Jon Gosselin’s New Girlfriend

Jon Gosselin girlfriend

Jon Gosselin was vacationing with his new girlfriend Hailey Glassman in St Tropez this weekend.

When asked about their budding relationship the new couple were quite candid about what attracted them to each other.

“What attracted me to Hailey was her great heart. I mean I can talk to her about pretty much anything. Oh and her body was not horribly disfigured by birthing 8 children” said Jon.

“My attraction to Jon was purely physical at first” admits Hailey. “I have a thing for slanty-eyed guys with hair plugs who wear douchebag Ed Hardy shirts. But as I’ve gotten to get to know him, I find his spineless passive agressive personality sexy as hell.”


    That is THE best article I have seen yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mina

    wow. Jon is a jerk! how can he say “not horribly disfigured by birthing 8 children” when those are HIS kids. I used to feel bad for Jon not anymore. I hope Kate will be able to remain strong.

    • a whitey


  • lyn

    What he forgot to mention that her body got disfigured from birthing his 8 children what a pig They are his kids to Kate take him to the cleaners what is he gonna do once he gets this new one pregnant and disfigures her body move on

  • lyn

    Also where does he get all of his money to fly all around france and bum

  • lyn

    Also one last thing i think he is ugly jon

  • sharon

    Obviously they are being sarcastic in thier comments. People are so stupid! But I do wonder obviously how he can just be traveling around the world and leave those 8 little kids with nannies and his soon to be x wife. and YES Jon you ARE still married..

  • Rachel

    That “thing” is lucky to have had, a wife as beautiful looking as Kate. I can, imagine the crap he would whisper in her ear. Is it any wonder, she talked to him the way she did. I hope, his children never have to be exposed to the damaging comments a spineless pig like Jon make. YUK! Send that bad boy my way so, I can give him a good ol’ chicana bitch slap…Wham!

  • joy

    JERK JERK JERK three words for JON let see his girlfriend after 8 kids ,,, what a jerks to say that about his kids mother ,, one day they will grow up and read that stuff.. AND MOST OF ALL WHY DOESNT SOMEONE CALL HIM OUT ON THIS JUNK.. YEA he wasnt cheating !!! Whatever!!!

    • Wow

      That’s not a real quote you stupid twat!

  • girlygirl

    I know who would believe this was a realy quote obviously they didn’t really say this

  • joanna borrayo

    Jon realy made a bad chois cheating on Kate. Kate shoud realy find another guy