Joe Jackson: If Only I Had Beaten Michael Harder

Joe Jackson

In an exclusive interview with CelebJihad, Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson spoke candidly about the loss of his son, and about how his parenting style may have ultimately played a role in Michael’s tragic life and death.

“I’m not one to sit and dwell on the past, but at a time like this, when a father outlives his son, one can’t help but second guess,” said Jackson, speaking to us via cell phone from outside the 4 Play Gentleman’s Club in Los Angeles.

“I can’t help but wonder, if only I had beaten Michael harder, especially during puberty, perhaps he wouldn’t have turned into the grotesque pansexual pill-popping he-she boy lover which he became. If only I would have hit him with smaller tree branches, because the smaller ones hurt more, maybe he would have been normal.”

Jackson also lamented the fact that he did not have a chance for closure with his son.

“Looking back, there are so many unanswered questions,” said Joe. “What is the combination to the safe? Do you have any money hidden in foreign accounts? What’s with all these Jonas Brothers’ DVDs stacked up in that weird dungeon room?”

But despite his troubled past, Joe Jackson is focusing on the future.

“In the end, our lawyers and accountants can figure most of this stuff out, so it ain’t no thaaang!”

Added Joe, “Be sure to visit to learn more about my hip hop boot camp. Michael would have wanted it.”

(Video of Joe Jackson – Father of the Year)

  • austyn boots

    Is this true! i hope it is

    now a commant from my friend nickname is racheal kreachesse
    im not a boi so I can say i luv michael jackson and u r so rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate his daddi

  • Butt Safe Since Jacko Died

    More rectal thermometer I’d say , would have been in order.

  • wakcedout

    and the truth even his own father believe him to be a child molestor what more do teh idiot mass’s need for proof.

  • scott

    do you men & woman really buy this bullshit! if true then daddy jackson needs his ass beat.

  • Dead Ed

    Joe Jackson’s been naughty. Someone oughtta whip him.

  • carolyn

    Well the poor old man………boo hoo..the kid is dead and the money train stopped. Now they have to go to work. Ain’t he an ugly old man?

  • Dead Ed

    Why doesn’t MJ’s family put up the bill 4 MJ’s memorial service instead of a bankrupt California? Or the Hollyweird celebrities?