Jessica Nigri Nude Selfie Leaked

Jessica Nigri nude

Cosplay model Jessica Nigri just had the above nude self shot photo leaked to the Web.

Apparently a “cosplay” model is a woman takes pictures dressed up as characters from cartoons and video games, for nerds and Asians to masturbate too (see the images below).

Jessica Nigri cosplay

Jessica Nigri is considered the best cosplay model in the business right now, and from this leaked naked selfie you can see why. Never have I seen a more accurate portrayal of a Muslim concubine then Jessica Nigri’s costume in this pic. Us Muslims commend her on her attention to detail, and perfectly shaped tits.

  • ygiuhuhhkuou


  • Satan_worshipper

    You bigots! Where’s the men at, dammit! We want men! We want men! Bald men, hairy men, tall men, short men. Bears, twinks, all!

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Is that you Team Anus boy? Nobrain? Beasty Ass? I’m sure this Satan_worshipper character is one of you, you filthy Infidel shemales.

      • Satan_worshipper

        I’m not sure who you’re referring to, but I do love shemales.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


          • Team America

            Hashim the goat molester

            I’m not Satan_worshipper and neither is Beastly man or Nobody. Satan_worshipper used to be heterosexual but than he converted to Islam and became a Muslim and now, like all Muslims, he loves cock.

            America! We the people!

  • BeastMode

    forgot to photoshop the blue tie from her bikini bottom…good pic though

    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa
    • Dalton Newman

      I’m pretty sure thats a trashbag you’re seeing ._.

      • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

        The chick?? Or the blue tie?

      • Guest

        It’s the blue tie of her bikini.

        • bob

          fact the person couldnt get the clone tool to probably make it work and fit

      • homeboyy08

        im pretty sure thata dirty clothes hamper behind her so it would make no sence to be a trash bag, nice try though

    • DaltonSwallows

      BeastMode is right, Dalton Newman is a tool.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


        I can imagine the work you had to photoshop a bikini on that slut.

        • HashimHasASmallDick

          Hashim the little dick syndrome idiot…just as with all of your people, you are delusional.

          Here’s a concept! Try posting real pictures! You might actually get credit as a legit website and not the mockery that you are now!

          • Team Germany

            Hey fucktard. You know what “satire” means? Gues not.

          • dick tits

            hey fucknut, you know satire should at least make a fucking attempt at being satire and not just missing something solid like the fucking tie used to keep the suit on! This isn’t satire, its just sad…also fuck you

        • john

          wow fucking retard you small dicked bitch learn to read

          • Reece Schrader

            He’s right. This image is photo shopped (the nude one).

        • john

          wow fucking retard you small dicked bitch learn to read

        • paul

          haha, funny that you don’t see that the picture had already been photoshopped!

  • Team America


    That cheerleader outfit is hot and the skin tight pink suit is kind of sexy too. I don’t really know too much about this cosplay thing but if it’s porn featuring hot women dressing up in hot outfits like this than I’m in.

    America! We the people!

  • Exposed
  • Seal Team Six

    “Cosplay” I knew there was a name for the faggotry that I see muslims like Hashim the Homo and Assmed engaging in. I’m sure Hashy thinks himself sexy in that split chest trashy pink jumpsuit. Just hope the back has an easy entry zipper or Abdullah will pout.

    Can;t wait to call in a b52 strike on these disgusting, filthy muslim perverts.

  • Allah

    Why is Hashim such a cocksucking fag?

    • Nobody

      Because he is a muslim.

      • nobody’s mom

        so is your mom but we all still fuck her on the daily

  • Imam Abbas

    Team Fellatio wants nothing to do with these pictures.
    He’s a meat-pole-sucking maggot who deserves every one of the social diseases he’s caught (and passes on to the other queers that infest this otherwise holy site).

    • Team America

      In men’s asses

      These photos are great. What I don’t want any part of is a threesome with you and your gay lover. You and your boyfriend keep trying but it’s not going to happen. Maybe you could ask Troll to join you. I’m sure he’ll be interested if you promise to let his favorite donkey join in.

      America! We the people!

  • Dprize

    Aren’t Muslims Asian too? Fucking idiots

    • Nobody

      Yes there are asian muslims and they are just as dirty and smelly as their middle eastern counterparts.

      • Me

        According to my extensive analysis of the map of the world and lengthy calculations, Middle East is in Asia.

  • darkness

    HAHAHHAHA another fake shit how low can this fake site go? I guess as long as scum bags like homohash and fagdullah are coming so will the fake photo

    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

      Not fake…!!!

      ….just one of those clothed/unclothed submissions…..all the Western Whores are doing that…

  • Waaa no tittys for me

    fuck dude you messed up my fantasy big time i shouldnt of scrolled down hahaha

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    jessica looks like “granny clampett” and no Muslim would touch her with a ten foot Sarif. And, when she is not nude and insulting Islam, she dresses like a fag from the Village People, and insults Islam.

    Soon she will find herself in Shariah Court and her goose will be cooked….and then probably shoved up her ass before her stoning.

    • James

      Stoning….And islam is a religion of peace right? Or is it that its only based on peace when other muslim scum are together, all I ever see a muslim do is give me dirty looks and talk about the Bible I carry, if they are not doing that they are blowing themselves up for ’72 virgins and all the wine you can drink’ One where does it say all female virgins, two wine is fucking disgusting, also can someone explain what a non-harsh beating is? I can remember a muslim dude talking about how to beat a wife properly, how is that peace? I say lets turn the middle east into a glass bowl with a few thousand nukes take the rest of the muslims and throw them into salve labor to make up for 9/11 and the mall in kenya where close to a hundred non-muslims aka Christians where killed, and over a hundred still missing, muslims run based on fear from others to convert them, convert or die right?

      • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

        jizz jamming james

        Shut up your whining you dumbass mofo. And if I ever see you with a bible, I’ll shove it up your ass and then kick you so hard that both testaments shoot out of your “mouth-pussy.”

        • Team Germany

          Haha, so much own

  • Fake

    Failed photoshop, you can see the blue tie from her bikini.

    • Satans Eyes

      Im pretty sure its a trashbag tie

    • Barry


  • Is this suppose to be a troll site or something?

  • Is this suppose to be a troll site or something?

  • john

    people are dumb its a bikini

  • john

    people are dumb its a bikini

  • Pete Wilson

    It’s not even real look to the left the blue bit which looks like its on the wall but it not its a bit of her underwear from the real photo dick head can’t even photo shop

  • Pete Wilson

    It’s not even real look to the left the blue bit which looks like its on the wall but it not its a bit of her underwear from the real photo dick head can’t even photo shop

  • ThatMastubatingAsian

    Added that asian part now thats racist :)

  • UKIP
    • TwoFirstNames

      OBVIOUSLY not her…

    • TwoFirstNames

      OBVIOUSLY not her…

    • nutterybips

    • PervertedBlaster

      Really sexy i want to fuck her

    • Zatt Striov


    • DrAcula

      Melissa Debling

  • notshort97

    dumbasses if u havent noticed her boobs arent even the same there alot bigger in pics and person

  • klepp0906

    Her tits are fucking perfect, holy cow!

  • Otaku San

    Geeze whats wrong with this website?

  • JustoLetYouKnow

    Another way to identify this is a fake is her positioning. Look at the bikini photo notice how her boobs go in the exact same direction as in different directions/placement (whatever you want to say). Also whoever made this really fucked with her happy trail down there made it to faded in comparison to the real one.