Jessica Simpson’s Breasts Are Unfortunate

Jessica Simpson breasts

Saggers: Noun. A woman’s breasts that hang low like that of an elderly woman.

Jessica Simpson showed off some majors saggers while modeling an ugly dress yesterday. Jessica is certainly not aging well. She is not even 30 and already her titties are hanging around her pelvic area. I think it is time for her to contact that sodomite plastic surgeon Dr 90210 for a little anti gravity treatment.

No matter what happens this football season Tony Romo has got to feel like a winner.

  • chris

    Well her’s are all natural what can I say. I think she’s one gorgeous woman with very little makeup on. I’d luv to look like her…

  • VanM

    Ewwww. She must be horrified by this pics and all of the ones i’ve seenof her modeling this dress are awful. She looks huge back fat and vagina pits galore…Why would anyone want her to model such an unflattering dress..And Tony Romo is going out with Chace Crawfords sister I saw her picture and SHE IS Beautiful, poor JS she must feel like crap and she definately looks like it too.. My opinion only

    • hhhmmm…

      Um you’re an a**hole. You say all of this about her because you could never get a girl like her. She’s gorgeous. Every woman grows up…and things happen. She’s all nautral. What’s wrong with that??

  • Casey

    SHe is still one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the USA,

  • didididi

    she a fat cow whit a hook nose, she is ugly, i hope she sees pics of tony’s beautiful young girlfriend and cries her eyes out.!!!!!

    • interpeer

      hahaha, awful

  • Hugo Rude

    I like jessie simpolton ,but not when prefroming, I like when she wears short skirts n see thru tops. DA

  • sam

    she is disgusting her face is masculine what happened to the cute blond on newlyweds?? she totally has aged for the worse and shes only 29!! tanning beds are bad…she is washed up and tony upgraded with candace crawford…jessica is a talentless hollywood whore after she split w/ nick…so many have tapped that loose vagina, it probably smells like tuna!

  • sam

    seriously? so she has real boobs…

    society isnt worth a fuck when just because your nipples arent touching your chin you have ‘saggers’

  • Cookie Garris

    Well at least that settles the argument of whether they are real or fake! lol!