Jessica Alba Shows Her Breast

Jessica Alba tit

Jessica Alba brazenly exposes her breast in the repulsive photo above.

A woman’s breasts are shameful things, and should remain hidden away at all times. However, if a whore like Jessica Alba insists on showing them she should at least have a nice one instead of this monstrosity.

Jessica Alba’s breast is immodestly large, while her nipples are far too small and devoid of any sexy pubic hair. Her titty is an affront to the Muslim aesthetic and thus an attack on Islam itself. Us Muslims demand that Jessica Alba either have her boobies surgically removed or face the wrath of a strong worded fatwa.

  • TheGuywiththeEyE

    FIRSTIES!!!!!!! Fake but fapable

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      This holy site is becoming more and more like a kindergarten. It is infested by under 13 mentally handicapped brats.

      I beg all brothers to take some action, or very soon this place will smell as bad as camel in heat stable.
      The main concern of this retarded idiots, is to stare in front of the computer during hours, in order to be the first to post some meaningless comment after a new information arrives.

      Worse is impossible.

      • Abdul fakhri

        I concur brother hashim…these teenagers are spoiling if justin beiber wasn’t enough

        I have a stategy though..the nitwit who comments “FIRST” from now onwards..should be replied with “First one to get a dick up his ass”

        Each and everytime..

        I am sure it will discourage them enough to at least be scarce..

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Brother Abdul,

          The problem is that those morons maybe will like to get a dick upon their infected asses and instead of 10 trying to be first, we’ll have one hundred.

          • Abdul fakhri

            LOL you might be right brother.

            What do you suggest then?

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Brother Abdul,

            At the present point the only thing that comes across my mind is to forbid them to watch the Sesame Street for a full week.

      • mow

        has-him more than likely up the arse

        under 13 mentally handicapped brats?

        sounds like the training of you dirty muslim slags! get em young, put ridiculous things in their heads and strap a bomb to them! good going!!!

        but the funniest thing is ur paedo beard my luv, no wonder all you can chat about is 13 year old kids!!!

        and meaninless comments? here’s a couple for ya, i’m english, we dont force our women to cover up cos of their butt ugly faces, we actually work for a living without forcing our loving wives/girlfriends to be hand cuffed to a sink/scrubbing board, and in the end, sometimes, when our girls over here arent the best in the world, we don’t have to result to pleasuring a camel!!!

        ur a worthless race my friends, there is no room for you in normal society, unless us lot want a really risky game of pass the parcel!!!

        fuck you

        • mow

          you may like or dislike. but in all truth, muslims are just a dirty race, you have no point or reason to be on this planet!!!

          use ur knowledge of bomb making and use it between urselves, you poor animal humping, pointless individuals!!!

          and thats what you are, a bunch of individuals, hoping to get to ur fuck knows how many virgins! its wierd, cos most western countries young girls aint virgins!!! this site is all about the girls you bitch about, and want, and cant get, cos ur smelly, dirty people!

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 = dirty muslims dreaming of having a real woman

          x x x

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Mow of manure,

            Go fuck your horse face queen plus her son Dumbo.
            English are the puppets of Americans and this says it all.

            Eat shit and die you sewer rat.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            bow wow mow

            you jack off to pics of the village people and your mother screws donkeys in Tiajuana.

            And you have the nerve to bad mouth us Muslims (the world’s only decent people).

            You ain’t worth the energy it would take to walk a foot to piss in your mouth if it was on fire.
            We will see…in the near future…just how brave you are and if you’ll run that cum soaked mouth when Islam has taken over.

            eat shit and die mofo

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Homo Hashim

        Under 13 is just how you muslim queers like your boys….which leads me to believe that, while reading the posts of these young klansman, you’re tickling your tube steak.

        You are one sick mofo.

        You’ll never touch a klansman, so give up the queer fantasy.

        The death of Islam is coming at the hands of righteous members of The Brotherhood.

        Suck donkey dong mofo


        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Z Fag, the delusional Jew:

          I see this morning you are bad tempered. What’s your problem? You haven’t been pounded enough yesterday at the Glory Hole?

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          big fag pete

          the death of your asshole is coming if you keep doing “double shifts” at your glory hole.

          You just need to keep sucking the “shit-pole” and stay off this site.

      • mow

        mrs “has’him'” young! (and i bet you love it paedo muslim bitch)

        had a pop at u before bout this, but at some point you lot have to realise that you actually have no reason to be on this planet!

        what the fuck do you give to society, what do you do for humanity? what do u actually do for ur own country apart from run it into the ground? have you not realised yet that the more shit you cause the more likely ur just gonna end up dying in poverty or with ur wives being “happy like mr BIN i love cock BIN shit cunt?

        nobody wants another war, but you lot just simply need removing fromthis world!

        you lovely extremest muslims are a spunk stain on human life, and the best part of all of you ran down ur inbred mothers legs!

        Rest In Peace

        you simple scum of life

        • mow

          oh, MR BUTCHER?

          you always seem to be the big man?

          really? ur wife said different the other day when i saw her winning the bukkake competition!

          MAN that bitch loves cum!

          OBVIOUSLY not getting any at home!

          which is probably why she was praising ur brother/cousin/nephew/son/more than likely any scum she could find on the street!

          bless that woman, at least she trying to support her family

          x x x

  • Jack sparrow

    America women are playing american men!

    Don’t you get it??

    They know that men cant live without sex..and they use this as their weapon..

    They stop sleeping around..stop having hard to get..and the poor american guy turns desperate and has not option but to marry..

    Get it??

    Indian women are doing this for me I know..WOMEN STICK TOGETHER!!

    Wake up guys..don’t give them so much leverage..or you will end up just like indian men..1 woman your entire life!!!

    Wake up.. stop marrying the first woman that touches your dick!!

  • Dick Hertz

    I have had her before.


    Stop withthese naked female pics i want to see cock and balls guys bending over taking it up the ass and sucking dick show these pics so I can jerk off.

  • Zoltar The Fortune Teller

    Zoltar predicts,

    Jessica Alba’s tit wishes it was that white.

    I have spoken.

  • selenas pussy

    This isnt real too big tits
    Death to the west!

  • bin-jamin

    Not real but reaaaally good…breast are alike the pics on the beach with the bikini see through…or is real???, can somebody tell meeee???!!!!!….

  • brother iqbalkis

    it reassures my faith in the great allah when i see these messages making public the incredibly low intelligence levels of our enemies the western devils. As if it wasn’t enough that they only marry one wench and pray to a confirmed bachelor standing naked in front of a cross with his hands in the air, they might die out before we have a chance to launch a mass jihad

  • Habib Majid

    boko haram

  • DemMuzlims

    Man you islamic guys are fucking idiots, you can support and pray to you’re religion,but dont spread it around,nobody on the interenet gives a shit about your beliefs or your views,dont shove em to our face,keep it yourselves.

    You already have a terrible image in the West and in Japan/China , why spoil it more?Dont add extra piss in the expired milk


    We took your oil, fags.

  • cowbulls

    As far as I’m concerned, you guys can have Alba and do anything and everything to her until her body is too used up to be worth anything in a two bit whore house.


    post some real pics of Jessica!

  • random person

    How are breast shameful the only part of breast that women cover are the nipples that Men also have and look the same and dont cover up, I dont get why people make a big deal out of boobs and say they should be covered. If women want to show them they havevas much Wright as Men do

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    IQ = randomize (0 to 56),


    Women – aka sluts – that expose their breasts don’t do it with the innocent and pure purposes that you claim…

  • Brian L.

    You are an Idiot, right? A woman’s breast is what God put on a human to nourish a child. Only a pervert would make it into something shameful.