Justin Bieber Drinks Glass Of Man Juice

Justin Bieber jizz

Anxious to begin puberty Justin Bieber has appeared to have taken up the ancient Polynesian ritual of drinking a man’s juice.

The indigenous tribes in Polynesia have long been more advanced than the West at the art of puberty. In Polynesian culture when a young boy like Justin Bieber is about to start puberty he is immediately quarantined from any female interaction less their menstrual blood interfere with his transformation.

The boy is then required to service the men of the village, so that he may get as much man juice in him as possible to grow big and strong. It is all very scientific.

It is good to see that Justin Bieber appears to have embraced this ancient custom by drinking a tall glass of spunk. Of course Justin should be advised that for best results he needs to suck the juice from the source, but I am sure he will once Usher gets off tour.

Drink up young Bieber, and one day you will be a strong virile man. Who knows you may even grow to be 5’5 and 120lbs.

  • theheadchimp

    The only growing (he she it) is going to grow is a ……………mangina.

    • JDBieberLuver


  • Dead Ed®

    Who would win in a fight to the death between the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber?


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  • theheadchimp

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  • wrong

    thats milk :D

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    The author needs to do another article because this article doesn’t make fun of Justin. It needs to say more mean things about him. The article sort of makes fun of Justin, but it doesn’t make enough fun of Justin. Keep on making fun of him and Salena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus. But stop making fun of the Jonas Brothers.

  • newyorkdollface(:

    joe jonas’s girl ur a stupid bitch dont hate on justin bieber if u dont even know him
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    • Joe Jonas’s Girl

      Hey I’m not a stupid b*tch. Maybe you’re a stupid b*tch. Bieber isn’t here to stay. He doesn’t have a amazing voice. And he doesn’t have an adorable voice.

  • mariam

    hey bieber thats fake just stay healthy kay