Justin Bieber Dies of Heat Stroke in Los Angeles Heatwave

A routine trip to the liquor store ended in tragedy this afternoon, as Justin Bieber was found dead in the backseat of his mother’s car.

According to Los Angeles police, Bieber’s mother left the pop-star in the car with the windows rolled up as she shopped for Mad Dog 20/20 and Boones Farm Malted Beverage. Record temperatures reaching 113 Fahrenheit quickly overcame the singer, and by time she returned 15 minutes later, he was already dead.

“It was a really sad case,” said Officer David Zabel. “The little guy was clawing at the window as best he could, but because of his tiny arms, he never had a chance.”

Bieber’s mother was cited for leaving a popstar unattended. A memorial will be held on Thursday.

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  • theheadchimp

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  • WesternWarlock

    You forgot to mention Bieber was still strapped into his infant carseat.

  • Blake

    R.I.P Justin

    • Osbama bin Biladen

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          • Osama Bin-Laden

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  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    I wish this article was true, but it’s not. I wish he would die for real. His fans need yo die along with him. The Jonas Brothers are way better than him. JB stands for the Jonas Brothers not Justin Beaver. He sounds like a girl. He sucks. He has no talent like Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus. It’s not fair that he is bigger than the Jonas Brothers. The Jonas Brothers are way sexier than him and they have way more talent than him. The Jonas Brothers will always be better than him and Selena, Demi, Taylor, Miley. I hate him as much as Miley, Selena, Demi, Taylor. And fans of Justin Beaver stop liking him. And I hate all of the fans who dumped the Jonas Brothers for him. Again Justin and his fans need to die.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      The greatest misery to Justine will occur in a couple of years when she gets too old to attract the attention of kiddie kuffars.

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    • Name Stealer

      You said: “The Jonas Brothers are way better than him. JB stands for the Jonas Brothers not Justin Beaver.”
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      You said: “The Jonas Brothers are way sexier than him and they have way more talent than him. he Jonas Brothers will always be better than him and Selena, Demi, Taylor, Miley”
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      *disclaimer: I personally believe that Taylor Swift is vastly overrated, but is by no means the low-level grade-D fame whore that the above aforementioned no-talent artist. As a pop/country star I would give her a C+*
      You said: “And I hate all of the fans who dumped the Jonas Brothers for him.”
      You should have said: “And hope earnestly for the disillusionment and eventual sanity of all fans of both Justin Boober and the Jonas Brothers. Truly they are fools to believe that any tween icons such as these poor pawns of the money-hungry media have any talent whatsoever.”

      All in all, nice comment. You need to snap out of this trance that the Blow Jobbers have put you in, and you shouldn’t have a hard time with it because you’ve broken free of all the other disgusting tween titans’ spells. Your inability to see that the Jonas Brothers lack talent is impairing your ability to comment.

      • Joe Jonas’s Girl

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        • Osbama bin Biladen

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  • theheadchimp

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        • Name Stealer

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  • JustinBieber4BJs

    Bieber died of a heat stroke, or died “trying” to stroke?

    • Osbama bin Biladen

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    • Music Critic

      Never compare Justin Bieber with Lady Gaga. It doesn’t do anyone justice to be compared with Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers, or Demi Lovato. They are all horrible. Ask any critic of music; the reason they have their gimmicks, for example television shows and social networking, is because their music isn’t good enough to sell itself. Justin Bieber got his start on Youtube and makes strong efforts to make young girls like him via Twitter. Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers have television shows to promote them. Lady Gaga, though she does use Twitter, uses Twitter as a vehicle for promoting her political views while Justin Bieber uses it as a marketing platform. Her music, unlike most of the top-selling music of today, doesn’t need the platform; Lady Gaga can sell herself just by recording the music (pun intended).

  • Coroner

    Autopsy Report:

    Name: Justin Beaver
    Age: 11
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    Height: 4’11”
    Weight: 60 (lbs)


    Upon investigation the coroner noticed that her brain has suffered chemical toxicity. Possibly due to the high amount women’s hair care products that soaked up into her brain. However that was not the leading cause of death. By further increasing the autopsy we were able to determine the sex of the subject. No male genitals were seen instead a vagina that gave off an atrocious odor . We ran test on the vaginal fluid only to determine the smell was from a lack of washing. Upon dissecting the throat we noticed the vocal cords were underdeveloped. Not uncommon for a girl of this age. The result of that was a constant high pitched voice.

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  • Osbama bin Biladen

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  • Katie

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