Joe Jonas And Betty White Are Dating

Joe Jonas Betty White

Sources have confirmed that teen heartthrob Joe Jonas is dating Betty White.

Joe Jonas and Betty White were spotted getting cozy while having dinner at 4:30pm at a Cracker Barrel in Palm Springs. According to an eye witness “They seemed really into each other. Betty was rubbing her wool stockings up and down Joe’s leg, I thought it was going to start a fire. She kept hand feeding him hard candies from her purse, and he was licking them up. It was disturbing”

Joe Jonas and Betty White met through mutual friends of his grandmother. Apparently there was an instant attraction when Betty White offered to take Joe Jonas’ temperature rectally. She then regaled him with the tale of how back in St. Olaf, she was the deepthroat champion 5 years running. They have been inseparable ever since.

  • amanda

    do u know how ridiculous this is?

  • Untamed Wolf

    I don’t think that he’d be interested in that old fart. She’s too old for him. I mean can she go to jail for that?

  • anonymous

    This is ridiculous! You can’t make this stuff up. Betty White is too old for him. She is 88 years old.

  • Crystal Skye

    Ok, this is stupid. Can’t an OLD WOMAN, and a MUCH YOUNGER man, be seen together, without someone thinking they’re dating? She’s old enough to be his grandmother, and that’s probably how he sees her. You people are……never mind

  • Joejonasgirl

    That is the biggest lie I’ve ever here’d in my life!!!! Who ever started this rumor needs to get a life. Btw they didn’t meet by his grandma being her friend! They meet on the set of hot in clevland because he is going to be in an episode. So you need to stop talking about him because he’s the best person in the world:)


    It’s clear to me that this is Joe Jonas’s weakest beard yet. However, my sources tell me that Joe was recently seen leaving a local Piggly-Wiggly with a tube of Vagisil and a gallon of baby oil. Something freaky is going on between these. Why shouldn’t they have a chance to be happy? Young guys like a chance to try out older women because unlike young girls, older women aren’t afraid it. They know it won’t break and how could it break when it’s invincible!!!!

  • Kayla

    You girls clearly can’t take a joke. This is simply mocking young fans such as yourselves who overreact when Joe is seen with a girl.

  • Megan

    Ok seriously, this is fucking rediculious. GET A LIFE!

  • ralph

    she’s hotter than demi

  • erica

    She can’t be with him, she is way too good for him.

    • eddiespagetti

      he’s too good for HER, she needs to back off


    /wow how STUPID R U ???????????

  • Rebecca

    I agree with everyone that has commented so far. They aren’t dating. Betty White is too old for Joe. This article is a lie. It’s fake. Don’t believe anything that is on here about Joe Jonas and the Jonas Brothers. Believe everything that is on here about Salena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift. I dislike them. The author or authors that write about Joe Jonas and the Jonas Brothers are jelous that’s why they say mean things about them.

  • mindybrady

    Betty White is taking advantage of this poor boy… she just wants more publicity!!! Joe, go back to Demi!!!

  • Renecca

    And by the way if Joe and Betty were dating it would be all over the news.

  • Rebecca

    If you noticedI had a typo in my name. Sorry about that.


    good for joe

    • Joe Jonas’s Girl

      I like your user name. I hate Miley too. I totally agree with your name. I kind of agree with you. If I didn’t care about this article I would have said that too.By the way I changed my name from Rebecca to this name that I have now.