Justin Bieber Got Beat Up By Demi Lovato

Justin Bieber beat up

Pop diva Justin Bieber got beaten up pretty bad by none other than Disney star and mental patient Demi Lovato! As you can see Justin Bieber’s face is badly bruised and he reportedly also suffered a slightly torn labia after a confrontation with Lovato outside a Santa Monica nail salon. Frankly, he is lucky to be alive.

Demi Lovato was recently committed to a mental health facilily for various severe mental health issues after she assaulted one of her backup dancers in early November. Demi obviously targeted Bieber because of his alleged relationship with her ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez had a well documented hot teen lesbian affair, and when the relationship deteriorated so did Demi’s mental health. Recently pictures of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber getting cozy have surfaced which is probably what caused Demi to snap and attack Justin Bieber.

I could always sense that the Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato lesbian love triangle was going to end in violence. There is little doubt that Selena will answer this attack against Justin Bieber, and the violence will continue escalating. Let us hope no innocent Muslims get caught in the crossfire.


  • IHateCelebs

    Ms. Bieber should be more careful about messing around with Mexicans. Mexicans are violent and paranoid due to their illegal alient status and are always just itching for a fight. Ms. Bieber should seriously consider renouncing her lesboqueer ways and find a nice boyfriend to hang out with.

    I hope her torn labia heals up soon though.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Well, Justine found out the hard way, what happens when you hook up with a Mexican bull dyke lesboqueer.
    Yes, it’s true….love hurts….especially lesboqueer love.

  • wolfgang69

    lol to funny the bev in a fighter yea right!!!! even with a girl lol to funny right there … it is makeup the bitch was doing a skit on csi the tv show

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      What the fuck do you know?
      Evidently, nothing about anything.
      Justine got beat up by a bull dyke; case closed.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • wolfgang69

        o please dont get pissed at me cause u can not read a paper or listen to a tv.. it is called learning y dont you try it from time to time who knows u might like it dumbass

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          You are the dumbass you sack of shit.
          Read the article, it tells the truth; something you apparently are not familiar with.
          Also, stop posting like a nigger.

          Eat shit and die mofo

  • NONE

    this is the make up for csi! lol.

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    I’m glad that Justin got beat up by Selena. And I’m also glad that he got beat up by a Mexican. He should have died un the fight. He deserves to die. He needs to die now.

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    I meant that I’m glad that he got beat up by Demi. I’m glad that he got beat up by a girl. I’m also glad that he got beat up by a psyco.

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    And one more thing I hope that psyco Demi kicked or punched him in the balls. He deserves to be kick or punched in the balls. I’m the next person to beat him up. And I won’t go easy on him when I beat him up. I will be violent toward him. And he isn’t lucky to be alive. I agree Demi and Selena are lesbians. I agree that their lesbian love triangle would end in violence.

  • theheadchimp

    Joe Jonas’s Girl
    You racist bitch. Your intolerence is alarming, you should take the 12 step program at the local NAACP chapter soon.

    • Joe Jonas’s Girl

      I’m not trying to sound dumb here. What do you mean that I should take the 12 step program at the local NAACP chapter?

  • whatever

    LMAOOO this is so fake. it’s for his fucking tv show. this site is a joke.

    • Joe Jonas’s Girl

      I totallly aree.

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    What I meant to say that this isn’t fake. It is real. He really did get beat up by Demi.

    • Joe Jonas’s Girl is a tool

      You don’t know shit. Such a racist comment, I see you haven’t changed.

      • Joe Jonas’s Girl

        I have changed.

  • Dianne pretorius

    OMG!!!!!! Wow that looks painful shame man justin if you read this stuff well ima tell you sumtin you deserve way better than selina but if you love her we can’t deny you of that but really justin a EX LESBIAN come on there are sooooooooooo many beautiful girls out there and you go and date a LEZ nay nay I don’t like her but she really is beautiful but plz be careful next time on who you date cause I dnt wna see that hot face like that lol so ya I hope your ok n stuff .Good luck for the future !!!! And rock all the stages you perform in but take a note to wat I said bra lol. Love ya !
    (**,) and remember JESUS LOVES YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!and sorry about your face hope it heals well BYE!!!!!!

  • Jb!

    Aw i hope this isn’t Real! I LoVE You JUsTin!if it is real i will beat up Demi And Selena!!! LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!!!

  • Jb!


  • Italian Baby

    Mrs.Jessica Beiber You Derserved 2 Get Beat Up By Demi.And Im Glad She Did!And If You Couldent Tell That Selena’s A Lezbo Then Your SOOO F**king Stupid! And Since You Act So Much Like A Girl And Selena Likes Girls Thats The Only Reason She Liked You. I Only Got On This Site To See Your F**ked Up Face! And now It’s My Screen Saver…..Ha Ha You Got What You Derserved!!!

    • theheadchimp

      Italian baby
      I love your style……….but work on the spelling.

  • demi is a fat ugly psycho whore

    she masturbates with a rolled up newspaper

  • Happy Infidel

    Total bullshit on this site as usual. Why do you stupid teenangers believe this crap?

  • Jess

    What the fuck total fucking bullshit this was on csi Miami why the fuck do you teems get on this shit