Justin Bieber Fan Punched Selena Gomez In The Face

Selena Gomez punch

Selena Gomez and her girlfriend Justin Bieber had dinner at Maggiano’s at The Grove in Los Angeles last night. On their way out a female (presumably lesbian) Justin Bieber fan punched Selena Gomez in the face.

As you can see in the photo above Selena was in tears as she tries to hide her face from the photographers. Her lip is clearly red and swollen from the punch. No word yet on who the Justin Bieber fan was that initiated the attack, but it is almost certain that Justin did nothing to defend Selena and probably curled up into a ball on the ground and waited for the confrontation to end.

As you know we here at Celeb Jihad aren’t prone to taking part in wild speculation, but it seems like this is something Selena’s ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato would do. We know she just got out of that mental institution for punching some girl in the face, and that she is severely disturbed and obsessed with Selena. Just something for the authorities investigating this to think about.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Demi, is no doubt the top lesboqueer suspect, in this heinous, “lesboqueer on lesboqueer” crime.
    This should serve as a wake up call to selena; she needs to realize that eating pussy is not all fun and games, and that if she is going to be a full time “rug muncher” she needs a tougher “girl friend” than justine….for her own protection.

    • selena suks


      Hey Abdullah, recently I just checked the ” Selena Gomez Eats A Crepe Like A Whore” blog. A screwed up asshole who calls himself HAPPY INFIDEL had submitted some wrong info about Islam. You did not defend Islam .Where were you?!!

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    i don’t see any tears

  • Akbar Goldstein

    That was my little female cousin, Talhame Goldstein. She is a good little jihadist and serves Allah well. All this dirty Mexican has to do is abide by the Qurran and obey Muslim mans the way that it is written!! Praise be to Allah!!!

    • selena suks


      Why could’nt your cousin just kill her?

  • poor selena

    ppl are so mean to her

    • selena suks

      YEAH! you are so right ,its better to put her out of her misery!

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  • open the scroll

    This spic isnt bruised, its the start of an aids sore from kissing queers,mud turtles and beaners.

  • George Silva

    That can only be a bad thing.

    Yeah, a woman far more masculine than bieber assualted his fake publicity “girlfriend”.

    So now Selena Gomez is a certified Fag Hag…

    That’s nothing compared to what will happen when bieber finally comes out of the closet.

    And he WILL be outed all too soon.

    Then Selena Gomez gets to answer why she risked her entire career by pretending to love the blatantly gay bieber…

    I gotta microwave oven, and a Costco sized box of popcorn.

    The gay no talent bieber and the no talent publicity whore Selena Gomez show MUST be followed by mass quantities of popcorn.

    I say again that Selena Gomez is a NO TALENT fag hag, who wants to hitch HER star to to a VERY gay No-Talent hack.


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      can’t wait till you die of AIDS

      • open the scroll

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        • taylor suks


    • selena suks

      George Silva

      Hey , Justina Beaver is not gay .She is a lesbian dumbass!

  • selena used to be so pretty

    look at the post “selena forgets to wear pants.” she was gorgeous. now she looks like a frightened child

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      You’d be frightened too, if that bull dyke demi lovato, had just punched you in the pie-hole.

  • The_Dicks


    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      The difference is, that Allah can send you to hell….and he will.

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  • AbduIIah the Butcher

    We Jihadists are mean only to infidels who come in here because we are total assholes, that’s why.
    We can’t stand being put down when we are wrong which we always are.

    Any other questions?

  • avalon

    good for her

  • tevra

    that isn’t a bruise from a punch it is a herpes blister