Jessica Alba Topless Cell Phone Pics Leaked

Jessica Alba

Topless cell phone pics of a barely pregnant Jessica Alba have just been leaked to the Internet.

Even though Jessica Alba is pregnant in these leaked pictures her tits still look great. After years of waiting patiently for Jessica Alba to finally start showing some skin the past few months have been booming with hot Jessica Alba nearly nakedness.

Of course once again we here at Celeb Jihad called these Jessica Alba pics being leaked. I wrote just 2 weeks ago, “As Jessica Alba gets more and more desperate to regain her lost fame, I expect to see more and more of her vag. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a Jessica Alba sex tape were to appear some time in the very near future.”

You see no one understands the corrupt celebrity infidel mind better than us here at Celeb Jihad. Celebrities are just whores for the Zionists and their behavior is easily predictable once you realize this truth.

Jessica Alba is no longer a sex symbol so she will continue to leak photos like these, do nude scenes, and stage upskirts to try and reignite her dwindling career. It is just how the Zionist celebrity machine works, so enjoy these pictures of a topless Jessica Alba and rest assured there will be more to come.


Jessica Alba Jessica Alba Jessica Alba Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba Jessica Alba Jessica Alba

  • Ali bin-Fuqrab

    Today has been a big day for western whores from Hollywood. Both Jessica Alba and Kat Dennings have had “leaked” photos on the internet and it’s worked me up into another hard, long frenzy. But i gotta say, for both being infidel whores, they have some nice racks. Honestly though i think Kat Dennings has the better pair of TITTAYS!

    • nalin

      Isn’t it ashame that you being a muslim gentlemen talk like this about women..
      We need to mind our own business and be godly and do gods will and not talk filth

      Sorry if I have offended you but i had no choice..

      • Chris

        jesus allah buddha they r all fairytales made up to give weak-minded people like u an excuse to be pathetic

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          chris the cocksucker

          If you want to know what a real fairy tale is….go and ask your mother if she knows the name of your daddy.

          • SEANJOHN

            You always talkin shit aintchu? Dont be mad because your way of life is a BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!!!! Talkin all that shit, then yall Jerk Off to all these so called “white infidel Bitches”!! Pathetic Fake Ass Muslims! lmao

          • ALMSTFA


          • peter

            a better fairy tale are the fictions of mohummad dont you think?

        • Jim

          uhh, buddha is an historical figure, theres really no debate whether or not he existed. we know he did. nor was he a god, nor did he claim to be. as far as allah, that is a myth, a god. learn the difference you uneducated moron

          • Monica

            I am pretty sure that Jesus has been proven to have existed. However I am not saying he did any of the stuff that was in the bible, just that he was real as well. Allah is another term for God right? And no one has proven there are any Gods anywhere. If I sound snarky Jim, it’s not at you.

        • tt

          Get alike sick bulk up arse hole shut up and dont poke your nose into unnececary things

        • adrian

          how do you now they are fairytales

    • MKV

      Probably u’re nt a muslim bt tryng to imaging down muslim by making sch namd profiles…if suppos to say,u’re muslim….den how shameful,… God better knws wat vl being best fo u!!!

      • jackson ross

        What did you say?try English next time!

        • pooper

          How did we get to religion from hot girls?

      • burn all the muslims

        fuk all of you scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • a real man

      hollywood whores?,…. really. hahaha omg!!!! your such a loser!!!!! why do spend so much time calling these woman down? u fag!!!! oh yeah thats right ,… there hot n yer not!!! get a life! im sure if you were famous youd be up in that … but since your not, all u can do is call them down…. and fuck your god!!!! jis another excuse for u to rape n kill…. “in gods name” ,… yeah right!!! perverted fuckin mother fucker….. call your mom down too … that smelly uneducated SLUT!!!!!!!!!

      • Mulism=rapist

        BE AWARE OF Muslim.They rape everyone~no exception to their mums.I don’t know what Mo-ham-MAD means-may be god of rape & suicide.i m just saying.may be

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Infidel = dumbass

          Us Muslims wont touch your gappy mum…but our camels will fuck the hell out of her.

  • Mahmoud Ajhmadenajad president of Iran

    Who is the hairy ape next to that fine kuffar ass? He should hanged in public!

    • xyz

      firstly, u urslf is looking like an harily ugly ape, so its better u hang urself too..

    • dpleasured

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  • Jihad Shah

    Kat Dennings you say? I must investigate this because she was to be one of my wives. Just goes to show that a woman without a burqa and daily beatings is sure to go the way of Satan. I am a very liberal Muslim man, however, and feel that a severe beating and possibly ten years imprisonment could change them. Please do not be too harsh on my softness, my brothers.

    • Eric Holt

      You gays are just so damn jealous of jessica alba that it shows in the eway you talk. None of you is worth a camel pissing on if on fire lol.

  • kat dennings

    http :// yeeeah . com / 2010 / 11 / 05 / kat-dennings-leaked-nude-cell-phone-pics /

    • lawlo

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  • Ali Machete

    What Muslim would ever be tempted by this hot capitalist slut! Private personal pictures that show she might be worthy of shunning my goat!?
    Her spokes of Allah were broken, but DAMN!, did she declare Jihad!

    • Lexie

      Regarding, Werewolves and Sasquatch, both are real and both come from the same place. They are not imaginative. Both are nauratl, and yet, supernauratl. Why do you think that the Native Americans have both in their culture? What do they know that European man does not? Or did European man know, but over time has forgotten. You don’t have to believe me. But as babes come from the womb, wisdom comes from knowledge and experience. They both walk the earth now.

    • What a joke

      Any Muslim would be lucky to have now take a shower

      • Eric Holt

        mussies shower in camel piss!

    • Eric Holt

      No muslim is worthy of her in the first place…so your only refusing rejection boy…get yer hand off it.

  • Dead Ed®

    Hey, Durka Durka,

    I got fired from my part-time job at the car wash because of Muslims like the ones that visit your site, like Ali bin-Fuqrab , Mahmoud Ajhmadenajad president of Iran and Jihad Shah.

    A Muslim pulled up to the car wash and asked, “Can I get a wash?”

    Apparently, saying, “We only do cars.” is enough to get you fired.


    That’s okay, ’cause I rigged his car with an IED. He was on his way to a mosque.


      Thats what the fuck im talkin about!

      • Nuryatti

        I would not say that I say a werewolf, but I sure had a sangrte experience. This one time during my internship at the Union Office (Belgium)I had to help a woman and she was accompanied by a very sangrte man. He was not so good looking and a bit old, just long hair, strong eyebrows, small and tall. But his eyes were different, golden brown eyes like a wolf. And I was very attracted to those eyes, I just had to stare at him. And teh sangrte thing is, every time I stared at him, he knew I did and he stared back It felt really weird, but I guess it could have been just a guy with sangrte eyes who was interested in me. Who would say?

  • will

    picture this jessica Alba, Mila Kunis, ema watson and so on all coverd up in a black burka
    were you could only see there eyes how pointless boring and wrong would that be,
    thank god for the west

    • Ali bin-Fuqrab

      How dare you espouse such an ignorant and politically incorrect opinion white liberal cracker infidel! Thank Allah for the burka and may he ban the west and the great satan Amerikkka’s evil ways!

      • aski

        lol what a dickhead

      • dpleasured

        what burka ???? …. you sleep and marry many women …. & and if your woman does the same she is killed …. so she on a quite sleeps with the drivers & house servants …. have kids … and you pay for the kids hospital / education and other bills of that kid … thinking it was your kid … wow …. the burka !!!!!

        • SeanJohn


      • What a joke

        There’s stereo types for a reason and losers like you make it hard for the rest if your people

  • gotohell

    Remember that time, Saddam’s execution tape was leaked?

    Haha, that was some good stuff.

    Wasn’t he… Muslim?


    That is all

  • Will

    First, are you really that devoid of a life that you troll for some “oops” shot of a nipple on some chick, celeb or otherwise?
    Second, go find porn, who gives a shit about a nipple shot?

  • allah sucks

    Allah is the DEVIL!! you are all crazy..u were born crazy and will die crazy!! i bet eastern girls are sluts too…they just pretend…and you all are homosexuals..who makes fun of america all day long..get a life

    • —-

      America deserves to be made fun of. Don’t say that I’m wrong. AMERICA is making fun of Muslims because of the news, ALL OF YOU hate on people you don’t know, for example: Justin Bieber. You see his name and make fun of it. HIS GOD DAMN NAME! You’re all ruining the music generation, and you’re calling US crazy? Jesus. -.-”’ Look at yourselves. Especially the American teenagers. Going crazy every year.

      Allah is god in Arabic. Know your facts. There is no difference with god and allah. Muslims are homosexuals? I’m a Muslim, and I have a BOYfriend. Not a GIRLfriend.

      I understand that’s your opinion, but when you call god a devil, that’s just taking it too far.

      I rest my case.

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        You are no Muslim.
        If by some mistake of nature you used to be Muslim and you feel like you are a homoqueer…the first time you had your “cock sucking” urges you lost all connection with Islam.
        You are apostiosis to us…which means according to Sharia Law…you will be stoned.

        However, you are more like a dirty jew spy who has come here to cause trouble and spread lies. Either way…you gonna get stoned sometime in the future….and your gay-ass boyfriend too.

        eat shit and die homoqueer


    • SeanJohn

      Real Talk

  • zillaman

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    • Benjiita

      Well we need real pictures I ctlneirlay think werewolves are just a leagand cause how can any one turn into a wolf you cant do that that’s a fact cant belive till ya see it ;) And If there were werewolves it would be in the news, Newspaper, REAL pictures but there was no saying there wasnt but so far of we know there not real just maybe we dont know

  • zillaman

    gorilla pic on top is bad ass.. i can picture the head giving chimp in the middle and abdulla the cunt trying to avoid getting ripped to shit…hahah KABOOM….

  • jesus

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  • Ronin

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    Have a nice day, I had a nice lay.

  • ThatGuyAgain

    The towelheads put up a good fight im not gonna lie. but americans are always right. i mean i have no hayred towards muslims but these motherf$$kers suck. F$$k of you goddamn sand googles. you just make all muslims seem like bad people by insulting america in every comment younall make.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You idiot mofo.
      Hay is golden….not red. And even if it was red and we wanted it….we would just take it from you and shoot you in the head.

      So eat shit and die mofo

  • kc69

    Hey guys just trust me…i hate most of the muslims but not Islam….because Islam teaches good but some nasty SoB’s (like most in above thread) make use of Islam for personal benefit…..all muslims if u got balls learn something from America

  • BURN666

    kc69. you are not wellcome in my throne. so i will keep you on the outside,, for now.. hell will be your home and i will be your MASTER.. BURN666….

  • Joe

    Ya’ll idiots postin in a troll thread


    People may do as they wish as long as they do not hurt others or hinder others to do the same.On a different note,WHATS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD IS LABELING PEOPLE.Once you say I am a Jew, Muslim, Christian , Baptist it serves to bring out your differences rather then what you in common. It is very simple. All religions 99%( except devil worship and atheist ) preach and seek the same thing. Lets keep it simple. 3 basic rules cover MOST everything. #1 The best way to get rid of an enemy is with love. #2 It is better to rehabilitate then to punish. Even if the other is to blame,ALWAYS see what you can do to help the problem instead of revenge. #3 Never ever give up. These are things to aspire to,we have come a long way. We are not perfect. But knowing that these 3 concepts are the way to go is half the way there. Do the best you can. It is mostly common sense. Do not act like a label, act like you are human.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You are a dumbass. Submit to Islam or prepare for Jihad.

      • What a joke

        Abdullah go rape your mother and then the two off you can go take a shower

        • motherfukers.muslim

          You don’t need to remind them.In fact,Muslims were raped by their father-both man and woman

    • theheadchimp

      Peace love and ignorance
      Confusious say he who spout ignorance is ignorance indeed…..And your post is 100% pure stupidity. Damn you dumbass get in the real world………

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        As if we don’t have enough assholes on this site, with the googles, homoqueers, doofus ed, happy, and zillafag……now we have to put up with hippies.

        • Muslimkiller

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • theheadchimp

    I have never seen so many dumb assholes as have been here lately. They think their queer talking bullshit makes them bigger. Hell I can hear the lisping when they type. But I got a feeling that a lot of them are the same person. The queerboy posts shit and then answers himself, mispelling the same words…..Mental giants they are not. It wouldn’t be hard to figure them out in real life, they’d be the ones fucking up the order….

    • Eric Holt

      With a name like headchimp…..guess you said it for us. lol!!

  • Osama Bin Laden

    ehh you can’t even see anything…

    • kk

      Can dead assholes speak?dstBin laden~where is his head???

  • FuckIslam

    celebjihad should be closed, the maker hanged and the whole fucking islam should get wiped out from this planet!!!!

    • theheadchimp

      Thats pretty tough talk from a 10 year old.

    • FuckIslam0

      Yeah.America & China should perform special operations to wipe out Muslims,it should be extinct

  • zillaman

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  • desertrose

    i wonder where she got her bra from! love it! want one! :P

  • me

    never hate the problem or person try understand it and you will learn a lot!!!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      me be stupid

      Fuck off you brainless swine.
      Us Muslims already know all we need to know and without you infidels, there would be no problems.

  • Apaptosis

    yo abdullah the butcher listen up, im not a muslim but ive lived in a muslim country. unfortunately im as much of a war-loving guy as any other muslim. so if i see u ever in real life i swear i will fucking rape u so hard in the ass, even u muslims wont believe. living in a muslim society has made me be the fuck i am today, so i really hope someone like me meets u someday. Fuck your god, fuck every superstitious bullshit and FUCK all the people like u who are changing the real meaning of humanity. ive read ur replies, with all the ” u assholes r bla bla, allau akbar”. You are so lucky ur not meeting me somewhere alone, i would fuckin influx an axe up ur foramen caecum n chop ur shit so hard, u will forget what allah means. But hey, why am i so pissed at people like u? U know what makes me calm down? when i know in the end of ur life, when ur dead, u will realize theres no god, no afterlife. nothing. infact u wouldnt even be able to “realize” anything since ur done. i wish we could still be concious for 10 minutes after the death, so i would laugh at ur fucking disgusting face n tell ya “You see now? THERES NOTHING, U WASTED UR WHOLE LIFE” mannn that will feel good. I love it when i know im not wasting my only chance of life. Its the best feeling I can ever have. So again, fuck you and all ur ancestors and beliefs. We the humans are nothing but another living organisms on the planet. We think we r the center of attention n god is there just for us and we r the smartest in the universe, when in fact we r nothing. We live a temporary life, we lose everything, and its all over. But im still STRONG. knowing the fact that im gonna be nothing someday will still not keep me from reaching my target. FYI Im a successful dental student, gonna graduate soon, and will study for my specialization, so yeah its not like im a hopeless guy with no future. At least im trying to enjoy the life i have now and help the people while they can be helped. sorry for the repetetion but again, FUCK YOU. Its not late, u can be strong. The more obsessed u r with god, the weaker u are. Im not weak, Im strong and i let no fear in me about the reality of this life. oh btw, FUCK YOU

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You are the first dumbass infidel to ever post while on an LSD trip.
      Even so, it was one long-winded and boring rant. But then, you are probably even more boring when not tripping.

      You have many big time fantasies but had you actually been in a Muslim country you would have had your head chopped off within the first 5 minutes. I hate it when assholes come to this holy site and pretend to be something they are not.

      The truth be known, you work a cheap glory hole to pay for your LSD addiction and are pissed at the powerful Muslims of this world who have it all: money, women, cars, camels and big ass palaces.

      Even though we will take over soon, I predict you will be dead from AIDS or a drug overdose before I have a chance to order your filthy skull bashed in. However, if you have any living relatives, they will pay for your insults against Islam.

      I have not awarded many “top asshole of 2011” awards lately but you have just earned, “Top LSD Tripping Asshole of 2011”

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    • Ayush


      • Ayush

        needless to say who it is for. this guy abdulla the butcher needs to be castrated.

  • Apaptosis

    im waiting for ur reply btw abdullah, ur words make me appreciate the life im living.

  • Blondie Geek

    All I see here is anger. This is not virtuous at all. I am not conversant with Islam, but in Christianity, this is a deadly sin, sure to damn you to hell. I’d imagine the concept is similar in all religions. Just concentrate on being a good person and following the laws of your religion in the hope of going to heaven (or equivalent?) and leave others to make their own choices and mistakes. It is not for you to judge or punish is it? You are not God (or equivalent). It is not your responsibility. All that matters is that you are virtuous and leave others to make their own choices – if what they are doing is so wrong, they will eventually be punished by God (or equivalent).

    Plus your attitude is rightfully making yourself a target for violence and is giving Islam a bad reputation.

    Anyway, the photos are probably fake.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      bimbo bitch

      Shut the fuck up mofo.

      christianity is a false religion and by claiming you believe in it you are condemned to hell.

      • Ash

        Euhm.. you know that both Christianity and Jesus is recognized by the Koran and Islam right? ..or wait… you dont seem especially enlightened. One day i hope you’ll find peace of mind and true insight, and stray away from this road of hatred and become a true muslim. Insha’Allah

      • americaftw

        you are a royal fuck arent you. i’ll damn islam all day if i want. whatever your religion or no religion, you believe what you want, but its fuckers like you that need to go kamikaze (that means suicidal, dont know how good your english is) just like the rest of your towel head bastards. Go America, fuck you, and it would please a lot more people if you just went and hung yourself like we did to Hussein. BTW, i dont know what religion it is, i think its Muslim, but you better start collecting all your virgins now, cuz your dumbass isn’t getting them when you die. So fuck you camel jockey.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          Yes, you don’t know what religion is but when us Muslims take over…you’ll find out.

          And you’ll find out what a Muslim ass kicking is like too because that smart-ass pecker pumping mouth of yours has gotten you on the Islam shit list.

          • motherfukers.muslim

            abDULLah The Asshole.If you hate America & Christians that much.why don’t you kamikaze(sic americaftw ) like your moha~mad and your step-bros do.

  • Ash

    Euhm.. I live in Damascus, Syria. I’m born in Kairo, Egypt. A proud muslim if nothing else.

    Stop disgracing your religion, brother.

    “Among the most grateful of people to Allah are those who are most grateful to other people.”
    “The one who is more daring in giving fatwas is more deserving of punishment in Hell.”

    يهديكم الله و يصلح بالكم

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      ass pounder

      Your a lying dumbass. No Muslim is as ignorant of Islam as you.

      ALLAH hates Muslim imposters. Your death will be a terrible one and I hope I am there to witness it.

      • Ash

        You have to be living in the states – looking on naked western whores all day long, getting more and more western in your soul each day. I give you my sympathy and hope you will find a cure for all the anti-islamic thoughts in your mind.

        Better yourself rather than succumb to hate and the ways of the fat imperialistic spawn of Shaitan.
        Wannabe muslim.. be ashamed. You are as far from the teachings of Muhammed as can be. Filthy infidel.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          i agree. You are a filthy infidel.

      • Ash

        Incheb khaneeth. Add ma emmak neketo la bayyak men tizo, hebil fik men bayadto..
        Elif air ab “dinikh”

        يخرب بيتكوبيت اللي خلّفوك. ..not that i think u know any arabic, being the false muslim that you are.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          It is clear you went to google translator.

          Well douche, translate this so you can read it in “arabic” : stick a hot poker up your ass you fake Muslim mofo and then eat shit and die

          • Ash

            You speak like u want to be an american gangster.. and that says all about you and your relations to islam. I will pray for you and your misled fellow americans in my next 2 prayers today.

            You are welcome any day to Syriah and my mosque, brother. We can teach you the true ways of a muslim.

            La ilaha illa Allah. Mohammadun Rasulu Allah.

        • ALMSTFA



    Please do, im sure Jerkin Off To White Infidels Is a SIN! Cursing, being racist, beating women, and just being an ass hole!! But hey, common sense is highly over rated i guess!!! lol

  • imran

    isten up you guys are are not muslims.allah will ask of you about this.that you are destroying the names of muslims everywere in the world.ok.that’s the reason some I mean some americans hate us.because of you people only.I hope that every one out there have got my message about this fraud website and clearly not muslims.and if I were to be given a chance to choose between you so called muslims and these celebrities or american people I would honestly I would choose these american people cuz they are infinity times better than you extrimists.good day to all.and I will be keeping an eye on this website untill you close it down.and if there are any americans that abdullah the butcher and head chimp abused I am there for them.male or female I don’t care.I will back you up on your part of the blog wars.and I will continue to protect celebrities that I love most.just leave me a comment by my name and I will get back to you ok.I can switch the article so don’t worry I will post it every where.and plz don’t talk about islam and allah that plz.

    • burn all the muslims

      death to all you scummm, you religion is shit just like ur mum

  • imran

    nice ash you are really good.I am proud of you.

    • Ayush

      But Honestly Ash, bein so reliant on a fictional character like God is quite unnecessary. Anyway… Watever keeps u from bein a asshole like abdulla nd his buddies…;)

  • hangincameljockies

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    • motherfukers.muslim

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  • goatspanker

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  • karl marx

    religion is the opium of the masses…

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      Sperm is the food of choice for you homoqueers.





  • jj

    ALL ,muslims are whores of Allah. stupid brainwashed “people”
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    the ratts of the civilisation

    • kk

      actually.allah itself is a whore

  • James

    Abdullah The Butcher is my new idol! PRAISED BE ALLAH!

  • John

    Pic number two just makes perfect for me really. Way to go Jessica!

  • Timothy Thomb

    Who wants to see a fat PG Jessica? gross as hell.

  • ranjan

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      Just because you swallow a big load, doesn’t make you tough….it just means you’re gay as the day is long.

  • Ahben Fuqd

    All this over Jessica Alba finally being impregnated?
    I’m going to Maccah.

  • Are you not entertained!!!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is some funny shit, americans make me laugh

  • Follower of God

    All you muslim jihadi bastards are going to rot in the flames of hell for eternity. Fuck off out of my country and go back to pakiland. If you want to make shit comments then do it about your own culture and leave mine the fuck alone.

    Mohammad was an ass fucking homo who liked to suck cock. The koran is a pile of shit and is full of lies. All you people get off fucking little kids and using women as sex slaves yet you complain about us “infidels” when shots like this are leaked. Go get your priorities right you ignorant fucking camel jockey ragheads.

    I know I am going to get flamed for this but its about time someone put you googles back in your place. And that place is pumping my gas and serving me fries. And yes, I do want bacon with that. Got a problem? Fuck off back to pakiland. Dont like the west? Fuck off back to the east. Dont like living under our laws? Fuck off home where you can live under your own laws. Dont like white people? Tough. There are more of us than there are of you. Think we treat you unfairly? Tough. Fuck off back to the desert raghead. Dont like women voting, speaking their minds, having jobs etc? Its called progress you oppressive cunts.

    You know something? I like drinking alcohol. I like eating pork. I love casual sex. I am a practising Christian but I dont feel the need to pray five times a day. I like looking at women wearing something sexy on a hot summers day, not looking like a fucking pacman ghost covered top to bottom.

    I dont believe in forcing my religion on everyone else. I dont believe in beating women into subservience. I dont believe in killing innocent people just because I dont like their culture.

    You want me to follow sharia law? I will when I’m in your country. In my country I’ll follow MY laws. You people will end up an insignificant footnote in history when we wipe you all out you brown skinned pedo scum motherfuckers. I cant wait for the day the President shoves a couple of nukes up the asshole of your fucking country. Those of you not lucky enough to be killed in the blast will die slow agonising deaths from radiation poisoning and those left will end up infertile. You’ll all be just an unpleasant and distant memory and I just hope that happens within my lifetime.

    From a Patriot

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      follower of fags

      No doubt you’re angry because your butt-ramming partner failed to give you a reach around and now you want to lash out at Allaha’s chosen people.

      Well asshole, I have something that will fix all your problems and it’s the AK-47.
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      • Ayush

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    • White Power

      Yeah sure Arabs are the pure race. That’s why all you’re countries are paradises…. oh no wait you all live in basically desert and every civilization you’s have ever had have been destroyed by either asians or whites. Yeah nice race there buddy

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    ok i just have to say this 1stly u guyz faking muslims cn go fuck urself u inbred motherfucking mistakes secondly most of u dnt knw shit bout islam u use what u hear and abuse others on tht if quran is fake then ur saying tht jesus is also fake surah maryam look it up secondly what u think bout muslims is wrong u cnt say tht just cause there r gays in usa means the whole of usa os gay and finally islam was the 1st religon to give women mre rights than men yes its just sme corrupt cocksuckers who misquote islam and u think we r all terrorists but notice tht the terrorists are killing muslims nt any1 else so plz before u go spouting bullshit atleast knw tht ur just throwing away ur own humanity

  • dude

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  • Kaleem

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    • Shakil

      By the sun and it’s brightness and [by] the moon when it follows it and by the day when it displays it and by the moon when it covers it and by the sky and He who constructed it and by the earth and He who spread it and by the soul He who proportioned it and inspired it (with discernment of) it’s wickedness and it’s righteousness. He has succeeded who purified it and he has failed who instills it (with corruption).
      -Al Quran: Sura Ash-shams.