Jon & Cake Plus 6

jon cake plus 6

Jon and Kate Gosselin announced they are getting a divorce, and TLC has temporarily halted production on their show “Jon & Kate Plus 8”.

But never fear Gosselin lovers. Spike TV has signed a deal with Jon to do a new reality show tentatively titled “Jon & Cake Plus 6”.

Follow Jon as he adjust to his new bachelor lifestyle. Watch him walk around his apartment in his underwear, get lap dances from strippers, and have sex with many strange and exciting women!

The show is scheduled to start shooting in July and will be the centerpiece of Spike’s fall lineup.

  • Seriously, this is the shittiest show ever. I mean really, Six kids, eight kids, who gives a shit. It’s just like another intermediate family with drama of the so call break up to make money. I mean really 6-8 kids, is that some really new?

    • Justin

      Hey genius it is a joke. The 6 refers to the 6 pack he is holding.

  • Joe

    What show are you talking about? This show is apparently about a bachelor with cake and a six pack of beer who gets laid all the time.

  • Fuckwhatsmyname

    Sounds like my life, minus the laid all the time

    • OHNOvicaine

      Ha. Same here, brotha.