Jessica Simpson Shows Her Bare Ass

Jessica Simpson

If you are like me then you are probably pretty depressed about Jessica Simpson’s dog Daisy being taken by a coyote, and no matter how many coyotes you torture and kill you just can’t get over your depression.

Well luckily Jessica Simpson feels our pain. According a Simpson insider, “Daisy was her baby. It’s going to put her into a tailspin. It will put her into the worst place ever.”

We’ll get through this together Jessica! Whenever I am feeling blue I like to look at this picture of your bare ass. It has gotten me through some tough times. Maybe you should try it, or at the very least you could take some pictures of your butt and send them too me. I am feeling awfully low.

Jessica Simpson ass

  • a whitey

    that made me nauseous. i mean you might think im joking and im saying it as an insult but Im sitting at my desk and just had breakfast and my stomach pushed a little. it was like “holy sht, here comes your grits” after seeing that. i glanced back at it one more time just to make sure it was the pic and it was. the nausea subsided after that



  • Jeremy Ritter

    Jessicas got a pretty body.I’m sitting here wondering what it wouldbe like to rub that cute little but thats showing out from that pinkish looking skirt. I know that that beautiful little phussy needs the attentions of my tongue.I would love to lay you back so you can show me how you act when I eat you.I mean eat you to cuming into my mouth. That little phussy is wet baby. Its tight and pink wich means its a pretty little phuss.

    • J.T

      What in the freaking heck are you TALKING about!? That is beyond the WORST grammar and spelling I have ever witnessed in my thousands of days on this earth. You utterly make me sick with your incompetence you crass uneducated low-life. What’s worse is that this site has a SPELL CHECK! How moronic can you be!? IDIOT! Why in the name of all that is green on this earth would you even begin to THINK that pussy has an “h” in it??? Get an education!

      “I mean eat you to cuming into my mouth.” DURH DURH!! WHICH WAY DID HE GO GEORGE, WHICH WAY DID HE GO? DUH….UH………2+2=….CHICKEN?

  • dickspitz

    I would so sodomize this sex freak’s big, stinky ass

  • retold

    Sorry guys,respect in play,I get more from a pair of daisy dukes!

  • d

    idont care what people say about this fine ass. I would lick all in that and let her cum on my face. (REALLY REALLY FINE)

  • Sean

    That sucked crap

  • brian

    she is so pretty awsome smile jess i wish we could hang together atthe beach or some were that would be sweet