Jessica Simpson in a Bikini in her Prime

jessica simpson

Jessica Simpson’s recent relationship troubles all stem from her past hotness. Think about it. If you are Tony Romo or John Mayer and you see pics of Jessica Simpson back in her prime when she was still with Nick Lachey you have to feel pretty resentful.

By any measure Mayer and Romo are all around better catches then Lachey. But Nick got to nail the hot virgin Jessica Simpson, and Romo and Mayer had to settle for the older, rounder, and looser version.

Here are some pics of Jessica Simpson in a bikini back when she was in her prime.


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jessica simpson jessica simpson jessica simpson jessica simpson jessica simpson

  • a whitey

    she was pretty damn hot back in the day. even in the dukes of hazzard days she was still hot

  • crystal

    Hotness or how good you look in a bikini has nothing to do with why John Mayer and Tony Romo broke up with her. Men dump Jessica Simpson for a reason. Men have real issues with her which she chooses not to change. Afterall, if relationships had to do with nothing but hotness, they would still be with her because of the big boobs. Like I said before, there is a reason why men dump her.

  • Shalie

    I saw that swimsuit at World Swimwear.. she looks cute and I think many people date and it ends for what ever reasons. Can not say something is wrong with her because of it.

  • Dead Ed

    Ah, how I have missed you, mon petit chapeau. Let us run away and live a carefree life someplace exotic…like Pittsburg.

  • Dead Ed

    JS repotedly fumbled the lyrics of 3 songs in 38 mins. This beats her ex-boyfriend’s, Tony Romo, fumble record by 1. :D

  • OZ

    Dead Ed, “mon petit chapeau” means my little hat…
    I don’t know if you meant that you’d like to wear her on your head but I’m not too excited by the mental image I saw because of you.

  • Dead Ed

    OZ, thanx 4 the headz up (no pun intended). I really didn’t know what I was talkin’ about. And I oughtta. I was born in Canada.

  • Dead Ed

    Althogh… if Beauty were a hat, she can sit on my head anytime. :)