get it on the dumbass western media. No muslim is peaceful. The peace they talk about in Islam is the kind of peace you have after a huge battle where your enemy is completely dead and the love is exclusively about little dancing boy dick.

            Q: How do you tell a Sunni from a Shiite?
            A: The Sunnis are the ones with the Shiite blown out of them.

            Eat shit and die mofos

        • vishvaraj rana

          dont fi8 echothr nd most imp is Hindu Muslims bhai bhai

    • Khalid

      American Citizen, I agree that Muslims are no worse than Christians. They’ve caused the deaths of just as many if not more than Muslims.

      Jews are the worst, though. They manipulate people into fighting for them. Witness 9/11 and the American wars of attrition in the Middle East.

      The Jews and Israel are the true enemies of peace. No one would blame the Iranians for wiping them off the map.

      In fact, most of the world is secretly hoping they do, I bet.

      • Moshe Dayan

        Khalid Kocksucker,

        Just like the licker of pigs asses you are, here you advocate genocide against an entire race. You say Islam is a religion of peace and love but…you’d happily commit genocide against men women and children. Seems to me that Muslims can only do one thing well, kill innocent people in cowardly ways and then kill each other when there is no one else around to kill. Dont worry though, we Jews find Muslims amusing. Hopefully they keep killing each other and this spreads to Iran. When only a few are left standing, our Sephardim will go in there and give them the final fucking over they deserve. Islam is about to go extinct worldwide except for a few sandgoogles left here and there in some desert shithole.

        Eat shit and die

        • Khalid

          Fight your own wars and take your fangs out of the US homoqueers.

          Then again, if you did that, you’d wind up alone and decimated in short order without the protection of the USA.

          Hope Obama gets re-elected so he can leave you to twist in the wind before all of the enemies you’ve made through your vile actions.

      • American Citizen

        ur agreein with fake me bitch if u haven’t noticed this is the real american citizen this bitch copycat is a fake muslims gayfer who still sucks on his dad’s dick because he’s mentally retard

      • Kabal Muhammad

        agree 100%. Jew is not a nation but being jew is diagnose.

    • American Citizen

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  • shiana

    thats so fake his belly botton and his nipples and his chest dont look anything alike u guys are fake

    • Abdul Muhaimin

      Shitty Ana,

      WTF is a “belly botton”? Has the meth you and you brother/daddy been making in your bathtub finally burned out your pea-sized brain?

    • Bieber Fever Girl

      She is right. His belly button is not the same. The tattoo is not in the right place either. The naked guy also has a mole on the left side of his right breast which Justin doesn’t have. This is not Justin. Someone who heard about his “personal information” being stolen took the opportunity to pretend to be him. This is a hoax. Justin would never pose in a disgusting manner like this. He has morals.

    • justrandom

      obviously it is him youre just an avid bitch fan who is very in love wit justin

    • justrandom

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    • keith

      she is right the belly buttons don’t match

  • Tour Manager Josh

    At least they didn’t post the photos of me giving Justine a rusty trombone.


  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    We can see Justine is not a “Muslim”……..or a Jew….

  • NotGay

    Even I wouldn’t want to suck that sick little thing.

    For experimental purposes, of course.

  • Kyle the Rapist

    Sorry, I like this site but I have to call bullshit. Everyone knows Justin can only achieve an erection when Ushers dick is in his mouth or up his ass, that is clearly not happening in this picture.

  • fuckmusslims

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        • Mirka


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      • fuckmusslims

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        • American Citizen

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            Impostor I have a Wife her nam is Haven, Haven Grande and a little Daughter named Shaelyne. American Citizen I bet that my impostor is also your impostor too.

      • American Citizen

        he is he sulcitates himself like a prostitute wait CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW 2 CHANGE PICS I DON’T WANNA LOOK LIKE A CRAZY BITCH ANYMORE


    LOL i cant believe justin bieber

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Justine’s hairless body and his “moves” make him a prime candidate to be a dancing boy for a powerful sheikh from Tikrit. He will be much happier serving a virile muslim rather than the infidels and his shameless beaner Selena Homez.


    • Abdullah The Butcher


      what the fuck is up with you? I have heard of hero worship but this is taking it too far.

      Your actions only result in insulting Islam and Allah and you have a guaranteed ass kicking coming your way.

      Get your own avatar and give up the impersonations.

      ALLAH commands it!

      • fuckmusslims

        Islamic Terrorism insults Allah more than anything.

        • lolo

          look Islam respect’s each and every religion ok! so change your name or seriously were gonna have some problems and just to be clear you people stop using the word niggar it’s rude . I’m not saying that just to protect my self In a matter of fact aim Egyptian and I’m blonde so is my mom and my dad and my sisters so shut the F…. up and change ur name # fuck Islam

      • Khalid

        Brother Butcher, they’re just jealous because they’re not wealthy oil sheiks like us.

        They’ll have to go back to their cockroach and rat infested gubmint housing to warm their mac n’ cheese.

        Hahaha! Poor people are pathetic.


        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Brother Khalid

          You are so right!

          It is my deepest hope that after Romney defeats the apostate Obama…that he does away with welfare and throws all them lazy bums out on their ass and burns down all the gubament housing….which us Muslims call..”googlevilles”

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Brother Khalid

          Don’t be fooled by these homoqueer imposters.

          You and I both know that there is nothing more beautiful than a hairless dancing boy holding his sausage in his hand while undressing one of us powerful muslims with his eyes.

          Only us muslims are smart enough to use young boys for pleasure as to not desecrate our women, who are to be used for making future jihadists. That twinkle in the eyes of dancing boys just before his sheik pulls out his python is truly something to behold.

          Allahu Akbar

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          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says

            The Real Manure,

            As one can state on your case, you are the living proof that technology doesn’t work always: as you know, you are the result of a failed experiment of a test tube baby.

      • The west is the Best

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      • The west is the Best

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  • Carry

    Justin Bieber is a faggy little puss like you.

  • mayhem

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  • Selena Gomez

    This picture is a fake : Justine has had her clit circumcised last year at our Chanukkah party.
    And don’t tell me she’s holding a dildo : all ours are black, or donkey-shaped.

  • Abdul Rasul

    You can tell Justin is an American he has a small cock. Pussies

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