Jessica Alba’s Shows Serious Cleavage

Jessica Alba cleavage

Jessica Alba proves once again that motherhood has not changed her whore like ways, and its only impact on her has been saggier breasts.

How I pity Jessica Alba’s child. Imagine having a mother that walked around in a revealing top like that, bent over so her bosom dangles for all to see. How much shame must that child feel? How much happier would he be if Jessica wore a motherly burka instead of dressing like a street walker?

Jessica Alba has got to realize that now that her loins have been soiled by birthing a non Muslim child, no one is interested in what little sex appeal she has left no matter much cleavage she sticks in our face. She is just bringing shame to her family with these pathetic attempts to draw attention to herself.

  • Robert Klague

    Well since jesica Alba is a mom now what was that coment about her Whore ways that sounded prety negetive to but what Do I seriously know,SO Jesica Alba Is a mom how does she like being a new mom Well this is Robert Klagues Sighnig off for right now keep up your acting career because you d have quite a bit of raw un tappped power that yo uneed to visualize So that you can become a mega-Star So practice visualizing on a daly basis and I’m sure that yo uwill notice an improvement in your over all health and well being.
    Robert Klagues

  • mike

    ur rite shes not muslim but beleives in jesus christ as our savior and the bible not the false teaching

  • The Dude

    (sigh) this site is such a steaming turd of shit…

  • Weed Smacker

    grow up you stupid fucks and stop worhipping celebs. fuck you

  • xstylebeauties

    Nice view !

  • Jamal Zougam