Jessica Alba Shows Nipple In See Thru Bra

Jessica Alba see through bra

Jessica Alba shows her full breast and nipple while wearing a see through bra in the photo above.

Women in the West are always looking to “push the envelop” in fashion by exposing more and more of their shameful bodies, so let us hope that the see through bra Jessica Alba is wearing in this pic does not become a hot new trend.

The thought of infidel women out in public with their sinful chesticles in full view in see through bras enrages my pious Muslim sensibilities. If this dark day ever comes to pass Jessica Alba will pay dearly for starting this abhorrent fashion fad.

  • hi


    • The Reaper

      I just came in my diaper.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Fake Mr. Reaper,

        I believe one 100% in what you say.

        Drop dead.

        • Jessica Alba’s Brother

          Is it incest to wanna suckle my sisters nipple?

  • ObserversDickIsaFatwa

    Perhaps she was feeding her love-child……Bieber…

    • Imam Khalid

      It is wetbacks on parade here at CelebJihad today.

  • Beastly man

    Yummy :p

  • Chrissy the Lesbian

    Few greetings are more friendly the the flashing of some nipple!

    Not my personal style, but it seems to work for her…

  • blub

    doing my laundry is more interesting then jessica albas nippel

  • Mater the Greater

    i could sit; watch her shit, then roll in it for hours

  • …………

    if she was my girlfriend, i would fart in her face everytime shes asleep, and if she wakes up cause of it and asks me “did u just farted in my face” i would say………………………. no. what would u say???

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    jessica’s poor looking titty looks like it used to hang on a granny mongolian yak

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    She appears to have three tits in this photoshop job, and only the right one is hanging out of her shirt. Very modest. A harlott would expose at least two of her three photoshopped tits.

    • Beastly man

      This picture is real!

    • Chrissy the Lesbian

      3 tits? Wow – I didn’t even notice!

      I wonder if she’d like to come over to party with me and the GF’s?

  • moshe dayan

    Didn’t know Jessica had a third tit. Must be something going around.

  • Ali Buster Hymen

    Her nipple is hard as my dick….I’m going out to the barn with my loving goat Mary.

  • yo mama

    I need to go clean off my dick